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“Either Chesterton is right to defend localism, which is what preserved the Jews, or localism is a menace and the Jews should have melted into their surroundings three thousand years ago. Mr. Gopnik cannot have it both ways” (Dale Ahlquist, Founder and President).

* Please indulge me to net out a tiny yet assuredly venomous “fly in the ointment” which the above quote bespeaks. I don’t believe Chesterton is a racist, and he denounced Hitler. I also despise all politicized communism and multiculturalism. (Secret: I’m against all -isms and all politicization all the better to come down on the side of persons!) I object to G. K. Chesterton’s comfortable and irresponsible (albeit qualified) espousal of Zionism/nationalism and above all I object to to diabolical Anti-Semitism (which are historical allies, as clicking on the link [that includes one of the most thorough documentaries I’ve ever seen, The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler] will reveal: these were precisely the traits that shaped the Nazi excesses, yet we aren’t told for example how prominent cultural architects like Walter Disney [famous occultist secret-keeper] viewed such things)! I still agree with localism/distributism/subsidiarity–perhaps even an element or two of tribalism/anarchism/primitivism–and the layoff of the middle man? Yes please! But. But. My sense of localism is incompatible with nationalism.

Certainly in the case of Chesterton and his pals, England is an island-state, and I get how more romantic blokes genuinely fail to grasp the distinction between localism and nationalism. Good on them for not carrying it as far as racism. Shame on them because true, sane localism must be apolitical, indeed doggedly politically atheistic. It’s amazing, nay revolting, that Chesterton could miss this.

(As an alternative reading, it may be his espousal of a Twentieth Century incarnation of papism that made him so Zionistic, after all, word to the wise: in my experience it isn’t only the Evangelicals that stand down to this particularly demonic lunacy.)

Just as Zionism was sold to England using their isolated geography (and the royals’ debt to the Zionist bankers: it is documented that the king gave them the land to save his throne!), it has been sold to United States citizens by leveraging our (artificially and commercially) growing American football gladiator culture. All politicization, all -isms, all cults and all circular reasoning (which is exactly what Dale demonstrates when defending Chesterton) all gravitate toward the right-left dichotomy which the élite utilize to, as Julius Caesar called it, “divide and conquer.” Thus conditioned by our religious sport-viewing observance, we find we are compelled to be either fascist or communist. We move seamlessly from emotion-driven spectator to haphazard speculator. (It’s telling that the “social Darwinist” Nazis were the founders of the modern Olympic games.) Unilateralism is bigotry (literally mustache) which even Chesterton himself aptly defines as an inability to consider the alternative to a proposition. The inability we’re dealing with (inasmuch as it is founded in sporting rather than academic pastimes) is vastly less intellectual than emotional, and that’s why you hear more canned arguments and even crass buzzwords than meaningful interpersonal discourse. We think we’re football-tough because we can contemptuously regurgitate the other side’s platitudes and still remain emotionally stunted enough to ignore/disregard their wholesomeness/justice and publicly burn them at the stake (or its verbal equivalent). Were we sane and not psychotic, idolatrous steroid-heads, our “enemies’ list” would start not with the outer circle of the opposing party–as the desert cat satisfies himself with the slower wildebeests–but with the professional controversialists who define both parties in calculated provocativeness and mutual exclusivity, all to capitalize on mass-hysteria, to “divide and conquer.”

I believe the key to world peace is accepting life as it is. Most of academe plays to our ignoble passions, driving us ever further from the true solution. The universities and foundations do this by design. But that’s very much another story for another time.

❤ I love my awesome sponsors! ❤

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