Famous Scientologists:
– Sunny Bono
– Greta Van Susteren
– John Travolta
– Tom Cruise
– Charles Manson (prior to starting his own compound)

Scientologists treat “Suppressive Persons” as Nazis treat “Jews”Gerry Armstrong cannot say Scientology in the U.S., but the Church of Scientology can say falsehoods about Armstrong, the U.S. courts in California ruled.

“Parallel lies”Liar liar

Dianetics and Thelema: Aleister Crowley deeply influenced L. Ron HubbardThe Church of Scientology is run like your standard money cult

Masonic-Occultist pilgrims construct unconscionable “religions” (e.g. Thelema, Scientology) that are everything they accuse “religion” of being, namely control-oriented (Black Propaganda,  p. 4).

I.N.E.M.B.O. (Instituto nacional experimental con educacion media basica con orientacion ocupacional / National Experimental Institute with Middle Basic Education with Occupational Orientation), the state school of Guatemala, follows and propagates the philosophy of L. Ronald Hubbard, Author of Dianetics and founder of the “Church” of Scientology. This is not the only fiction-based enemy-murdering religion that is rife in Guatemala, as they also have Mormonism in abundance.

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