The Legion of Christ

↗ LC & RC front groups identified

This page is dedicated to the sorrowing mothers who were bamboozled
into going against their God-given instincts and their better judgment,
ironically in the name of the Mother of Sorrows.

Regnum Christi Caveat Emptor
I have it on first-hand experience, good testimony, and excruciatingly specific recent correspondence with Legionary superiors that the Legion of Christ, its employees, officials and agents, while claiming to care about the Catholic Church, have always, and CURRENTLY,
Me consta según la experiencia de primera mano, el buen testimonio y la correspondencia agudísimamente específica y reciente que la Legión de Cristo, sus empleados, oficiales y agentes, mientras se dicen solícitos de la Iglesia católica, desde siempre y ACTUALMENTE:

1. do persevere in saying things to prospective recruits and members indicating that they have no reason to worry about their academic accreditation if and when for any reason they should ever leave the Legion or third-degree Regnum Christi consecrated life, whether this be male or female, but that they do not deliver, nor have they any plans or intentions to deliver, on any of this.
1. sí perseveran en decir cosas a los reclutados prospectivos y a los miembros que les dejan creer que ellos no tienen ninguna causa para preocuparse de su acreditación académica si/cuando por cualquier motivo salgan de la Legión o del tercer grado—es decir, de la “vida consagrada”—en el “Reino”, ya sean varones o hembras, pero que no cumplen, ni tienen planes ni intenciones de cumplir, en nada de esto.

2. do persevere in saying things to prospective recruits and members indicating that they have no reason to worry about psychological counseling or career coaching—in short, about aid with the process of readjusting to the outside world—if and when for any reason they should ever leave the Legion or third-degree “Regnum Christi consecrated life”, whether male or female, but that they do not deliver, nor have they any plans or intentions to deliver, on any of this.
2. sí perseveran en decir cosas a los reclutados prospectivos y a los miembros que les dejan creer que ellos no tienen ninguna causa para preocuparse de su aconsejamiento psicológico ni tutoría de carrera—en fin, del apoyo en el proceso de reajustarse al mundo de afuera—si/cuando salgan de la Legión o del tercer grado—es decir, de la “vida consagrada”—en el “Reino”, ya sean varones o hembras, pero no cumplen, ni tienen planes ni intenciones de cumplir, en nada de esto.

3. do persevere in promoting a culture of internal secrecy, psychological compartmentalization, institutional whitewashing, and insular paranoia.
3. sí perseveran en promover una cultura de secreto, compartmentalización psicológica, blanqueación institucionalista, y paranoia insular.

4. do persevere in pressuring and doing other things that may be construed as pressuring members to rid themselves of empathy and/or scruples.
4. sí perseveran en presionar y hacer otras cosas que se pueden interpretar como presionar a sus miembros que libren de la empatía y/o de los escrúpulos.

5. do persevere in retaining and promoting those persons who best mirror Legionary founder Marcial Maciel’s psychological profile—the hierarchically obsessive, and those known to be least capable of experiencing empathy, much less anything that can be called ethical “scruples or authentic religious sentiment” (the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI delineating the main traits he observed Maciel to utterly lack).
5. sí perseveran en retener y en promover a aquellas personas que mejor reflejan el perfil psicológico de fundador legionario Marcial Maciel—los jerarquicamente obsesivos, y los conocidos como los menos capaces de experimentar la empatía, mucho menos cualquier sentimiento que se pueda llamar de “escrúpulos [ni] de auténtico sentimiento religioso” (palabras del Papa Emérito Benedicto XVI delineando las características principales que él observó que a Maciel totalmente le faltaba).

6. never consult disenfranchised ex-Legionaries in any way, shape or form, much less with an eye to discovering what their legitimate grievances might be (even though the vast majority of Legionaries become ex-Legionaries, and their impression of the Legion ought to be of utmost importance).
6. nunca consultan a los ex-legionarios privados de sus derechos de ninguna manera o forma, mucho menos con la intención de descubrir cuáles sean sus quejas legítimas (a pesar de que la gran mayoría de los legionarios se hacen ex-legionarios, y su impresión de la Legión debería ser de suma importancia).

7. do persevere in deriding, denigrating and in all possible ways downplaying the sacredness, importance and joys of family life, specifically in conversation with the prospective recruit in isolation and in community-wide talks. (This includes when discussing both the prospective recruit’s family of origin and his/her potential future vocation to marriage. I need not, one hopes, remind you of Pope Saint John Paul II’s views on the sanctity of marriage or that it is a sacrament.)
7. sí perseveran en ridiculizar, denigrar y en todas las formas posibles minimizar la santidad, la importancia y los gozos de la vida familiar, específicamente en conversación con el reclutado prospectivo en aislamiento y en las pláticas comunitarias. (Esto incluye al discutir tanto la familia de origen del reclutado prospectivo y su vocación futura potencial al matrimonio. Yo no necesito, se espera, acordaros de los puntos de vista del Papa San Juan Pablo II acerca de la santidad del matrimonio ni que es un sacramento.)

8. do persevere in recruiting minors.
8. sí perseveran en reclutar a los menores de edad.

9. do persevere in using the term “charity” in a way that is patently more in the spirit of the jusly abolished private vow (of not criticizing and not seeking promotion) than of the Gospel.
9. sí perseveran en usar el término “caridad” de una manera que evidentemente se conforma más al espíritu del voto privado ya justamente suprimido (a saber, de no criticar y de no buscar las promociones) que al del Evangelio.

10. ironically do persevere in calumniating and libelling members of the clergy and Church leadership, including and especially those bishops who block their insatiable expansion, as “Communists”, “Masons”, and other labels.
10. irónicamente perseveran en calumniar y difamar a los miembros del clero y al liderazgo de la Iglesia, incluyendo y especialmente aquellos obispos que bloqueen su expansión insaciable, como “comunistas”, “masones” y otras etiquetas.

The myth of the “reform” of the Legion of “Christ”. There neither was, nor is, nor shall be a “reform” of the Legion of Christ”, but just the ominously named “renewal”. Check it out for yourself: The Legionaries themselves and the very hierarchs speak only of a “renewal”! Thing is, the Legion, in its Maciean form, is untouchable and immutable. It yields the exact fruits it was founded to produce: mind control. It is linked to the intelligence (really propaganda) community—all such invincible cults are invincible because they are protected, they present as laboratories in the service of those who yearn to control whole populations. Extreme caution, but continue shouting the truth. Onward!
El mito de la “reforma” de la Legión de “Cristo”. Ni hay, ni hubo, ni habrá “reforma” de la “Legión de Cristo”, sino apenas la ominosamente llamada “renovación”. Verifícalo tú: ¡Los propios legionarios y los mismos jerarcas tan sólo hablan de una “renovación”! Es que la Legión, en su forma macelana, es intocable e inmutable. Ella dá precisamente los frutos que fue fundada para dar: el control de la mente. Va vinculado a la comunidad de la inteligencia y de la propaganda—todos tales cultos invencibles lo son porque van protegidos, vienen siendo unos laboratorios a servicio de los que anhelan controlar a poblaciones enteras. Sumo cuidado, pero sigue gritando la verdad. ¡Adelante!

The late Rev. Marcial Maciel (left) told his mistresses he was C.I.A.
Would it be too much to ask, Was he?

“When I met the so-called ‘leader’ of the Legionaries’ cult, he looked more like a mafia don than a humble priest!”

↗ The Marcial Maciel YouTube Channel
Cheshire, Conn., investigative report
Vows of Silence↗

Parallel liesLiar liar

The new Jesuits, “élite bullies for Christ”↗ Toward the real Marcial Maciel (article)
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Perspectives that are some shade of Roman Catholic:
New Oxford Review dossier
↗ “life-after-RC”

“Some of the harshest critics of the Legionaries of Christ are orthodox Catholics; and they’re not upset about the Order’s fidelity to the Pope” (Peter Vree, the New Oxford Review).

Marcial Maciel was the most famous priest of all times and places. But here’s some context: the Twentieth Century saw a rash (or lesion) of secretive and infantilizing Vatican-tied “experiments in religious life,” among them:

  • The Oblates of the Virgin Mary (headed by Br./Rev./Don Luigi “Gino” Burresi)
  • Miles Jesu (Iesu) (codename for Militant Sons and Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of the Epiphany; Rev. Alfonso María Durán)
  • The Legion of Christ (originally “The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Sorrows”; Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado
  • Opus Dei (“The Work of God”; Rev. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer y Albás)?
  • The Community of the Beatitudes (originally the “Community of the Lion of Judah and the Slain Lamb”; Gérard “Brother Ephraim” Croissant)
  • The Community of St. John (Marie-Dominique Philippe)

Needless to say, the common Catholic had no idea what had hit him.

Yet the parallels between these shenanigans and such men as Johann Georg Faust (1480-1540) and Edward Alexander “Aleister” Crowley (1875-1947) suggest those who rule the Roman Papal City-State of the Vatican probably perfunctorily practice sorcery (and then some), as Svali’s testimony would suggest. Further data to corroborate this include its recent ecumenist-interreligionist documents (Lumen Gentium et al.) since the Second Vatican Council and the (to some) alarming ecumenist-interreligionist-globalist tenor of the papacies thenceforth. Anyway, the historical Masonic-type figures I name (as well as Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist) vocally touted Rosicrucianesque “Monastic” licentiousness and wizardry (the “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” of the Renaissance Dominican monastic priest Francesco Colonna [1433-1527] and the Franciscan monk François Rabelais [1494-1553] also contained in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law [or Liber Oz], sodomizing and mentally manipulating their followers, almost exactly as these Twentieth-Century* “religious founders” are becoming renowned for doing.

“The three forms of initiation—individual, group, or universal—all lead to conscious or unconscious control by a central power, who in some mysterious way makes its influence felt; often clairvoyantly and clairaudiently seen and heard, but never physically present or visible. The system in all three is the same—cabalistic. Secretly here and there individuals are prepared; these again form groups or centers from which influences spread until they form a network covering the entire world. Like rays from a hidden sun these groups are apparently divergent and detached, but in reality all issue from the same central body. The system is seen to be an insidious and secret dissemination of ideas, orienting and breaking down all barriers of family, religion, morality, nationality, and all self-initiative thought, always under the cloak of a new and more modern religion, new thought, new morality, a new heaven and a new earth; until it evolves a gigantic robot merely answering to the will and commands of a secret Mastermind. They dream they are free, original, self-determining individuals; they are but the negative moon reflecting and reproducing the light from the same hidden and cabalistic Sun. It is called ‘regeneration’ by the Illuminati; it is in truth individual death and disintegration, followed by a resurrection as negative ‘light-bearers’ of this cabalistic dark Sun whose Luciferian ‘Grand Plan’ is world domination” (Inquire Within, Light-Bearers of Darkness, p105). ↗ Notes about the Illuminati

Note: to cancel a vow—particularly one made to an unworthy institution or under dubious circumstances (such as deceitfulness or opacity [i.e. secretiveness])—all that is required is full, free and willing renunciation of the organization in question, and an attempt to notify their head honcho…and whoosh! Out of your life!

Full documents from and

En español: documental chileno

A recent story concerning a widow:

By David Klepper
Associated Press /  February 14, 2013

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Documents related to a disgraced Roman Catholic organization called the Legion of Christ could soon be unsealed and available to the public following a decision Thursday by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

The state’s high court issued an order declining to delay the release of the sealed documents, which are related to a lawsuit contesting the will of a woman who left $60 million to the Legion. The Legion had argued that the records should remain under court seal because their contents could taint a future jury.

The documents could be available as early as Friday.

The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Providence Journal and the National Catholic Reporter had asked a Superior Court judge to unseal the documents, saying there was no justification to withhold documents that could shed light on the Legion’s operations. Last month, the judge ordered the documents to be unsealed, but he gave the Legion until Friday to ask the Supreme Court to intervene.

Depending on how the documents are stored, some could be available Friday, according to Joseph Cavanagh, the attorney for the media organizations.

‘‘Our issue is to find out exactly what records are there and in what format,’’ he said.

In a statement, the Legion said it was ‘‘disappointed’’ that the documents are being unsealed. Legion spokesman Jim Fair said the Legion wouldn’t fight to keep them under seal any further.

‘‘There are yards of documents,’’ Fair said. ‘‘It’s done. They’re public. This ends the debate.’’

The Legion, founded in Mexico City in 1941, calls itself a religious congregation of pontifical right and says its mission involves ‘‘extending the Kingdom of Christ in society,’’ according to its website. The Vatican took over the Legion in 2010 after determining that its late founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel, had sexually molested seminarians and fathered three children by two women.

The Legion, which has facilities in Rhode Island, has faced other complaints, including one from a Connecticut man who claims to be Maciel’s son. Another Connecticut man has alleged the Legion used predatory means to persuade his ailing father to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the Legion says it doesn’t pressure anyone to make a contribution.

The will of Gabrielle Mee, who died in 2008, is the focus of the current case. Mee’s niece Mary Lou Dauray had sought to challenge the will, saying Mee had been defrauded by the Legion into leaving it her fortune. The judge last year threw out the challenge because he determined the niece lacked standing, and her attorney plans to appeal.

Dauray’s attorney, Bernard Jackvony, also had sought the documents’ release. He said the documents, compiled in the course of the lawsuit and sealed by a probate court judge in 2009, contain information about the Legion that isn’t known by the public.

The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961).

* All this holds very true for the Hollywood élite, obviously.

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