Magic and the Occult

↗ Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry Exposed (full length)HistoriesI want to mention Kurt Seligmann’s book Mirror of Magic, or as it’s been retitled, History of Magic and the Occult.

Natural magic (which follows such simple principles as “like attracts like“) is not to my knowledge either unsound, evil or proscribed in orthodox Christian teaching. Cases of natural magic consciously or unconsciously undertaken are found throughout the Bible, history, all cultures (“Pagan,” “Christian,” “Jewish” and “Muslim”) and modern-day Anglo-Americana. We often derisively call natural magic “superstition” as if to imply that it is either completely fabricated, thoroughly outmoded or perhaps perfectly abrogated by or incompatible with Abrahamic monotheism, Augustinian monogamy and Arthurian chivalry. Yet our lives are soaked with practices rooted in neither faith nor reason but in inherited memories of our ancestors’ ecounters with dark forces.

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