The terms homeopath, homeopathy and homeopathic are interrelated. They are distinct from holistic as well as from natural, organic, scientific and all those other nice, general, non-loaded terms.

Homeopathy means same suffering. As such it is based on the premise that “a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will [often in a diluted form] cure similar symptoms in sick people” (cf. Wikipedia).

George Vithoulkas, who revived homeopathy, studied solely at the Indian Institute of Homeopathy (which has no website but only a sketchy Facebook page) in 1966 then practiced in his native Greece, rising to fame.

Obviously the New Age Movement is rooted in religious syncretism, and certainly George Vithoulkas’s bibliography reflects a New Age / Communist overtone:

  • Homeopathy: Medicine of the New Man (New York: Arco, 1979)
  • The Science of Homeopathy (New York: Grove Press, 1980)
  • A New Model for Health and Disease (North Atlantic Books, 1992)
  • Homeopathy: Medicine for the New Millennium (IACH, 2000)
  • Materia Medica Viva (IACH, 2000- ) 12 volumes completed to date, 16 planned

Draw your own conclusions as to this “science’s” spiritual underpinning.

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2 thoughts on “Homeopathy

    • No, modern “scientific” medicine is not health.

      If they’re anything like me, it’s human nature: I tend to be less vigilant when I believe I have something going for me. Orthodoxy has got some powerful noetic things going for it, so some (perhaps foolishly) are less than cautious. The lesson is that we need to stay on our toes in this life.

      Maybe we should do a post on Rasputin…

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