A lot of people have asked me what is. I started Untrain as a website designed to address common questions, or false assumptions, I kept finding within the mainstream culture, most notably the portion of it that falls inside of the jurisdiction or influence of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. The name Untrain was inspired by the fact that I felt like I was working on the other end, healing intellectual wounds inflicted on our young by the Board of Education. College faculty often bemoan the (charitably speaking) misinformation that gradeschoolteachers have a knack for filling our young heads with, whereupon the college faculty themselves proceed to fill our heads with ever more robust lies and ideologies, WHILE WE PAY THEM TO DO IT. I still often link people to my pages, particularly the one about Einstein, but I’ve moved to more soft-core blogging, and even more recently I’m so meditative (heck even aetherial) in mood that I seldom feel the need to write anything at all. But was important to my moksha, and whether or not it’s part of yours, I’m grateful to whatever brought you to read these words of bliss.

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