Unsent letter published

The Canandaigua Writers Group (NY) ran the following rhetorical letter (by yours truly) in their blog today. And with it I begin making posts to my blog, which until now had functioned strictly as a website full of webpages, any one of which I recommend you take a look at by hovering around the drop-down menu. Peace be to all!

FROM: Patient A-240 by John McGuire

An Alternate Response to George Orwell’s 1984

Dear Death Panelists of the Mental Hygiene Department:

I am in receipt of the Euthanization Determination Appeal Form.

Do not await my submission. Await anything else. Await springtime or sunrise. Await grace or peace. Await roses or rainbows. Await snarks or grumpkins. Await nymphs or dryads. Await hobgoblins. Await Jove. Await all manner of mystery and life-giving wonder.

Be sure that you see that me you have not known, and you I have not needed. You I consider unreal, a zombie entity, a puppet propped up by your education monopoly you shamelessly leverage to instill counterintuitive nauseas and paralyzing terrors. All this you do to cultivate a few emotionally crippled dependents and useful idiots whom you ridicule privately and call on occasionally.

Feel free, then, to keep your audience captive, but do take care, if and when our paths cross. If they do, then I am happy to report there will be something you can expect from me, so do not tempt me to part that veil for all to see the diminutive dog-and-pony showman it harbors.

They call you “Big Brother”, but in truth you’re neither big nor a brother, but simply a hybrid of small-time con artist and sanctimonious control freak, that is, a classic gangster (or more appropriately “bankster”). You so loved the bribes, the lies and the insurance that you gave up all hope of Purpose, much less Meaning, consigning these and all subtle sensibilities to the file you psychopathically labeled “UNPRODUCTIVE AND ANTISOCIAL OBSTACLES TO PROGRESS”. You never honestly intended progress to connote common improvement but strictly elitist dominance, didn’t you? We both know better than the worker bees, you and I, don’t we?

As such, esteemed Panelists, if hypothetically I valued your well-being any more than you value mine, I would ask you to lock it in your mind that all those you despise as livestock, I cherish as neighbors, and they can always count on me.

Sincerely not yours,

Patient A-240

Copyright © 2015 John McGuire, http://www.untrain.org

Material may be printed or distributed only with author’s permission.


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