How the media distracts us from actual racism

Nazism is alive and well in today’s world, but you’ll find precious little of it in the groups that the professional “activists” and oligarchy public relations “reporters” are incessantly screeching about.

Nazi Germany, not unlike Karl Marx long beforehand, has set the pace for industrialized (“modern”) civilization, both are reflected in all of today’s administrative organizations (“governments”), but some are more intentionally Nazi than the others, and it may surprise you which ones are and aren’t.

The media appears to run on a perpetual interference kick on behalf of the actual (critical) “race theorists” because those glorified prima donnas rather conspicuously labor to promote the interests of the very people who bankroll Nazism (i.e. national socialism) worldwide.

First off, anyone who’s been paying attention knows by now that all the highest-profile antisemites (not to mention their shadowy financiers) have been exposed as Jewish, usually in coordination with Political Zionism. (Just to name a few, you’ve got your Andrea Strassmeir [the Oklahoma City bombing], your Danny Balint [The Believer], your Frank Collin [the Skokie Affair], and your Adolf Hitler [German national socialism and neo-imperialism]).

And speaking of national socialism, it is this that is the true nature of what we sleepily call “communism” in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, even though none of these “celebrate diversity” but rather the “glory of their race” (every bit as much as the “Jewish State of Israel”).

But those countries don’t seem to mind the mislabeling (not that our media would tell us if they did) because they just want to be the RothSchilds’ instruments to impose their intentionally deconstructive paradigm of diversity on the US while apparently blind to the fact that the US already has the most diverse population in the world.

In the late 1970s a biological awareness movement known to unknown social commentators as “race realism” sought to fill a vacuum of blindly integrationalist ideology in the Allied powers (US and “communist”) (according to The Alternative Hypothesis on YouTube), and that’s the time period when flagrantly Nazi-spirited things like “We Are the Champions” (1977) and “Superman” (1978) became popular.

Literal Nazis had gotten into NASA through Operation Paperclip, and they and products of apartheid and genocide like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are ubiquitous in today’s big tech(nocracy).

Speaking of the Gates family, today, as Abby Johnson points out, “Planned Parenthood is the only systemically racist organization in [the US]”.

In short the Nazis, from the point of view of the megabankers’ dictatorial and depopulating goals, have not yet outlived their usefulness, and as a result there’s plenty of hyper-racism to go around, only it’s always not found where their “media mogul” minions are screaming at us to look for it with their thought-terminating “silence is violence” hysterics.

But that’s what happens when you have a nation of fluoridated posers who go with the crowd.


The history of 666

The lately trending and subsequently disgraced Garden and the City of Lafayette, TN, fall within the (615) 666 XXXX telephone prefix zone. So I thought I’d do a blog post about every Baptist’s favorite numerical trio 666.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

Well the official story is that 666 is a Christian innovation that has nothing whatsoever to Judaism, but as we’ll see it’s in the Old Testament and even its New Testament use is very Judaizing indeed. We first meet Mr. 666 in 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chronicles 9:13 where it’s the number of talents of GOLD Solomon collected each year. (More on gold later on with Agent Joseph Smith and his Captain Kidd obsession.) And in Ezra 2:13 it’s the number of Adonikam’s descendants who return to Jerusalem and Judah from the Babylonian exile.

Seal of Solomon: 5 and 6 (more 5-6 links below)

The number 666 represents the total value for the Greek name for Nero Caesar, Καισαρ Νερον or Kaisar Neron, transliterated into Hebrew נרון קסר within the prevailing system of gematria (not to be confused with geometry whether sacred, legitimate or Masonic), i.e. Hebrew numerology, an occult pseudoscience common among “mystics”, revelators and authors of cryptic and heavily coded elitist and frequently racist messes like Daniel and its plagiarizing copycat Revelation within Judaism’s esoteric underbelly that certain heretics within Judaism have used to ignore the Torah, beyond merely interpreting it allegorically, and read their own godless and again racist agenda into the Law of Moses. In this sense, gematria is a step beyond the Talmud and a part of the Qabbalah. And it’s common among Talmudists and Qabbalists (such as Chabad Lubavitch) alike, loxistic as they are, to slur Rome with terms like Amaleq, Edom or Esau, as they slur Arabia with terms like Işmael. The struggle between the Judaizers (the Apostles Jacob [“James”] and John the Revelator, the Twelve even though many had Greek names and Mark) and the Hellenizers (Paul, Peter and Luke) (i.e. rival cultural colonizers) was very real within the Jewish and later Christian communities. Given that John the Revelator was exiled by the divine order of Nero, it makes sense that he’d assign to Nero the role of monster or beast in his Lovecraftian and semi-plagiarized “unintelligibly prophetic” work that opens with screeds that effectively excommunicate nearly all the major urban churches of Greece before launching his incoherent Greek-language Hebraicisms.

Nero Caesar, John the Revelator’s nemesis, as the original 666 in standard gematria

As another example of Qabbalist numerological gymnastics, the also pretty sixy number 6,000,000 is found in the Zohar’s twisting of the Torah, in the ominous phrase “ye shall return minus six million” in an obvious justification of Rothschild-led ethnic cleansing and the creation of an entirely artificial, bank-oriented ethnostate.

Oh yes they did.

And as further confirmation of this “Nero theory of 666”, 616 would likewise be the total value of נרו קסר, a Hebraicization of the name Caesar Nero, the original Latin for the Greek-language title Caesar Neron common among those who didn’t really know Greek that well. Similar to how Wikipedia has the name Mormo as the Greek goddess of fear and fright when her real name in Greek was, you guessed it, Μορμον (“Mormon”). (Relatedly, Moroni is the capital of the Comoros Islands just between Madagascar and the African coast. Moroni is near the site where Captain James Kidd is said to have buried treasure (namely GOLD) for later recovery, the only privateer known to have done so. Note too that Mormonism has 13 tenets (perhaps explaining the prominence of “M” in such key terms as Mormon, Moroni, and I would submit Mammon or simply Money), which meshes well with their Freemasonic rituals from the Second-plus Anointing.)

The love of gold is the root of all Mormonism
Mormon: Greek goddess of fear and fright (in politically correct Wikipedia under Mormo)

And speaking of Hebrew, Monster energy drinks feature a trio of the sixth character of the Hebrew alphabet ווו (i.e. “vav-vav-vav” [or “wow-wow-wow”] in Hebrew numerals, which appears to suggest the thirteenth letter M, so near and dear to Freemasonry (as in Friday the Thirteenth when Freemasonry’s Antichrist or false Messiah the arch-knight Jacques de Molay was martyred for threatening the pope-king diarchy). The link between monster and beast is too obvious to go into. (Note: Snopes shreds their credibility by denying this obvious fact. Also note that BIBLICALLY SPEAKING there is no prophecized historical personage called “The Antichrist”, but only a “spirit of Antichrist”, similar to how Paul’s Jesus Christ, whom he knew as light, is increasingly not merely personal but spiritual, archetypal and cosmic.)

Other variants of 666 (ווו aside) could include FFF or ꝻꝻꝻ (Latin letters, see also triskelion or three-way spiral), DCLXVI (Roman numerals), ΖΖΖ/ζζζ (sixth Greek letter) ٦٦٦ or 777 (Eastern Arabic/Hindi numerals and Thelema), ۶۶۶ (Urdu), ۶۶۶ (Persian), ووو (Abjad). The shape of our Indo-Arabic numeral 6 resembles a spiral (sometimes regarded as one of the oldest symbols) or again a phallus (see also the numeral 9 or the letter Gg). This could indicate why Bible ravers default to calling 6 the number of man (literally) even though in terms of value 5 more accurately counts the number of fingers and limbs, unless you also count the torso or heart (or palm). 5 and 6 are very significant in Jewish occultism, Qabbalah, and witchcraft, often represented as encircled pentagrams (pentacles) and hexagrams or sexagrams. But granting that 6 = man, when you combine 6 (“man”) with the superlative triad 666, you’re basically saying “manliest” or “absolute humanism” (the symbol for trans humanism, interestingly, is H+), basically the Jesuitical extreme within Western civilization. In Latin it’s pronounced sex (sexus is the Latin for “sex” but mainly in the sense of “male or female”), and moreover, a late form of the Roman numeral six is ↅ. (See also Greek digamma/stigma for another link between the shape G (Ϛ) or F (Ϝ) and the sound “wow”.) G also stands for generation, or in English God. (For more on the Freemasonic use of the G, please see pamphlets by Paul Foster Case available on PDF online free of charge.) The Greek word for six is χξϛ. (That last letter is not a sigma but a stigma, which alternated with a digamma is the letter used to represent the value 6 in the Ancient Greek language, modernly with a ʹ added for clarity, but according to Strong’s there’s no apparent distinction in pronunciation between sigma and stigma, so?)

Aleister Crowley’s signature. Note the phallic and sixified A

And as ingeniously trans-Judaizing as John’s Apocalypse was, it would not be the last example of native Judaists using the number 666 to challenge the cultural foundations of Judaism. For in the Year of Our Galilean Lord 1666 an assuredly false messiah called Zevi told observant Jews to become antinomian (to include orgiastic) that they might be a nation-state once again. The end result of Zevi’s life was that he inaugurated crypto-Judaism within Islam just 126 years after the 1540 founding of the heavily crypto-Jewish “Jesus [as opposed to Christ] Society” or Jesuits.

Google, whose Masonic apron-styled letter M is prominent in the Gmail app, is also known for brandishing 666 in its Chrome app.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

The Washington Monument, the largest obelisk (i.e. structure with no purpose other than to glorify the male sex organ) on earth, is built to a 10:1 ratio (same as the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar AKA Lucifer) and measures 555ʹ × 55ʹ which in inches comes to 6660ʺ × 660ʺ.

America: the biggest dick on earth

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, one-time “assistant-priesident” and Qabbalist/Messianist Chabad Lubavitcher (together with Trump’s Director of National Intelligence appointee Avril Haines [still serving under Biden, let’s just hope not literally] and Ben Shapiro), was once heavily invested in 666 Fifth Avenue. Kushner is also invested in implantable RFID chips, and it was during Trump’s presidency that private companies finally had the chutzpah to start having their employees “take the chip jab”. And in one of the few things Trump actually made profitable during this twilight of American civilization, gambling, the roulette wheel has 0 through 36, the sum of which is 666. And 666 is considered lucky in, oh yes you guessed it, MADE IN CHINA, where the number six is pronounced the same as their word for “smooth”. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Evanjellyfish.

Two ghosts that still haunt America

Moreover, if you really think about it, 666 (♂♂♂) could be Trinitarian, since presumably all three persons of the Blessed Trinity are essentially male, active, initiating.

Neocons and the “Mad Jesuit”

Hate, and specifically antisemitism (a term I use here in the factual and not the fake media sense), is a way understated problem in the American population, and Roman Catholic neoconservatives seem to lead the charge.

This ignorance- and projection-based hatred toward the peoples indigenous to the Mid-East (whether Zoroastrians, Nestorians, Muslims or dark-skinned Mizrahi [i.e. truly full-blooded] Jews) has, in the 21st century, become radical in its tone and terroristic in its effects on Arabs and other relatively peaceable, non-Western groups. (Mizrahi Jews opposed, and even took up arms against, the early Ashkenazi militant atheist Zionist colonists for the sake of peace!)

And the real red flag for me that American neoconservative (read Bolshevik-minded) Catholics were the most profoundly antisemitic group in the USA was when the rogue “hyper-Jesuit” Joseph Fessio weaponized his publishing company Ignatius Press to gag Pope Saint John Paul the Great by sneakily refusing to publish the latter’s appeal for the cause of the Palestinian people who the best-loved pope of modern times said have a “natural right in justice to find once more a homeland”. To adapt a common saying to this occasion, demons be hissin’!

Now for those who weren’t aware, the Jesuits were founded by overwhelmingly Sephardic* Jewish converts to Spain’s at times violent and ultimately blasphemous version of Roman Catholicism (see the research of Dr. Henry Abramson and the late great Bishop then Friar Bartolomé de las Casas) and, even though the Church soon pressured the Jesuits not to admit any more Spaniards of “impure blood” in 1608 (race theory much?) then simply dissolved the Jesuits in 1773 (or rather vainly attempted to, merely paving the way for the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 at the erstwhile Jesuit University of Ingolstadt), the Jesuits (who this blogger speculates are in essence covert Nestorians) have served as a humanizing, de-radicalizing, de-mystifying force in the Church, an arguably apt response to the barbaric and otherwise abominable excesses of the Spanish Inquisition, not to mention the equally frenzied and hypocritical “witch trials” throughout Eruopa (then “Christendom”)!

And the Jesuits, having continued their operations in Eastern Orthodox and Protestant countries, overcame all obstacles, clawing their way back onto the Vatican’s “nice list” in 1814 and resuming admitting converts (Jewish among them) in 1946, just after an event that’s a whole other topic (and I’m not referring to the 1945 finding of the Gnostic Gospels either)! Ironically many of this new wave of “Catholic Jews” were Ashkenazic and even KGB (see also Lavender Mafia AKA St Gallen Mafia) which goes to explain a lot about the Second Vatican Council (especially based on the analysis of genius and 1960s “reform” critic Hutton Gibson), and yes when you look at this first-ever Jesuit liberation theologian relic from the 1970s who we’re being told is (kinda sorta) the current “pope” (?) you could be tempted to demand that the “Society of Jesus” be dissolved entirely.

The main thing here however is not to let the left hand take your eye off what the right hand is doing to your mind. Say no to (the real) antisemitism, even when it comes packaged as AshkeNazi Supremacist (over more credible Jews) nationalism. Catholic social teaching (see Rerum Novarum) holds the key to wise balance, and those who would gag the pope, as Joseph Fessio attempted to do, must be called out early and often as apostates, fraudsters and yes antisemites!

Thank you for reading; may God richly bless you with an ever-growing love for the truth but even more so for all your neighbors to the eradication of militarism and sham religionism as the New Law of Our Lord Jesus Christ simply yet powerfully commands!

* Sephardic (literally Spanish) Jews are still more ancestrally Jewish (~80%) than the Ashkenazim (~60%) though not so much as the Mizrahim (90+%).

An intentional community story 3: fall of the Patricksters

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

At around 3pm this past Thursday (3/18/2021) the Macon County, TN, sheriff told (one-third?) property owner Patrick Martion that roughly 30% of the people at THUGarden would needed to leave soonish since none of the structures (including a magnificent “New Community Cabin”) had building permits and that those over 10 feet in width or length (buses and other [working?] vehicles are exempt) would need to be gone lest the daily multi-hundred-dollar fines for buildings so thriftily built (through the reportedly thankless networking skills of locals like Jerry Pennington who was initially angered but then triumphant to hear the news) continue in perpetuity.

Nearly one-third of the total Gardeners will have to leave by the weekend, according to a relatively level-headed Gardener whom this blogger spoke with over the phone yesterday. The Gardener has also emphasized that Patrick will, as goes America today, be even more openly dictatorial in determining who gets to stay based on the brownness of noses (rather than say the same’s hardness [i.e. work ethic] as per usual).

Certain neighbors and nearby preppers (a good number of them mentally unstable heirs and widows to put it charitably) appear willing to harbor some of these characters, even as law enforcement grows visibly weary and wary of the allegedly FBI-designated domestic terrorist (timidly pro-BLM) organization, and while TikTok continues to tick off millennials who had been THUGarden’s targeted psychological abuse victims.

This new development promises to destabilize the cult’s inner circle (“clique” for short) and spells either reform or disaster for what many have long been calling a “failed commune”, saturated as it was with wooks and far worse elements, elements supposedly including QAnon, or at any rate that’s the buzz that the kind of users TikTok tolerates/promotes (perhaps because they NEVER mention THUGarden’s matriarchalist abuse, tolerance for Jewish chauvinism, anti-capitalism or again BLM sign which they display facing away from the road), are busily pipelining into our young breed’s heads.

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

An intentional community story 2: unintended sequel

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

Well 2½ months after leaving “The Garden”* and posting my reviews, this blogger randomly started receiving emails from Internet culture reporters and influencers for the first time in his life. That was when he started to learn about the horrible mistake the equally horrible The Garden in Lafayette, TN, had made.

So at long last Ariel “Rel” Gumson (who, and consider this a CONTENT ADVISORY, would seem most at home in a psychological thriller that ends at the Hague) was a major subject in an interview this blogger held today with Steven Asarch of Insider. This blogger has since learned that Asarch was recently beset by his own scandal that is alleged to have been related to his being dismissed from Newsweek in June of last year (6/2020). The interview dived DEEP into the now-trending dysfunction at “THUGarden” and apparently throughout Rainbow T̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ F̶a̶m̶i̶l̶y̶ Mafia culture, whose property-owning and in other important ways covertly capitalist leadership seem disturbingly consistent in their literally mindless profession of philosophical materialism, in sharp departure from the spiritually charged language of your typical hippie in general and Rainbow in particular, almost suggesting a network of élites who make true hippies their b*tches (figuratively?) by superimposing cult dynamics onto hippie culture, though of course that’s crazy talk, right?

So it looks like what happened in the days leading up to the Ides of March was, after this blogger posted the content in part 1 to every website that he knew had led people to “THUGarden”, the property owner Patrick Martion and his clique enlisted Jack (trailias Tree), a videographer and Euro-style creeper from Northern Ireland, to give “THUGarden” a positive image on TikTok so that Patrick’s equity might benefit from what the clique were no doubt confident would surely prove a younger, more gullible audience. They were wrong. Cat-astrophically wrong!

TikTok accounts run by “THUGarden” residents (which they legally are if they receive mail there, which is why neither Patrick nor Mai nor any of the clique can legally tell anybody to leave with no three days’ notice BS): Tree and Julia (SMS-IC), Rel (IC), Karl aka Eco (W), Amill + Britt, Patrick (SMS-IC). Anti-“THUGarden” users: dirtyhumantwunk, quent91, cultmaker, thomasedisonhatepage, okayhawkins. (SMS = social media shill; IC = inner circle; W = shrinking violet / weasel.)

What apparently happened instead, which triggered the whole “fertilizer-storm”, was that Rel was Rel, Rel had to be seen, and for this and for so many other reasons some major influencers finally had a clear window into the fact that, oh no, here was a cult that was committing some mortal sins against political correctness and the common good as the far-left perceives it, not to mention actual alleged crimes with actual alleged victims, all as radically contrasted with the general peacenik image as are such stimulants as coffee and tobacco that fuel the whole “fertilizer-show” that is The Garden.

Rel, Rel, Rel. And of course most Americans just sort of unconsciously wince (not to mention frown) at the premeditated murder, consumption and wearing of cats and dogs, whatever the whacked-out rationale. So whatever mind-control- or bribery-related means Rel was able to leverage to get people to either leave her alone or support her, the Internet seems not to be influenced quite as easily as some semi-abandoned, jobless town in central Tennessee or the poor decision makers, such as this blogger, who end up traveling there. And it just gets worse and worse.

Because “THUGarden” has now forced this blogger to make a second blog post (no use trying to deny it Bobby, because everything he feels and does is your fault–fair is fair), he’ll be starting a dossier titled Shut Up and Read It. Please send along your “THUGarden Story” so y’all can build an impossibly long testimonial file and finally put “THUGarden” on the map for the reason they oh-so-truly deserve.

(Yo Hollywood or Mel [either one] or Rob-Rod, this right here needs to be a movie!)

And as always,

S T A Y · S A F E · A N D · K E E P · I T · R E A L !

Shut Up and Read it: “THUGarden” testimonials!

* By way of illustrating the extent of their plagiarism and fakeness (so common with mind controllers – people with no imagination know only control), “The Garden” appears to be a knock-off of “The Farm” nearby. THUGarden was initially called “Shut Up and Grow It” (perhaps a reference to their pathological loathing for any member dissent), derived from “Shut Up and Eat It” and falsely associated with the “Two-Dollar Revolution”, the “People’s Project” and the poor-tasting slogan “Free Land for Free People” (appropriated while figuratively dumpster diving at “Black Bear Ranch” which had discarded the slogan because it’s horrifyingly insensitive. This blogger strains to understand how any of these stated philosophies in any way reflects the day-to-day reality of what he’s simply calling “THUGarden”.

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

Einstein and Hitler: disconcertingly similar men

Both Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler:
– Autistic.
– Socialist.
– Ethnically Jewish.
– Recovering Zionist?
– Paid shill for the élite.
– Criticized Jewish culture, came to terms with antisemitism.
– Revered by goyim-golems who are helping to make the world ever worse.
– Plagiarized the writings of far more sound-minded goys who lacked the privilege and weren’t with the mind control program.

COVID-19: the left’s 9-11?


The generic term “coronavirus” (meaning a hypothetical virus maybe in the shape of a crown) dates back to the 1930s (which was when medical schools were taken over, consolidated, and made to focus on profit not people under the “charitable philanthropist” Rockefellers [just like the “charitable humanitarian” Bill Gates; also transitioning under a big industry buyout was music, a the major tool of mind control, which went from 342 to 440 Hz] and became the profiteering racket we know today as Big Medicine [related: Big Technology] which sees approximately one-eighth of total global assets [so about a quadrillion dollars {$10^12 or $1,000,000,000,000}] annually, back in 2013 [which was back when PHRMA was still headed for but presumably had not yet gone over what Rupert Sheldrake calls the “patents cliff”]) and is used in “older” medical dictionaries (like up to the 1980s or something like that) to denote the common cold ( That is why your better-dressed talking heads will specify “novel coronavirus” (see Bill Gates’s “new vaccine” admittedly aimed at depopulation []) or “COVID-19” (indicating that this particular “mutated strand” of “COronaVIrus Disease” was first “discovered” in A.D. 2019). But that’s as far as any semblance of coherency goes, and beyond this point where they’re simply reading off their teleprompters (the media today are notoriously consolidated as well) the name of the alleged disease it begins to break down. Here are some stories that come to mind exemplifying what I mean:

1. They test the same individuals repeatedly and treat them like a new case each time.
2. They pretend to have tested people who left the line after registering, so they couldn’t possibly have had a sample to test.
3. Random livestock and plants tested positive in Tanzania (,
4. Hospitals supposedly dedicated to CV-19 victims have been found empty and the ambulances idle (NYC [], England [], and Berlin []). And something super-weird happened in Greenwich, CT (
5. Bottles have been sent in empty and tested positive. (Based on the testimony of a bus driver’s wife, supposedly one of her fellow-nurses in the American Midwest sent the empty bottles in and was later fired.)
6. All the staff at the LA hospital (one of the worst in America for patient survival rates because they’re very trigger-happy with treatments) know the tests are routinely fudged. LA hospital is a shining example that the more frivolous treatments you give people, the worse their prognosis. (Is this why the “anti-pharmaceutical” and “pro-religious-freedom” cult Scientology thrives thereabouts?)
7. They’ve been writing CV-19 as the cause of death whenever anyone “tested positive” prior to their death, which is probably why we’ve had zero flu deaths so far this season. AND WE KNOW THEY’RE BEING PAID TO DO SO (;;;
8. The “Spanish Flu” (which started in Kansas) was found not to be contagious (meaning that it was caused by factors common to those who had it, probably radio signals), and they haven’t even bothered to experiment to see whether or not CV-19 (if it even exists) is contagious.
9. The “polio” outbreak (of which FDR was a famous victim before the American people were his victims) coincided with the widespread use of lead and arsenic as pesticides on the food crop.
10. 75% of infectious disease doctors are Democratic Party members making them the most Democrat Party allied of all the fields of medicine, even psychiatry (, and notice that the “outbreak” happened in spring of 2020, the coldest in years. The timing indicates that “global warming” or “climate change” hysteria would have given a low hysteria yield in carbon legislation.
11. In Iceland (which is free of private, for-profit central banks controlling their currency and bullying them into wars for profit and for Israel), it was found that fewer than 1% of those infected showed any symptoms whatsoever.
12. Trump (who like Hitler wanted to see all Jews pushed into the State of Israel) signed a bill a full year before the “outbreak” authorizing funding for “coronavirus”. (See also Event 201.)
13. Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has admitted to being a key part of the CV-19 military conspiracy (;;
14. Massive CIA involvement ( (Remember that Pompeo and the CIA are likely why his predecessor Hillary was never locked up!)
15. Gold offered for proof of coronavirus:
16. Of those supposedly infected, only 0.1%-0.3% die.
17. White House staff secretly vaccinated?
18. Funeral directors (government and apparently deep state agents) are chalking ALL DEATHS up to CV-19 (
19. Maybe calling it the “Wuhan virus” is scientifically absurd, since maybe five strains have been found in the US but only one in Wuhan (
20. But the novel coronavirus was maybe engineered in a lab, making it double-maybe a bona fide US (likely Army) conspiracy (, or maybe not (
21. PLANDEMIC: Testimony destroying Dr. Fauci (,

Backup sites:
– Download Plandemic: or
– Plandemic backup video:
– Backup download page: or
– Plandemic backup 2:
– Plandemic on Brighteon:
– New video on suramin as the antidote to the COVID-19 “vaccine” as well as autism!

1. Per the Nuremberg Code, no government can force medical treatment on anyone. If they do, you are advised to cite the Code chapter and verse, and use the words “I do not consent”. Do not say “I refuse treatment”. Use the language of RIGHTS not RESISTANCE or they may have some legal gotcha. Also as with all vaccines ask if it contains a mercury preservative or any known toxin. (I’m probably legally obligated to say that this is not legal advice, and really there’s always some other curveball, but this should stall these Nazis.)
2. A Holocaust survivor has said that the US’s CV-19 policies resemble those of Nazi Germany.
3. Trump’s own experience with hydroxychloroquine shows us that it was not effective in Trump’s case.
4. Supposedly Israel and Germany separately had a vaccine, but that was soon forgotten by the drive-by media. Also supposedly Trump attempted to buy out and bury Germany’s vaccine but their leader (Angela Merkel) intervened.
5. Bill Gates, more than once, has been recorded on video publicly listing his “NEW VACCINES” (!) among the tools at “their” disposal for a drastic population reduction, and he is the major face of the CV-19 vaccine. Importantly, Gates’s father worked with Margaret Sanger to found Planned Parenthood back when it was about a eugenics (and actually genocidal, hence their support from the Klan) ideology, whereas today PP appears to be more about profit, whence their protracted exploitation of chronic victims of rape and statutory rape, even to the point of failing to report when they are mandated to do so (discovered by Project Veritas). But I digress. Anyway, Bill Gates has head-of-state status at the WHO, which has been found to be drowning in CV-19 miscalculations ( He’s literally what a James Bond villain looks like in real life.
6. Vaccine science is a joke: even their short-term benefits when they’re “successful” are dubious. It’s homeopathy under another name.
7. Pharmaceutical patents have been heading off a cliff for some time, meaning that the science is so bad (Rupert Sheldrake explains this aspect of it but it’s essentially because they’ve come to view our bodies as machines) that innovation has died out meaning that when the patents expire those companies go under. I would say that they were desperate and turned to a mad scientist like Bill Gates for some kind of covert bailout at the expense of public health. We’re living out a bad dystopian flick.
8. The masking recommendations/orders are a bad joke, and they all say on the box that they’re ineffective. The hypothetical virus is almost infinitessimally smaller in scale than the holes in the weave of the mask material. (That’s why they use microscopes and why the imagery is indistinguishable from CGI, assuming the thing’s real at all.) The masks and the social distancing (or personal distancing) recall The Matrix where Neo’s digital mouth grows shut and later where he sees all the sleeping bodies in pods about six feet apart.
9. Flu shots have been shown to increase the risk of CV-19 infection: (
10. The real doctors are against the extreme measures (
11. Hong Kong banned face masks (which were being used for the smog) in October 2019 (
12. More stuff that makes vaccines untenable (
13. Chris Cuomo of the Soviet New York Mafia exposed (; another subscandal involving Neil Ferguson (
14. Dear God whatever you do, don’t take the vaccine: I DO NOT CONSENT

1. 5G. (See Spanish Flu, early radio waves.)
2. Vaping.

– Taking LOTS of probiotics
– – Elderberry
– – Hawthorn
– – Yogurt
– – Vitamin D (blueberries)
– – Zinc
– – Milk and rice recipes online
– – Vitamin C
– Maybe hazmat suits (only because no one’s talking about it)
– Maybe timing contagion as with chicken pox (for the same reason)

JUST FOR FUN: CV-19 officially “antisemitic”:


The Hebrew Catholic Church?

In the wake of the Protestant Reformation and ensuing (mainly Spanish) Counterreformation, it became clear that the Catholic Church had lost the printing press game overwhelmingly. No, she didn’t just lose her credibility. All that survived of Rome’s loyalists came under the “protection” of the smarter-than-thou ecclesial bullies the Jesuits. Suddenly you had a group that,

  • though its halachically Jewish founder Íñigo (inaccurately Ignatius) de Loyola had a criminal conviction from the civil authorities, was interrogated by the Dominican Spanish Inquisition for firing up the “Beta-Illuminati”, and was never called a doctor of the Church;
  • though he and his cofounders (most of whom had even clearer Jewish heritage) showed their true Nestorian (or Church of the East) colors ages before they started pushing Marxian radicalism like it was the Holy bloody Grail (a curious trend in the Society’s present-day rise in clout, given that the Jesuits resumed admitting Jewish converts in 1946);
  • though their present-day existence stands as a silent memorial of how they disobeyed the pope’s 1773 disband order (Jesuit-ese: suppression) and vacated all Catholic lands (the United States, an early Illuminati stronghold, gave the Jesuits free rein);

still the “Jesuits” (a name that seems indicative of their secret doctrines and is therefore helpful in distinguishing them from actual Christians) are not called cryptos, rogues, frauds, shams, cons, heretics, anathema, no sir; instead despite clear warnings from Pope Clement XIV who disbanded–I’ll say it again, DISBANDED–them in 1773, these demon-possessed golems and their sociopathic superiors are allowed

  • to masquerade as “fake Franciscans”: Catholic beggars, missionaries, educators, even “sages” worldwide;
  • to hear the pope’s confessions;
  • TO HEAR THE POPE’S CONFESSIONS (specifically, the Jesuit Superior General or “black pope” as he is called).

The Jesuits controlled the papacy long before Francis, so that (all “supernatural faith” aside of course) the whole “in-communion” Roman Catholic hierarchy is safely regarded as a puppet and wholly owned subsidiary of the Society or Company of Jesus (Jesus Inc.?), offhandedly referred to as the Jesuit Order.

Now realistically the US government could no more rein in the CIA than it could the World Bank. Similarly, the Vatican will never be rid of the Frankenstein’s monster it fathered in its hour of weakness. They two had a date with destiny, and today this first-ever openly Jesuit pope is a brazen polytheistic idolater, to say nothing of a manifest heretic who of course was never at home with the Catholic Church as we know it and hence was always very clearly focused on leveraging his keen mind to scale the walls of the Vatican and become the visible incarnation of all that the Jesuits have been doing in secret for centuries, needless to say a Marxist

A 500-year-old corpse finally begins to smell. (Not to mention that today in Rome there’s a Mormon temple [their version of a cathedral but way more secretive]). C’est la vie. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Gallicanism anyone?

Credit: (whose links you can’t post on Fakebook)’s book review on The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.

America: mortal after all?

It’s absurd to say that America is in its last days. America never existed, certainly not as the uninitiated civilian knows it to be. Independence from Europe’s ways was a scam. In the 1890s it was made law that states can enforce religion, and we still pay tribute to the absolute monarch (i.e. head of the church) in England via the IRS. And the Salem witch trials look more and more like a political prop to make Masonic witchcraft appear “unfairly persecuted” and somehow therefore socially acceptable. We traded an up-front peerage and heraldry for the criminally secretive ones of a Masonic brotherhood with which God crowned (CROWNED no less) America’s good, according to the jingoistic hymn “America”. No, your America and mine was all an experiment of the Masons, by the Masons, and for the Masons (i.e. We the People). The aim of the occult exercise (thank you for your participation, by the way, since you will not be compensated any more than you were informed beforehand–this is why you never leave freedom in the hands of Egyptology-obsessed slave owners [nor in anyone’s hands, that’s why it’s called freedom]) was to see if they could run their own nation-state, which of course helps explain the (even now hardly questioned) US-Israel bond, and the creeping talking points about Israel carrying on the US torch like a relay race. European Jewry had us by the balls almost from day one. You have:

  • your Jesuits (Carrolls of Baltimore, to financiers of the American Revolution just after the Jesuits were suppressed in 1773),
  • your Illuminati (founded 1776 and promoted by Thomas Jefferson),
  • your Parushim Society,
  • your AIPAC, the only foreign lobby in the US today that isn’t required to register as such.

Remember that America was once a penal colony too (textbook-ese term: indentured servitude), and our cultural elite’s bond with Europe’s most refined troublemakers has been a key factor in maintaining a superficial sovereignty and individualism–mother of capitalism–even while secretive occultist brotherhoods (Latin-ese term: fraternities) have assumed the role of lords (if not CROWNED kings), steering the long-term and big-picture outcomes (Mason-ese term: destiny) to their own benefit. There is therefore now no American culture or people or even land, if there ever was. There are spies, bureaucrats, partisans, addicts, sociopaths enough to sink us all into bottomless bullshit at Olive Garden™! And Puritanism (that brand of “Christianity” that always places Reform over Protest and Jew over Goy) is fractal and confederated not centralized. There are American cells everywhere, Israel being merely the highest-profile example. Did Egypt, Babylon, Rome, the Puritan “Pilgrim” theocracy with its secret ties to Oxford and the Royal Society, the Mormon “Deseret” Caliphate, or the National Socialist “Third Reich”–did any of these ever really leave the earth? No way, their rulers’ kids rule us, and you see symbols of their imperial tyranny everywhere in this supposed “freedomocracy”. No society ever disappears but only goes underground, esoteric, embittered, ossified, in short invisible. There never was anything like a really successful exodus, revolution or civil war. These are stories we tell ourselves to make us feel like we have the escape velocity to miraculously ascend from the quicksand of our status and our nature. Vanity of vanities! and Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.