An intentional community story


Note: This review contains no attacking, disparaging, libelous or hateful claims: everything stated here, however unbelievable it may be, is the plain and honest truth.

I got to TheGarden [sic] ( in mid-October and left at the end of December 2020. Here are the things you deserve to know when considering TheGarden as a potential “intentional community” destination.

Fact #1. As of 12/31/2020, “TheGarden” in Lafayette, TN, is still known to civil authorities by its old name “Shut Up and Grow It”. (Whether law enforcement persist in using the old name due to Patrick Martion’s notorious lack of clarity, out of habit or out of contempt remains unclear.)

Fact #2. Patrick Martion, his “ex-wife”, and his “ex-mother-in-law” own the property (Mr. Martion prefers to have visitors refer to and think of it as “the land”) jointly between the three of them, and any one of them has the legal right to have any non-owner removed with zero notice, Mr. Martion’s only constraining fear being the community’s morale and their regard for him and the other co-owners. I was told Mr. Martion had once been voted off the land, but for as long as I was there, nobody spoke ill of him or showed him or his lieutenants anything short of reverence (especially when you consider the inner circle’s frequently macabre, psychologically abusive, flagrantly politically incorrect and otherwise disconcerting behavior); the only ones who dared were subjected to a gut-wrenching regimen of psychological abuse (with the help of the aforementioned universal and completely MINDLESS DEFERENCE or loyalty, the likes of which I’ve never seen in any other ostensibly “adult” community) then banished.

Fact #3. Mr. Martion lives on-site with his young Vietnamese-American girlfriend Mai and their young daughter. Mr. Martion’s “ex-wife” and “ex-mother-in-law”, the other co-owners, never visit, though it seems that some of the more horrifying long-term denizens have been on speaking terms with one or another of Mr. Martion’s parents.

Fact #4. Mr. Martion will start lying to your face as soon as you arrive, compulsively repeating to each hope-filled newcomer that TheGarden seldom have anyone removed, except it appears that he only maintains this perception in those who stay behind by falsely telling them that people left of their own freewill when he had in fact threatened them with forcible removal (which again is his legal right), which has happened at least once, or by claiming to have obtained unanimous community-wide consensus to have someone leave when several and perhaps most members have no idea what has happened, which also happened on at least one occasion. If either Mai or Mr. Martion wants you gone, Mai will verbally abuse and slander you (as will a Bostonian chef named Bobby, who was removed presumably for being redundantly toxic), and Mr. Martion will lie all he has to to make it so.

In short, Patrick Martian is a feckless manipulator and a pathological liar, and Mai is a raging narcissist.


Fact #5. Rel (supposedly some kind of abbreviation of Ariel), who has been there the longest of anyone (Mr. Martion has the luxury of travel, so he’s out of the runnings), is literally the kind of nut horror plots are built around, wears dead pets, is used to having her way at TheGarden, has never been kicked out, and if you say anything about her (doesn’t even have to be negative, since again she’s nuts times privileged) you will be kicked out. On the other extreme, those who spend the least amount of time with the community are the least likely to believe and repeat slander against the routine scapegoat who has to leave because of Rel’s, Mai’s and the owners’ apparently insatiable penchant for drama and prodigious facility with blaming others for anything they may feel, do or say. Rel gossips her ass off and sows drama everywhere with zero consequences (except for those who dare to call her out).

Sooooooo, if you want your heart seared by white-hot hypocrisy or if you want to spend time in a place where everyone walks on eggshells and only psychologically broken weasels thrive, well then this is the place for you! And remember: no matter how nice people seem, they will all need to gang up on someone (again, the exact social psychology of any horror movie) when the moon is full.


What is the Gospel?

The Gospel, as seen when you put together all of the gospel text’s logia, red letters, or “words of Jesus”, is a two-sided coin.

In a negative sense, the Gospel is a brilliant denunciation of three things: primarily it condemns systematic theology specifically [1], secondarily it repudiates organized religion generally [2], and thirdly it destroys the two-party paradigm that keeps both afloat [3].

In a positive sense, the Gospel is an interiorly enlightening fulfillment of a Judaism that is unwaveringly Abrahamic, Mosaic, Solomonic, Eliac, Johannine and therefore impervious to all uninspired and power-grabby additions (Pharisees) or subtractions (Sadducees) that would conspire to rob these models of their inwardly richly edifying examples of living an organic and integral covenant relationship and would threaten to derail and exploit pious persons who simply wanted to get a look at those examples to get them jump-started on the path, free of religious or theological hustles.

The above is why we can say that true Evangelion is true Qabbalah, which may therefore be called the “Revealed Torah” – revealed to each heart directly from the pure Spirit of God and not requiring the external mediation of persons with highly crafted claims to authority and the lowest ulterior motives imaginable.

In non-theological terms or just plain English, the Gospel (or Good News) is God Almighty’s word to the earthy commoner (ha’aretz), because it dispenses with any need to retain cross-dressing narcissists in big hats or long robes. God Almighty can and does commune with honest humanity in silent solitude (the still small voice that Elijah heard) and without any need of formal prayers or human intermediaries.

Finally, I would say that the term Gospel could be used to refer to anything that promotes this interior communing to the exclusion of all the other noise and without reference to word games or social dynamics. A covenant relationship that’s not a ritual religion or a brainy theology grows weary of kinks and craves that still silent presence!

The best points of reference I can think of right now are the lyrics to Stephen Foster’s songs Beautiful Dreamer [4] and In the Eye Abides the Heart (provided below).

[1] Systematic theology is represented by Oral Tradition (The Talmud is today commonly referred to deceitfully as the “Oral Torah” and often just “Torah”!), the Pharisees and the Rabbis who regard the faithful observer cynically, as an ignorant, cursed and contemptible sucker to be endlessly invalidated and exploited by an intellectual class (see Marxism).
[2] Organized religion is represented by the Sadducees, the Temple, and Obsessive-Compulsive Observantists who regard the faithful observer cynically, as an ignorant, cursed and contemptible sucker to be endlessly invalidated and exploited by a clerical class (see Theocracy).
[3] That the Gospel decries and derides both ditches that flank the notoriously narrow road that leads to life is important since the dynamic of that time was one in which the two-party system was blatantly a codependent and an almost instinctively abusive one, clearly symbolic of duality in the more interior or philosophical sense.
[4] Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the rude world heard in the day
Lull’d by the moonlight have all pass’d away!
Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song
List while I woo thee with soft melody;
Gone are the cares of life’s busy throng
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea
Mermaids are chaunting the wild lorelie;
Over the streamlet vapors are borne
Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn
Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart
E’en as the morn on the streamlet and sea;
Then will all clouds of sorrow depart
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
[5] In the eye abides the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
Through the eyes their charm impart.
Words are often clothed in guile;
For the lips with fear my falter:
And confiding smiles may alter
Oh! believe not in a smile!
R. ‘Tis the eye unveils the heart.
Every pure and tender feeling,
All emotions worth revealing,
To the eyes their glow impart.
If thy bosom heaves a sigh
For a fair and cherished maiden,
Though her voice with love be laden,
Mark the language of her eye
There each impulse of her soul
Beams for thee in truth and candor;
There her secret passions wander,
There remain beyond control. R.


I was bred among sub-élites, sociopaths-in-training, bits of machinery, human fodder for the cold and hungry military-industrial complex. Because while God may bless America, it doesn’t just fall out of the sky. It takes seared and comatose consciences of those cat lickers predestined for hell to exploit its flowery rhetoric and menace those in whom light yet shines. Bullying and emotionally blackmailing sensitive souls is of the essence, so we don’t get another inconveniently lucid George Orwell. As the last gleaming left the eye of schoolmate and cousin, as the werewolf transition began under the full moon of adulthood, there was no wailing to be heard. What gangland was my America? Not a one of my cousins, male or female, is the same person I knew as a child. One may have killed himself. Another may have succumbed to cancer. Even our blessed mothers were so cold, so little wonder my generation found premature death so natural. Did we ever really have the opportunity to be alive, let alone human, our sacred life organ mutilated from our birth after the Egypto-Jewish custom? If being whole and intact was ever encouraged or allowed, I testify that I was absent that day. God bless America – land that I love. And yes, her people too do I love, as I finally realized. But tears are what love looks like in public, though they dim her Plexiglass cities, for the good of her souls. I promise to end that love deficit. You do as you see fit.

America’s “Evangelution” in brief

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
^ Matthew 7:18 ^

We are not called to be successful, but faithful.
^ Mother Theresa ^

Ever talk to one of those alabaster-hearted “Christian Nation”-alists who have never once even thought about praying for their enemies? Well, I have.

And when you do, no sooner do you bring up anecdotes that hint at Trump’s frankly undeniable narcissism, utter lack of honesty or ethics, and being nothing more than a hollow sock puppet in the rapacious hands of the Chabad Zio-globalist cult to manipulate the country—in short that this Holy Roman Führer isn’t wearing any clothes—than you hear parroted the canned phrase “No one is saying Donald Trump is perfect”.

If you’ll humor me for a minute of your day, let’s analyze this phrase. Saying Trump isn’t perfect is mere empty rhetoric, as empty and as filth-ridden as Trump’s own soul as he himself represents it, and as with all political rhetoric its goal is to override the common sense of the unwary who aren’t clad in literally the full armor of God, or who let down their guard around (ahem, ahem) “Christians”, thus allowing a pernicious lie to take root. The psychic or mental weapon being used by the (Qabbalistic) cabal on God’s starry-eyed children here is what is called doubespeak, and this is a tactic that serves to reinforce a covert social stratification by sifting people based on their awareness of current events. In other words, what they want you to think they mean and what they actually mean are two different things. That, brothers and sisters, is what people do who cannot live in the light of the truth because their father is the devil. And that statement captures the true spirit of all that is Rabbinical and Talmudic, and of all that is Hasidic and Qabbalistic, these being not just amoral but actively dark ways, indeed the quintessential “left-handed path” of Western civilization stretching over much of its history.

What they want you to think they mean is that you are holding Trump to an “impossible standard” by asking him to be accountable to the promises he made to us the people who then voted him in to use his power in a way that at least superficially represents our interests, starting with his own ad nauseam repeated campaign promises. (And what president ever was? Accountability isn’t exactly the point of being president or of holding power generally.)

(Another cheap stunt is digging up all the dirt they can on King David and then ignoring the fact that the True Prophet Nathan ever said anything rather than rationalize David’s sin by thinking what a good job he’s doing creating jobs, blah blah blah.)

But what they’re actually admitting, underneath this old ritual dark art which the people of today call doublespeak, is that Donald Trump has, again by his own admission, never once repented of his sins (and therefore would be incapable, at any rate, of entering into any sort of platonic “relationship with Jesus” inasmuch as the Lord Jesus Christ is quoted in the gospels reiterating and building off of John the Baptist’s commandments of, in the following order, [1] repentance from [i.e. heartfelt sorrow for] all sin and [2] a [for many of us] completely new life of total honesty, transparency and of course perfect nonviolence). These are the prerequisites to even being in the runnings to enroll in discipleship that would have been the “Leader of the Free World’s” very first step toward basic common discipleship, let alone this sort of public ministerial high-priesthood they’re forever doing mental gymnastics to pretend to elevate him to, over and above you and me “unelected nobodies”.

(A quick sidebar here: I'm sorry, but God elected me, made me his elect for just such a time as this, and God and I are a majority, for God is the truth, as Jesus Christ our Lord says in his Gospel "I am the way, the truth, and the life" [John 14:6b] and elsewhere "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid [or occult], that shall not be known and come abroad" [Luke 8:17]. Also I'm not sorry. Moving on.)

As an aside, this also leads one inexorably to the deduction that our humanly elected and rather transparently worldly-minded leader’s famously fornicating, apparently adulterous or at any rate wantonly publicly scandalous (with zero apologies but instead more disgusting victim signaling), baby-cursing “spiritual advisor” Paula Michelle (Furr-Knight-)White-Cain (henceforth appropriately “F-K-W-C”) is a fraud if she ever claimed to have converted Trump to Christianity (which Dr. James C. Dobson, another conspicuous fraud in this sense, claims that she did so proudly boast to him personally). I would however concede the point that “Paula F-K-W-C” did convert Trump to a sort of Christianity, one she fabricated in her own image and likeness, one that did not prompt Trump to repent of anything, because birds of a feather fly together, in this instance straight into the Lake of Fire.

So taking all of this in the light of orthodox Christian theology, any good Trump may do (for example saving unborn children from being murdered in the womb) is purely through what Catholicism terms actual grace and Protestantism/Reformationism/Etc. terms common grace, being that saving grace is completely lacking in, and inaccessible to, his soul so long as it continues in the direction it is known for globally.

Now in Donald “King Cyrus” Trump’s defense, this further implies that any deep state cronies he may keep around him (*coughs “Fauci”*), despite his refreshing-sounding rhetorical platitudes to the contrary, is totally to be expected of someone whose soul belongs to Satan and who is therefore simply incapable of supernatural effectiveness much less spiritual progress.

And since Trump is just doing what the heathen do, namely good and evil at random, or rather the bare minimum of good to keep his constituent “fan base” happy while rendering serious accounting only to the Chabad Zio-globalist cult, the real problem lies not with him.

No, the real problem, coming full circle to the title of this blog post (and thank you again for your attention and patience) is people who claim to be Christian but are really just neurotic and who are just fine with Trump’s spiritual perdition in service to their worldly political agenda.

These so-called disciples, who we must assume are as fake as the credence they give a known unrepentant, un-sorry, “positive thinking” (not particularly surprising once you consider that this is, after all, the son of a German [anti-Catholic] Klansman) and more recently “prosperity gospel” obsessed (if not possessed) sinner based solely on his raw worldly power (which we must further assume was given to him by Satan to whom he may or may not have sold his soul), are not spreading Christ’s spiritual and heavenly kingdom but instead the false messianic spirit of murder and world dominance via the Talmudic forgery known as “Noahide law”.

Instead, as Pharisaically as is humanly possible, they are using Trump, whose soul is lost at best, in large part thanks to their “well nobody’s perfect” smokescreens, exactly as these Zio-rapture Scofieldians have been using the Israelis, whom like Trump they want to force all Jews to join in a mega-ghetto (this, you understand, is all to satisfy numerologically divined “prophecies” in the Zohar which the RothSchild “Money Jews” embraced in a desperate bid for relevance among the low-brow “Book Jews” [see “6,000,000”] as well as false or cunningly misinterpreted prophecies within Christianity), whereupon they fully expect Jesus to annihilate two-thirds of them (you read that correctly: “Genocidal Jesus”) upon his return, a return which the Jews, prompted by “Evangelicals,” will in turn have prompted by exalting their now-false religion in the Holy of Holies to arouse Jesus’s wrath (i.e. the Abomination of Desolation). Obviously even the most Zionist Christians won’t acknowledge a(nother) Jewish messiah but rather will consider it the Antichrist. (Christ in Greek and Messiah in Hebrew both mean Anointed by the way.)

That is why I testify that most U.S. Christians are literally Satanists, since they use the Bible (and God himself if that were possible) to bring about all the evil their black little hearts can conceive.

This Halloween photo of “Paula F-K-W-C” with her very first (trailer shotgun) partner Dean Knight really draws the eye to the almost totally lacking whites in Paula’s eyes (not part of the costume, just to be clear).

I hope I’m getting all of this wrong, but if I am then where are the loud prophetic calls, or at any rate humble prayers, for Trump’s conversion to the genuine, sound, actually Gospel-based (never to be confused with “Evangelical”) Christian way of perceiving and living? Methinks there be just beneath the surface some secret fear that opening the floodgates to the grace of the true God may put a cramp in Donald’s confident stride, throw this exceptionally vain emperor off his groove so to speak.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
^ Hebrews 10:31 ^

But for those few, for that faithful remnant, who yet are possessed of true faith, of a Spirit-illumined conscience, they—we—can just wonder at how such a religious experience would free Trump from worldly thoughts borrowed from world-class deceivers, manipulators, élitists, and other reprobate sinners (“young souls” as they’re called in the culture today), and then be freed up to lead us in accordance with the actual divine plan not pulled apart by greedy materialists parading around as, and any government schoolchild can discern this one,


Religion by another name

The world is complex, and when faced with complex things societies generally turn to ideology to foster group cohesion and so we don’t have to explore the complexity of reality, because that, we think, is no fun. It’s way more fun (read way more violent) to moralize and jargonize than to have to sit down and study the world (“science”)–or heaven forbid our own thought processes (“philosophy”). So, just as it is popular now to say that religion and magic were merely devised by lazy or ill-equipped minds to explain away the complexity of the physical world with a “God of the gaps” catch-all, so too does the “irreligious” left do the same exact thing they accuse their political opponents of, except the left directs its voodoo at dismissively generalizing social questions. Hence it is clear that what separates political parties is an intrapersonal fragmentation based on an arbitrary decision on which field of study to engage seriously and in which one to stifle all tenacious research, let alone critical thinking. (I’ve termed this phenomenon “strategic self-delusion”.) That is why even if you say that your political ideology, strategy or party represents what you “believe”, isn’t it true what they say that belief is just a fancy word for “ignorance”?

Politics, because it is about groups marching to drumbeats, is the opposite of thought (in any robust, independent or competent sense). So although most of these hyper-political com-rads are all about reducing complex social phenomena to agenda-serving dog-whistles (sometimes called doublespeak) dressed up in high intellectual jargon (even mass has a scientific meaning as well as a Marxian one) with lots of obscure French terms sprinkled on top, what this doesn’t mean is that you’re allowed to test their theories in reality, since they’ll quickly tell you that reality itself has been skewed by the (they’ll insist unnatural) forces of ownership (wait, aren’t most animals of prey territorial?) and capital (as they and they alone define it). And this closes the circle of that envy-based reasoning that is the professional agitator’s ticket to job security as the de facto pseudointellectual leaders of an endless (because circular) revolutionary struggle probably ultimately intended just to wear down the host-population for an easier takeover by their inner-circle Bolshevik Ashkenazic cabal. But dude, you should have known the moment they began interpreting the free market as somehow being an unnatural or cohesive “system”/“conspiracy” that they were projecting their own mentality onto reality, in short that you were being snowed!

When the communist claims to reduce society to a “field of science” while reducing science to a set of dogmas, he is actually undermining the legitimate sciences–what are known as the “hard sciences”–and advancing a method not for Cartesian meditative inquiry but rather for leveraging control of the mass landed populations for–and here’s the kicker–his own ethnic group’s profit.

It’s a truism most painful to say that there are atheists who aren’t scientific, atheists who are sordid, atheists who are total fucking weirdos, atheists who are only atheists because (they think) it absolves them of any accountability, but give that a moment to sink in. We’ve been pseudoeducated to consider atheism as a radical commitment to scientific rigor, and atheism (like its half-witted spawn communism) is quick to insist that it’s all about that and nothing else. So it’s the perfect crime when communist atheism undermines its own alleged foundation, namely the scientific method, which is shockingly easy to do when we’re all lumped into groupthinking “communities” in the city with no sense of how agriculture, let alone wild nature, even function. When a people have lost the strength of the hills and their only remaining instinct is anger, well of course they’re ideal livestock for these bad actors to steer into stampedes (“protests”) against those who stand in their way and those who’ve “wronged” them (probably by standing in their way, as the Romanovs did). The principle at work here is that a group that’s renounced hierarchy is only as smart as their stupidest member: ergo, as long as we’re only allowed to do anything as a group (manufactured “consensus”), the provisional revolutionary government need be accountable to no one! And in the case of its newest climate hysteria tactic, they have a word for pseudoscience: BUSINESS AS USUAL!

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is not a scientific organization. It calls itself that, but it’s not. It’s a political advocacy group that dresses itself up as a scientific body, all the while defying the basic tenets of scientific inquiry by selectively accepting some experimental results and refusing to acknowledge a whole lot of others. It’s latched onto this theory about CO₂ emissions produced by man, and they’re saying that’s the culprit of everything that’s wrong with the planet”.

(The staunchly counter-revolutionary journalist Michael Voris.)

It is this blogger’s assertion that communism is merely a different form of capitalism that regards human beings as another natural resource and nothing more.

To further illustrate my point, or I should say to give legs to common sense, I’m going to present a brief glossary of politically charged words that have lost almost all of their original meaning, which I will revive alongside each word.

The Left. “Equality”. Whereas rightism means hierarchicalism, leftism means egalitarianism. (The French word for “left” is gouche.)

Liberalism. A liberal is someone who believes in individual liberties.

Communism. A communist is the opposite of a liberal. A communist believes in a unit known as a commune (see Yiddish kibbutz) and that only groups, and by no means individuals, have rights. See also socialism. (Most so-called “liberals” today [I call them neo-liberals for clarity*] seem to be in fact communists.)

Socialism. See communism. (Now wording aside, theoretically there is a difference: with socialism the state allegedly [“re”]distributes wealth more judiciously by rewarding contributions, whereas communism spreads out resources according to needs, independently of what they contribute to the state. It’s the difference between From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs VERSUS From each according to his abilities, to each according to his usefulness.)

Democracy. Rule by the commoners, proletariat, or simply “the people”. Pure democracy is anarchy.

Redistribution of wealth. This is a radical proposal because it assumes that wealth was once evenly distributed or that it can’t be created through ingenuity, both of which are clearly a stretch at best.

Oh hell, let’s launch this baby into space!

* I’ll make the contention that neoliberals, like neoconservatives, are Bolsheviks.

Crisis: intrigue vs natural causes

The seeds of communism have a pattern of finding their most fertile soil in clear central authority and earthly glory. As worms on an already dead corpse, so is Marxism on the rigidly (read mindlessly) hierarchical society. So it’s hardly surprising when Masonic-Marxist mores take root in say Russia or the Vatican, which let’s just face it are both halls of power, both claimants to the glories of Old Rome (remember Romanov means of the Roman!), and both arenas where dogma and canon have ossified in lieu of Christ’s seeking and Saint Paul’s testing all things.

By no means even one instant before the Anima Christi will have left the Corpus Christi may the beloved know decay. In the act of leasing out his soul, the churchman deprives Mother Church of her nominal purpose in his regard, which common sense tells us means he’ll have, as they say, no skin in the game. Try and guess with me how many of those who “serve” the Body of Christ are, even as we speak, on a spiritual trajectory on which the Church can never serve these alleged servants of the true Chosen People of God in the spiritual and eternal way in which it was meant to. Men without any meaningful sense of morals, faith, hope or even fear of the Lord for heaven’s sake who have no dog in the fight of the Church Militant: such men cannot long moisten the mask of seriousness before it starts cracking up, and you’ll just wind up with dust all over the sacred vessels, and that stuff’s hard to buff out (speaking from experience as an “altar attendant” as I believe they’re now called). Are priests seriously promising you heaven while their minds are squarely on this world and its pomps?

Anyone not entrenched within the clerical caste think tank, which by now is led by the nose by a gay mafia operating out of St-Gallen in Switzerland, knew that under these conditions something had to give up the ghost sooner or later. It was to be either reform or flamboyant faithlessness. The lay faithful have now no steady path before them save in visions, dreams and that socially unacceptable fuzziness of a personal encounter with the authentically aetherial.

If there were a way to save the neighborhood parish, for my money it’s this:

  • The Doctors of the Church must receive pride of place in all homiletics.
  • The Gospel can no longer be redacted either for time or for content.

The laity you want are leaving because they aren’t really getting Jesus, which means they aren’t getting God! Your pomps have proved their own undoing.

So start with these two points, and call me in the morning.

The Last Supper Code

Advisory. This post deals with a thing generally regarded as most sacred in the older mainline Christian traditions. Pope of Rome John Paul II, in his Catechism, called the Eucharist “the source and summit of the Christian life” (1324). This article is going to mercilessly dissect how Holy Communion operates on the psyches (that is, the souls) of believers. If the Mass, Liturgy or Communion Service is sacred to you and you would not suffer it to be analyzed, then please read no further.

At Mass this evening, I noticed for the first time something about the standard rubrics. While sitting silently beforehand, I found that the prayer of my heart came out as From deceitful people, deliver me! Perhaps because of this, later at consecration, I noticed that it began with the words:


As I sort of zoomed in on these words, I started having some aha moments. My first thought was: What if that phrase is there to tell us where Jesus was at in that most revered moment, namely a little ticked at getting a very raw deal at the hands of a sell-out? What, in other words, if Jesus was feeling the heat and accordingly doing exactly what he taught with the words “turn the other cheek”? In short, what if Jesus was *gasp*:


So yeah, at this point I’m wondering: What if the Last Supper is Jesus’s “passive-aggressive masterpiece”? And what if it was indeed? Has this Mystery not become a communal immune system booster, making members of the Body of Christ psychologically impervious to the dampening effects of various attacks (“persecutions”)? Perhaps what the Mass implies is:


Other Abrahamic adherents may call Christians “idolaters” and “cannibals”, but what if the true meaning of the Incarnation and the Last Supper was so we’d have some of the most sobering examples of self-denial imaginable?

So yeah, you would probably be within reason to term the mood of the Last Supper at least superficially one of passive-aggression, victim-signaling, turning the other cheek or going the extra mile. But what’s the aftertaste like? Could it be that the energy of the Lord’s Supper is a portal to a new and more robust expression of divine love, an internal revolution, namely:


Is Jesus not saying See that I am betrayed and condemned without cause! with so bold a gesture that all considerations of “whether or not the person (in this case Jesus) is actually betrayed, condemned or even whether or not it really is without cause” are quickly sidelined and made secondary? The spotlight of the Gospel (even Mark’s!) is on the fact that Jesus owned and resolved his victimization, transforming it into a sacrament, the Blessed Sacrament!

Isn’t it just amazing what something that looks like the most “cheeky” approach to the most shite situation can accomplish and inspire? Well, that’s all I had to say about that.

Faith vs knowledge


Whether you’re consciously religious or emotionally dependent on parents who are, deep down inside you the question lurks: do systematic beliefs have anything to do with reality?

Some may protest the question, saying that the Bible wouldn’t have lasted so long or be so popular if it weren’t true. Yet in certain times Gnosticism has been quite popular, and The Da Vinci Code and The Matrix are just the latest examples of how that popularity isn’t going anywhere.

Here are several reasons why it seems like systematic beliefs don’t have much to do with reality. They are as follows:

  1. If by reality you mean “physical reality”, faith usually deals primarily with non-physical reality.
  2. Particularly recently there is a false belief that the Constitution of the United States of America says something about a “separation of church and state”. Trickling down from this belief, and equally false, is the notion of a “separation of mind and senses”. Obviously a mind that mistrusts its senses (or rather dislikes what she thinks they’re telling her) seeks faith.
  3. Worship is essentially submission and self-sacrifice. Most religious and biblical people would say that the endpoint of the faith they teach is worship. Faith is to the mind what worship is to the body, namely an at least symbolic dying. (Even if you don’t bow or kneel, baptism itself clearly symbolizes drowning.)

Concerning the first point, Martin Luther pointed out that there is no justice in the world we see. Too often Christians get so lost in the idea of God as creator (Genesis) that we forget about God as helper of the oppressed (Exodus). But to Luther’s point, the idea of a higher form of justice (of which our black-robed rituals are mere shadows) is deeply intertwined with the idea of a spirit-world. This may be why Jesus refuses to deal with only one group of people: those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

Concerning the second point, one of the philosophical foundations of monotheism is perception-reality dualism, which became more explicit in the double truth theory that started in Islam and spread to Christianity. This alone seems to have made it possible for both Galileo and the Vatican to exist and have relevance in the same society, namely because it had become psychologically fragmented. (Psyche is Greek for “mind” or “soul”.) Incidentally, whereas dualism is expressed in monotheism, non-dualism is expressed in monism, which is a trademark of Gnostic and Hindu thought.

Concerning the last point, it is worth noting that while “blind faith” may be seen as a mental self-immolation, it is also considered (particularly within Gnostic and esoteric circles) as a way to access power. Now you may question the sincerity of a belief that is held, as in chaos magick, for strategic ends. How can you have your eyes, so to speak, both opened and closed at once? (Does this image underlie the winking or third eye?) But by the same logic we can certainly question the sincerity of a belief that is held, in systematic faith, for heavenly aims.

Is there a creator of material things? Sure, but they are a very contingent and temporary expression of a deeper reality. Gnostics say this creator of matter, whom the Bible calls the Mighty One, was a child of Wisdom, conceived not in love but in loneliness. They seek reunion with Wisdom through the pursuit of ideals and the rejection of the faux-reality of flesh and matter.

I liken the major (empire-friendly) faiths to a billion people living one person’s dream. Call me a Gnostic, but I say find your dream, your song, your story. If nothing else, it’ll make you more fun at parties.

Patrick is an imperial trope

Once upon a time,

Patrick was raised by “Christian” Roman colonizers who made a living out of oppressing England. Karmically enough, and no doubt amid cries of joy of many an Englishman, the highborn brat was kidnapped by Irish Pagans who found him useful as a shepherd for a family that had only daughters. (He later spread the specious rumor that he’d been a “slave” of the rather disorganized Irish people.) Through years of actually having to do honest work, Patrick grew bitter against the Druidic/Brehonic system (forgetting, as privileged children often do, his own wicked parents’ obvious role in his kidnapping).

“Lie? Me? Never: the truth is far to much fun!”

In adulthood, apparently not having learned his lesson, Patrick found a way to retaliate against the insult to his family’s *snerk* honor and crush the Irish way of life, insinuating the Roman system by means of imposing Rome’s version of the trendy new “Gospel” kick on the Irish, being ordained bishop of Ireland under the Roman Empire’s authority. Patrick continued his pathological lying, spreading rumors that bolstered support for his new hocus-pocus, and many an Irishman and -woman were dazzled and hornswoggled as their native lifestyle was supplanted by a far more cynical one.

On the plus side, authentic Christianity came to Ireland not through Roman-rite bishops but through Egyptian-style abbots! That is why the Roman-law English have always flattered their rather impressive egos (and excused genocide) with the notion that the Irish never really embraced the Gospel, when in fact the Irish embraced the authentic Gospel of the Spirit and often had the strength thereof to reject the watered-down and violence-canonizing fraud of empire.

The end.

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