Neocons and the “Mad Jesuit”

Hate, and specifically antisemitism (a term I use here in the factual and not the fake media sense), is a way understated problem in the American population, and Roman Catholic neoconservatives seem to lead the charge.

This ignorance- and projection-based hatred toward the peoples indigenous to the Mid-East (whether Zoroastrians, Nestorians, Muslims or dark-skinned Mizrahi [i.e. truly full-blooded] Jews) has, in the 21st century, become radical in its tone and terroristic in its effects on Arabs and other relatively peaceable, non-Western groups. (Mizrahi Jews opposed, and even took up arms against, the early Ashkenazi militant atheist Zionist colonists for the sake of peace!)

And the real red flag for me that American neoconservative (read Bolshevik-minded) Catholics were the most profoundly antisemitic group in the USA was when the rogue “hyper-Jesuit” Joseph Fessio weaponized his publishing company Ignatius Press to gag Pope Saint John Paul the Great by sneakily refusing to publish the latter’s appeal for the cause of the Palestinian people who the best-loved pope of modern times said have a “natural right in justice to find once more a homeland”. To adapt a common saying to this occasion, demons be hissin’!

Now for those who weren’t aware, the Jesuits were founded by overwhelmingly Sephardic* Jewish converts to Spain’s at times violent and ultimately blasphemous version of Roman Catholicism (see the research of Dr. Henry Abramson and the late great Bishop then Friar Bartolomé de las Casas) and, even though the Church soon pressured the Jesuits not to admit any more Spaniards of “impure blood” in 1608 (race theory much?) then simply dissolved the Jesuits in 1773 (or rather vainly attempted to, merely paving the way for the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 at the erstwhile Jesuit University of Ingolstadt), the Jesuits (who this blogger speculates are in essence covert Nestorians) have served as a humanizing, de-radicalizing, de-mystifying force in the Church, an arguably apt response to the barbaric and otherwise abominable excesses of the Spanish Inquisition, not to mention the equally frenzied and hypocritical “witch trials” throughout Eruopa (then “Christendom”)!

And the Jesuits, having continued their operations in Eastern Orthodox and Protestant countries, overcame all obstacles, clawing their way back onto the Vatican’s “nice list” in 1814 and resuming admitting converts (Jewish among them) in 1946, just after an event that’s a whole other topic (and I’m not referring to the 1945 finding of the Gnostic Gospels either)! Ironically many of this new wave of “Catholic Jews” were Ashkenazic and even KGB (see also Lavender Mafia AKA St Gallen Mafia) which goes to explain a lot about the Second Vatican Council (especially based on the analysis of genius and 1960s “reform” critic Hutton Gibson), and yes when you look at this first-ever Jesuit liberation theologian relic from the 1970s who we’re being told is (kinda sorta) the current “pope” (?) you could be tempted to demand that the “Society of Jesus” be dissolved entirely.

The main thing here however is not to let the left hand take your eye off what the right hand is doing to your mind. Say no to (the real) antisemitism, even when it comes packaged as AshkeNazi Supremacist (over more credible Jews) nationalism. Catholic social teaching (see Rerum Novarum) holds the key to wise balance, and those who would gag the pope, as Joseph Fessio attempted to do, must be called out early and often as apostates, fraudsters and yes antisemites!

Thank you for reading; may God richly bless you with an ever-growing love for the truth but even more so for all your neighbors to the eradication of militarism and sham religionism as the New Law of Our Lord Jesus Christ simply yet powerfully commands!

* Sephardic (literally Spanish) Jews are still more ancestrally Jewish (~80%) than the Ashkenazim (~60%) though not so much as the Mizrahim (90+%).