‘Murika’: The stupidity of cupidity

Search for the cause of America’s delayed cultural development; you will find that it’s greed, which feeds left-brained bias that despises intuition. It’s the one sin that’s sanctioned by our Puritanical spirit: the love of money, the root of all evil. We worship the golden calf of personal wealth accumulation and call it “capitalism”. Why did you think we experience such catharsis watching A Christmas Carol? And then from there to Communism all you do is replace “mammon capital” with “human capital”. The Puritanical spirit is, at its core, Pharisaical. And Communism is really Capitalism on a social scale. It is a hungry, cold, clutching, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner. What moves a person toward Communism or Islam? Frankly it feels good to be able to say that my cause of ending oppression and exploitation means that I don’t have to follow the rules. It feels like liberation except that it’s material not spiritual so it’s never happy! Some people wear a lot of jewelry but others put on circular rhetoric to feel fancy. And it all boils down to “#Gaga-googoo, I can do what I want because the New Man” or “because Allah”. The beauty of this pathology is that the more you resist and refute it, the more it grows, like a forest fire feeding on dead branches. The Nazis tried to separate out those dead branches to make society immune to this neurotic crap, but the banksters won, killed JFK, and today we’re taught to call Hitler “evil” (which he was, but let’s be clear that he was a Jew, a Zionist [killing unfit Jews was always the program!], and a bank agent!) But all you had there were two schools of socialism, of Übermensch thinking: one neurotic, the other psychotic; one anti-Jewish, the other covertly Jewish Supremacist. Of course the former was hijacked and controlled by the latter, because Communism wasn’t taking off without a good boogeyman.
And here’s where it all hits home: We are a nation of dangerously stupid sheep. We claim to abhor irrational bias and self-serving extremism, yet we can’t actually imagine life without an entrenched opinion or “standing for something”. As a result, we are constantly falling for the rabidly rabbinical, sordid, materialist extremes of Capitalism and Communism, which are shallow and divisive bait used by the Kabbalist cabal to keep us divided, fat, dumb and happy. If anyone dares to reject both extreme ideologies in favor of national unity, they are branded an “antisemite”, merely because they see and solve the root causes of national dissolution. It’s so simple to spot a loyal subject of the Rothschilds, because they’re visibly threatened not by any extreme view – they’re forever fanning those flames – but of HONEST PUBLIC DISCOURSE, which they know portends their ruin. That is why we need to avoid like the plague those who speak of killing the Jews and instead educate ourselves in order to understand, mistrust and boycott their lies into, God willing, a true and lasting oblivion, Amen!
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