Dethroning Martin Luther King

Possibly the one part about King’s life that’s actually true

1. A drama major in the role of some kind of genuine, serious, concerned intellectual heavyweight (like Hitler, most race baiters, and most public figures who front for the real power brokers), King was finally found to have plagiarized his doctoral thesis paper in 1991. (His degree wasn’t revoked, they essentially said, because he’d been killed already:

2. King and Parks were scripted and coached at the Highlander Center, and their “poor boy” activism was all strictly coordinated with the mass-media for maximum Communist-friendly impact (shockingly similar to the hugely MSM-exaggerated and -misrepresented “Hippie movement”): 

3. Though they may have seen no need to pull the trigger themselves, the FBI were found to have been deeply involved in the King assassination in a 1999 (read: 666) court case. (Coretta Scott King et al. vs. Loyd Jowers et al.:

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