“The [Christian] Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies. Probably because they are generally the same people” (G.K. Chesterton).

My favorite religious exercise is removing the politics, and what this keeps revealing is something ecumenical, spiritual, life-giving and beautiful. One of the most distinctive traits of human nature is our hatred (actually envy) of our neighbors. This is strongest where the neighbors in question are one’s “elder brothers” from whom one’s religious cult borrows substantially. [1] Such is the case with Christians vis-à-vis Muslims. For all the hatred we seem duty-bound to bear Muslims–or perhaps causing itmost of modern Western Christianity’s formal devotions and doctrines are a clear and direct product of Mohammedism. Indeed, Islam is the quintessence of organized monotheism, and it’s super-obvious that those who hate Islam most energetically are the most wedded to the forms Islam has lent them.


The Angelus. As Salvador Dalí first knew, the original painting contained no church and no basket but a black box which Dalí posited was an infant coffin. [2] Though long considered a quintessentially medieval devotion, the Angelus (ca. 1210) postdates the Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) (ca. 600) by about 600 years and was founded by the mendicant Franciscans who having departed from traditional monkish ways are known for their Islamophilia. [3]

But as I myself harbor no mindless or slavishly submissive attachments to the many and sundry Islamic loan-forms that are the pillars of today’s Western Christianity, I likewise don’t fall prey to the hatred my unconscious/unrepentant plagiarist-religionist brothers and sisters are bound by human nature to feel.

Rather, I have taken it upon myself to pop open the hood of religion, and in so doing I have found a vast labyrinth of political-rhetorical brain teasers, dating to before Muhammad, before Constantine, before Irenaeus, back to where the so-called Way movement was limber and catholic [4]. The solution to pretentious predication is humble honesty.

In light of the above, I propose we all:

  1. rein in our respective clergymen and intellectuals.
  2. stop caving to their egos and rendering them far more than their due.
  3. leave room for source-wisdom by not allowing them to fill us up with surface commentary under the guise of “relevant applications”, because it is precisely there that they cheat us out of integrity and integration.

“[Islam] set, once again, an enduring lesson of human history: it is through openness and enquiry, engagement and accommodation, and respect for diversity that humanity advances, nations progress and the world prospers. And, this is the message of Sufism, one of the greatest contributions of Islam to this world.” (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi)

[1] That will include all neighboring and/or older civilizations.
[2] Dalí further interpreted the painting as portraying dominatrix dynamics, symbolized by the praying mantis.
[3] It was the Islamophile mendicant (Franciscano-Jesuit) party whose influence pushed Pope Pius IX to ratify the dogmas of Papal Infallibility and of the Immaculate Conception, both in the 19th century.
[4] Small-c catholic means “universal”.

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Love the sinner, play the system!


In truth, neither sin nor grace may be ascribed to a social system: therefore Pope Francis has to be speaking in a folksy and jovial tone, which it sounds like he is given the fact that moments later he says he will not pray for Moore whose prayers he has just requested. (The only alternative would be that, like a majority of Jesuits, we’re dealing with a wanton heretic who has no business leading the Church of Jesus Christ and should immediately request a transfer to the party-approved splinter group in China which he obviously favors.)

Grace and sin, properly speaking, only occur within the human soul. Grace realigns “spirit, soul and body” (1 Thessalonians 5:23) and unites the whole person to God; sin fragments and scatters. As most abstract reasoners have probably figured out by now, Marxists reject the whole idea of spirit, although extensive experiments in soviet and Maoist laboratories have proved the human soul’s measurable mass and visible brightness. The scientific discovery of superscientific (because supernatural) reality clearly contributed a philosophic death knell to “pure Communism” which was quietly substituted by the nationalist heterodoxy which the German people had embraced earlier on.

In the Roman and Anglican tradition this big lie of denying the spirit is is termed Modernism and was called by one sainted pope “the synthesis of all heresies”. It is a self-defeating synthesis of religion and atheism that professes faith in God but in none of God’s works. It most likely stems from the illuministic and deistic trends of the late 18th century. These in turn stem from the Jesuits and further back the Sadduceical Judaism of the Sephardim or Iberian Jewry. Jesus says that blaspheming against the Holy Spirit eternally mars the soul. But significantly Jesus and his followers nowhere say to take up arms to combat poverty, usury or even slavery. Rather they insist that these dynamics can be embraced and redeemed if one is pure of heart. Shallow and sordid people pretend Jesus didn’t care about what they call “social justice” and for sure he explicitly made no prayer for the world at large but only for his disciples, but it’s clear that he wanted them to renew the world in due course. In Gospel terms the end and the means are never considered separately, and this is hard for modern man, specialized and codependent as he is, to wrap his psyche around. Jesus does offer techniques (which they don’t want you learning) by which the individual may buck the system in an enlightened manner that won’t merely substitute one system for another while injuring your own soul in the process. One such technique is turning the other cheek thus drawing public attention to the oppression that is in progress; another is observing the law rather than the examples of the appointed leaders. But the idea is always that personal integrity is not only the highest good but is furthermore the only intelligent way to correct society’s issues. “Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth” (Luke 11:2c) and “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” (Matthew 15:11)! If I am not aligned within, what possible answer can I offer the outer dynamics? What is worse, if I waste my efforts on things that perish, I’ve totally neglected lasting things. Jesus does the opposite, and that’s why he’s Jesus. If you want Marx or Mohammed, that’s fine with me, I personally happen to consider Jesus’s approach the saner of the two (and fundamentally there really are only two).

If you want my advice, reject the voices that pretend to speak for Jesus while throwing him under a bus. Hypocrisy of this magnitude leads to a world of hurt. All they’re doing is dragging you into their sickness so you’ll miss the deeper reality behind our world, and that often makes you easier for them to control. The Gospel is simply more productive than the fake “social gospel”. Pope Francis, unfortunately, is an angry man whose answers are simply devoid of any real street smarts. (He was never a parish priest, which might explain a few things.) He’s a fragile elitist, a classic tyrant, and a disciple of Marx, I regret being the one to say it.

“At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes” (Luke 11:35).

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Torah vs Gospel


The hijacking of the name Christian by those who promote Judaizer ideologies may be traced from the “Reformer” John Calvin, through the Puritan “Pilgrims”, and down to today’s so-called “Pentecostals”. These groups may be characterized by their reprobate tendency to neglect the Gospel’s transcendence of, and as it were spirit-led injunction on, paradigms of the flesh: nationalism, legalism, blind submission, and seeking signs (not wisdom and not Christ crucified) to the point of eclipsing the Gospel’s sapiential character.

Now arguably this began with Western Rome’s gradual departure from all things Greek and its growing coziness with the machista Mithraists and semi-Arian Visigoths while condemning the more mystery-geared Manicheans and the Gnostics. This all tended to weaken Rome’s association with any credible Gospel philo-sophia. Indeed that Rome was the illegitimate father of Calvinism–which I would characterize as the Pharisaical takeover of the name Christian and which we can therefore class as history’s real anti-Christ (literally meaning “that which stands in the place of Christ”)–may be seen in medieval Rome’s (later “heretical”) teaching of predestination, believed as it was throughout the Middle Ages and even expressed by that peerless exemplar of Western Christianity Francis of Assisi.

People who “play Jew-ish” and obtusely neglect sophia have hijacked the name Christian while remaining, in spirit and in truth, outsiders to the true Church, which as the semi-mystic Luther noted cannot be tied to this world in which there can be no justice, rendering legislation an exercise in futility. The Judaizers down through the centuries always remind me of the Apostle Peter who when Jesus dies basically says “C’est la vie, come on men, the nets won’t tend themselves”. Like Martha, today’s pathologically miracle-obsessed, spiritually underdeveloped “Christians” haven’t the slightest interest in Jesus’s sayings, least of all the passages where he presumes to qualify and summarize the Ten Commandments, and they only pay lip service to afterlife jargon which they are at pains to frame in a politically tactical way. That this short selling of the Good News goes back to Western Rome, and even to Constantinople, is seen in Constantine’s Creed’s studied neglect both of Sophia and of the more vital, complex and cathartic view of the afterlife (and indeed of the inner life!) which we had from the Church in Egypt and which was all but erased from memory by zealous priests under Constantine, who is the central figure of a new worldly, carnal and ultimately diabolical ecclesiology which some Reformers like Luther at least had the spine to debunk. But the Gnostics, whether ancient or modern, with their feminine Sophia archetype and reincarnation, always seem to be the sowers of the authentic, contemplation-based, and sound-minded character of Christianity while younger souls reap political capital by playing the Judas or, as I say, the anti-Christ. They prematurely reap an immature Christianity that is barely distinguishable from Judaism or from Islam.

Now President Donald J. Trump is a marginal Presbyterian (see also Congressionalists, later Congregationalists) born rich, spoiled rotten, never repented of his sins, loved the limelight and had his daughter marry into the Kushner Slumlord Dynasty which, symbolically enough, sold 666 Fifth Avenue for the highest amount in the history of New York real estate. But that’s only where the bad Kushner omens begin. Jared Kushner, whom Trump fought tooth and nail to grant top secret access, holds stock in the RFID chip industry–you know, that implantable computer chip, that gateway drug to the hyper-dystopian (and more immediately sociopathic) transhumanist agenda, that Christians today all insist is the Mark of the Beast (heedless of the difference between one’s wrist and one’s forehead–so that literally they may be said not to know their head from their blessed assurance). During the Trump (or more accurately Kushner) regime, while we were all watching Florida (and generally everywhere except the Midwest), Wisconsin allowed a private company to do what your worst boss secretly wanted to do to you, namely implant their employees with the RFID chip under pain of You’re fired! Again, this made rich Jared Kushner richer. I think that while we knew we were electing “a businessman not a politician”; what we didn’t know was that there is a fine line between trader and traitor and that in his eyes we are the commodities to be traded.



Finally, it can’t be overstated that today’s “Evangelical” has ignored the central signs of their arguably quasi-Scriptural eschatology (that is “End Times Table”), nor can it be overstated that this willful ignorance is due to their blind belief that Trump and his über-rich Jews (like Nixon, Trump seems to hate all but the sociopaths of the race) are chosen, anointed, ordained, predestined, and just generally better than poor little you or me. After all, the untold wealth we all know but can’t bring ourselves to admit they boast is all the proof we seem to need of divine favor, never mind that how they got so unthinkably rich was by maniacally destroying Mankind and Creation generally. President Donald J. Trump is the de facto Pope of “Evangelical” “Christians”, and if the Popes of Western Rome have taught us one thing, this should signal that there is no sin this POTUS can commit that will shake the faith of his sheeple. Even if our Commander-in-Chief were the spirit of the anti-Christ made flesh, they have clearly demonstrated this will only make them cry the louder: USA! USA!

In case you missed this major detail (as Pope Francis may have done), Jesus for his part outlines no social or community program and nowhere condemns usury or slavery, to the chagrin of Social Gospel enthusiasts like Martin Luther King (who prefers Gandhi as a lawgiver for Christians). What such self-important figures never mention is that Jesus solves injustice better than any program or agenda ever could. Namely, he solves the problem of the heart which solves the whole problem: as above so below; “on earth as it is in heaven”! The Gospel’s indomitable anti-exploitation tactics include turning the other cheek (which means passive-aggressively drawing attention to the oppression) and doing what the religious authorities say but not what they do (which again draws attention to the double-standard that creates conditions necessary for inequity). By living on spirit, wisdom, and in the moment, Jesus’s true disciples in their pure and inwardly free way reflect a completely aetherial kingdom with no human king. No king but King Jesus! No earthly crown but thorns! And certainly no other form of government, since a republic is totally unbiblical anyhow (at best outlined perhaps by Plato, with whom the medievals may be said to have conflated Jesus). If you want to know the honest truth, these three things are ultimately mutually exclusive and may be said to coexist only uneasily: spirit, family and state. In sum, Jesus knew how society worked, rejected the whole thing, and gave us plenty of tools for sabotaging all systems of enslavement, tyranny, and oppressive legalism whether overt or covert, but it all begins within and above, and our motives must never be to establish a worldly order that will only become infested with more unclean spirits of depredation and degradation. All we ever needed was the truth of the Lord’s Prayer: As in heaven above (♠), so on earth below (♥); as within (♣), so without (♦)!

Of adjacent interest: Moses as type of the Christian devil. How many parallels can you think of in sixty seconds? Start the timer!


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