“Above the Law”


“Ye are not under the law, but under grace”
(Romans 16:4).

Anarchy is the only position that is logically consistent and the only position that is morally responsible. Yet I do not feel that I am better than anyone, just self-aware. When you know yourself, you will crave anarchy, and yet you will know that you already possess it, and your life will center around contemplation of this greatest of truths that was inside you the whole time, waiting like Dorothy’s silver slipers to carry you home. The Kingdom of God is within you, and heaven is in your heart, that is your core or center.

Again, I do not esteem myself as superior, because I see the anarchist in everyone I meet, and I am too caught up in the endless surprises—not to say downright wonderment—this posture breeds, so that I haven’t the time to erect an altar to myself the mere vessel of anarchy, which I would go as far as to say is merely a modern word for love.

Again, if you’re reading this, there is an anarchist in you trying to get out, and I know this primarily because you come from a family. Behold, I meet churchgoers who want to deepen spiritually. I meet government employees who want to help individuals. They’ve got a bit of captain in them underneath all that obsequious sailor absurdity—whoring their minds out as we’ve all done at one time—they’re merely scared too shitless to spell it out that they relate personally, not systemically.

Many apologists for anarchy, because they study it politically (rightist/leftist) not philosophically or spiritually, stipulate that anarchy (read for them) is about a lack of rulers but not a lack of rules. They’re not advocating true anarchy but a simplified, tribal model of government. As long as you cling to any code (be it of faith or morals), you still run into the same problem, namely that you are not assuming full responsibility for your deeds and you are not opening yourself up completely to the transformative effects of seeking truth quo truth, that promises to annihilate your ego and all delusion, amen. In other words, those who discredit human whim but still cling to the letter are arresting their personal development.

Try sitting and being mindful or logically consistent, because without doing this exercise, there’s no way or point to my convincing you that the whole universe is within you—you have to see it for yourself. When you’ve followed the rabbit (Sophia) all the way to her nest (the All-One), you will rank with Plato, St Paul, Krishanmurti, and Bruce Lee, all men who have discovered the primacy of genius over method and I suppose too the primacy of consciousness over that which it manifests, which we often call the world we see and the world of ideas.

When you’ve at least made an effort to know yourself, you will also understand what it is not to feel that you are better than anyone else, because the idea that people should lord it over one another depends on the notion that people should be compared one to another, and once you’ve uprooted politics—which is really the outward manifestation of mindlessness—you will instinctively see not contrast but oneness.

And oneness is all that is real—all equals all—and that is all we know and all we are.

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