User blocked WHY?

A Facebook profile was forcibly disabled for 24 hours today for making the following (incontrovertible) comment: “No other ethnic group calls haters anything except ‘racist’. But Jews invent this linguistic abortion ‘anti-Semite’. Does not speak well to that myth of Jewish intellectual superiority. Buncha quacks.” Please tell his story. Please make the truth of our Judeocentric neurolinguistic programming (NLP) go viral:


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Jews FAQ

There seems to be a cacophony of confusion in the Western world about who or what a “Jew” is, and some of this convolution is the Jews’ own doing, or rather it is due to Jewry’s shockingly wide spectrum of styles* and the constant outflux and influx of people to and from the Jewish identity through the centuries. As ambitious as this may sound to this demoralized civilization that has largely played the role of the megabanks’ bitch, let’s try to clear the air on who or what a “Jew” is, shall we?


The “Star of David” not only bears no connection to the Great King and Psalmist; it was never associated with Judaism at all prior to the 19th century! Where this hexagrammical shape can be found is on the official coin/seal of the Kaganate of Khazaria!

  1. Who or what is a “Jew”?
    There is no one definition of Jew, so for God’s sake don’t listen to those who claim to have “the one definition” of Jew! This subject matter simply demands maturity.
    Etymologically, the term Jew (alt. Juive) comes from the name Judah and is a shortening of Judahite. The name Judah can mean:
    a) the fourth son whose parents were both Jacob (a.k.a. Israel) and Leah;
    b) one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (a.k.a. Jacob); and/or
    c) the southern kingdom formed by the post-Solomonic split of the Kingdom of Israel.
    Modernly, Jew can mean:
    a) a descendant of the people who once practiced classical Judaism, i.e. kept the Abrahamic Covenant (Heb. Berith), observed the Mosaic Law (Heb. Torah), and frequented the Solomonic (or later Persian) Temple (Heb. Hekal) (see Jewry, Sephardic Jews);
    b) one who currently does one (or ideally all) of the three above things (bearing in mind that there is no generally recognized temple that would enable full Judaism to exist, nor has there been such since c. AD 70; see Judaism); and/or
    c) a subject of Judah, a long defunct kingdom.
    In none of these ancient or modern senses of the term Jew should it on any account be conflated with Israelite or Hebrew, much less Semite. (Statistically, everyone currently alive who isn’t full-blooded Inca [and very possibly them too] descends from Abraham.)
  2. Where are the Jews today?
    In the full, objective sense there are no Jews currently on Planet Earth. This is chiefly due to the fact that Judaism cannot fully express itself without a central temple (and no, the “wailing wall” doesn’t count!) or at minimum the Arc of the Covenant, which was the Temple’s core symbol, for it contained the Decalogue and Moses’s remains and when last I checked it is in the hands of Egyptian Christian monastics. In concrete terms, what is left of Judaism to those who self-identify with it are its secondary rather than the primary elements.
    0.2% of the world claims to be Jewish, yet of that some 90% are of an Ashkenazic ethnicity and cannot trace their lineage, DNA, or folklore to any Israelite tribe. Moreover, most so-called “Jews” have gone out of their way to buck classical Jewish traditions in favor of Talmudic and Rabbinical inventions, not to mention Khazar culture. For an example, the vast majority “Jews” from medievality forward follow a matriarchal ancestral lineage, contrasted with the patriatchal model of their oldest scriptures. (!) True traditional Jews, then, are few and far between, and the material resources available for the religious observance their claimed identity would theoretically stipulate are likewise scarce and peripheral.
  3. Was Hitler a Jew?
    To the complete shock of most Westerners and those living in World-Bank-managed vassal-states, many documented facts support the theory that Adolf Hitler the Nazi was in fact an Ashkenazi, a fact that he felt the understandable need to go to great lengths to conceal from the public. All told, these are probably the three most significant documented facts supporting Adolf Hitler’s Khazar-Jewish roots as well as his Israeli political ties:
    a) Jewish body. Adolf Hitler was circumcised and never let his doctor see his “schlong” (a Yiddish term meaning “snake”).
    b) Jewish lineage. The Führer’s paternal grandfather was a Jewish trader. Hitler ordered his father’s native village records destroyed and its cemetery demolished and paid hush money to his nephew William.
    c) Jewish policy. So far as we can tell from the documented orders he gave, Chancellor Hitler complied fully with the Transfer Agreement by maintaining a (Wannsee) Protocol of emigration (never of extermination) from 1933 until at least 1944.

Moreover, political Zionism’s undisputed yet puzzling founding father Theodor Herzl wrote in his diary: “An excellent idea enters my mind. To attract outright anti-Semites and to make them the destroyers of Jewish wealth.”

* Surprisingly, “Jews” range from those who observe the Torah and ignore everything else, to those who explicitly reject the Torah as do the disciples of Sabbatai Zevi (“Sabbatean Jews”, founded in 1666) and relatedly the followers of Jacob Frank (“Frankists”)!

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Being Zen about Christianity

Early Christianity, before it became sort of galvanized and Calvinized through persecution, was much more influenced by the more organic, populist, and nonviolent Zen and Gnosis than many suspect. But our church experience too often is that many sermons rob us of our common sense in broad daylight, and many churchy settings seem to have a knack for snatching spiritual defeat from the jaws of victory. Preachers should be teachers, and churches should be schools. But what happens more often than not is that preachers are liars, distorters, manipulators, child molesters, agents of the established order, and in short more ambassadors of (d)evil than of go(o)d. In short, they domineer and commandeer our humanity amid unfalsifiable theology mumbo-jumbo that appears to vaguely promise divinity. As a group, ministers are a lot like healers: some are driven by patient-end results and others by money contributed by the patient to feed the one family they really love—their own. The latter group are charlatans, and what they do is best described in the following terms: a con, a ruse, a scam, a hustle, and a racket.

With that said, how should the awakened congregant respond? One possible first step is to consider my role in this two-way dynamic that only seems on the surface to be asymmetrical. How am I fueling the flames of spiritual deceit? No one can be fooled who has not first fooled themselves. Take some time to take stock of how suggestible a person you are? How easily flattered are you? How invested are you in the worldly systems? Are you a manipulator yourself, who seeks to control the minds of those “beneath” you (such as your “woman” and your “young”)? How much of your daily life is spent acting (be it reacting or play-acting)? If the answers to any of these questions bother you, odds are good you’re part of the problem of Churchianity without even being ordained or appointed!

The secondary question is: How afraid are you to research beyond your pastor’s words? Of the preachers I can’t stand (i.e. the ones who aren’t teachers), some are dogmatic (ordering you on what to believe) while others are weak-kneed (ordering you not to cling fundamentalistically to any creed), but both somehow seem to create the sheeple effect in their aptly-named “flock”.

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