Međugorje: fool’s gold for desperate Catholics…or worse?

There are three things that only God knows:
how much money the Franciscans have,
how many women religious orders there are, and
what the Jesuits believe.

Mexican Proverb

Conspiracy. Deceit. Exploitation. The junkie prank that was taken over by scientific mind manipulation and eventually acquired a demonic or occult life of its own.—These are just a few of the terms utilized by E. Michael Jones in portraying the “real” Međugorje phenomenon. But this blogger will leave it to the reader to discern whether these expressions represent glib vitriol from an angry professor-turned-journalist (who after all loves money as much as any friar does, and don’t forget to buy his book linked below) or if they are in fact horribly apt.

Easy and breezy: that’s Međugorje to a tee

There is an old saying that all that glitters is not gold. (And as we’ll learn, not all who wear brown hoods are pure of intent!) And I remember hearing that in heaven there is only music and silence, no mundane chatter to fend of that dread “dead air”. The fact of the matter is that the mature soul stays her course through any and all dark and desolate nights, stoically or soberly, without deviating to favor false comforts, and that that mature soul is the soul that will one day be awakened (generally in what we vain fools call “death”) and forever after behold the radiant face of her God. Indeed the Doctor of the Church Saint John of the Cross counsels spiritually-minded Christians to try to resist “spiritual sweetness” and never on any account to seek it. But who among us01 can be reckoned mature? Who of us is actually disposing himself toward God’s heaven? Arguably, where does any of that fit in to today’s parish (or for that matter friary) life? These are tough questions, and it is accordingly understandable that many today apparently will put them off in exchange for the chatter of MyCatholicism™ or CatholicismLite™02. Carnally “understandable” that is, yet at the same time unspeakably unwise.

Much of the deeply Second Vatican Council–aligned “Reformed Catholic” culture, perhaps from a preexisting insecurity in its own optical redundancy, its clerical depravity—in short, its arguably demonically silly hideousness—and perhaps by being already predisposed toward the “Charismatic Renewal”03 and toward raging incoherently against their own bishops, and by just being what the clergy like to call your more “simple-faithed Catholics”, have acquired a rather jaded taste for the thrill of increasingly hardcore doom ideations04 with no apparent quality control over the authenticity much less wholesomeness of their at times (in layman’s terms) thoroughly sketchy and slimy message suppliers (“seers”). The standard definition of a cult and of radicalization. (It ain’t just those Muslims, folks, and some of the fruits of Međugorje that we shall be seeing will help you in seeing what I’m saying: “the enemy is us!”) And it could in part owe to the Vatican’s refusal since the 50s to teach on the Apocalypse of Saint John (i.e. the Book of Revelation) or the “end times”, creating this bureaucratically produced “prophecy vacuum”!

It was upon this spiritually bottomed-out scene that entered Our Lady of Međugorje, legit pronounced /meh·jew·GORY·eh/, arguably The Greatest Religious Show on Earth, all allegedly set up by the same CIA that directed the public lives of both reliably crowd-pleasing thespians Pope John Paul II stationed at Old Rome and President Ronald Reagan sent from California to Washington, D.C.05. This operation came out swinging as it entered the fray ready, willing, and able to appear as the “hero” and take all the credit for the suicide of Communism06 and to cater to precisely this sort of heroin den demographic, raising the (ostensible) piety-dollars that would finance the boomtown that is present-day Međugorje.

And no, this blogger is not being flippant in using substance abuse–suggestive wording here, as there is much to indicate that the alleged seers07 in Međugorje08, being chain-smokers (against their parents’ orders, a theme we will see repeated on a rather larger scale), took hallucinogenics09 just prior to their alleged messages10. And there is furthermore something of a very scientific and clinical mass–mind manipulation component, coupled with the stereotypically Charismatic element, comprising this operation11 which would obviously explain this CIA affinity for those familiar with spy world (and frankly with the Franciscan modus operandi).

These data, one would have thought, catch the eye of the soundly discerning Catholic as if each fact of the case were one big bright and shimmering red flag. Thing is though, again the whole mood over there seems to be one of desperation and clique culture to the utter exclusion of cool-headed introspection, never mind sound contemplation!

The spiritual and psychological predators behind this operation include the following OFM (“Order of Franciscans Minor” or simply “Franciscan”) priests, all notorious for jointly conducting disinhibiting “sensitivity sessions”, frequently with such drastic and alarming outcomes that similar sessions have now been criminalized in many countries:

  • Rev. Jozo Zovko, OFM /YOH·zoh ZOFF·coh/
    The original coach or “asvisor” to the children before being imprisoned by the Communists, Zovko has been accused of sexually molesting female pilgrims. Riding this wave of perversion and corruption, “Father Jozo” has become a top religious figure, rivaling any pope, and he has distanced himself from the others (below) whom he stepped on to get where he is today.
  • Ex-Rev. Tomislav Vlašić, former OFM /TOM·iss·lav VLAH·sitch/
    Vlašić appears to have taken Zovko’s place during the latter’s “reeducation” or whatnot. Then it was fake-prophesied (under Zovko’s direction mind you) that Vlašić would be “surrounded by a large crowd”. Prior to all of this, Vlašić already fathered a child named Tomo by a nun (out of wedlock obviously) whom he had then tried vainly to bribe into silence with a one-time payment (abortive intent implied?). Vlašić’s baby’s mama had then moved with her son to Germany and sent a note to his bishop in November 1984, whereupon Vlašić was confronted and made no denial of the claims. But then Zovko (and Vlašić?) seem to have manipulated the alleged seers into proclaiming Vlašić’s innocence12. One alleged seer then used her apparently magisterial authority as what must be termed the “Popess of Charismatic Catholics” to sanction a wantonly scandalous13 co-ed “religious community” in Parma, Italy. (Word to the wise: relations of a heterosexual nature are rather the exception within these “Vatican II” religious orders.) The “seer” later recanted and went on to denounce Vlašić’s manipulation of her. After finally leaving Međugorje and disappearing for a time (presumably to regroup and conspire with his CIA handlers), Vlašić was found to be a member of the Mormonesque Central Nucleus, the pope of his own Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe, and moreover living in sin and scandal with one Agnes Heupel. Now he was finally excommunicated. (Yup, that’s what it takes these days, at least when you’re a serial con artist on behalf of the oligarchy who can bring idiots into line and bring in the dough!)
  • Rev. Marijan Pehar, OFM /mar·ee·YAN PAY·har/
    Pehar would become an invaluable whistleblower of the whole operation furnishing the public with many of the facts contained herein.
  • Rev. Slavko Barbarić, OFM /SLAV·co BAR·bar·itch/
    Barbarić was also a spiritual director to the children and hence no “saint” (as much as such a notion would factor in well into the friars’ geopolitical calculus) and undoubtedly complicit in most or all of this mindless evil in the name of religious politics.
  • At least ten other friars were kicked out of the OFM by the local bishop during the Međugorje period, in connection to relatedly unsound and dangerous ministerial hacks and lifestyle choices.
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Trump: Netanyahu scuttled peace deal

POTUS45 Donald J. Trump, who once unthinkingly retorted with the words “I love war”, is now calling out the unimaginably corrupt former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu (“Nyet-anyahu”) for doing precisely that, but allegedly in an infinitely more conscious and underhanded way (that whole “rise and kill first” thing?).

Given the revelations outlined below, it looks like the Book of Trump which Miriam Adelson (who I want the reader to consider may be a key x-factor in prompting Trump’s latest “indignant” tirade given the relative attention the ten-month-widowed Mrs. Adelson has been paying to one Nikki Haley lately) once proposed to append to the Tenakh (that’s the Hebrew Bible to you and me broke-a** goys) may not be the book Americans will read in January, casting doubt on whether or not it will ever be included in the Bible (or only under the thematic heading of “the manchild who would be King Cyrus”).

The 45th President, in a move that reminds this blogger of that notorious dark side of Martin Luther’s perhaps dysfunctionally theologically obsessive “all-then-nothing” sympathies with Jewry, has been making statements and leaking quotes from his upcoming tell-all (in bookstores January 2022 if the big baby gets his way) that will discuss, among other things, the Jewish State (“Israel”)’s false friends of peace with Palestine and the Jewish-American community’s non-friends of (Netanyahu’s) Israel. A true high school–level narcissist, Trump’s statements bear only a tenuous connection among themselves much less with reality, but thanks to his whole Biden joke show of a successor a lot of people still hang on Trump’s every word—well, every word except what follows it would appear, justifying this post.

Let’s pause a minute or five to consider the fact that a president who represented himself to you and me as a pro-liberty nationalist was and is constantly hounding Jewish-Americans for not being loyal enough to the State of Israel. Okay, moving on then.

To synthesize, Trump (though “a businessman not a politician” 🙄) had expected a pro-Israel stance to be “politically safe”, his “winning card”, and of course his family ties to the radically Political Zionist fringe sect of Hasidism (this being the major esoteric movement within Orthodox Judaism, i.e. the ones who speak in terms of panentheism and reincarnation) “Chabad Lubavitch” also lent themselves to the inclusion of such a plank within his campaign platform. But some semi-veiled events this December or perhaps earlier (almost certainly Adelson-related) seem to have precipitated the somewhat Lovecraftesque awakening of Trump’s completely feral inner hound dog, because suddenly our newest ex-president is letting it all hang out about how his Israeli counterpart only ever strung him along and never wanted peace with Palestine, and that Jews in the United States (who perhaps knew all about the Prime Minister a lot sooner), not to mention a turnabout Congress (again remember this is all inside Trump’s head), threw none of their support into his whole larger-than-life Political Zionist persona but rather scuttled his whole “statesman ship” as it were.

And this lack of support for Trump’s Judenstaat rampage of a presidency by non-Israeli Jews and by the D.C. family (no coincidence I’ll just come out and tell you) stands in stark contrast to this country’s self-described “Evangelical Christians” with their apocalyptic ideations dealing with Jesus’ second advent as being contingent on some new (vaguely “foretold” yet somehow nowhere literally prophesied—at least not in the Bible you and I have on our shelves!) democratic parody of the Biblical Kingdom of Israel (itself a bastardization of God’s Commandments for the true Israelites if you want to be actually Torah-consistent about it) whereupon, so the “Evangelical” mind runs, Jesus would return and destroy all the Christ-less Jews, roughly two-thirds of their total number—again this according to your more hard-nosed Scofieldite “Evangelicals”.

And to be fair pseudo-prophecy and public policy have codepended stunningly well for certain terminally egotistical American politicos of the past (Joseph Smith), but just not on this particular occasion.

F*ck Bibi: me likey Abbas, we’s besties now, precious
is the essence of Trump’s words in early December
(tastefully appropriate use of the f-bomb included)!

So now Trump is no longer keeping quiet about how deceived he feels he was by the formerly cozy exponents and officials of Political Zionism concerning how much support both popular and logi$tical he had thought he was going to receive in his efforts as the “chosen one” (his own words and context mind you) to finally fix the Middle East, EVEN GOING SO FAR AS CALLING PALESTINIAN PRESIDENT MAHMOUD ABBAS A “FATHER” FIGURE which apparently was the best snub he could think of to get back at Netanyahu (who incidentally also has an upcoming book titled The Art of No Peace Deal, this parenthesis being this blogger’s rare attempt at satire) as a comeuppance for in Trump’s words “tap tap tapping” him (and by extension the United States) along while Bibi himself allegedly lacked any meaningful peacemaking intentions whatsoever, and then ditching him like a five-dollar ho(tel escort), trading the actor that was Trump for the puppet that is Biden! (Of course what this doesn’t account for is why Trump’s Deal of the Century flop was so sneakily Israel-sided all along, but it now seems prosaically clear why it was.)

Or in even fewer words, Trump was used, so were we, Trump is being discarded, he is not taking it lying down, and his next (and last) move may be to pretend it’s on your behalf that he’s all up in arms.

Adjacent bombastic statements made by Trump during his December meltdown, apart from those referenced above, include that former Israeli Prime Minster Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was “willing to fight Iran to the last American soldier” as well as that Jews (specifically Sulzbergers for you social outcasts who actually bother to research these things) “run The New York Times”.

That first quote brings up an interesting point, though for reasons that should be obvious by now it wouldn’t have occurred to Trump to state it in the headline or title, and that is this: OUR BRAVE SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN HAVE BEEN THE REAL VICTIMS OF TRUMP’S EASILY MANIPULATED EGO.

Another factor in all of this was Netanyahu (while still Prime Minister)’s early congratulations to Biden whom The Times of Israel would on the first of February of 2021 call “the Jewish president Israel needs”.


And therefore this blogger does not think it premature to be the first to welcome Trump as a junior member of the mainstream media’s and the deep state’s actual enemies’ list. By appearances (which is what seems to have shaped all that is Donald Trump, coupled with fanatical “positive thinking” with no eye whatsoever for real-world results, creating this compulsive playboy, this child in an adult body), the Donald has finally grown into the most recent character he played on TV—a late-in-life whistleblower—joining this blogger’s scrappy heroes in journalism Allison Weir of (focused on Palestine and the true kill statistics as well as other elsewhere skillfully-concealed facts), stateswoman and scholar Cynthia McKinney (focused on AÏPAC, the only foreign interest lobby “legally” allowed in D.C.), and last but not least Adam Green of (focused on the notoriously antichrist, pedophile-tolerant and otherwise blasphemous and depraved Babylonian Talmud).

The three webmasters named above, of whose personal views these hyperlinks signal no sort of endorsement on the blogger’s part but are only included so Americans can finally get a clue what is going on in this world—what is being done in our name and on our dime—will have more painfully relevant information on the revelations of which this blog post aspires only to be a helpful introductory outline for those who don’t have the time to correspond with members of the fourth and fifth estates.

Always stay informed, and if you really want to make my day please comment below whose side of this “Divorce of the Century” you are taking and your reasons for doing so.

If you want peace work for justice.

Pope Paul VI