The myth of “anti-Semitic Islam”


(You know, besides the glaring fact that Islam isn’t even close to ancient, or that all Arabs are Semites.)

So easy to debunk, I’m only giving it one paragraph. So look at it this way. The whole reason the Khazars and their aptly termed Slavic slaves “became Jewish”* in the first place was because until the Middle Ages neither Christians nor Muslims had any beef with Jews, who were tradesmen between both civilizations, and this has largely remained true of real (read Sephardic) Jews. Since the rise of the Khazarian “Jewish convert” chameleons, however, this new majority of “Jews”** have been kicked out of every Christian country at least once. And this brings us, at last, to the utter lunacy of political (Neo) Zionism, the most anti-Semitic ideology of them all, that inspired the Khazar-descended Ashkenasim to drive the real Semites out of Palestine!


* The Khazarian Jewish converts (sometimes “Kuzarim” or “Chazars”) never recognized by Middle Eastern Jews, but very powerful and today comprise a majority albeit rebranded “Ashkenazim”.
** Again, most of them actually of a Rus’ and even Hun/Turk stock.

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Jesus deified those you love to hate


Jesus had them pegged right. Organized religion and systematic theology are essentially the product of aristocrats in church costume, status quo gatekeepers who are forever decontextualizing and thence creatively (or rather oppressively) reinterpreting the words of people they would have labeled as “crazy” or “heretical” and would have had restrained or murdered, had they only been contemporaries—exactly the way their counterparts of back then did, because of course what makes the aristocleric tick is their loathing of “drunken populism”, “dumb heroics” of the “mystical underdog”, the man who has passed through the truther’s long loneliness, through madness and into Stark. Divine. Rage.

Because all the aristoclerics have ever known is licking the boots of whoever is better at oppressing than they are. Also, the prophets’ words were meant primarily for their own contemporaries, and revelation should be a constant, continual flow and able to come from any source. “Despise not prophecies”, as Paul the Apostle says, ironically in a passage in a letter in a book that some Roman bureaucrat type decided contains “all the prophecies humanity needs or will get”. “Whitewashed tombstones!”

Organized religion is a form of mysticism, but in terms they veil and encode just so, that only the aristocracy/academia can comprehend. (Make no mistake about it: the clergy who condemn Gnosticism and mysticism generally [all of which is rooted in India] with the most vehemence are themselves the most flaming of Gnostics—and we’re talking about the bad kind that perfectly fit their own slanted description of the Gnostic Christian mystery schools of yore.)

In proceeding thus, only the materially “rich” may benefit spiritually from organized religion (with the miraculous exception of the uppity serf who has the time and intuitive gifts to get it), because the aristocracy (note the link to Aristotle) are the ones who tithe the most money, and it’s only fair. (I’m not kidding, it’s that fkd up!) I mean the poor are already blessed as Jesus says, right? so the Church is there to undermine its alleged founder with their distorted sense of fairness. (Like Judas but worse, really.)

And a word to the wise: the fact that the rich run the worldly Established Church is nowhere as evident as with pedophilia, and this narrative goes a long way to explain why pederasty is never far from the affairs of Church and other organized systems of artificial authority!


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Where did Jefferson miss?

I think that (statists or anarchists) we are all attracted to, and many of us share, Thomas Jefferson’s spirit of free-thinking morality—and what a wordsmith, right? But let us take sober stock of “expectation vs reality”.

A later naïve international aristocrat, Karl Marx, would entertain the idea that societies would organically evolve toward Communism (ignoring, as do many of the élite today, many of the severe blind spots of Darwin himself, god of today’s disgraceful USAmerican education system).

Jefferson’s particular wish-fulfilling “species progress forecast” was that superstition and clericalism would dispel like dew beneath the rising sun of reason that the Illuminati (yes, like a starry-eyed colonist he totally bought their sales pitch) were supposed to usher in, as they became an open rather than secret society empowered by the new Confederation’s guaranteed freedom of religion (or philosophy should one prefer) and of assembly. But I think it turned out that, like all secret societies, the Illuminati were not all they said they were, just really good at fooling the benefactors, the wives, the occasional twisted mischief, and oh yes spooking the opposition with crushing litigation. In other words, while Illuminists kept up the act of pretending to champion equality, their whole organization remained obscurantistic hierarchical, not to mention hierarchical.

Meanwhile, in England, under the surviving theocratic monarchy (many of the religious zealots and other misfits having moved to the USA), you have a society that, far more than USAmerica, openly permits talks of atheism (as well as druidism, etc.), and even the clergy themselves are not only openly Gnostics but also agnostics and so-called modernists! Is it that the human species hasn’t yet shaken that instinct that needs to be a slave of something, whether imposed or self-inflicted? In any case, given that their words “sound” wonderful and “soundness” have next to none, perhaps the truly harrowing question—not wholly unrelated to the one I just asked—is: When do we stop minding aristocrats?

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The Cultural Marxist Manifestettoes




when we behold it organically in its historical context,
is merely Semitic jurisprudence, most directly that of the Rabbi and his Talmud,
except often deprived of the crutch of a national deity—and indeed of a nation—
all the better to jibe—and even seem to align—with Enlightenment values.
Nazism (national socialism) then more faithfully embodies Rabbinical Judaism,
since it foregoes this adaptation.
But Commies, Nazis and political Zionists are all socialists at the end of the day.
There is another, related, clarification I wish to make:
There was never a “Russian Revolution”.
Rather, the Communist Conspiracy had failed in more stable nations,
and the Rothschilds already had a blood feud with the Romanovs,
so they funded a takeover and what amounted to
an anti-Russian and anti-Christian plot by the one anti-Christ group,
having recently abandoned G-d as well, long before the Holocaust event.”
(John McGuire)

As it’s understood in the present work, the term Cultural Marxism, as opposed to mere Marxism, basically encourages envy, struggle and violence no longer solely against those who control the “means of production”, fixating instead on the “means of re-production”, that is to say, genetic material, especially that which (whether in theory or in spontaneity) lends itself to stronger minds and natural leadership qualities. So where Marxism tends toward “freakonomics”, Cultural Marxism tends toward “dysgenics”, which far from making all humans equal—as they need you to assume—actually puts the uberwealthy and separatists on vastly higher ground than the “comrades”. But those who write the Communist rhetoric I will now defuse are uberwealthy themselves, so no surprises there.

Now the first casualty of politics is wisdom, and there can be no doubt that the collective mental illness of the age is Marxism, though I will mention that it is partly a side-effect of industrialism. Industrialism, Marxism and Fascism all promise a better life for the worthy elect, and they all are destroying humanity both directly and through the destruction of nature, though always extremely diligent to blame on one the problems of the other. All the light-headed, trendy dogmas of “modern morality”, which currently runs the show in the Western world, have this one thing in common: they are calibrated to strengthen Cultural Marxism*, and we swallow them whole, letting the paid shills polarize the debate in hyper-Aristotelian fashion. The effect is a chloroform to the USAmerican mind: it makes all who aren’t on board sound far less grounded and rigorous than they often are (and they succeed in this illusion, as long as you don’t let the shill [nor especially the truther who challenges him] talk for too long or have the chance to field any pointed questions)…

  1. BIOLOGY.** “EITHER you agree that humans gradually evolved on Planet Earth from one randomly formed cell without splicing or interbreeding and are the most intelligent being ever to contact Planet Earth (even though we are certain there are more intelligent beings that have, despite their intelligence, certainly had no contact with, much less presence on, Planet Earth or none that we can ever find any clues about) and that the chronically abused “scientific” method and the taxation-salaried “scientific” community always have the last word on every field of knowledge and even moral imperatives (even when they’re merely speculating and probably wrong, because unity is the top priority, even if we’re unified in being wrong)…
    OR you’re unscientific—you must choose one!”
    (To plant the idea in the youth that religion is based on pure fantasy.)
  2. CLIMATOLOGY. EITHER you grant that the atmosphere will overheat killing all life on Planet Earth, and it’s entirely the fault of the smallest factors like cows and cars, not the huge factors like atom bomb testing, global shipping and chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P….
    OR you’re a climate change denier—there is no middle ground!”
    (To create the illusion that forced depopulation can be warranted, that it’s the only possible way to save Planet Earth’s ecosystems from certain annihilation, and that everything the ultra-rich and their military-industrial complex do is above scrutiny. To ensure that the focus is kept on overpopulation instead of the real culprit, “progress” [i.e. the military-industrial complex].)
  3. MEDICINE. “EITHER you concur that all vaccines are fine at any age, they contain zero mercury preservative (or if they do then it’s good to inject that into your bloodstream, or if it’s bad for the specimen then it’s still good for the collective species), and sodium fluoride is not a neurotoxin…
    OR you must believe that all vaccines cause autism and you must be a paranoid, tinfoil-hat-wearing, prepping conspiracy nut—no third position exists!”
    (To put the bug in the public’s ear that the government can force whatever drugs and heavy metals it wants into your water supply and bloodstream and you’re a petty troublemaker for questioning any of it.)
  4. FOOD. “EITHER you would agree that natural, non-GMO, organic and local food are bad for the environment and offer no benefit to your diet…
    OR you must be a crazy health nut—you must choose one!”
    (To plant the idea that avoiding mutant and poisoned foods is selfish.)
  5. HISTORY. “EITHER you agree that:
    – we don’t know what outspoken Rabbis in Israel and indeed the very Babylonian Talmud (a.k.a. rabbinical “Oral Torah”) itself says about sex with infant girls, the origins and eternal status of Jesus of Nazareth, or the absolute value of “goyim” (Yiddish for “gentiles”), neither do we know that the same Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel denounces the rabbis’ oral traditions of instruction and even the title of rabbi;
    – the Khazars and their Slavic serfs never really took the name of Jews and also all magically died out;
    – it’s irrelevant that the rabbis profited from the ghettoes, upon which Marxism primarily models itself;
    – we don’t know that Hitler signed the Transfer Agreement and worked in concert with the Jewish Agency to force his fellow-socialist Jews to help colonize Palestine, the most dangerous place on earth for a Jew;
    – all the purported gas chambers are real;
    – it doesn’t matter that Stalin and Mao killed way more Jews and other people than Hitler or that they also introduced sodium fluoride into the drinking water of inmates at their work camps, showing statistically that this reduces people’s freedom impulse; and
    – it has no bearing on policies of the here and now that Hitler’s profiling crimes against targeted groups within occupied populations began with arms registration, arms confiscation then ghettoization, concentration, human experimentation and ultimate deportation or execution in successive years;
    – it’s inconsequential that Hitler implemented policies of forced vaccination as well as euthanasia; and
    – even though we’re lying to you, unity is the top priority, those who don’t believe our lies should die, and THE TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE
    OR you’re an anti-Semitic KKK Nazi xenophobe etc Holocaust denier—there is no middle ground!”
    (To create the illusion that the Jews’ secrets are off-limits for researchers. But it doesn’t stop with historical revisionism: TRADITIONAL CHILDREN’S VERSE (CODED CONSPIRACY THEORIES) AND LORE (CODED SHAMANIC JOURNEYS) ARE REVISED often reversing/muting good/evil characters, preferring base magic, mind control and SYSTEMNESS to pure magic, mind power and HEROISM, with the [to some] obvious goal of demoralizing and spiritually disarming the host population.)
  6. PUBLIC POLICY. “EITHER you support total gun confiscation and other obsessive licensing that effectively nullify USAmericans’ constitutional rights
    OR you must hate children’s safety—no third position exists!”
    (To put the bug in the public’s ear that the number of laws is directly proportional to public safety, despite all statistical data to the contrary.) Total self-contradiction in 5…4…3…
  7. ETHICS. “EITHER you grant that a woman can kill her child and a scientist can do whatever they want with zygotes, embryos, etc (as long as it’s with human specimens and poses no cruelty to other animal species)…
    OR you’re a misogynistic, anti-progress religious fanatic—you must choose one!”
    (To plant the idea that science and the universal right to life must be ignored when it inconveniences women—for example feigning ignorance on the known neurological differences between the genders, or among the different breeds of people—and you should only live if you’re wanted and useful in a physical, practical sense [never mind that the Communist Party leaders and their “news”, “entertainment” and “education” lapdogs are completely exempt because they’re used to brainwash us].)
  8. POLITICS. “EITHER you concur that we are too free for our own security, we don’t pay enough taxes to be deemed ‘progressive’, and our government would never harm us (and even if they do it’s for the greater good and by our consent)…#Democide
    OR you’re a conspiracy theorist—there is no middle ground!”
    (To create the illusion that freedom and security are inversely proportional, despite again all the historical evidence vindicating anarchy and sustainable independent family/tribal modalities. This is literally the party line: “It isn’t that Marxism has been tried and found wanting; the only problem is that it hasn’t been carried out correctly.” [Translation: Communism in Russia went awry the day the Party was seized from the hands of the Bolshevik conspirators and put back in the hands of Russians.])
  9. FAMILY. “EITHER you agree that women and children, regardless of what complete fools they might choose to make of themselves, still must always be lent credence over men…
    OR you are a closeted homosexual (i.e. “the sick kind”) who advocates domestic violence and abuse—no third position exists!”
    (To put the bug in the public’s ear that men are the only problem in society, despite the statistical data, so men can be phased out and ushered into prisons and government can become the universal alpha male.)
  10. EDUCATION. “EITHER you grant that public schools are the best thing for children despite their total lack of competence and astronomical rate of prison inmate and welfare recipient creation…
    OR you are an antisocial élitist—you must choose one!”
    (To plant the idea that your life should revolve around government, no matter what.)
  11. SEXUALITY. “EITHER you concur that a young boy must be considered old enough to consent to sex with a much older man and progressive politicians and other licensed statist party members must be allowed to rape because their job is ‘stressful’ (read predatory)…
    OR you’re a homophobic religious fanatic—there is no middle ground!”
    (To create the illusion that youth, femininity and sexuality aren’t sacred i.e. important; to keep anyone deemed by partisans as being unproductive, feeble or weak on edge and in a constant state of mortal dread.)
  12. RACE. “EITHER you want all European descendants dead (except the Ashkenazi, because they’re ‘definitely Jews’)…
    OR you’re a White supremacist—no third position exists!”
    (To put the bug in the public’s ear that white skin is evil unless it’s “Jewish” and that racism—especially if it’s against a Jew—is the worst sin a person can commit or the truest indictment of a person’s character [even though there’s no such thing as a person or character because there are only demographic groups and ultimately only the collective destined to slave under Bolshevik {read crypto-Talmudic} leadership]. Also, only Whites can be racists, because there is only the system and the collective; therefore, racism and hate as we have encoded the terms can only be systemic not individual, and the only systemic racism is pro-White as long as there is a single White person still living.)
  13. RELIGION. “EITHER you agree that Islam is more evil than sleazeball post-Torah Judaism because Muslims kill for ‘God’ (or in defense of their greedily ravaged culture) rather than for racism and militant secularist socialism…
    OR you’re a jihadist—you must choose one!”
    (To plant the idea that to humanize Muslims and other serious religionists amounts to treason and that we must allow the Party leaders’ lapdogs in the “news” media tell us who are our allies and who “hates” us or is “uncivilized” [even though again those who yank civilization’s chain are the most barbaric people on earth—and needless to say they’re not the innocent, noble kind of savage who minds their own business.)
  14. ECONOMICS. “EITHER you grant the merits of the deeply flawed Keynesian theories of supply and demand over the Austrian school who understand the prime role of individual motivation…
    OR you’re a Capitalist—there is no middle ground!”
    (To create the illusion that there is no individual or family and that even in economics only socialist governments [“collectives”] factor in, in a significant way.)
  15. IMMIGRATION. “EITHER you concur that governments can open and close borders at random to serve the purposes of the Party…
    OR you’re a racist—no third position exists!”
    (To put the bug in the public’s ear that caring people welcome invaders and that the ideal of a unified, conscious humanity will come about through backhanded political scheming and corruption, which we should welcome provided it pretends to “compassion”.)

Most USAmericans, however socialist they might lean, are smart enough to hate straight Marxism, so these roughly twelve “(re)educational tenets” help it go down smoother with the dumb herds of sheeple. These teachings masquerade as “intellectual” (as in academia), when they’re really just “intelligence” (as in CIA).



“Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. / Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men‘. / For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. / And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. / For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death: / But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Corban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free. / And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother; / Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye” (Mark 7:6-13).

* Cultural Marxism really amounts to Ashkenazi Jewish cultural imperialism. As its name implies, it is a gateway drug to Communism, itself a front for Ashkenazic Babylonian-Talmudic “Jewish” supremacism, often associated with Mystery Babylon Culture, which seems to line up with all that is meant by the term modern morality. Layered on top of Marxism, all these “sleazings” also have a common theme of pitting humanity against nature and vice-versa (especially obvious in the Climatology and Medicine points), their ultimate goal being the registration, disarming, ghettoization, concentration and extermination of all the goyim (and Jewish “self-hating” sympathizers/truthers like David Stein, Bobby Fischer, Edwin Black and others). It’s been argued by such blindingly bright lights as Bobby Fischer (Jewish) that, bearing in mind that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were both first-generation “post-religious rabbis”, Marxist Communism really amounts to an adaptation of Talmudic Judaism (i.e. urban ghettoism or rabbinocracy) for broader consumption, and this defines all that is meant by modern “leadership”. On a final note, I’ve avoided mentioning political Zionism, but there is no doubt that it too is based firmly on an “enlightened [read secular] rabbinicalism” and does indeed place Jews back in an insular ghetto—with a wall much higher and longer than that of Berlin ever was!
** One of the top priorities of the Cultural Marxist and of all mind controllers is to narrow your mind, and in particular to sever Biology/Medicine from Physics/Mechanics (and for heaven’s sake to stay the hell away from Quantum, Observer, Uncertainty, ESP, OBE, LSD, drumming trances, intuition in general, tribal vision rituals, the Upanishads) in the host society’s intelligentsia, lest the stark, raving lunacy of investing everything in the Big Bang and Evolution theories be betrayed as a repeating pathological pattern indicating schizophrenia among the Ashkenazic militant atheist Marxist cabal.



Fischer is Jewish, just in case that wasn’t already common knowledge


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Before Genesis: The Gnostic mythos

How the original Christian story got buried under a steaming pile of Augustine

“Know thyself” (Socrates).

Last night on Truth Emerges Radio, our two-hour BlogTalkRadio topic was “Evolution” (yes, as in Darwinism and its many not-so-different sub-theories). My honest take on the origins was what follows. In terms of observable science (which is severely curbed by the Observer Effect, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the quite credible Biocentric Universe Theory), as you’ve probably figured out by now, the truth is far stranger than the Dick-Jane-Spot-level brainwash or the occult probability mathematics most of last night’s show discussed. What we see when we look at reality isn’t so much “upward evolution” toward greater complexity or higher consciousness, but just the opposite. (“G-d is light.”) I would concur with the mythologies of Tolkien, Blavatsky and the Gnostics (elaborated below) as being more faithful in shedding light on the truth of reality (both material AND spiritual, whereas Genesis starts with the material) than anything else I’ve ever come across.


Ainulindalë is the creation account in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, published as the first part of the posthumously published The Simarillion

It all comes down to this. (Buckle in, Dorothy!) As you and I grow up and experience the world, we are tempted to become jaded because everything we thought was so “real” was in fact just someone fronting, usually trying to sell something, beginning with our fathers and continuing with clergy, politicians, used car salesmen and other particularly male figures (and we’ll see why that is, see Mark Passio) who are all just some kind of conman—they’re all a chicken-shit joke and we all know it but are conditioned to acquiesce (I guess out of fear of their thuggery and their bro code) making this world ever darker—with women usually doing less fronting and more nurturing, which is why Mother is instinctively thought of as the saving grace of human nature. (The Eastern Church praises its “unmercenary saints”, which is a term that refers to physicians who worked for free.)


Caring without enabling—“tough love”—is the key to cosmic redemption

With the above in mind, many Gnostics say (and they’ll be the first to tell you that this is myth and should be taken as a tool of enlightenment rather than linearly) that precisely this male domineering “putting up a front” ego act is how the material world came about and how we got into this mess of stifled consciousness in which we find ourselves mired, this dreaming state we’re in from which it’s our guardian angels (traditionally depicted as masculine)’s job to come and awaken us (and this is the main theme of the Gnostic Liturgy), the way Prince Charming awakens Sleeping Beauty with a “kiss”, which I would qualify as a sort of CPR for the soul (to whom mystics refer in the feminine) if you will.


Red is the color of divinity; blue is the color of humanity.

So here’s the Gnostic pre-creation myth. Sophia tried to do something to impress the All-Father (a.k.a. All-One or simply Monad) and was driven from the Presence or the Cloud of Witnesses. (Because once we start to act a part, we lose our peace which was tied to our connection with the One.) Sophia was so distraught that she actually conceived and bore a son, Eloha (sometimes called the Demiurge and his minions are called the Archons; Sophia’s assistants, meanwhile, are called the Aeons). Eloha never knew the All-Father (who many would say is the “Father” Jesus spoke of), had no guidance, and decided to create the universe, making him the god of the Hebrew Pentateuch, who says (and in fact believes) “there is no god besides me”. (But in fact the true Godhead or Divinity, is found not outside but within us—not out there but in here, in the center, core, cor, heart, καρδιος [which is what the encircled Gnostic cross formed by combining the phi Φ {of philosophy} and the theta Θ {of theology} {and to some extent the Druidic Celtic cross} symbolizes]!)


Druid cross pendant

So while the Demiurge was diverting himself with his new toys, Sophia was beside herself, fretting at how things had gone from bad to worse with the double-abomination of this physical matter. She knew what she had to do: she would conspire to save the world from its maker by incarnating as the most beautiful women in history. She came to humanity (in which she saw the likeness and image of her wayward son) as the Serpent of Genesis, Helen of Troy, Miriam, Mary (whose name means “Rebel”), Helen who was Simon the Magician’s Lovely Assistant named after the Paleo-Christian Goddess Sophia. Sophia, for scholars of Paleo-Christianity, is a sort of early Judeo-Chrisitan personification of the Greek concept of Wisdom, and this is the original mythology (with “mythology” being understood as meaning “parable for the transmission of mystical truths”), which was then distorted by the Roman Emperor and his boys to bring Christianity to heel and suck all the energy, all the magic, all the empowering elements out of it—a process that he began and that has continued to “evolve” under the emperors and later popes of Christendom. All of this created most of what you and I know today as “Christian theology”, though the Gnostic influence can still be found in such concepts as the Holy Trinity, the Bible, and Monasticism, which was what kept Christian culture alive (and in some ways more alive than it is today) when the chips were down.


Helen’s legendary beauty was responsible for the sinking of 1,000 ships that sailed from Sparta to rescue her from Prince Paris of Troy

Now anyone who studies magic (whether the Kabbalah or the Upanishads themselves) immediately realizes—well, realizes everything—but also realizes that the Roman social order (and its heirs the Bourgeoisie [meaning townsfolk] and middle class of today) has pitted itself, entrenched in some kind of psychic war in defense of the dysfunctional male hierarchy against nature and against magic, which is a word that means “humanity’s connectedness to nature and the freeing of its mind from social conditioning and all interpersonal influences, even in the end from the delusional paradigm of variety which he must exchange for an awareness of the oneness of all beings that he may pass from death to life”. Even if you look at our Western European code of chivalry and more recent bylaws of “etiquette”, you realize that it is all about squelching humanity’s magical abilities, namely its affinity for nature, which is where Sophia hides and waits for us to awaken, to come out of Babylon as it were. The truth is that everything is magic, and once you get into the driver’s seat by regaining control of your own mind (often through a desert or wilderness experience) and plug it in to the natural world you immediately come to taste the “forbidden fruit” that the patriarchal and anti-intuitive political class have done everything possible to withhold from you. Think about it: It is impossible to get two people to agree on WHY they need you to stay away from magic. Is it that it doesn’t exist, that it’s evil, that it’s deceptive? NO. What doesn’t exist and is evil and deceptive is the materialism they’ve got us all trapped inside, all of them party to Eloha’s unenlightened, élitist and machista cartel.


An illustration for Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer”

Now a quick disclaimer: If it sounds like I’m saying that the god of Judaism is evil, please note that the good/evil binary is itself at the root of the problem, that transcending it is the essence of enlightenment or awakening, and that Eloha really needn’t have planted that tree in the first place, but since he did making it the only escape from his Disney World theme park called Eden, maybe it’s just as well that they got out of that matrix any way they could, as the Serpent “coached” them to by simply telling it like it is.


I want to encourage you to investigate for yourselves Gnostic or at least esoteric Christianity, because your eyes will be opened to how the Gospel’s explosively enlightening potency has been defused, put back to sleep by Mithras-worshiping opportunists who hijacked the Christian movement, persecuted the Gnostics thereof, and over-organized the rest of us in their own (transparently Pagan and unphilosophically so) image and likeness, turning us onto weak and sick sheep who can’t threaten their unreasonable authority. They kept us bottle-fed, refused to wean us off of their “faith matrix”, lest we should gain the spiritual literacy of Gnosis, which is divine intimacy that we approach through self-knowledge. (Again, yes, I am indicting what you probably know as “Christian theology”, so go ahead and burn me at the stake!)


Marcion of Sinope

Run to the Mother of God, who is Maria and Sophia. Ask her to show you Jesus and his All-Father, the One. The truth was never “out there”; it was always “in here”!

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The decisive war of this generation?

1/10/17 – What a day! but at least (a) I got my money back and (b) I’ll never laugh at people who get e-snookered again! Per the Google search result—which even worse gave me no warning—those goofballs in India at 888-275-2174 assured me they were indeed Facebook customer service; then after sounding all official and competent (at one point suggesting I get my computer sped up by a professional, and now I get why), they:

1. Started requesting strange information, including a photo of me holding my ID (which they assured me was meant to make my account more official, similar I thought to what Facebook does with business pages, but in fact it was to authorize withdrawals [the first of which was small and they told me about it in advance] from my PayPal [and therefore bank account, which I luckily keep at a fairly low balance anyway]).

2. Tried to persuade me to go away from my computer (“work”—as if!), and I could see them checking the webcam to see if I was still watching. (Before you ask it, yes I was watching, but I had taken the precaution of covering the lens.)

3. Without warning: (a) withdrew larger sums from my PayPal account, which I had re-linked to my financial institution, (b) deleted emails from my Gmail account that PayPal had sent and (c) made my computer screen go dark then deleted all browser history and saved information.

Fortunately, between PayPal and my financial institution (the keyword is “unauthorized”), I was able to lock down both accounts, flag the transactions and reverse all the charges (promised separately by a representative of each business. In fact, it seemed like each was trying to slander and outdo the other in helpfulness, but then again I have been with both PayPal and my financial institution for years now). I got a couple emails from the recipients (apparently in China and the Netherlands) threatening legal action, which I reported as phishing. I again called the scammers (888-275-2174), though the greeting was different—obviously they had flagged my number as “on to us”—and the person on the other end claimed to have no knowledge of the malfeasance or even that someone at that number had claimed to represent Facebook. Yeah, right. So how was your day?

And now for the “juicy” gossip. The reason I called what I thought was “customer service”* in the first place was because Facebook blocked me for the second time. And all at once I noticed that both times I had presumed to mention the Khazars and Israel in the same post: see the photo, caption and comments at the link below. The good news is that now the dots connect, a pattern emergeth, and I now know Facebook’s weakness. It voids it shiny, metal bowels when anyone links Israel to the Khazars. Yes, it seems that Facebook’s shareholders are mentally unstable


In closing, I implore you: It is down to us to make this “KD” label stick and knock the shiny, metal neocon regime down a peg by rubbing their nose in the legitimate science that is chomping at the bit to unravel this new Khazarian Empire. You were born to be free, so please help me make this go viral. This is the battle of our day—how about winning it!


Ashkenazi “Jews” are Khazars, were never forced out of Palestine and have no claim thereto but are just racist colonizers: –

The “gas chambers” were built after WWII by Allied soldiers to make their cause appear just while they let 1M Germans starve in camps:

* I now know no customer service exists, nor has Facebook any process for reversing their bull-headed decisions (can we say Hasbra?), nor do they explain it, but they only tell you to read their Terms and Conditions, completing the Orwellian picture.

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How Judaism turned sour and toxic

The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.
(2 Corinthians 3:6b, KJV)
God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
(John 4:24, KJV)

Q ~ As a follower of Christ, what relevance does the Old Testament of the Bible have to me, other than its being the tradition by which Christ came to us?

A ~ I am grateful for the question and the opportunity to ponder it with you!

First of all, Jesus clearly wasn’t coming from an exclusively Jewish tradition. Jesus was sent to the Jew first and the Gentile second…but sent by whom? Jesus even says at one point that salvation is from the Jews. Jesus embraces his Jewry and sees divinity in it and light radiating from it that could touch all the world—a true mystical nationalist and folk hero in time of near-insurmountable foreign subjugation à la Pádraig Pearse—and this was of course his initial ticket to renown!

Jesus quotes the Lawgiver (Moses/YHWH) and the Prophets often when speaking to his mostly Jewish (albeit deeply Hellenized and even a little Romanized) audience, starting when he’s about 30 (ॐ ?) or so, a ripe age for a Jewish man to start becoming a mystic and contemplating the hereafter, unencumbered by concerns of what the clergy might think of his dabbling into the Kabbalah (tradition) found in the Zohar (light) including Merkabah (chariot/chair/throne) mysticism, typically associated by those who study such things with Paul’s oft-abstruse expression. Heck, he might even experiment with some kaneh bosm, which only the priests could put in their incense for their “religious” clam bake. Dangerously hierarchical times were these to be sure.

But Judaism itself is a composite tradition—in many ways the most melting-pot tradition of its time, owing largely to its central geographic position among the ancient civilizations, which is great for trade (so again probably Jesus’s winning card) but terrible for being left alone, which is crucial to anyone interested say in meditation. (Jesus proposes the closet solution to his fellow-Jews for their prayer, though he also makes copious use of the uninhabited neighboring wilderness.) For example, Judaism builds primarily on Egyptology (by way of Moses) and secondarily on Hellenism (by way of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, who was also responsible for opening up India via the Silk Road, with Jerusalem again smack dab in the middle of it all). Just as important, Judaism was heavily molded by the Persians (aside from questions of whose law was written down when), who bankrolled the Second Temple and whose Zoroastrian priests—the original magicians (the Kabbalah would later become the foundation of all western witchcraft and Masonry)—recognized the infant Jesus as the true heir to the Jewish Throne, which he would later seemingly abdicate in favor of an esoteric kingdom “not of this world” just before leaving this world to reign in another world (India? or simply the spirit-world to which India seems to be a propitious doorway, supposing one had the connections), in a display of transcendence, as much as of condemnation, of Jahwist Temple Cult Judaism as it was known then and is no longer. As Jesus says quite tactfully but also, looking back, quite ominously, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil” (Matthew 5:17, KJV).

Based on prophecies coming out of King David’s school, some people took to calling Jesus Messiah (in Greek Christ, meaning “anointed”), though the Sadducees, being strict Torach (law) types, weren’t having any of it. And that’s without even going into Solomon and his internationalism, pluralism and (the constant companion of these) esotericism (again, hugely influential on Freemasonry together with the Zoroastrian Magi). Though there’s much to indicate that Jesus’s original teaching was that he would return within a generation, it seems like he was already having second thoughts, particularly given his musing that he might not find any faith on earth when he returned. (It seems likely to me that Thomas rendezvoused with Jesus in Kashmir after all the drama in Jerusalem, partly because Thomas was the most interested in learning the way to follow Jesus out of the Levant to more contemplatively conducive destinations, whether in the body or out, as it were.)

Yeah, there’s this pattern where Jesus just kept refusing to be as worldly as his followers expected, and in many ways the inclusion of the Old Testament could be seen as an attempt at diluting the bitter taste this left in the mouths of the politically-minded persons who tended to rise through the ranks of the clergy. So a lot of Jews—some followers of Jesus, others followers of other rabbis or elders—demoralized by the destruction of the temple became what are known as Gnostics (those who look in ward rather than outward, often aided by whatever mind-freeing stuff was in the Library of Alexandria), and from them Christianity gets a lot of the more refined, mystical (i.e. less political) themes in the New Testament, as well as the whole concept of having a canon of scripture (which for many Gnostics such as the prodigious Marcion by no means included the Hebrew scriptures), monks, and the Trinity (from the Hindu Trimurti). In fact, the sociopolitical appication of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) can be found in the Emperor, Bishop, and Monk of the ancient organized Christian church (though the more advanced monks managed to slip out of the matrix entirely). And it was from this point of departure that the rest of the Christians, meanwhile, made-believe that the Roman Empire could substitute for Jesus’s indefinitely delayed return, and this theology would eventually pivot in Western Europe from the non-clerical imperialism to what is now known as the Roman Papacy, courtesy of the (as we now know) forged Donation of Constantine. Of course by the time the forgery was uncovered, people had forgotten that Peter had never been bishop of Rome, so we pivot again to a more divine claim that later culminates in the dogma of papal infallibility. So…where there’s an ego, there’s a way.

Anyway, Jesus quoted Moses and the Prophets extensively, but many of the words he kinda sorta passed off as his own were rooted in Egyptian and Indian wisdom lore. So in other words, this idea that the Old Testament is “where Jesus was coming from” or even simply “where Jesus’s human side was coming from” is an irresponsible and misleading one. Jesus’s secret disciple Joseph of Arimathea, in whose tomb the former is claimed in the canonical gospels to have been buried, was a wealthy man, perhaps through trade. So while Jesus confined his public ministry to Galilee, Samaria and Judea, there is no intellectually honest reason to ignore the possibility that he traveled and at the very least had at his fingertips much international store of traditions both mainstream and esoteric, through his obviously close connection to Joseph of Arimathea. A Jew with an open mind could go far, both physically and intellectually, with the roads that had been opened up by the Greeks and now by the Romans, not to mention the waterways. (Much the way that Genesis does not pretend to tell us everything that happened but is primarily a teaching tool, the same is true of the Gospels.) (Take this together with the fact that Joseph the Handyman was not Jesus’s real father, and think what you will—again, who gets buried in the tomb even of close family, unless something’s up with that?!)

Jesus was a very spiritual being (whether or not he actually took a wife in Kashmir as the very Jesus-revering Hindus tell us he did), and he confided in the Samaritan woman that “God is Spirit” or “God is Breath” which seems to be a clear reference to the Hindu Creator Brahma, whose name means just that, whereas the Hebrew Creator is (are?) Elohim, a name meaning “Mighty”, from which “Allah” is derived, and look at how that’s working out for us, LOL. (“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts” [Zechariah 4:6]; note: for the Jains of India, just as for the Celts, there is no creation and therefore no “creator dude”, the cosmos being eternal.) In short, one finds it inescapable that most of the teachings that got Jesus in trouble with the Jews were of distinctly Indic origin.

So no, I do not see the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly these exoteric ones of the Imperial-Christian “Old Testament”, as being especially useful in coming to know the Jesus of the Gospel, let alone understand his teachings, quote them though he may for the benefit of his Jewish and quite simple-minded audience. Or if you’re going to take the mainline Hebrew Scriptures, then you should at least take with it the Hindu Upanishads and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, compared with either of which the Hebrew Scriptures seem oppressively worldly and lifeless (particularly the readings at Mass today, so obsessed with earthly prestige—and wealth—that the Hebrew deity promises to dole out to those who jump through his hoops, though wisely this is all interpreted [I think] spiritually by Christians: The Hebrew Scriptures, then, are a sad example of ancient offerings, but I think the institutional Church had a need to so misrepresent the ancient world (and indeed exaggerate the meaning of the Adam and Eve story) so as to make certain to portray Jesus as the first real light in this world (and not merely in the Jewish world, in which arguably he was the last light). It was key to ignore, downplay and often malign the tradition of the yogis, Buddhas and your more enlightened Jewish elders such as Hillel (the Golden Rule guy) of which Jesus was clearly very much a part. The lie that Abraham and his descendants were the first to follow just one god is particularly transparent and reveals just how western-thinking (and anti-mystical) the authors of organized Christianity really are. (But hey, at least there’s choir.)

So yes, I do see the Bible as we know it to be a tactical collation by principalities, whether Constantine I or James I, calculated to coat the Gospel on both sides with a textual minefield of political nonsense, lest the citizens, subjects and slaves become spiritually empowered yoga or Zen masters and awaken their third (or “single”) eye to their direct link to all that is meant by “God” and “heaven”, and in consequence the world, heaven forbid, might actually come to know the peace and even unity that these conmen so loudly claim to desire!

There is no doubt in my mind, for example, that Jesus taught reincarnation and the bindi (meaning “third eye” and also associated with æther)! The Greeks, being like Jesus stout-hearted nationalists to the point of being xenophobes, have just sort of ignored these “too eastern” references, and the Romans have followed suit, as have the Germans, but today I think a lot of what I’m saying here is so public domain that many clergy are facing a crisis of political capital, mirroring the sheeple’s crisis of faith, whose cure (Gnosis) the clergy still largely hoard for themselves (in the knowledge that, when you pare it down, their secrecy is why they eat), all the while telling you and me it’s “heresy” (which is code for not for you simpletons, whose growth we are doing everything in our power to stunt).

The other biggest boost for Jesus is probably John the Baptist and the Essene Community, from whence he launches his yogic mission to the Jews. And we can see that indeed Jesus comes to the Jews as a spiritually overpowering force. They’ve probably never seen a yogi before. But is Jesus the only son of the only god? For many desperate Jews probably. But who decided they were the only ethnic group with anything to say? Cæsar?! Well doesn’t that just figure? Back to philosophy go I, LOL

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Getting the Christian God

I was actually preparing to write a post titled “Does the Church need Pagans?” when today something even deeper hit me like a ton of bricks. First I thought, If no one apprehends or approaches the Father (Brahma) except the Son (Vishnu) and vice-versa—and the same is true of the Holy Spirit (Shiva)—then this reveals the fact that “salvation” (whether in the sense of justification, liberation or enlightenment)  is not about doing or even becoming but truly realizing. It’s like a Bermuda Triangle that you’re either in or out of. This of course evokes images of monks “contemplating their navels”—a most appropriate application of what Jesus reveals, it at last seems to me! And this seemed to speak to my own walk in understanding how to relate to God, which if you read the Church’s fathers and mystics isn’t just as simple—nor as authoritarian quite frankly—as we’re often told in catechesis or in homilies in the USA. Because, as I put it over fifteen years ago, Why read when you can study? Why study when you can contemplate? Why contemplate when you can participate? Today, I might have said it differently, to get it more in line with the heart of contemplation as discovering that “You are the light of the world”, but at that time I was in a cult (the Legion of Christ, an order that, blinded by greed, mistakes mind control for contemplativeness), and I simply couldn’t admit this to myself in that season of germination. Anyway, it seems the bottom line is that you cannot be outside of the Trinity and know the Trinity. This sounds elitist—or actually forbidding—but it isn’t (unless you’re worldly, in which case it should be), and I’ll explain why. You must find a Divine Person you relate to. Are you creative? Are you caring? Are you motivational? Then that tells you which corner of the eye-triangle you should grab on to!

But wait—there’s more! Because after that I thought about Divinity itself, beyond all diversity. The Gnostics call it the Monad, the All-One, the All-Father. And to be honest, the Trinity (or Trimurti) isn’t simply an equilateral triangle—oh, “theologians” have turned it into that for job security purposes, lest more mystics be nurtured and drive these anal, systematic hacks out of the Church as a shaman might drive a demon out of a man. But what Trinity really is, is more of a whirlpool drawing us inward, or in more technological terms a telescope. Because the Father “is greater than” the Son, and of course the Son ascends before the Holy Spirit (a misleading name since “God is spirit” is Brahma, but anyhow) is sent. So before three-ness there is two-ness. And before two-ness there is the One. Because, while Jesus says he predates Abraham by perhaps a lot, he never claims to be co-eternal with the Father as later “theologians” will presume. (By the way, we’re not talking about the Israelite National Deities of the Hebrew Scriptures, whether Elohim or YHWH, whose names mean “might” and “being” respectively. Most of what Jesus teaches transcends nations, and a lot of the terminology he borrows from India and other mystery schools that aren’t as concerned with politics or even racial issues or land disputes that have a way of weighing the spirit down.) Because when we simply say “God”, we’re talking about a spiritual singularity.

Yet whether you’re talking Trinity or simply Divinity, the God that is All and One is within the core of each being that senses and perceives. (And don’t even assume this just includes our idea of biological life either.) Jesus says “God is spirit”, which is to say “God is breath”, since they are the same word in all ancient tongues, which really helps to understand why Yoga, Merkabah and Hesychasm were so important in the (you could say) Neo-Buddhist movements of Jesus and others of his time. Because of course when we breathe, we absorb the highest of elements, which have touched the heavenly ether itself—a very sacred thing, no matter what quirky, literalistic or politically whacked-out tradition you’re coming out of!

And I was going to say something about how the Gnostics never died out but were secretly absorbed into the monks, the priests and the secret societies of our time, but I think you can work that out drawing from your own information and experience. But just in case this isn’t ringing any bells, please comment below—I always reply sooner or later!


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