Where did Jefferson miss?

I think that (statists or anarchists) we are all attracted to, and many of us share, Thomas Jefferson’s spirit of free-thinking morality—and what a wordsmith, right? But let us take sober stock of “expectation vs reality”.

A later naïve international aristocrat, Karl Marx, would entertain the idea that societies would organically evolve toward Communism (ignoring, as do many of the élite today, many of the severe blind spots of Darwin himself, god of today’s disgraceful USAmerican education system).

Jefferson’s particular wish-fulfilling “species progress forecast” was that superstition and clericalism would dispel like dew beneath the rising sun of reason that the Illuminati (yes, like a starry-eyed colonist he totally bought their sales pitch) were supposed to usher in, as they became an open rather than secret society empowered by the new Confederation’s guaranteed freedom of religion (or philosophy should one prefer) and of assembly. But I think it turned out that, like all secret societies, the Illuminati were not all they said they were, just really good at fooling the benefactors, the wives, the occasional twisted mischief, and oh yes spooking the opposition with crushing litigation. In other words, while Illuminists kept up the act of pretending to champion equality, their whole organization remained obscurantistic hierarchical, not to mention hierarchical.

Meanwhile, in England, under the surviving theocratic monarchy (many of the religious zealots and other misfits having moved to the USA), you have a society that, far more than USAmerica, openly permits talks of atheism (as well as druidism, etc.), and even the clergy themselves are not only openly Gnostics but also agnostics and so-called modernists! Is it that the human species hasn’t yet shaken that instinct that needs to be a slave of something, whether imposed or self-inflicted? In any case, given that their words “sound” wonderful and “soundness” have next to none, perhaps the truly harrowing question—not wholly unrelated to the one I just asked—is: When do we stop minding aristocrats?

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