The political dictionary every American needs (badly)

November is coming, so buckle in and prepare to get a clue and raise your political intelligence (PIQ) in three minutes, turning back the clock on decades of intelligence and secret society conditioning!

Firstly know that I don’t care what your beliefs/opinions/emotions are and that for your own good, and ultimately in the interest of national (not to mention family) unity, neither should you. Words have agreed-upon meanings, a fact that becomes all the more important (not less important) when dealing with something contentious. You have to take the introductory course before you can walk on fire. That’s just how this works. But fools rush in where angels dare not tread, and the oligarchy (who loves feeding us false paths to upward mobility) will take all the lazy-minded and turn them all into controlled partisans or incoherent sectarians if we don’t share this information. Here are a few words that will absolutely blow the lid off of your neighbor’s closed, padlocked, debt-ridden and cultish mind!

So if you think as I think, if you feel as I feel, that there’s more to being an adult than grinding, grinding, grinding at that grindstone (all respect to Robert E. Howard) then please read on.

one, two, three

The three (Cold War, West-defined) worlds are:

  1. The First World refers to “The Free World”
    (i.e. the “Western Bloc” led by the USA, UK, NATO, Japan
    and their allies).
  2. The Second World refers to “Global Communism”
    (i.e. the “Eastern Bloc” led by the USSR, Warsaw Pact, China
    and their allies).
  3. The Third World refers to “neutral zones”
    (ex.: the Non-Aligned Movement led by India and Yugoslavia,
    as well as other neutral countries).

So for example the phrase the third world, at any rate in formal or serious contexts, is NOT a synonym for “developing nations”.

The (pre–French Revolution) estates (in essence “statuses”, not to be confused with “palatial estates”, “the sum total of one’s holdings”, or “real estate”) are:

  1. The First Estate refers to “the Clergy”
    (referring to clerics [priests, bishops] not clerks).
  2. The Second Estate refers to “the Nobility”
    (referring to purported purity of blood not high-mindedness of intent).
  3. The Third Estate refers to “the Peasantry and the Bourgeoisie”
    (i.e. townsfolk or merchants).
  4. The Fourth Estate now usually refers to “the Press”
    (i.e. the media not garlic).

See also Caste.

The main section of this post consists in five the five broadest political ideological word pairs:

  1. Nationalism and globalism
  2. Rightism and leftism
  3. Liberalism and conservatism
  4. Republicanism and democracism
  5. Socialism and communism

As you can see, some of these pairs denote opposing schools of polity* while others denote further radicalizations. But two of these pairings represent neither opposites nor intensifications but are both distinct and potentially mutually complementary. Can you guess which ones? (Find out below.)

nation, globe

The nationalist (basically in opposition to the globalist, the integrationist/assimilationist and the communist) is the same thing as what the communist predictably calls the “racist” probably because (much like what the ethnic mafia does underworldly) the nationalist party is concerned with the interests of their own nation, people (in the singular sense), ethnicity, culture, (also clan, tribe, folk, family,) etc. (Otherwise the term nation-state would be needlessly long.)

So for example Donald J. Trump is NOT an American nationalist although (and this is going to make perfect sense given the family ties that do the most for his net worth) Trump is a hardcore Judeo-Israeli nationalist (see Zionism), tries to coerce Jews to move to Israel (and to Palestine), and actually lobbied Israel to elect Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu their prime minister. (Facts, as they say.)

To nationalize means “to bring under the control of a national governing body” whether from private ownership or from lower-level (local) governments. (It is not the same thing as to socialize since users generally still have to pay, nor is it the same as state- or municipally-controlled industries such as household utilities.)

Things that have been nationalized in the USA (in which national appears to be fully synonymous and interchangeable with federal [but not federated]) include: postal roads (1775); military railroad (1862); Merck & Co. and all US railroads (1917, later reprivatized); telephone system (1918, later reprivatized); Tennessee Electric Power Company (1939); railroads (1943, briefly); Amtrak (or the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, 1971); Conrail (the Consolidated Rail Corporation, 1976); Resolution Trust Corporation acquire hundreds of savings and loan associations (1976); airport security (TSA, 2001); other possible nationalizations since Wikipedia posits.

What have these “nationalizations” to do with race? Well a percentage of “White men” (albeit probably code for WASPS or Freemasons) is required for statehood, so that’s what.

The globalist (occasionally internationalist, sometimes even transnationalist) is a kind of “the world as nation” thinker. Globalism seems to hold strong appeal among those with no strong geographic nationality or who aren’t given to a settled way of life (hunter-gatherers, herders [including shepherds], nomads, exiles, refugees, asylees, banishees, shunnees, undesirables, or among those with strong international ties (intellectuals, merchants and other international businesspersons such as bankers. But don’t you go saying the J-word now or they’ll ding ya!)

According to Wikipedia, “globalism is to globalization what nationalism is to nationality“. However it doesn’t seem that at any register globalization is used to mean internationality. Rather it seems to mean exactly what you would think: the process of something going global (in the context of greater travel technology and infrastructure since the 19th century, so absolutely analogous to nationalization.

(Never trust Wikipedia!)

right, left

The rightist is the exact same thing as the “hierarchicalist”.
(Not to be confused with anything to do with individual “rights” nor with a “legal system” [note that in many languages their word for “right{-hand}” {or “straight”} means law considered academically]!)

The leftist, logically enough, is the exact same thing as the “egalitarian” (though whether they’re for “equality before the law”, racial integration; whether “equality of opportunity” or “equality of outcome” is often devilishly ambiguous).

So for example the right is NOT a synonym for “conservatives”, and
the left is NOT a synonym for “liberals” (but much more on this latter term further on)!

So, contrary to the communist propaganda (“mainstream media”) use of the term, far right (wing) cannot be taken to mean “any rigidly separatistic ethnofascist”, unless that group is for some reason rigidly hierarchical (preferably as a matter of principle and not simply a matter of strategy) and only to that degree and in that sense, nor the radical left a synonym for “a Marxist”, since Marxists have only ever talked about equality but in praxis implement intellectual élitism exactly as Plato’s Republic idealizes and Marx’s Manifesto rantingly plagiarizes and which like a wildfire (and like all ideologies to be fair) just kills a lot of people before (generally not the élite who promoted it) finally burning itself out.

Groups that are rather inveterately centralized and hierarchical (that is to say rigid in their understanding of different roles, discouraging cross-training and informality) as a matter of some supposedly divine principle or historical precedent (as of a hangover from a past empire) might be said to include some within the Roman Catholic Church and frequently your more ceremonial religious organizations, as well as arguably academia or the higher education system. It is worth noting that such groups tend to reward, rather than punish, sexual differences whether these be abstinence (as with your Catholic clergy or Orthodox monks) or non-binary, non-biological and even extemporaneous (“fluid”) approaches (as with an apparently formidable number of schoolteachers today).

(Presumably the terms refer to the right or left of some aisle in some parliament or congress, or again perhaps the wings of some state building, this has never been fully explained, though I probably just stopped searching out of boredom because there’s so much more mind-blowing crazy crap ahead!)

The centrist is neither a rightist nor a leftist.

liberty, tradition

The liberal (probably should be libertist, so we don’t keep confusing it with “prodigal”, also not to be confused with liberated in a sexual sense even though this would appear to be a central tenet, and some might say the only central tenet, of those who call themselves “liberals”) promotes liberty, freedom or rights, and even Wikipedia admits that a person who can coherently be called a liberal is understood as supporting (and not just saying they support):

  • individual rights (including civil rights and human rights),
  • liberal democracy (which would mean they would have to favor the voice and will of the mainstream majority not the causes of fringe minorities whether these be rich or poor),
  • secularism,
  • rule of law,
  • economic and political freedom (whoops, there went socialism and communism!),
  • freedom of speech (and there went political correctness),
  • freedom of the press,
  • freedom of religion,
  • private property and
  • a market economy (i.e. no price controls or restrictions on contract freedom).

So libertarians (who would infringe on only that which is aggression) are to liberals what vegans are to vegetarians, where the second group in each set merely continues on the path that the first group began on and still nominally embraces.

The opposite of the liberal is the fascist. (And just to be clear, the fascist [synonym: conformist] can be and is theocratic or secularistic, conservative or progressive, anti-Semitic or philo-Semitic, really any extremism they put on to scare people into getting on board and falling in line.)

Emblem of the French Republic with fascio (whence fascism).
The French national anthem contains the word fatherland
and the phrase “let impure blood water our furrows”.
Fascio (plural fasci from the Latin fascis, fasces)
is an Italian word meaning “bundle” (UK: “faggot”).
Fasci are symbols of unionism as opposed to confederalism.
Fasci may be inspired by a fable attributed to Aesop.
Its use dates back to the Etruscans.
Often used with an ax, an old Cretan symbol of civilization.
(Now wasn’t that fasci-nating?)
Nazis claimed their salute (oddly akin to Bellamy’s) was also Roman.
Another Italian sociopolitical loanword is hegemony.
The power of a phrase truncated

The conservative (not to be confused with the conservationist, really ought to be conservatist, whose meaning is shockingly obvious by contrast with the true definition of liberal) is the “social traditionalist”.

So while rightism and leftism are, rather nominally, opposites, it turns out that those who are genuinely and practically liberal will perhaps be the most strongly conservative (see list above).

To really drive this point home, think of the verbs to conserve and to liberate. You’ll find that both verbs have a sense of “to use less of” or “to free up” something or somebody. And so by reducing these politicized concepts to regular everyday verbs it suddenly becomes a matter of common sense that obviously they would admit of extensive overlap!

Taking the concepts one step back into the area of society, by leaving the people of a land to exercise their liberty, you are also helping them to conserve their culture: that is to say that you are doing their traditions a favor. We all know this to be the case in matters affecting non-European groups, so the real trick here is applying the same principle to all the inhabitants.

And what we’ve been conditioned to call liberals are nothing of the kind (the only kind of liberty they might believe in is sexual liberty, just because of their Moloch cult); they are merely anti-conservative parasites who are always itching for some change (whence the more honest term progressivist) with no guiding ideology that has ever been articulated in the open. Behind this apparent incoherence they are assuredly none other than the glib minions of the cryptocracy.

The opposite of the conservative is the radical. (The radical can also be the opposite of the moderate.)

republic, democracy

The republicist (originally in opposition to democracists, later somewhat weirdly in opposition to monarchists) is not that red elephant with devil stars (though more of a “red” than many guess) but rather the person who believes in a Platonist (Atlantean?) system (outlined in Plato’s Republic which EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ before Marx and Alinsky) in which there is no such thing as a family unit and in which a governing body of robed, egg-headed judges or “philosopher-kings” has final say.

The word republic (originally RES PVBLICA [res pvblica, transliterated res publica] in the Latin, nominative case) literally means “public thing” or “public matter”, making it an etymological twin to the word pub!

But the Greek (being the language of Plato) is actually ΠΟΛΙΤΕΊΑ (πολιτεία, transliterated politeía) which literally means “city”: see also policy, politics, policing, politico, polity, metropolis (“mother city”), cosmopolitan (“of a universal city”), Constantinopolis, polite (as in urbane).

Now there are:

  • Democratic-Republics (like Switzerland, France, USA) that are, in practice, little more than Freemasonic covert colonies that they plunder for the worldly glory of their blasphemous order and
  • “Socialist Republics” (usually thought of as doomed communist dictatorships that may survive if converted say into ethnofascist ones, like the former USSR, the present [and covertly nationalist] PRC [CCP], NK [despite the name]) that never do anything even approaching what the propaganda claims they do (which ironically the inhabitants of those countries know better than do foreigners and especially Americans who are almost alone in all the world believing their own government’s propaganda) and are implemented exclusively for the destruction of the nations or goyim, and the diplomatic history bears me out on all that this wisecrack implies: the USSR cut ties with Israel when the latter refused to go communist, and Israel cut ties with South Africa when the latter declined to remain apartheid.

All republics tend to genocide a lot of Europeans (allegedly blue-blooded lizard people but nonetheless) as well as often a bunch of old-school Jews. If you benefited form the old system, then you’ve got to go, often ritualistically and perhaps in their twisted minds inspired by Exodus.

The democracist is not that blue donkey but rather the person who promotes an Athenian city-state system in which some class of legally recognized citizens (considered as sub-noble or common) are able to vote for everything and anything, including whom to execute.

A famous example of this which we now call “direct democracy” was when Athens famously voted to murder Socrates, which was how Plato justified the Republic. Aristotle meanwhile was mostly an aristocracist. Just kidding, but Aristotle did endorse pedophilia for population control. No, Aristotle was a great guy, and Socrates’s legacy in general was just all kinds of terrific. The classical philosophers were absolute sweethearts. (Try picturing all of this the next time you see a revered bust.)

Now even a droplet of common sense will tell you that democracy (which is also a key component of liberalism) by its simplest definition and its most obvious process favors the majority and not minorities. Then again, given the original platform of the Democrat Party that actually makes a ton of sense. And it also means that Democrats are not now democratic in any discernible way since they are busy taking on what they themselves proudly admit are “minority” (a nice word for “fringe”) causes, be they rich or poor. (Follow the money. FOLLOW THE MONEY.)

To democratize, intuitively enough, means “to bring something under the control of regular people”.

society, community

Now pay especially close attention because here are two things that get confused a lot which often makes people with much needed common sense sound like complete mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging and incontinent idiots:

The socialist (from the word society whence also social, association) believes in “to each according to his contribution”.

The communist (from the word common whence also commoner, community, commune, qibbutz [kidding]) preaches “to each according to his need” . . . but please let me know if you ever see an example of (((them))) practicing what (((they))) preach.

This is so crucial because communism is frequently misunderstood as internationalist- or globalist-socialism to Nazism’s nationalist-socialism. The Nazis (again short for “nationalist-socialists“, a fun proof by the way that the socialist is no more a leftist than the liberal is a leftist) and the Communists (of the Bolshevik “Russian” USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) both claim to be socialist, the difference lying in one being nationalist (or what communists call racist) and the other being racial integrationist/assimilationist and globalist though this never works and basically died with Trotsky.

It is a fun fact that the USSR, which was the first to state to de jure recognize the Jewish State of Israel (an ethnostatic “Jewish democracy” as very few seem to guess) in 1948, also routinely misinformed people in the West that their family members who were actually living in the USSR had died in the Holocaust, apparently in another propaganda effort to pad the numbers for that coveted Zoharic and occult six million value (“You will return minus six million”) which of course came crashing down around them (along with ostensibly everything else) in the 1980s. Note that Chabad Lubavitch, a cult that was used to rein in the Hasidic movement and advance political Zionism, was founded in Russia in 1775 coinciding of course the fall of the Jesuits who sought refuge in Russia and Sweden and barely predating the rise of the Rothschilds, the Illumined Freemasons, and the Sabbatean Frankists. And you can bet that those few Holocaust survivors who were given a microphone stateside (and I’m not even speaking of those who were either factually debunked or who admitted their lies on their deathbeds) were part of this global control program. And so it is that those who preach material detachment often are or work for the very people who dispose of enough money to completely control our sense of facts and ethics so as to guarantee that we will dance to their tune. But this isn’t some trade secret since it’s a chief tenant of Marxian theory (as well as common sense) that power over others means power over the minds of others. The twist is that so-called communists would indulge in this as much or more than those they decry, thereby “bettering” if you will “the instruction” (see Shakespeare).

Not only is communism formally apocalyptic, rapacious, impracticable, designed only to demoralize, break backs, and therefore unworthy of being considered a serious state model, but we can further reduce socialism and capitalism into one thing: since one means that the state dominates the economy and the other means that the economy dominates the state, the net result therefore is substantially identical with differences lying only in necktie preference. This helps explain why the illusion of capitalism only exists in tandem with the illusion of communism: the two of them are fully codependent, fanaticism-based scorched-earth systems which are strategically propped up to drain the world of practicality and to advance the prominence of the (all generally agree inhuman) lending industry.

To socialize a sector means “to burden the taxpayer with paying for the rendering of that service to all who are deemed eligible”.

Remember this. Nothing is free except tyranny. If you make the personal choice to be a pet or livestock (and generally attacking all who refuse as “uncivilized”), this means that you live at another’s expense, and therefore when you are eventually deemed a liability you will be harvested.

a note on the color red

Red, the color of (as Pádraig Pearse called it) “the blood of serfs”, can communicate “communist”, “republicist” or simply “commoner” (as in “not noble”, as in “red-blooded”).
A red line is used to refer to the fire department (where the blue line refers to the police department).
Conversely, in traditional Christian painting (see iconography) red stands for “divinity” with blue symbolizing humanity.
In Western liturgical rubrics (a word that also means “red”!) red stands for the element fire, the Holy Spirit (Western Shiva?), transformation and enlightenment.
In the West “a Red Mass is a Mass celebrated annually in the Roman Catholic Church for all members of the legal profession, regardless of religious affiliation”, originating in the early second millennium (Wikipedia). (A Blue Mass for public safety employees such as law enforcement, firefighters and ambulance personnel began in 1934 in the USA.)
Obviously the Freemasons, as self-proclaimed heirs to the élite of the Crusades, hoard for themselves the treasures of the East while selling the public on a toxic inversion of that which they know/believe to hold moral or spiritual potency.
(We who are not royals are, in actual fact, divine.)

the stateside of life

This is the part where you’re just glad you don’t speak French or any other Romance (i.e. Latin-based) language wherein state, status (Latin cognate) and estate (see top of post) are all the exact same stupid word! (I really mean that you should be thanking the Force and the Source for this since by the logic of the WWII apologists we all ought to be speaking French since we fought on their side [or rather on the side of some of the French though the 1960s showed quite a different side]!) The trouble with American English however is that we use the word state to refer to what have become subordinate components of the UN member-state that is called the United States of America. To make things even more confusing Massachusetts is called a commonwealth. Commonwealth is a term coined by John Locke who penned the underlying principle of the United States administrative system, in this case at the “state” level. (The biting misfortune that you immediately thought of the British Commonwealth cannot be over-, well, -stated. I mean if you were this internationally minded in how you use other terms, I wouldn’t have had to write this post!) Basically state means what we Yankees think country (“land”) or nation (“people”) or perhaps even federation (“union” and NOT to be confused with confederation/confederacy) means! (For other thing “states” [as in the United States] actually are, see republic.)

Fun fact: the (Southern) Baptist churches are organized confederally, as are Benedictine monasteries.

Statist is a term sometimes used by anarchists on the rest of us, pointing out that we are advocating a monopoly on coercion (which boils down to “violence with badges” and frankly “terrorism” [not to mention “taxation is theft”]).

The meaning of government (which is the sum total of our politics), also sometimes confused with state (which is the sum total of our polity) mostly among people who have crossed a “national” (really state) border or sea, is more akin to that of administration or régime.

So for example we are not under the United States Government but rather Biden’s government. That is why we do not pledge our allegiance to a government but to a republic, which is a class of state in the international sense of the word. (That is to say, if you like, the sense of the word state that is meant throughout the British Commonwealth rather than the one that equates to commonwealth LOL)

Hey, you ever get the feeling that as an American you’ve been cleverly set up to fail in global matters lest you bring any of your middle-class morality to bear on “diplomacy as usual” in the same way that Mormons are fed on a steady mental diet of a lexicon that renders them incapable of comprehending an actual Christian? If so, you’re right over the target. Shall we press the matter further? Yeah, why the anarchy not?

Illustrations of Freemasonry by William Morgan

It is high time for a Constitutional Amendment stipulating a separation of the state
from the church, the lodge, the mosque, and the synagogue!

How many of these did you know?
Anything to add or correct?
Comment below!

Remember that no matter how many times people declare that you ought to “vote your conscience”, they themselves will always vote for whatever they think will add to their ability to expand, or not to lose, their circle of influence..

In the next blog post: comity, equity and polity! (JK)

Međugorje: quicksand for Catholics

More examples of the Gnostic “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” and the Satanic “Spirit of Vatican II” being used to shoehorn in overt occultism and formal Satanism with ecclesiastical authority knowingly covering it up.


(Diocese of Mostar, Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans)

The case for why hearing me out is in your own best interest is this:
Whether I’M right or wrong, either way YOU can’t go wrong by doing research!

If you wish to know whether or not I speak the truth, do your own research, and his will accomplish one of two things:
(a) You will have abundant evidence that I am indeed a deceiver as the organization kept drumming into you, because you will now be able to cite chapter and verse where my case rests on misquoted or misleading statements, in which case your Faith will be stronger than ever because you will have valiantly faced the very worst criticisms that can be leveled at this organization in which you find yourself; you will finally manage to see with your own eyes that the detractors were wrong, which will afford you a more personal conviction for continuing now rock-solid in your Faith. Or
(b) You will find out that it’s the organization that was lying to you, which will light your path to do something about it.

Lloyd Evans, Jehovah’s Witness exodist



members as of 25 June 1997:
Msgr Dr ✠ Frane Franić, retired Archbishop of Split and Makarska
✠ Pavol Mária Hnilica, SJ, Titular (Wandering) Bishop of Rusadir
Fr Tomislav Pervan, OFM
Fr Ivan Landeka
Fr Jozo Zovko, OFM
Fr Slavko Barbarić, OFM
Fr Leonard Oreč, OFM


No matter who you are, one of the following observations is bound to offend you: some keyword is sure to trigger you. This utilitarian blog post is a specialized tool intended as a fact-based discernment aid and pastoral guide providing a comprehensive look at the known and diligently contextualized facts of Međugorje (alt. Medjugorje) as they relate to one another and to the Church. Hence you are welcome to use it or not use this again purely informational post. But be blessed whatever you do.

Please, aside from your thoughts on Međugorje, join me in this heartfelt prayer before and after reading.

“Gospa’s” pattern of contradicting Gospel, Creed and other infallible Dogmas, paired with its overall gnostic and religiously pluralistic/indifferentistic tone, bears all the markings of Illuimined Freemasonry, specifically on such major Catholic matters as Jesus, Mary, the Church, and hell

If you don’t read any farther, at least be aware of the following statements selected from the alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) (the communications professionals prefer the looser terms visions and messages) at Međugorje. You’ll surely find all of them to be undeniably blasphemous and otherwise heretical, statements with whose originator no faithful Catholic has any business consorting, regardless of their dazzling “fruits” (which should at any rate include, probably under the cons column, that this blogger had to explain the ABCs of Catholic Dogma to people who call themselves catechized adults), or big-name enthusiasts. For ease of discernment, I’ve grouped the alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) by topic, namely JESUS, MARY, THE CHURCH, AND HELL:

  • J E S U S . . .
    trivializes Our Lord Jesus Christ who is fully divine (thus also trivializing the Sacrifice that hath wrought our salvation!)
    Point of dogma that Međugorje calls into question: Is Jesus of Nazareth completely God (both divine and deitous) and as such totally united to the Father?
  • Međugorje says no:
    ⚠️ “Jesus had a great desire for God” (“Our Lady” of Međugorje, Međugorjexplaining™◄29► how Jesus was able to pray all night long. Then again these are the same people who say God directs Muslim imams just as much as Catholic clerics. I would secondly suspect a Nestorian bent given the influence of the so-called “Society of Jesus” Churchwide).
  • The Church says YES:
    Jesus is “Consubstantial with the Father” and as such is fully (and yes eternally and consistently) God in himself, fully subsistent, literally the I AM, and with nothing beyond his own Self to in any sense desire, yearn for, or seek, albeit condescending to seek and save the lost sheep of Israel and of humanity (Christians are the only remaining spiritual or in any way authentic Israel to be clear) out of pure love, that is solely for our benefit and not his own—much less so that we would show our gratitude to Him Who worked our salvation by, seriously God help us, downplaying his infinite glory (Nicene [i.e. Nicæno-Constantinopolitan] Creed, literally all Christians).
  • M A R Y . . .
    As with Jesus, Međugorje similarly trivializes the Blessed Virgin Mary who is also essential to our salvation!

    (even as they take “her” word over the orders of their own bishop ironically).
    Point of dogma that Međugorje calls into question: Is the Blessed Virgin Mary undividedly and unwaveringly surrendered to God and as such lacking nothing in terms of holiness, power or importance to God’s plan? and Does the Blessed Virgin Mary always affirm the authority of the divinely established Catholic hierarchy over all merely human aims?
  • Međugorje says no:
    ⚠️ “I do not dispose of all graces…Jesus prefers that you address your petitions directly to him, rather than through an intermediary” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by the now ex-Rev., ex-OFM alleged demon conjurer Tomislav Vlašić, in his Chronological Corpus of Medjugorje [Chronicle of the Apparitions?], p.181, 277–278);
    ⚠️ the now ex-Rev. Tomislav Vlašić, ex-OFM, asked sneering-lipped Vicka Ivanković (Mijatović) the following: “Do you feel the Virgin as She who gives graces [which is the traditional Catholic understanding of Mary as both Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces] or [merely] as she who prays to God [true also, but the wording of the question implies a very incomplete, i.e. non-Catholic mariology]? Sneering-lipped Vicka Ivanković (Mijatović) replied Protestantly: “As she who prays to God”;
    ⚠️ “Forgive us our trespasses” (in the context of praying the Our Father which Our Lady of Fátima [approved and yet still non-binding] does not say; likewise at Lourdes the Blessed Virgin Mary keeps her lips closed for the entirety of the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers, reciting only the Glory Be prayers);
    ⚠️ “I will help you as much as I can (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose garments the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) have said even physically becomes darkly stained supposedly from the sins of the people reaching out to her, which figures given that, as we just saw, Our Lady of Međugorje, unlike Our Lady of Lourdes and unlike Our Lady of Fátima, prays “forgive us our trespasses” [as well as apparently also the Hail Mary prayers of the Rosary);
    ⚠️ A certain man is ordered either to disobey an in-person order by Jesus or incur global wrath effectively closing the period of Divine Mercy (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by the sneering-lipped Vicka Ivanković [Mijatović] in her diary [found to be partially forged mind you] where it reads in absurdistically infantile and shock-oriented language to the effect of: We asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to corroborate a story told to us by a man who had approached our circle with the claim that while driving his sedan he had seen a man who introduced himself as Jesus standing in the street drenched in blood. The man calling himself Jesus had, our visitor was claiming, handed the man an also bloodstained handkerchief, instructing him to throw it into a certain nearby river. Going “on his way” (seemingly a characteristic posturing attempt at Gospel-ese at the expense of clarity but we assume they mean that he was headed toward the river), the man had then met a lady who, after introducing herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary, had requested the bloodstained handkerchief. Not wanting to disobey Jesus, the man had held out instead his own white handkerchief, but she merely repeated her request that he surrender the bloodstained one. When we brought this visitor’s account to the Blessed Virgin Mary she not only confirmed its truth but went from zero to sixty with her demand that we disobey Jesus: “If he had not given it to me, it would have been the last judgment for all”. Like the attention-fishing or shock-jocking plus the hatred of obedience just kind of well wow, but moving on);
    ⚠️ Jakov Čolo allegedly shook the Blessed Virgin Mary by the hand on her “birthday” (per Rev. Marjian Ljubić in The Virgin Mary is Appearing in Yugoslavia, p. 42).
  • The Church says YES:
    “By the grace of God Mary remained free of every personal sin her whole life long. ‘Let it be done to me according to your word…’” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 493b);
    “[T]he Blessed Virgin [Mary] is invoked by the Church under the titles of Advocate[ss] [Intercessress], Auxiliatrix [Helpress], Adjutrix [Benefactress], and Mediatrix (the DOGMATIC CONSTITUTION Lumen Gentium 62b, italics added. These classic Marian titles are the feminine form of Advocate [Intercessor], Auxiliator, [Helper], Adjutor, [Benefactor] and Mediator respectively).
  • Note of interest: Even though (as you have probably guessed by now) none of the alleged Marian apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) at Međugorje have had much if anything affirming to say about Mary’s status nor much less about the increasingly popular proposed Fifth Marian Dogma (see the above paragraph for an idea as to what it consists in), among other glowing claims of alchemical transmutations and the like, this blogger knows of one person who says that they went to Međugorje and there was inspired to promote among devout Catholics the above kinds of dogmas which this person (who may or may not be a heartless Catholic businessperson, I think we all know the type) furthermore claimed to know is in Pope Benedict XVI’s private office desk (says they have the protocol number) awaiting his signature which it will receive amid some future (apocalyptic) turmoil. (Update on 1/23/2023: Pope Benedict XVI has passed away, setting Međugorje back to zero.)
  • C H U R C H . . .
    As it does to Jesus and Mary Međugorje likewise trivializes the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church and its ordained hierarchy, and the gospel, credal, dogmatic and orthodox Faith which (again together with Jesus and Mary) are absolutely 100% essential for any solid hope of obtaining salvation!
    Point of dogma that Međugorje calls into question: Are the Church and the Faith required to mediate God’s work with humans?
  • Međugorje says no:
    ⚠️ “All religions are equal before God” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1 October 1981, per the Chronological Corpus of Medjugorje [Chronicle of the Apparitions?], p. 317);
    ⚠️ “All religions are dear to me and my Son…The Muslims and the Orthodox, like the Catholics, are equal before my Son and before me: for you are all my children”; (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Rev. Marjian Ljubić in The Virgin Mary is Appearing in Yugoslavia, p.71);
    ⚠️ GOD DIRECTS ALL DENOMINATIONS AS A KING DIRECTS HIS SUBJECTS THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF HIS MINISTERS” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Rev. Svat Kraljević in The Apparitions at Medjugorje, p. 58);
    ⚠️ “Each one’s religion must be respected, and you must preserve yours for yourselves and for your children” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Rev. Svat Kraljević in The Apparitions at Medjugorje, p.68);
    ⚠️ “You cannot be a Christian without respecting others be they Muslims or Orthodox. In God there are no religions nor divisions; it is you in the world who have created divisions” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by New Age Jesuit and Teilhard de Chardin enthusiast Rev. Robert Faricy, SJ, in Mary Speaks to the World, p.51 [de Chardin was a tragic again Evolutionism/Dispensationalism/Mormonism–influenced “evolving God” obsessive who was fictionalized in the character “Father David Telemond” in the 1986 film The Shoes of the Fisherman based on the 1963 book by the same title]);
    ⚠️ The holiest woman in the village is a Muslim woman named [Koskin-Mehmed] “Pasha” whom the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” are counseled to imitate for her humility and sincerity of faith (said to be attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary within official Međugorje documentation: source unfortunately unknown and earnestly requested);
    ⚠️ between August 1984 and April 1985 the apparitions continued to take place in the parish church in open defiance of the Bishop of Mostar’s clear proscription (one of the most helpful signs you could ever ask for that an apparition or other prophecy is false, just under if its predictions fail to come to pass [which we also have in Međugorje], is if the apparition itself disobeys Church authority);
    ⚠️ The Christians who come to church without preparation, without communion, without an act of thanksgiving after communion, it would be better if they didn’t come (said to be attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary within official Međugorje documentation: source unfortunately unknown and earnestly requested);
    ⚠️ Bishops and even sometimes religious superiors need not be obeyed by the Franciscan priests who vowed obedience to them, but those same scandalous and disturbing friars are themselves to be obeyed (said to be attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary within official Međugorje documentation: source unfortunately unknown and earnestly requested);
    ⚠️ “I recently asked the Virgin this question [whether many souls are damned], and she told me that nowadays most souls go to Purgatory” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Mirjana Dragičević [Soldo] according to New Age Jesuit and Teilhard de Chardin enthusiast Rev. Robert Faricy, SJ, in Mary Speaks to the World, p. 64);
    ⚠️ in January 1982 the Blessed Virgin Mary is alleged to have given two Franciscan priests who had been removed from their order and placed under suspension by their bishop, one of whom was later found to have fathered a child by a nun, “her” permission to say Mass and hear Confessions (curled-lipped “Sneering Seer” Vicka Ivanković [Mijatović] was asked “If the Lady said this, and the Pope says that they cannot—” a now visibly defensive Vicka shot back with an unhinged sort of Jezebelligerence™: “The Pope can say what he wants; I’m telling it like it is” [or rather in hindsight like it clearly wasn’t], per Bishop Pavao Žanić).
    ❚❚ Now let’s just freeze frame and unpack this last one for a moment. “THE POPE CAN SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS.” In other words, that out-of-touch man (who it’s probably safe to say wasn’t pro-mob) can say all sorts of different things, but only Vicka Ivanković (Mijatović) is reliably telling us the truth. As if the Pope merely spoke for himself. As if the Pope spoke without a flicker of apostolic authority. As if the Pope’s words did not command the immediate reverential obedience of all Catholic ordained clergy and professed religious. As if the Pope were completely unreliable in matters of Church discipline. As if the Church on every level were merely a free-for-all where the best con artist wins. But how can we doubt that this aptly summarizes the worldview of this eldest of the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) of Međugorje, the worldview of manipulative mafiosi who are used to throwing their weight around exactly as Jesus told his disciples not to do and parodying all that is Church for their ultimately undeniably exploitative ends? They are without doubt the satans and anti-Christs of the world, and God is not mocked, and his holy angels avail this blog post unto the day of their long-awaited reckoning and that of all crypto-heathen. Amen.

Take a moment now to appreciate the fact that the only conversion Međugorje encourages is that of their local ordinary (and secondarily everyone else) to believing in the messages. Medge-heads are literally the Chabadniks of Catholicism. So how anyone calls this “Catholic” rather than “cult” is frankly anyone’s guess.

Malachi Martin, exorcist, actual prophet and open critic of the excesses of Vatican II, says “Međugorje is a Satanic hoax” offering the following three reasons:
1. Its “seers” don’t submit to the Church.
2. Its “messages” promote religious indifferentism.
3. Its seers’ “trance state claim” has been disproved.
This may help you remember what is going on with Međugorje:

  • The Church (brace for impact) says YES:
    “Outside the Church there is NO salvation” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 845b, caps added);
    “You MUST believe in the Trinity to save your soul” (Our Lady of Fátima, caps added), and these first two quotes seem to make it inconceivable for either Holy Mother Church or the Blessed Virgin Mary (even though there have obviously been some minor backwalks of papal teaching) to sign off on anything that refers to the one true God of Jesus and of the disciples thereof as having some kind of simultaneous command over imams, rabbis, Rasputin, Jesuits, etc., and perhaps a key point that Medge-heads are dying to hear is that the virtue or vice of my faith as well as of my obedience depends greatly if not entirely on to which “lord and master” I am “disciple and servant” (bearing in mind that it is always the superordinate that should serve the subordinate and the clergyman that should serve the layman—and that abjectly!) both immediately and ultimately with hierarchical layers which are themselves no greater in number, in secrecy, or in oppressiveness than is absolutely necessary (see also the Catholic-ese term for localism, which is subsidiarity);
    “The Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day and [of the Lord’s] Eucharist is at the heart of the Church’s life. ‘Sunday is the day on which the paschal mystery is celebrated in light of the apostolic tradition and is to be observed as the foremost holy day of obligation in the universal Church’” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2177). What may be a more serious sin than failure to report for the obligatory Masses is knowingly attending Mass presided over by a disobedient (apart from heresy-promoting) priest. (Question for discussion: Are we dealing with willfully disobedient men or simply mindless lemmings of Our Lady of Međugorje who both teaches and exemplifies disobedience to Christ’s earthly reps and even directly to Christ Himself?) Either way, religious indifferentism, which Međugorje is constantly spouting, since it implicitly condones all heresies, is incomparably heretical quo pandoxical.

If this blogger were to be perfectly honest, there are many women who he has witnessed to express themselves with a tone, spirit and content similar to the ones in which the alleged Apparition of Međugorje speaks. But none of those women were ladies, and certainly none were Our Lady who though she occasionally had pure-hearted questions for Our Lord continued along the path of perfect obedience and the inward, upward, and rightward path to perfect union with God.

  • H E L L . . .
    As with Jesus, Mary, and the Church, Međugorje trivializes eternal afterlife punishments!

    Point of dogma that Međugorje calls into question: In terms of the torments of hell, do they vary from soul to soul and do they continue unabated for eternity rather than say regress toward a limbonic mean?
  • Međugorje says no:
    ⚠️ “The souls in hell eventually become comfortable” (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary** per Michael Voris of Church Militant in the video just below this section);
    ⚠️ All sufferings in hell are equal (attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary per Michael Voris of Church Militant in the video just below this section).
  • The Church (which is unilaterally skeptical of all but the earliest alleged Marian apparition-locutions [ecclesially classed as private revelations] at Međugorje) says YES:
    “[I]t shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the day of judgment, than for [Corozain and Bethsaida]” (Jesus of Nazareth in Matthew 11:22b and again in Luke 10:14b [D–R]);
    “The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1035b).
  • Note: Riddle me this, Batman. The late great Dr Eugenio Scalfari was an Italian journalist, a Member of Parliament, the founder of La Repubblica (who as the Seattle Times eulogizes “revolutionized Italy’s journalism”), and described his earlier self as “young, happy and fascist” prior to exchanging this label for “socialist” (read lifelong fascist and socialist I’m pretty sure) and apparently was always an atheist. (?) It is common knowledge that this Dr Scalfari was a long-time friend (draw your own conclusions) to Jorge Bergoglio, SJ–turned–Pope Francis a.k.a. “the Panchapapa”. In the past Dr Scalfari has informed us that the Panchapapa allegedly told his more straight-shooting com-rad that 2% of clergy were devils who preyed on children (although, as you can imagine, the words of the Panchapapa, who had ridden into Rome on a wave of child predator cover-ups and who has even worn vestments that are a dead-ringer for an FBI-identified “boy lover preference” symbol (namely the overlapping triangular spiral), were much more sympathetic toward these monsters and therefore less sympathetic toward their innocent young victims). Dr Scalfari has also told us that the Panchapapa expressed his similarly childhood development-sabotaging goal that all adulterous (divorced/remarried) Catholics who asked would be admitted to Holy Communion. According to Dr Scalfari, whose career was built on selectively targeting “the right”, Pope Francis expressed in thean courseinterview of their frequent interviews (!) the Jesuit pope’shis personal position that hell did not exist (in the sense of annihilationism a.k.a. conditional immortality), that Christ was not divine (nor even godly, at least not while he was on earth), and that there was no resurrection other than of a ghost, all threeboth of which, circling back to the topic of this post, sound suspiciously like two if you will end-stage Međugorjean (again annihilationist and Nestorian respectively) teachings. (Sidebar question: What do the Jesuits believe, and how much sway to they hold over the thoughts of say USA Catholics?) The reader will further note that the Vatican has never directly gainsaid these quotes that Dr Scalfari attributed to the Panchapapa, nor much less has Rome bothered to clear the air on the Panchapapa’s Catholic orthodoxy. Scalfari for his part never retracted (protip: make a habit of reading the fine print, folks) but rather maintained as factual until his dying day that yes the Panchapapa had indeed spoken these two (well four) very un-Catholic but also perhaps very sneakily Judeo-Jesuit heresies to his arch-leftist “compagno”. Nor has the Vatican ever been able to cite even just one example to justify their libelous slur that Dr Scalfari was in the habit of quoting his interviewees in some kind of Italianly free-spirited manner lest we be able to pin down where the good doctor supposedly elaborated on one of his stories, but the Vatican bugger-ocracy has chosen instead to dig itself an even deeper grave (well in the eyes of any actual critical thinker who nonetheless somehow still bought into the Panchapapa papacy at that point) by painting Scalfari as a comedian rather than the leftist statesman and world-revered editor-in-chief that he was who was simply not known for going after (real) fellow-leftists. As one eye said to the other, “just between us, something smells”. Smells like soulless careerism to me! Scalfari (a lifelong radical but perhaps for the first time sensing that he had now finally stepped into something sticky) in his response went no farther than to say non-specifically that some of his quotes were heard second-hand, which is not the same as the Vatican’s libel that would have you believe that Dr Scalfari was given to misusing quotation marks on “personal and free interpretation[s] of what he heard”. The Vatican todayRome is in utter chaos, ostensibly the pangs of a Chrislamichot Newmess Worldthese Religion.days! Yet I digress, so now we return you to Međugorje already in progress.
Another home run by veteran stem-winder Michael Voris!
The gnostic serpent that eats its own tail.
The real messaging here is that we must become Freemasons or die.


Međugorje’s overall tone is one that favors a Freemasonic or an Illuministic system of values to include discrete pluralistic polyreligonism where each major/organized/respectable sectarian grouping is said to be (as Pope Francis has said, who also has a track record of downplaying the reality of Jesus, of hell, and of the rest) all part of the will of someone or some thing they call God (not yours and mine rest assured), and hence their “Gospa” is more like the hermaphroditic Goddess of US–Constitutional Liberties. As Teresa of Kolkata famously said (quoted in her bio-flick Mother Teresa of Calcutta apparently channeling the late Sathya Sai Baba), “A Christian should be a good Christian. A Hindu should be a good Hindu. A Muslim should be a good Muslim.” Oh really? And what about a Satanist? Crickets.

And note that Mother Teresa as well as Our Lady of Međugorje, both of whom have clearly manifested their religious indifferentism (see above), have had the same international money-hounding Jesuit handler, the wandering bishop Pavol Mária Hnilica, heavily involved in their lives. Overall, Hnilica seems like a guru on how to steer “private revelations” to sort of intravenously feed Freemasonry- and Saint Gallen-compliant heresy into the Church. Hnilica is, by all appearances, that shepherd who won’d enter through the gate since the sheep would know better than to eat what he is trying to feed them; they might even charge if they saw his true colors. That’s where Vatican II–level sneakiness comes in, and that’s where Charismatic “order through chaos” comes in. True mariology is beautiful precisely because it is simple and sobering and grounded (LITERALLY HER FEET OUGHT TO BE VISIBLE AND CRUSHING THE SERPENT), but that isn’t what Međugorje is, we all know it, and I’m just saying it. Another pattern with Hnilica is that, whether it’s the Međugorje visionaries or the “anonymous” author of the triumphalistically titled devotional In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph: Consecration-Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (apparent author Theresa Antonia López once famous at the Mother Cabrini shrine in Golden, Colo., with signed painter Stanislav “Stano” Dusik and prefaced by A REVEREND “FR DOMINICK MARIA” WHOM LITERALLY NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF) everyone this Jesuit bishop has worked with depicts Mary as having her feet covered. (I mean for Pete’s sake, it’s not like I’m over here telling you there are hooves, but since you brought it up yes there are hooves.)

And so no just because you “feel strengthened” in what you’re willing to settle for as “your faith” or your institutionalism (eerily similar to the illusion under which our “politically correct” / “woke” culture labors) that only means in context that this is an almost inconceivably devious trap laid by Nazi collaborators (again more religiously indifferentistic and better at brainwashing as well as higher-tech than many suppose) most likely using some of the same propaganda techniques their Axis masters taught these Ustaše minions. But try to be patient: more on “Catholic Charismatic Renewal Retreats” is coming!

A fool and his money: a short history of “divine wrath abatement schemes”

  • Money changers (Jerusalem)
  • Idol pantheon (Mecca)
  • Indulgences for “alms” (Wittenberg)
  • “The continuation of Lourdes-Fátima” (Međugorje, public outcry still pending)

Please take a shot at trying to appreciate for yourself the parallels between those “German National Socialists” and these so-called “Queen of Peace” “prayer warriors”

  • Their claims to legitimacy are based entirely on the premise that they are opposing the Communists (that is, it rests on a political and not a spiritual principle).
  • They clearly exhibit a mastery of infernal magic and secret society affiliations by the ways in which they tweak the host-religion.
  • They appeal primarily to women and to compromised men.
  • Their ambition for which they will work tirelessly and keep repeating the same mantras over and over and OVER and over is total social control.
  • They are wolves sent to control the chaos by the same people who create the chaos, i.e. controlled opposition.

So for the reasons mentioned above, Međugorje in its entirety must never, can never and will never enjoy Rome’s approval. In lieu of this, the nominal and edifying process would unfold in the following manner: the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators), following a conditional exorcism if it is determined that there is some possibility that the alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) could be infernally authentic rather than merely human in their source, will need to continue to completion the process of handing over to their bishops as well as to their pope ALL diaries and other chronicles, recanting ALL errors, repenting of ALL sin and scandal, and lastly naming ALL of their ringleaders, present as well as past. Quite aside from their unconditional necessity, these steps will most likely have the added benefit that they will result in further salutary excommunications as they already have in the case of Tomislav Vlašić. Once all of that has been accomplished, the opportunity presents itself that as many as comply will again be on the road to achieving a state in which heaven, much less ecclesial servanthood status, is on the radar screen for these adolescent so-called “children” who to be clear at no time even remotely preceding the age of reason claimed any apparitions, much less locutions. Much the same would be required of any friars, laypersons, and ranking members of the Catholic hierarchy who, knowingly or unknowingly, have abused their respective charisms to sow heresy far and wide. The agenda of the flesh has obviously had its day in the sun and its fun at the expense of Christ’s bride. But done is done, and we must, can and by God’s grace will get back on the same page of our missals with heaven lest we be shams, frauds and devils in the eyes of man as many already are in the eyes of our one true God who looks primarily at the heart, at the love therein. The window for hopping off that fence is fast closing. (For more metaphors, read the parables, read the Gospel: it’s all there, nothing new under the sun when it comes to those identifiers that reliably signal and track iniquity.) God is not mocked, these tacky 1970s churchfairy parlor tricks are in their golden years, and it is once again “time for the Lord to act”!

Camera B. I find it very enlightening (one might even say illuminating) to note the reasons why the occultist Freemasons and their idols the racialist Rabbinists are motivated, in the context of their own current ambitions, to leverage their often subtle, occasionally violent, always ritualistic influence to inject a so-called Spirit of Vatican II and the Charismatic Renewal (all of them to a man believers in something like a theological “evolutionary theory”) into the bloodstream of Catholic culture. (The Spirit of Vatican II may be summarized as avoiding anything that might offend even the most liberal of our separated brethren [Freemasonic Grand Master’s orders no doubt], which if you really think that through ends up meaning that we have to tolerate everybody and CEASE ALL EFFORTS TOWARD EVANGELIZATION [PARTICULARLY OF FREEMASONIC AND ESPECIALLY B’NAI B’RITH TYPES WHO ARE ROYALTY IN THE OCCULT GLOBALIST TRIBE] AND TOWARD REAL CATECHESIS [I.E. DOCTRINAL CLARITY], so just give that a moment to sink in. As for the Charismatic portion, one need only read all of Blessed Paul’s two letters to the Corinthians to learn of the corruption and toxic gossip environment that generally attends “anointing-manic” communities, Wesleyan Holiness/Pentecostalism/Charismaticism [itself together with Dispensationalism very much theologically upstream of Mormonism as one delves into American history!] has a way of bringing the sociopathic grifters right out of the woodwork.) Of course we can see on the surface that these are two things that the “poor”/”humble”/”simple” Franciscans have been frantically pushing in any parish that lets them in the door. Very simply put, underhandedly seditious subcultures understand the subtle power of glorious, reverent “rote” ceremony and of a strong and vocal belief in the traditions of one’s group. And they certainly prize the character trait of self-control in their own “brethren”. They constantly exhibit measured movements and discretion (the hidden hand, the hushed lips) in everything they do from their windowless lodges to their high-profile assassinations. And so it makes sense that they would join forces with “poor”/”humble”/”simple” (spineless, neurotic, narcissistic, garden variety deep state plants) Franciscans to make use of the Order’s optically Christlike persona as a vehicle to transfer all of that pomp and circumstance from the church into the lodge with most laypersons being none the wiser. In the minds of these inwardly primitive oligarchs, many of whom honestly are probably only radicals because they are constitutionally incapable of executing a productive role within civilization, Catholics must never speak of Triumph or Victory any more than (self) Sacrifice or Purity, all of which produces a consciousness within which Freemasons and Talmudists have almost insurmountable difficulty infiltrating and hypnotizing the populace which would allow them to continue to advance with their curses and other spells. And whether or not you believe in the efficacy of their many Wiccanisms (I believe them to be of relative power more or less as I’m describing), the fact remains that the rich and influential cliques surely do believe—and that devoutly! And the clear implication is that these Satanic witches don’t want you having strong beliefs or morals because these resist the power of their quite high or ceremonial magic. Be healthy and holy!

“Be you humbled therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in the time of visitation: Casting all your care upon him, for he hath care of you. Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us into his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, will himself perfect you, and confirm you, and establish you.”

1 Peter 5:6–10

We must see the big picture, we must see the kingdom, or there’s little point to any of this and all we’re left with is an empty cathedral just waiting to be deconsecrated and demolished.

Here’s a picture of what a Franciscan isn’t

The following video is in Portuguese (the language of Fátima), but I post it due to its clarity and light-heartedness:

“A joyful mind maketh age flourishing: a sorrowful spirit drieth up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22, D–R)

Blogger’s comments: Whoever or whatever this Međugorje messenger is, we can’t help agreeing that it has good reason to pray all the prayers of the Holy Rosary thus begging God the Father of mercies for forgiveness since, if nothing else, this often visibly unclean spirit is teaching heresies (as well as disobedience as we’ll see) to tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children”—in all apparent probability sending them barreling down the road to hell—while impersonating her who gave birth to God the Son! In a twisted way, these again formally and manifestly heretical attempts at softening Catholic Dogma may signal the rogue Franciscans’ twisted sense of balance, their misguided attempt at atoning for the frankly unimaginably petty and cold-blooded acts of sectarian as well as racist violence by their elder brothers (certainly their very religious superiors!) during WWII. The feeling is that we are looking at, by analogy, sloppy or botched exorcisms that end by attracting more demons (Cf. Matthew 12:43–45 or Luke 11:24–26)?

According to actual 🤨 Catholic Church teaching (and directly contrary to the demonic misquote of Pope Urban VIII that is discussed toward the bottom of this post—one of a well-established pattern of misquotes so mindlessly spread by Medge-heads ever desperately angling for authority), according to actual 🤨 Catholic Church teaching, if you don’t believe in Fátima you are still equally eligible for heaven, but if you believe in Međugorje then you can in no wise be eligible for heaven, since MEĐUGORJE’S “MESSAGES” HAVE EFFECTIVELY DECLARED OPEN SEASON ON THE THE VERY HEART OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH CONCERNING THE ESSENTIAL NATURE OF JESUS, MARY, THE CHURCH, AND DIVINE JUSTICE. Hence when you’re an actual 🤨 Catholic you hold fast to the knowledge that it is always better to err on the side of reverence rather than reaction. “Fools rush in where angels dare not tread.” People who follow Međugorje are either gleefully instigating scandal or have lost their minds, and the first step in deescalating them is to discern which type of person you are dealing with—which end of that whole codependency pool if you will—so that you can apply either public denunciation or merely good old-fashioned tough love to each case.

Okay, now you’ve read the obligatory parts of this article. The rest is bonus features. Even if you do intend on reading on, I ask: if you learned anything that you think could be potentially soul-saving, that you pause right now and share this article with your friends, family, fellow-parishioners and fellow–prayer group members. Thank you.

A discussion that’s much calmer than the blog post that follows!

Now for our AP class let’s start with some social context. In understanding how this insulting travesty ever got off the ground, one has got to come to terms with the fact that Croats today (essentially the hillbillies of the Slavs) are largely cultural “Catholics” and that in addition the friars who tightly supervise the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) are unscrupulous to say nothing of lawless opportunists and as such unequivocally not good shepherds. These alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations), which are openly planned through human scheduling (usually at around 6:40pm local time [internationally 18.40] these days among the three still claiming to receive heavenly visits) and therefore more like séances than what one normally terms “apparitions”, are tightly controlled by the local (mis?)representatives of the Franciscan Order as we will be seeing, and so nowhere in the process is there concern for orthodoxy, which of course elegantly sums up the first section of this post. Indeed, when taken together, the obvious agenda behind these openly anti-Evangelical “apparition-locutions” would seem to be one of blunting or softening those more challenging of Church teachings and therefore also the blunting or softening of Rome’s apostolic authority. Now in defense of Gospa devotees (hereafter Medge-heads) all of this may very well register as acceptable to the undiscerming ear when under the trance of disinhibiting “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” human experimentation techniques (plus what drugs?), and thus the goal of these mesmeric methods comes into view. The operative psychology here is very much that of Islam or Mormonism◄01► (if you were to picture a triumphalistic fantasy-RPG designed for the Religious Right of the Baby Boom generation). All of this shows the Međugorje message to be a canny pivot for the friars given that Islam, as a cursory study will show, lacks both the administrative centrality and the theology of exclusivity that Catholicism teaches, precisely what Međugorje seems determined to drive out of the minds of the faithful.

…which only serves to make these “easy, breezy, evasive/escapist quotes” from high-caliber Catholic clerics that much more alarming…

“Servant of God” Hans Urs von Balthasar said:
“Everything concerning Međugorje is authentic from a Catholic point of view.”

This “tie-noosed priest” literally said (Hegelianly) that there are no completely truthful statements either in Scripture or anywhere else and that all Catholics are “obliged” to “hope” that all men are saved because (apart from the total lack of truthful statements that von Bathasar posits) Jesus chose to remain ignorant and spread misinformation (two things that would seem to describe von Bathasar infinitely better than Our Lord!). And now von Balthasar apparently wants us to become intoxicated on this notion that like the Second Council of the Vatican itself Međugorje may somehow escape prosecution on charges of manifest heresy while blue-bloodedly sowing the seeds of heresy. Note that von Balthasar is a major influence on Bishop Robert Barron, a man who is to Fulton Sheen everything that Međugorje is to Fátima, namely a copycat that does the New World Order’s bidding.

Warsaw Archbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C. (i.e. Society of the Catholic Apostolate) said:
“[Apart from the many charities {since proved to have been fraudulent fronts to fund the Croat military, see below}], what confirms the authenticity of the place [what does that phrase even mean?] is the great effort that is being made at the level of Christian formation*.

Archbishop Hoser was Pope Francis’s Holy See Special Envoy to, then Apostolic Visitor to, Međugorje until his passing which we’re told was due to COVID-19. Back in 2013 Hoser was intensely criticized when he refused to remove a priest from active duty who was convicted of molesting two altar boys. On the other hand, Hoser removed a priest called Wojciech Lemanski, who had used his pulpit to continually and vocally condemn Poland’s anti-Semitic tendencies and the Church’s lenient treatment of clerics accused of sexual abuse. (!) So more institutionalist than moralist I warrant. 😒

René Laurentin—French priest, “Mariologist” and “spirit of Vatican II” extremist—ascribed the following to Međugorje:
“A post-conciliar style”;
“openness and topicality“;
“the apparitions of Međugorje do not have a retro style”;
“they are in keeping with post-conciliar pastoral theology”;
“the Gospa encourages openness and ecumenism.”

An approximation of the overall cultural structure, at least where Baby Boomers are concerned.
As the eldest of the six purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesiologically classed private revelators) Vicka Ivanković (Mijatović) said, “The Pope can say what he wants; I’m telling it like it is”.
Were one to continue inward along this line of thinking, one would undoubtedly find oneself an outright Nestorian, and it is undeniably the Nestorian theology of what is known as the Church of the East (this is a specific communion rather than some broad designation) that has wormed its way into the Vatican ever since the so-called Catholic Couterreformation made the Jesuits the breaktroops of a then newly emerging (and now all but defunct) Popecore™ Catholicism.


Now here at last is something we can ALL agree on: Međugorje is all about brusquely shoving Catholics in a modern, streamlined, and secular direction by completely contradicting all other Marian apparitions! Rev. Laurentin, addressing the nagging lack of (supernatural) signs (though frequently suggested by “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” handlers they’re never evident to the un-coached, whence the chronically negative investigative results)—which is bad enough even before you consider that it disproves purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionist (ecclesially classed as a private revelator) Ivan Dragičević’s glowing prophecy—granted only that Ivan had “proceeded imprudently”. Like not to question a priest of Our Lord or anything, and I’m betting you have no more faculty than I to excommunicate anyone, but there comes a point where you simply cannot keep putting off the question: WHAT KIND OF FULLY POSSESSED REPROBATE PSYCHOPATH WILLFULLY AND KNOWINGLY FOLLOWS A FALSE PROPHET? Can we honestly ask for greater obviousness about what is really happening here? Would any of us presume to pray for more horribly clear focus, not to mention credence, in favor of that label beloved by tradition-oriented Catholics of a KGB-engineered “Spirit of Vatican II” cult***? And then we find ourselves compelled, in the face of all of this apocalyptic spiritual grotesqueness, to chuckle at the irony that this cult (if cult it be) held its nose in order to resort to reproducing the three things they hate perhaps above all (Mary, pilgrimages, and fasts) in order to continue performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on the already fetid corpse that is their at best humanly inspired vision of the Church and keep pushing the central lie of universalism (multiversalism?), Satan’s counterfeit of Catholicism. Turns out they’re fine with Mary as long as she isn’t crushing the serpent and with pilgrimages provided they ooze with the prosperity anti-gospel of Joel Osteen! And so what initially appears “revealed”—and later just “refreshingly apolitical”—soon takes on a considerably more prosaic New World Order (through chaos) aspect upon further scrutiny.

And much more about the moral character of the actors involved coming up…

Part of the former Yugoslavia
Croatian (Latin-based) and Serbian (Greco-Cyrillic–based) alphabets of the Serbo-Croatian language
with international pronunciation key

Is there any “Fátima logic” that allows for another revelation to claim Fátima’s legacy while ignoring the topic of the consecraton of Russia?

Categorically not, the reason being that the mission of Fátima (whose words by contrast have consistently been shown to be true) is not yet completed. I’ll say it again: The mission of Fátima is not yet completed. In the person of Pope Francis the Holy See, winking at Međugorje, has deteriorated to the point of openly animistic idolatry. The show they produced (sorry but that’s all that was) of allegedly consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was in point of fact not completed in compliance with Our Lady of Fatima’s stipulations, and Međugorje mysteriously never once broaches the topic of the consecration of Russia—in fact it refers to Fátima zero times! Therefore, Međugorje (whose words by contrast have frequently been shown to be false [as well as all kinds of spiritually ruinous]) is simply there to distract the attention of all whose gaze may be diverted away from God’s work. Međugorje, therefore, is the devil’s anti-Fátima, complete with ten new anti-secrets, although only the first three are consistent across all purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators), giving us (for you arithmeticians) a grand total of 45 Međugorje anti-secrets. (Footnote: And let’s not forget the “Fátima II contestant” who placed second, Stefano Gobbi [whose alleged locutions confirm that they do in fact come from an unclean spirit that is in league with the one that charms the masses at Međugorje]! And then there’s this in the full spirit of Pope Francis.) Members FDIC (Fátima Deuterocanonical Impersonators Club).

Croatian national flag.
It wouldn’t be unkind to call Croats “the hillbillies of the Slavs”. Their dependency on the Italian Mafia (or rather the Neapolitan Camorra [see Hill Cumorah]) is roughly analogous to the Klan’s subordinate relationship to Freemasonry, Neo-Nazism, and ultimately Rabbinism. We’re dealing with a people who, with some notable exceptions doubtless intimidated into silence until now (a great reason to share this blog post so that maybe they’ll start blowing the whistle), straight-up lack the spiritual sensitivity to grasp the peacemaking ways of real Catholicism: hence why they view and use the Faith almost exclusively prosaically, as a vehicle to advance their own race at the expense of everyone and anyone else.
“More glorious beyond compare than the seraphim”, yet never does Mary ever cover her feet!
But yes, for the record, this is what blew in when we opened the doors at the Second Council of the Vatican. Easy, breezy escape from reality, no more punishments or “chastisements” like in all the approved Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations): that’s the Međugorje shrine to a tee! Note the lack of heels, which are the part of Mary that the Tempter fears, consistent with the Luciferian “Enlightenment” tone of a great many of her alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations). And this is the same “Mary” who prays “forgive us our trespasses” and whose garments become stained from people touching them. You see what they did there? Pretty neat, huh? (NOT!!!)
The lack of feet is an enormous problem. Feet are always present in legitimate Marian apparitions. Sometimes they crush the head of a serpent. But they always differentiate her from an infernal impersonator!

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign” (Matthew 16:4, D–R).
“And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying: Peace, peace: and there was no peace” (Jeremiah 6:14, D–R).

There is an old saying that all that glitters is not gold. And as we’ll learn, not all who wear brown hoods are pure of intent nor do they necessarily even outwardly pretend to be of peace, beyond simply mouthing the word (a Freemasonic characteristic to be sure)! (Not to mention the Yugoslav Wars (1991–2001) being the only major conflict in Europe since 1945! (B&H = Bitterness and Hatred?)

But before dealing with the popular counterfeit, my approach is to start with a quick rundown of unpopular yet sound spirituality, i.e. the Narrow Way. But first this seems like a good place to note that this post will not be dealing with the numbers of visitors or even religious enlistments, however “confirming” these may be to those already in the tank. Popularity isn’t the same thing as fruits (and last time I checked the Church teaches that invalid confessions are worse than no confession); rather, it is persecution that signals a good harvest. “The blood of the martyrs are the seed of the Church.” In fact, as the true Christians said of the Arians, “they have the churches, but we have the Faith”.

I remember hearing once that in heaven there is only music and silence. In other words the genuinely devout soul, far from frantically thumbing beads, pursues recollection and allows no mundane (much less scandalous) chatter to fend of the threat of “dead air”, no banal, spirit-draining chatterbox experience (albeit baiting us with that initial silent apparition then tap, tap, tapping us along with postponed and ultimately unfulfilled promises of some great sign that never was).

And I remember, by contrast, learning about how German churchgoers were told to “sing a little louder” when from a Nazi cattle train that had to make an emergency stop nearby, cries for help could be heard from the Oriental types who were being forcibly shuttled back east in Germany’s Ashkenazi-funded and meth-fueled reenactment of the Spanish Inquisition.

The fact of the matter is that the mature soul stays true through any and all dark and desolate nights, stoically or soberly, without digressing in order to favor deceitful comforts. The fact is that this mature soul is the soul that will one day be awakened◄04► and forever after behold the radiant face of her God who is the perfection of charity and therefore of every virtue: that is of every strength of character. Indeed the great Doctor of the Church John of the Cross counsels spiritually minded Christians to make an effort to resist “spiritual sweetness” but for sure never on any account to seek it. But who among us◄05► may be reckoned as mature in the Lord? Who of us can actually say that union with God is what we’re going for with our church or other activities? Arguably, where does such a pursuit fit in with today’s parish (or for that matter friary) life? These are tough questions, the short answer would be to seek first God’s kingdom and to have the unitive love of God as your entire goal, but it is of course understandable on a carnal level that many today apparently will put them off so as to prioritize the chatter of easier, breezier, more comfortable forms of Catholicism instead of the cross of Jesus of Nazareth, of John of Castile and of others. Carnally “understandable” that is, yet at the same time unspeakably unwise from an inner- and afterlife standpoint, and I have a hunch that we cannot afford to take for granted that Medge-heads have a sincere belief in the afterlife. But in any case even the most immature of Catholics can agree with me that it is certainly better to receive no apparition-locution from heaven than to receive one from the other place while believing it to be from heaven.

“Whereas the divine vision always conforms to the gravity and majesty of heavenly things, diabolical figures will infallibly have something unworthy of God, something ridiculous, extravagant, disorderly, or unreasonable about them.”

Rev. Albert FARGES, PSS

Much of the deeply Second Council of the Vatican–attached “Reformed Catholic” culture, perhaps from a preexisting insecurity at sensing its own optical redundancy, its hopeless incoherency, its clerical depravity—in short, its arguably demonically silly hideousness—and perhaps by being already predisposed toward the “Pentecostal Revival”—I mean “Catholic Charismatic Renewal”◄06►—and relatedly given to raging incoherently against their own (often “communist”) bishops, yet mystifyingly never against the Talmud or other “traditions of men” as Jesus (quoting Isaiah) did, and by just being what the clergy like to call “your more simple-faithed Catholics”, have acquired a rather jaded taste for the thrill of increasingly hardcore doom ideations◄07► with no apparent quality control over the authenticity much less wholesomeness of their at times (in layman’s terms) thoroughly suspicious apparition-locution suppliers (in the form in this case of purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists [ecclesially classed as private revelators]). If you’re taking notes, we’ve just covered all of the markings of a cult and of radicalization. (It ain’t just those Muslims, folks, and some of the fruits of Međugorje devotions (this “Gospa Gospel” or Gospal™◄29► for short) that we will be seeing should aid you in getting what I’m saying: “the enemy is us!”)

Now the current state of affairs could in part owe to the Vatican’s refusal since the 1950s to teach on the Apocalypse of Saint John (i.e. the Book of Revelation) or on the “end times”◄08►, bureaucratically producing this legally fictitious “prophecy vacuum”! Camera B: One pastoral lesson here: nature abhors a void, and when the Church’s preaching policies become too “safe”, other less scrupulous ministers will fill the gap. Indeed, as Marian expert Donal Foley summarizes in harmony with this bogger’s central thesis, “the only rational conclusion about Međugorje is that it has turned out to be A VAST, IF CAPTIVATING, RELIGIOUS ILLUSION”. Foley goes on to attribute the popularity of the Međugorje cult to the fact that Međugorje may appeal to Catholics confused by changes after the Second Council of the Vatican whose ham-handed enforcement (presumably by an occult society undercurrent that struck while the iron of disarray was hot: ORDER THROUGH CHAOS) of course belied the council’s pastoral rather than dogmatic nature. Could this be you? Is Mr Foley perhaps another bookish type who has personal job security reasons to blow off these important alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) coming from the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) of Međugorje? If you’re inclined to think this way, then definitely keep reading: the truth may surprise you.

Catholics today furthermore have to deal with their clergy being overrun by the hardcore St Gallen’s Mafia (a.k.a. the Lavender Mafia) that’s stuck in the 1970s promoting homosexual depredation (i.e. perverts), superficial worldliness (i.e. modernism), progressive politics (i.e. transhumanism, all CIA-shepherded every bit as much as the religious right is) and apparently fewer special callings to live more “visibly holy lifestyles”◄09► (and orthodoxy of belief is of course a formal impossibility under the circumstances with the exception of the one whistleblower who has come forward thus far, Marija Pavlović [Lunetti]), and so naturally they’re going to turn to the convincing supernaturalists and end-timers with their glowing promises of resurrecting your religion by any means necessary similar to a Billy Graham “crusade”. It’s perfectly natural, but then when it all proves to have been an ingenious device to corrupt your mind, then where do you turn?

So it was upon this spiritually bottomed-out and frenetically materialistic cultural landscape (a wicked and corrupt generation, if you will) that entered many 1980s alleged Marian apparitions particularly in Ireland and Italy, among them Our Lady of Međugorje (Međugorska Gospa in the original Croatian), legit pronounced /meh•jew•GORY•eh/ and meaning “betwixt mountains”, that would arguably become The Greatest Religious Show on Earth (Mostar ✠ Bishop Emeritus Ratko Perić, in denouncing Međugorje as false, has legit called it both a “religious show” and a “spectaculum mundo“), all believed by some investigators to have been set up by the same CIA that directed the public lives of both reliably crowd-pleasing thespians Pope John Paul II stationed at Old Rome and President Ronald Reagan reassigned from California to Washington, D.C.◄10►. This slick “arch-operation” that would define the 1980s (“Project: I’m Not a Real Leader but I Play One on TV”?) came out swinging as it entered the fray suspiciously choreographed to pose for photographic opportunities as the bright shining “hero” and take all the credit for the suicide of Bolshevik Qommunism◄11► and to cater to precisely this sort of heroin den demographic of Cold War–weary and apocalypse-crazed Baby Boom brats, raising the (ostensible) piety-dollars that would finance the Croat-dominated (98.5% in 2013) boomtown that is modern Međugorje in the municipality of Čitluk in the southern Herzegovinian region of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOT Croatia; a.k.a. Bosna i Hercegovina / Босна и Херцеговина, as of 1992, initially the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia carried over from World War II [gut-wrenching stories about the Franciscans from back then to follow!] then the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia [1991] and finally the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina [1995], the borders of which tract of land seem designed to balance out Bosniak versus Croat influence, whence the religious diversity [including a seldom-mentioned Jewish/Zionist shrine], and before all of that the Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

And no, this blogger is not being flippant in using substance abuse–suggestive wording here, as there is much to indicate that the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators)◄12► in Međugorje[09] were chronic smokers (against their parents’ orders, filial disobedience actually being a theme we will see repeated in Franciscan matters as well) and pathological liars (truly the kind of kids you can easily imagine getting in over their heads such that an unscrupulous adult with a flair for showmanship could get them “off the hook” by means of a win-win strategy—omnibus bono). The tween- and teen-aged purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) may have also taken hallucinogenics◄14►, but either way they almost certainly smoked something they didn’t want people to know about while at a still somewhat tender age just prior to their initial alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations)◄15►. Indeed one of the most damning things about the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) is how they changed their story regarding what they were doing atop Podbrdo Hill◄16►, first saying they had hiked up to smoke but later claiming that their aim had been to gather flowers. And there is furthermore something of a very astutely scripted mass–mind manipulation component here, woven into the stereotypically “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” element, comprising this operation◄17► which would obviously explain this CIA affinity for those familiar with spy world (and with the classically Franciscan modus operandi if we’re being brutally honest).

By way of a preliminary word to the wise, probably one of the best clues to assist the cool-headed discerner in getting the human and improvised nature of Our Lady of Međugorje (and indeed the tragically cognitively dissonant mental state of its Medge-heads) is that on 29 June 1981 Rev. Jozo Zovko gave the then tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” a Croatian-language book about Our Lady of Lourdes (which in terms of friar politics [which is what this whole article is about] had represented a big win for the OFM side against the OP side, that is against the Dominican rival-friars). After this, Mirjana Dragičević (Soldo) and Ivanka Ivanković declared that their alleged Marian apparitions would have the same duration as those in Lourdes (meaning that the Međugorje apparitions would all completely wrap up on 3 July 1981), claiming that in fact the Blessed Virgin Mary had told them it would end on this date, and this was recorded on audiotape. (They have since changed their story, indeed they later said that the Blessed Virgin Mary offered to continue appearing as long as the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” wanted her to [alternately when all six children had all ten of their respective {varying} secrets], accommodating their mundane and often sordid schedules and even moving as their gaze shifted (!), and indeed they have been claiming to receive Marian apparitions for over forty years now. In other words, the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) were the ones in charge because these weren’t apparitions in any conventional use of the word but were in fact séances or ouija sessions. It’s as if they “love” Our Lady in a very Jeffrey Dahmer sense of the word? There is a very clear and crucial difference between disposing oneself to God’s subtle promptings versus initiating and controlling one’s hallucinations.) It isn’t clear whether or not this second suspicious self-contradiction was the reason why from early on Tomislav Vlašić and Slavko Barbarić so extensively coached the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” that they even went to the extreme of forbidding the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) to give any statements without these men’s prior knowledge and insisted on reading the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children’s” diaries, but this is what their almost powerless ✠ Bishop, Ratko Perić, affirmed that they indeed did. Because there’s regular old clerical child abuse and then there’s “stay on script and no breaking character or the mafia’ll getcha”!

All of these data, one would have hoped, catch the eye of the soundly discerning Catholic as if each fact of the case were a bright red buoy warning sailors of underwater rocks. Thing is though, again the whole mood over there seems to be one of anxiety not to say desperation and clique culture—terms like cognitive dissonance and circular reasoning do bear repeating, alongside such counter-beatudinal dispositions as ambition, greed, and the intrigue one might expect from a group that, politically speaking, aspires to face off against the Vatican by masking worldliness with the words and gestures of spirituality—to the utter exclusion of cool-headed introspection, Church unity or obedience, never mind sound contemplation!


Now we are going to look at the biographies of some of the spiritual, psychological and finally sexual predators behind this operation who in the 1980s posed as members of the OFM (“Order of Franciscans Minor”) in a part of the world where the Franciscan friars were notorious for directly committing genocide (like physically pushing hundreds of Serbian Orthodox Christian women and children off cliffs [which really highlights the almost unimaginably nationalistic nature of the conflict that today is more waged in the organized crime and drug trade sector]) and even more shockingly for butting heads with their legitimate ordinary bishops.

(Church, State and Syndicate)

Note that all these men have had clear ties with at least two foreign organized crime◄18► syndicates. The first of these is the Croat separatist terrorist “Ustaše” /u•STAH•shah/, which was once instrumental in the Nazi occupation of the Balkans and all the way to Rome genociding Serbs, Jews and Roma. Though there’s no real doubt that the Međugorje operation benefits the Croat Mafia, it isn’t yet public knowledge how the money flows, although one orphanage fund was found to be used toward the Croat military and the partly Franciscan-owned Hercegovačka banka (a “private” bank [but then again so is the Federal Reserve] apparently set up to prevent their “occupiers” from profiting off of their operation) was shut down on suspicions that it was funding the Croat Democratic Union [HDZ] to arm Croat separatists—this known fraud is especially telling in view of the glowing statement by Holy See Special Envoy Warsaw Archbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C. (you know the one who praised their just unbelievably sketchy “Christian formation” program), that “what confirms the authenticity of the place is the large number of charitable institutions that exist around the sanctuary”. The second syndicate with which the OFMs of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been associated is the Neapolitan “Camorra” (a.k.a. “Campanian Mafia” and not to be confused with the Hill Camorra nor with the Comoros Islands of Captain James Kidd’s exploits), which according to Wikipedia controls the drug trade in Europe and is one of your older, more hardcore, more demonic organized crime syndicates, second only to the Sicilian Mafia with whom they do extensive clandestine substance trade in Italy, the other major difference being that Camorra is more federated while the Sicilian Mafia is more centralized with their formalities mimicking those of churchmen. The Camorrah are deeply involved in matters of church and state. These men do not play nice, and they are of shadow. But what this also means is that these friars had access to hardcore mind-altering substances for their golden egg–laying teens or for whomever, and some of these substances are likely unknown to the Muslim psychoanalyst who, perhaps sensing something of her own faith paradigm (namely very given to violent proselytism and to unexamined mysticism) within this Međugorje movement, chose words that betrayed her own personal bias in favor of Međugorje, a bias that makes sense in view of Međugorje’s clearly Islam-ish overtones and occasional celebration of the personal holiness of Muslims (as we saw above in the CHURCH section) perhaps to reward the psychoanalyst (more on the “Muslim doctress” below).

Early OFM ecclesial leaders of Mostar and Herzegovina

Okay so Franciscans generally are a “religious order” that may boast many worldly (literally global) advantages, and indeed this blogger has witnessed that their vocation recruiters (in the western hemisphere) are not above boasting of such advantages. “Own nothing; control everything” was said by the Rockefellers but likely felt and certainly practiced by many a monastic, friarly, and jesuitical order long before the industrial class ever rose to prominence. Bluntly put, thanks to the legacy of Francis (who long before Schopenhauer was a “Buddha of the West”), the Franciscan friar has safe passage to lands in which the Vatican’s more direct subordinates are unwelcome. The children of Francis are a permanent installment at the United Nations for example, and to pretend that they are really humble (when [a] they are trying to hook recruits on this basis and [b] “pride” as it were is one of their most salient characteristics today) is wishful thinking at best.

The friars whose names follow are further known to have jointly conducted experiments on human subjects including disinhibiting “sensitivity sessions” as E. Michael Jones has termed them, frequently with such drastic and alarming outcomes that similar sessions have now been criminalized in many countries, and the Diocese of Mostar has indeed cautioned the faithful against such “renewals” calling them “dubious”. Were Franciscans not exactly the first kind of person you would expect to be committing crimes against humanity? Well don’t stop reading now—we’re just getting warmed up!

    Rev. Jozo Zovko, OFM /YOH•zoh ZOFF•coh/
    Last known location: Zagreb, Croatia.
    Canonical status: relocated away from the town of Međugorje, reinstated after decades of defiance.
    Organizations: Catholic Church, Order of Franciscans Minor, “Catholic Charismatic Renewal”.
    Current bodily health: medically ordered rest for heart condition.
    This guy put the “God” in “Godfather”. The original coach or “advisor” (for like four days) to the initially tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” before being sentenced by the Communists to 3½ years, later reduced to 1½ years, of forced labor on charges of sedition (in lieu of the routine sentence to capital punishment), Zovko was eventually removed from Međugorje this time by Catholic Church authorities amid allegations that he was carrying on with female pilgrims in a sexually molesting manner. Riding this wave of perversion and corruption as a known Ustaše sympathizer, “Father Jozo” has become a top religious figure, rivaling any pope, and he has distanced himself from the others (below) whom he stepped on to get where he is today: organized crime influence again blatantly evident! In a November 2002 letter to Walter Rossi, Jozo Zovko’s ✠ Bishop Ratko Perić characterized Zovko as a “disobedient Franciscan”, that is to say that he has exercised the form of ministry while in violation of those vows without which he is no friar and no ministerial priest and indeed ✠ Bishop Perić clarified that Zovko had been stripped of “every faculty” to serve in public ministry since 1989 (which was the year Rome confirmed the local bishop’s revocation of Zovko’s priestly jurisdiction, a revocation they never actually enforced until twenty years later in 2009 when Zovko was finally reassigned to Croatia [and, even more shockingly, finally kept a vow and completed his assignment rather than go awol per was his custom]). Now after dismally failing the first two commissioned investigations, the (Card. Camillo) Ruini Commission finally decided that, at the absolute most, the first ten days of alleged (initially silent) Marian apparitions warranted further investigation, but beyond that the Ruini Commission saw way too much politics in all of subsequent alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) (i.e. those recorded as taking place after 3 July 1981, which again would mean that Our Lady of Međugorje did indeed run as long as Our Lady of Lourdes, i.e. just ten days and no longer—and only three more apparitions in those ten days), making Zovko the only coach who at least initially didn’t allow his order’s politics to influence the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children’s” alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) and that it would be the even more shameless showman Tomislav Vlašić who would undertake to twist the alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) in a personally expedient direction. (It is worth noting, however, that social scientist Raymond Eve writes rather clear-headedly concerning the Ruini-countenanced first ten alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) that “Ivanka [Ivanković], who was the first to perceive a visitation, had just lost her natural mother. The perception of apparitional experiences spread rapidly among her intimate peer group…The region’s tension and anxiety likely exacerbated this contagion process and the need to believe among the [illiterate] youthful protagonists”◄19►.
    Ex-Rev. Tomislav Vlašić, former OFM /TOM•iss•lav VLAH•shihh/
    Last known location: Gheda (Petfood), Italy.
    Canonical status: excommunicated (with extreme prejudice).
    Organizations: Catholic Church, Order of Franciscans Minor, “Catholic Charismatic Renewal”, Queen of Peace – Totally Yours – to Jesus through Mary (coed “monastery”), The Fortress of the Impeccable (?), Central Nucleus (heresiarch think tank), Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe (blatant rival to the Catholic Church).
    Current bodily health: unknown.
    Spoiler: clearly a “charismatic leader” in both senses of the word (really Catholicism’s version of the dispensationalist squad [Darby/Brookes/Larkin/Scofield, a similarly adulterous crew] who let’s remember did succeed in completely transplanting Evangelicalism from the Bible into Darby’s own occult geopolitics), this guy spells it not Međugorje but rather Međug-orgy! But seriously, if Mr. Tomislav Vlašić’s life has one thing to teach us it must be that disbedience is simply schism in its infancy. Through unrepeatable theological maneuverings (comparing his secret lover’s unwed pregnancy to that of the Blessed Virgin Mary), Vlašić fathered a child (later named Tomo) by this anonymous nun whom he then tried in vain to bribe into silence with a one-time payment (abortive intent implied; manipulators always expect their preys’ souls to sell cheaply). Vlašić’s baby’s nameless mama then moved with her son to Germany (a move that sources indicate Vlašić may have encouraged, and the ill-fated lovers seem to have kept written correspondence). While all this was going on, at a “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” pow-wow in Rome in May 1981 (the month preceding the onset of the alleged Marian apparitions in Međugorje), Briege McKenna, O.S.C. (a “Poor Clare”) “prophesied” (all under the direction of our covert mafia don Jozo Zovko) that Vlašić would be in a twin-towered church “surrounded by a large crowd” or group of people with rivers of “living water” flowing away from the place where he would sit, and a Dominican priest who then added: “Do not be afraid: I will send you my mother”. As it happened, a few weeks later, on 25 June 1981 the alleged Marian apparitions began also under Godfather Jozo Zovko’s direction, and Vlašić became their spiritual director on the 29th and forbade the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) to make any statements without his prior knowledge and insisted on reading the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children’s” diaries in an effort to put a stop to their erstwhile abysmal track record for internal consistency. (Like herding cats or Croats I tell you!) Then while Jozo Zovko was detained by the Soviets, Vlašić, with his experience in choreographing what again the Diocese of Mostar characterizes as “dubious Charismatic spiritual renewals” (say “human experimentation” without saying “human experimentation”) back in Čapljina, appears to have taken Zovko’s place, relocating from Čapljina where he was supposed to be pastor (just a chronic deadbeat type apparently) and on at least this occasion his Franciscan provincial, one Jozo Pejić /YOH•zoh PAY•yeahh/, joined him in disobedience (but you know I’m sure there are many fine men named Jozo too) to the town of Međugorje while having zero correspondence with, let alone permission from, his bishop, who approved the move only on 27 July 1982 (owing to his then unawareness of Vlašić’s whole affair, son and cover-up thang). In an ostensibly penitential statement on 3 April 1982 the tween- and teen-aged adolescent “children” made a great show of “confessing” that when the bishop had asked them on 15 January of that year whether or not the Blessed Virgin Mary had commented to them concerning the guilt or innocence of friar-priests Ivan Prusina /ee•VAHN proo•SEE•nuh/ and Ivica Vego /ee•VEE•kah VAY•goh/ who had been laicized on the charge that they had led an angry mob to evict a secular pastor (a pastor ho by the way had literally simply been installed TO BRING THE DIOCESE OF MOSTAR INTO COMPLIANCE WITH A PAPAL DECREE from 1975 called Romanis Pontificibus which to this day it is not yet in full compliance that we know of) in Mostar in what has become known as the Herzegovina Affair, Vlašić had manipulated them to lie to his bishop (millstone pending) and say that the Blessed Virgin Mary had said nothing about the validity of the bishop’s charges against the Franciscan priests when, according to their again showily “penitential” statement, the Blessed Virgin Mary had indeed allegedly proclaimed the friar-priests’ innocence to sneering-lipped Vicka Ivanković (Mijatović)◄20►, ordering that the two Franciscan priests be reinstated. (The purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators), seemingly always taking the sneakiest road possible, had already behind the scenes instructed the friar-priests to ignore their bishop’s orders laicizing the pair.) Later Rome would step on the bishop’s toes, complying with Our Lady’s apparent request by reinstating the two Mostar Franciscans in question, but later still it would be uncovered that Vego, far from being the innocent type, had like Vlašić fathered a child by a consecrated nun and covered it up. (Quick aside, why is it that Our Lady of Međugorje just never seems to detect the presence of love-children? Oh well, no matter.) Vego then shacked up with his paramour, settling down in that wretched hive of scum and villany known to you and me as Međugorje where St James (Sveti Jakov) Parish, notwithstanding everything, kept his bestselling prayer book in its inventory alongside Maria Valtorta’s once expressly forbidden The Poem of the Man-God. The erstwhile lawless couple however did eventually marry and (again like Vlašić) move to Italy. This state of affairs seemed to satisfy ✠ Bishop Žanić (also all sane people) that this whole Međugorje thing was indeed all just a cleverly orchestrated scam. The alleged Marian apparitions are chronicled in a brazenly fraudulent log kept by Vlašić and titled Chronicle of the Apparitions that was ultimately deemed “not credible” by a Vatican investigative commission. And just to get an idea, Rome will apply the term credible to anything unless and until it is demonstrably false. In this case, anachronisms abounded in the early entries so that based on simultaneous history it doesn’t appear that writing began any earlier than October of 1981. On 21 June 1983 and 6 February 1985, purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionist (ecclesially classed as a private revelator) Ivan Dragičević (who would later marry, I kid you not, a Miss Massachusetts by the name of Laureen Murphy having flunked out of two seminaries, with whom he lives in a $1M-plus mansion**** recalling the homes of our more corrupt churchmen), under Vlašić’s tutelage, went on the attack, telling the bishop that he was in big trouble with the Our Lord and Our Lady unless he (I am not even making this up) “converts”***** (because Međugorje is a solidification of the “Spirit of Vatican II” [or rather of the KGB] cult*** or?) from scrutinizing the Međugorje apparitions or at least refrains from “persecuting” those priests who believe in what at this point could not be more obviously a rival religion with the clear (and clearly Croat-separatist) goal of hijacking and distorting rather than in any wise faithfully promoting the Catholic Faith (see quotes above). Note that Ivan’s diary frequently bashes and threatens the local bishop which was why the gang steadfastly refused to hand them over to bishops and commissions, even going so far as to deny its existence. Lie-la-lie! Furthermore, on 2 September 1984 Vlašić was transferred to Vitina whereupon we have a letter where Vlašić not very subtly implied his bishop was a slave of Satan and in which he cast about for any believable excuse to keep supporting his habit of being a religious con artist. (His exact words were: “It would be necessary to get all the others involved (intellectuals, theologians, bishops, cardinals…). We have to admit that Satan can also work through the structures of the Church.”) It was after this that Vlašić’s baby’s mama sent a November 1984 note to Vlašić’s bishop (other sources say her landlord simply dumped Vlašić’s and his ex-lover’s mutual correspondence on then Cardinal Ratzinger now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI), whereupon Vlašić was confronted, made no denial of the claims, and finally had to leave the town of Međugorje, though Vlašić would remain actively involved with Međugorje believers until the present day, only physically departing Međugorje in 1987 when the affair and cover-up were finally made public. Chancellor Don Ante Luburić of the Diocese of Mostar claimed in 2008 that Vlašić, whom ✠ Bishop Žanić had called a “Charismatic magician”, had “conjured up evil spirits in Međugorje” (meaning that he had literally opened up a portal to hell, that thing cyberspace loves to speculate endlessly about CERN doing), and indeed his future career choices would bear out this characterization of the man’s religious leadership style. When Vlašić (again finally) had to leave the town of Međugorje, it appears that Jozo Zovko (and Vlašić?) wasted no time in directing the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) to proclaim Vlašić’s innocence◄21►, and indeed their alleged Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) have routinely been critical of the divinely anointed bishops and supportive of the evil friars of a candidly reprobate character. One purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionist (ecclesially classed as a private revelator) even went so far as using her apparently magisterial authority as what must be termed the “Popess of Charismatic Renewal Catholics” to sanction a wantonly scandalous◄22► coed “Marian religious community” in Parma, Italy (because organized crime and occultism naturally) together with his latest paramour Agnes Heupel who ironically hails from Germany where his at-risk son was growing up! (Word to the wise: vow-breaking relations of a heterosexual nature are rather the exception within these “Vatican II” orders and societies.) In founding the religious community (called Queen of Peace – Totally Yours – to Jesus through Mary) Vlašić left the Franciscan Province of Herzegovina. Later in 1987 ✠ Bishop Benito Cocchi of Parma shut down the strange foundation, but with the help of “association deputy head” Stefania Caterina they branched out and spread their tentacles, including back to good old Međugorje! But it was in the aftermath of this “prophetic” overreach that the mask really started to crack: in July of 1988 the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionist (ecclesially classed as a private revelator) who had formerly approved the Queen of Peace (Etc.) community (namely Marija Pavlović [Lunetti]) recanted and repented while her face to the Blessed Sacrament (which is to say the Holy Eucharist considered in a more idolatrous way) before going on to recount Vlašić’s manipulation of her (specifically he had told her what to claim that the Gospa [i.e. the Blessed Virgin Mary] had told her). Then in 1992 Vlašić joined the Franciscan Province of Abruzzo, down south aways in central Italy. Vlašić claims that in 2007 he and Stefania Caterina retreated to solace. Either way, in 2008 Vlašić was subjected to a CDF investigation in their words “for the diffusion of dubious doctrine, manipulation of consciences, suspect mysticism, disobedience towards legitimately issued orders” and charges of sexual misconduct (contra sextum) and was in fact finally laicized by then Pope Benedict XVI on the grounds of “suspicion of heresy and schism, as well as scandalous acts contra sextum [against the sixth commandment], aggravated by mystical motivations [which is code for the fact that he was the old-fashioned kind of magician and that he summoned spirits”. After finally leaving the town of Međugorje and disappearing for a time (presumably to regroup and conspire with his CIA handlers sore at having their grasp on the Chair of Peter thus loosened), Vlašić was found to a member of the Joseph Smith–, Teilhard de Chardin–, C.S. Lewis– or L. Ron Hubbard–inspired “Central Nucleus” (commissioned “to save humanity in all [three] universes [multiverse or triverse?]”), il papa of his own Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe (“to root the [meaning this] whole universe in Jesus Christ”), and moreover living in sin and scandal with the aforementioned Agnes Heupel (not to be confused with the church’s co-popess Stefania Caterina who started as Vlašić’s spiritual directee and is now his lover), Vlašić all the while continuing to represent himself and to “minister” as a “Catholic priest” (because Italy)! Now Tomislav Vlašić was finally excommunicated on 23 October 2020 (hindsight for ya), making him the 178th person ever excommunicated (different link). (Yup, that’s what it takes these days when you’re a serial con artist on behalf of the élite who is ready, willing and able to bring pious idiots into line and bring in the dough!) Despite living in Italy and being 1000% outside the Catholic Church, it seems that Vlašić persists in pretending to be a Catholic priest (an irregularity made even weirder considering that Franciscan minister general José Rodríguez Carballo has stated that Vlašic requested his own laicization!), in claiming to receive inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) from God the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Apostles and (being an unscrupulous occultist naturally) the archangels (whereas Stefania only sees the Blessed Virgin), and in owning this ultra-creepy hotel in the town of Međugorje that features a “Door of Light” through which initiates become dead to themselves (and alive to what though?!). (Note: all of this is just what we know!) On 20 May 2018 the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe was established on and in 2019 was formally registered in Italy as a non-profit organization, its charter having been laid out in their 2008 book Preko Velike Barijere (Through the Great Barrier), basically to bring saving knowledge of Jesus to the whole universe which supposedly lacks said knowledge.
    The rest is adapted from Wikipedia: According to the teaching of the Earth (!), after a Great Jubilee in 2000 (New Age of Aquarius?), God “speeded up” (sic)◄23► his plan for the new creation, using many (ordinary) “instruments”: Fátima, Međugorje and whatnot. They believe that God asked the “official Catholic Church” to recognize the existence of humans in other universes of the multiverse/triverse but that it (obviously) still hasn’t done so. Therefore in 2004 God mobilized the three “extraordinary instruments”: the Central Nucleus, the angels, and the brethren faithful to their brethren elsewhere in the universe. They claim that these three “extraordinary instruments” complete the tasks that the Catholic Church had refused. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe, God tasked the Archangel Michael with leading these three “extraordinary instruments” all of whom would be challenged by “Lucifer and his allies”. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe claims that the year 2012 was a turning point where God for the final time asked humanity to serve him. That year Vlašić had asked Pope Francis to acknowledge the existence of humans in other universes of the multiverse/triverse, which the Pope (obviously) hasn’t done. Between 2013 and 2017 people from the High Universe visited the Middle and the Lower universes (as opposed to the Alphaverse?) spreading news of redemption in Jesus and christening (meaning confirming or?) everyone…The Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe claims that 2018 begins the evangelization of the people of the Earth, which is the first step towards the “Christs’” (?) return… (Why is everybody laughing?) (Note: in the wake of the alleged apparitions at Međugorje the Franciscans have literally erected church buildings without ecclesastical permission.) Now ask yourself: Is Vlašić’s full flowering any less Catholic than Međugorje itself? By no means, since zero is equal to zero! (With that said, it may surprise them when their respective places in hell do after all differ.) Note the link between religious indifferentism and wild extraterrestrial claims: you make the world of men seem larger so that your interfaith agenda seems less radical against this backdrop.
    Rev. Slavko Barbarić, OFM /SLAV•co BAR•bar•itch/
    Canonical status:
    Organizations: Catholic Church, Order of Franciscans Minor, “Catholic Charismatic Renewal”
    Bodily health: deceased.
    Now to complete the unholy trinity we have the gangster, the conman, and finally the academic. A doctor of catechesis [in what though?] and psychotherapy who studied in Freiburg, Germany, Barbarić succeeded Vlašić as spiritual director to the now even more adult and no longer adolescent “children” in 1984, adding his own entries to the fraudulent Chronicle of the Apparitions, and at this juncture Barbarić finally forewent all pretense to being a spiritual assistant in Mostar, his nominal assignment. #OFMAWOL Even vocal supporters such as ✠ Archbishop Frane Franić of Split-Makarska (in Croatia) have stated that Barbarić used his pedagogy and general psychology background to, as his excellency put it, “coach” the adult “children”. Bishop Žanić ordered Barbarić to change towns from Međugorje to Blagaj on 3 January 1985, but Barbarić’s provinicial initially disregarded the order #OFMAWOL, and even when Žanić didst finally deign to grace Blagaj and later Humac (20 July 1985) with his presence he still remained active in the town of Međugorje, additionally handling the purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators) on global tours, until Barbarić disappeared completely from Humac. #OFMAWOL In his telling response to the 1991 bishop’s conference in Zadar which expressed its utter frustration in seeking any evidence whatsoever that could be taken as suggesting supernatural origins for the alleged Marian apparitions in Međugorje (“On the basis of the investigations so far, it cannot be affirmed that one is dealing with supernatural apparitions and revelations”—which means that the Vatican acted ham-handedly in unprecedentedly overruling a local bishop on a matter of private revelation only to end up reiterating his analysis!), the ever-disobedient and fraudulent Barbarić shot back: “We have our sanctuary. We have permission for the people to come here. Why do we need the seers anyway?” Clearly here was a man who knew exactly what he was doing and was at the point of no longer caring who else knew! Indeed one is tempted to wonder if John Paul II wasn’t expressing a similar cynicism concerning the alleged Marian apparitions’ authenticity when he sort of threw up his hands and said in one of his not made-up statements about the alleged Marian apparitions in Međugorje: “If they are converting [also “reverting”, but to what?], praying, fasting, going to confession and doing penance, let them go to Međugorje.” It’s haunting to consider that, even if the alleged Marian apparitions weren’t real, these men undeniably had a vision for a new future church with its own “alien” (demonic?) theology, and then to ask yourself the tough question of Where did this vision originate if not from these relatively younger purported Marian inner apparitionary-locutionists (ecclesially classed as private revelators)? And indeed on 13 May 2017 (three months after the local ordinary ✠ Bishop Ratko Perić had stated publicly and authoritatively that “Considering everything that this diocesan chancery has so far researched and studied, including the first seven days of alleged apparitions, we can say: THERE HAVE BEEN NO APPARITIONS OF OUR LADY OF MEĐUGORJE”), Pope Francis, as a caveat while he lifted the ban on pilgrimages, declared that the original alleged Marian apparitions reported by the teenagers were worth studying in more depth, while the subsequent continued alleged Marian apparitions over the years were, in his view, of dubious value, a sad commentary on Barbarić’s legacy to be sure. Barbarić would remain in Međugorje until passing on to his personal judgment in 2000 nine months after the first of two suspensions of his confessional jurisdiction by Bishop Perić on the basis of Barbarić’s ultimate decision to disobey both bishop and provincial in favor of a highly suspect voice that made all kinds of cavalier claims concerning its origin. #OFMAWOLRIP
    The three who as of 6/24/2022 persist in claiming to receive apparitions—namely:
    Marija Pavlović (Lunetti) (Italy),
    – sneering-lipped Vicka Ivanković (“near” Međugorje) and
    Ivan Dragičević (with his trophy wife and his mansion in Massachusetts [the Archdiocese of Boston is under an “OFM Cap” or Capuchin archbishop by the name of Séan Patrick O’Malley; Ivan and Laureen may or may not belong to Saint John the Baptist Parish in Peabody], cold comforts no doubt for one so ostentatiously devout but whom the “Blessed Virgin Mary” was tragically unable to help to rise to the rigors of seminary examinations, or rather perhaps just couldn’t seem to refrain from disturbing him with daily freaky “messages” right smack in the middle of prime study time—I mean, who ever could?)
    —all claim to converse with the Virgin each and every day promptly at 6:40pm (18.40) local time wherever they happen to be. Additionally they all hold private meetings when they reconvene in Međugorje. Mirjana Dragičević (Soldo) also continues to claim to receive Marian inner apparition-locutions (ecclesially classed as private revelations) on special occasions. Notably nary a one of the four who persevere in claiming to receive “private revelations” is known to have a Church-appointed spiritual director that this blogger was able to discover. We know only that the current pastor at St James Church in Međugorje is Rev. Marinko Šakota, OFM, and when reached for comment Joe Walsh Tours Pilgrimages (sic) has repeatedly stated that they cannot comment with any certainty on a spiritual director or advisor, hinting first at the parish church’s apostolic visitator Archbishop Aldo Cavalli as well as his late Polish predecessor in this role and then at the current parish pastor. Succeeding bishops Žanić and Perić as Bishop of Mostar is Petar Palić, a cleric who ascended through the secular formational track and who, while given to friendly gestures and words communicating all due respect, clearly expresses attitudes similar to those of his predecessors. (In layman’s terms, it ain’t looking good for the future of this particular mega-devotion.)
Zero puns intended, I promise!
The “Peace Rosary” (or Chaplet) of Međugorje,
colloquially the Worker’s Chaplet.
Traditional Tarot decks have 22 cards with allegorical subjects. These serve as trump cards in the game. The Fool is usually a kind of wild-card among the trumps and unnumbered, so the highest trump is numbered 21. The Second Council of the Vatican was the 21st ecumenical council (by Rome’s reckoning). Occult Tarot decks usually have 22 similar cards which are called Major Arcana by fortune-tellers. Occultists have related this number to the 22 letters (21 consonants?) of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
“All roads lead to Međugorje!”
Tomislav Vlašić is in Gheda (Petfood), Italy, with Joseph Smith and Aleister Crowley or whatever.
Jozo Zovko is in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia
  • Rev. Marijan Pehar, OFM /mar•ee•YAN PAY•har/
    Together with Mirjana, Pehar would become an invaluable whistleblower of the whole operation furnishing the public with many of the facts contained herein and appears to remain in good standing with Holy Mother Church.
  • At least eight other friars were kicked out of the OFM by their bishop since the dawn of this whole Međugorje frenzy, in connection to relatedly unsound and dangerous ministerial hacks and lifestyle choices. (Speaking of dangerous, the Hindu practice of sun staring is routinely encouraged among Međugorje devotees (Medge-heads being the affectionate nickname) frequently resulting in eye damage to those who I supposed they will conclude “lacked faith” or some other banal tripe.
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Trump: Netanyahu scuttled peace deal

POTUS45 Donald J. Trump, who once unthinkingly retorted with the words “I love war” (because it lines his son-in-law’s pockets?), is now calling out the unimaginably corrupt former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu (“Nyet-anyahu” whom Trump told Israelis to vote for WHICH CONSTITUTES FOREIGN ELECTION MEDDLING) for doing precisely that, but allegedly in an infinitely more conscious and underhanded way (that whole “rise and kill first” thing?).

Given the revelations outlined below, it looks like the Book of Trump which Miriam Adelson (who I want the reader to consider may be a key x-factor in prompting Trump’s latest “indignant” tirade given the relative attention the ten-month-widowed Mrs. Adelson has been paying to one Nikki Haley lately) once proposed to append to the Tenakh (that’s the Hebrew Bible to you and me broke-a** goys) may not be the book Americans will read in January, casting doubt on whether or not it will ever be included in the Bible (or only under the thematic heading of “the manchild who would be King Cyrus”).

The 45th President, in a move that reminds this blogger of that notorious dark side of Martin Luther’s perhaps dysfunctionally theologically obsessive “all-then-nothing” sympathies with Jewry, has been making statements and leaking quotes from his upcoming tell-all (in bookstores January 2022 if the big baby gets his way) that will discuss, among other things, the Jewish State (“Israel”)’s false friends of peace with Palestine and the Jewish-American community’s non-friends of (Netanyahu’s) Israel. A true high school–level narcissist, Trump’s statements bear only a tenuous connection among themselves much less with reality, but thanks to his whole Biden joke show of a successor a lot of people still hang on Trump’s every word—well, every word except what follows it would appear, justifying this post.

Let’s pause a minute or five to consider the fact that a president who represented himself to you and me as a pro-liberty nationalist was and is constantly hounding Jewish-Americans for not being loyal enough to the State of Israel. Okay, moving on then.

To synthesize, Trump (though “a businessman not a politician” 🙄) had expected a pro-Israel stance to be “politically safe”, his “winning card”, and of course his family ties to the radically Political Zionist fringe sect of Hasidism (this being the major esoteric movement within Orthodox Judaism, i.e. the ones who speak in terms of panentheism and reincarnation) “Chabad Lubavitch” also lent themselves to the inclusion of such a plank within his campaign platform. But some semi-veiled events this December or perhaps earlier (almost certainly Adelson-related) seem to have precipitated the somewhat Lovecraftesque awakening of Trump’s completely feral inner hound dog, because suddenly our newest ex-president is letting it all hang out about how his Israeli counterpart only ever strung him along and never wanted peace with Palestine, and that Jews in the United States (who perhaps knew all about the Prime Minister a lot sooner), not to mention a turnabout Congress (again remember this is all inside Trump’s head), threw none of their support into his whole larger-than-life Political Zionist persona but rather scuttled his whole “statesman ship” as it were.

And this lack of support for Trump’s Judenstaat rampage of a presidency by non-Israeli Jews and by the D.C. family (no coincidence I’ll just come out and tell you) stands in stark contrast to this country’s self-described “Evangelical Christians” with their apocalyptic ideations dealing with Jesus’ second advent as being contingent on some new (vaguely “foretold” yet somehow nowhere literally prophesied—at least not in the Bible you and I have on our shelves!) democratic parody of the Biblical Kingdom of Israel (itself a bastardization of God’s Commandments for the true Israelites if you want to be actually Torah-consistent about it) whereupon, so the “Evangelical” mind runs, Jesus would return and destroy all the Christ-less Jews, roughly two-thirds of their total number—again this according to your more hard-nosed Scofieldite “Evangelicals”.

And to be fair pseudo-prophecy and public policy have codepended stunningly well for certain terminally egotistical American politicos of the past (Joseph Smith), but just not on this particular occasion.

F*ck Bibi: me likey Abbas, we’s besties now, precious
is the essence of Trump’s words in early December
(tastefully appropriate use of the f-bomb included)!

So now Trump is no longer keeping quiet about how deceived he feels he was by the formerly cozy exponents and officials of Political Zionism concerning how much support both popular and logi$tical he had thought he was going to receive in his efforts as the “chosen one” (his own words and context mind you) to finally fix the Middle East, EVEN GOING SO FAR AS CALLING PALESTINIAN PRESIDENT MAHMOUD ABBAS A “FATHER” FIGURE which apparently was the best snub he could think of to get back at Netanyahu (who incidentally also has an upcoming book titled The Art of No Peace Deal, this parenthesis being this blogger’s rare attempt at satire) as a comeuppance for in Trump’s words “tap tap tapping” him (and by extension the United States) along while Bibi himself allegedly lacked any meaningful peacemaking intentions whatsoever, and then ditching him like a five-dollar ho(tel escort), trading the actor that was Trump for the puppet that is Biden! (Of course what this doesn’t account for is why Trump’s Deal of the Century flop was so sneakily Israel-sided all along, but it now seems prosaically clear why it was.)

Or in even fewer words, Trump was used, so were we, Trump is being discarded, he is not taking it lying down, and his next (and last) move may be to pretend it’s on your behalf that he’s all up in arms.

Adjacent bombastic statements made by Trump during his December meltdown, apart from those referenced above, include that former Israeli Prime Minster Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was “willing to fight Iran to the last American soldier” as well as that Jews (specifically Sulzbergers for you social outcasts who actually bother to research these things) “run The New York Times”.

That first quote brings up an interesting point, though for reasons that should be obvious by now it wouldn’t have occurred to Trump to state it in the headline or title, and that is this: OUR BRAVE SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN HAVE BEEN THE REAL VICTIMS OF TRUMP’S EASILY MANIPULATED EGO.

Another factor in all of this was Netanyahu (while still Prime Minister)’s early congratulations to Biden whom The Times of Israel would on the first of February of 2021 call “the Jewish president Israel needs”.


And therefore this blogger does not think it premature to be the first to welcome Trump as a junior member of the mainstream media’s and the deep state’s actual enemies’ list. By appearances (which is what seems to have shaped all that is Donald Trump, coupled with fanatical “positive thinking” with no eye whatsoever for real-world results, creating this compulsive playboy, this child in an adult body), the Donald has finally grown into the most recent character he played on TV—a late-in-life whistleblower—joining this blogger’s scrappy heroes in journalism Allison Weir of (focused on Palestine and the true kill statistics as well as other elsewhere skillfully-concealed facts), stateswoman and scholar Cynthia McKinney (focused on AÏPAC, the only foreign interest lobby “legally” allowed in D.C.), and last but not least Adam Green of (focused on the notoriously antichrist, pedophile-tolerant and otherwise blasphemous and depraved Babylonian Talmud).

The three webmasters named above, of whose personal views these hyperlinks signal no sort of endorsement on the blogger’s part but are only included so Americans can finally get a clue what is going on in this world—what is being done in our name and on our dime—will have more painfully relevant information on the revelations of which this blog post aspires only to be a helpful introductory outline for those who don’t have the time to correspond with members of the fourth and fifth estates.

Always stay informed, and if you really want to make my day please comment below whose side of this “Divorce of the Century” you are taking and your reasons for doing so.

If you want peace work for justice.

Pope Paul VI

How the media distracts us from actual racism

Nazism is alive and well in today’s world, but you’ll find precious little of it in the groups that the professional “activists” and oligarchy public relations “reporters” are incessantly screeching about.

Nazi Germany, not unlike Karl Marx long beforehand, has set the pace for industrialized (“modern”) civilization, both are reflected in all of today’s administrative organizations (“governments”), but some are more intentionally Nazi than the others, and it may surprise you which ones are and aren’t.

The media appears to run on a perpetual interference kick on behalf of the actual (critical) “race theorists” because those glorified prima donnas rather conspicuously labor to promote the interests of the very people who bankroll Nazism (i.e. national socialism) worldwide.

First off, anyone who’s been paying attention knows by now that all the highest-profile antisemites (not to mention their shadowy financiers) have been exposed as Jewish, usually in coordination with Political Zionism. (Just to name a few, you’ve got your Andrea Strassmeir [the Oklahoma City bombing], your Danny Balint [The Believer], your Frank Collin [the Skokie Affair], and your Adolf Hitler [German national socialism and neo-imperialism]).

And speaking of national socialism, it is this that is the true nature of what we sleepily call “communism” in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, even though none of these “celebrate diversity” but rather the “glory of their race” (every bit as much as the “Jewish State of Israel”).

But those countries don’t seem to mind the mislabeling (not that our media would tell us if they did) because they just want to be the RothSchilds’ instruments to impose their intentionally deconstructive paradigm of diversity on the US while apparently blind to the fact that the US already has the most diverse population in the world.

In the late 1970s a biological awareness movement known to unknown social commentators as “race realism” sought to fill a vacuum of blindly integrationalist ideology in the Allied powers (US and “communist”) (according to The Alternative Hypothesis on YouTube), and that’s the time period when flagrantly Nazi-spirited things like “We Are the Champions” (1977) and “Superman” (1978) became popular.

Literal Nazis had gotten into NASA through Operation Paperclip, and they and products of apartheid and genocide like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are ubiquitous in today’s big tech(nocracy).

Speaking of the Gates family, today, as Abby Johnson points out, “Planned Parenthood is the only systemically racist organization in [the US]”.

In short the Nazis, from the point of view of the megabankers’ dictatorial and depopulating goals, have not yet outlived their usefulness, and as a result there’s plenty of hyper-racism to go around, only it’s always not found where their “media mogul” minions are screaming at us to look for it with their thought-terminating “silence is violence” hysterics.

But that’s what happens when you have a nation of fluoridated posers who go with the crowd.


The history of 666

The lately trending and subsequently disgraced Garden and the City of Lafayette, TN, fall within the (615) 666 XXXX telephone prefix zone. So I thought I’d do a blog post about every Baptist’s favorite numerical trio 666.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

Well the official story is that 666 is a Christian innovation that has nothing whatsoever to Judaism, but as we’ll see it’s in the Old Testament and even its New Testament use is very Judaizing indeed. We first meet Mr. 666 in 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chronicles 9:13 where it’s the number of talents of GOLD Solomon collected each year. (More on gold later on with Agent Joseph Smith and his Captain Kidd obsession.) And in Ezra 2:13 it’s the number of Adonikam’s descendants who return to Jerusalem and Judah from the Babylonian exile.

Seal of Solomon: 5 and 6 (more 5-6 links below)

The number 666 represents the total value for the Greek name for Nero Caesar, Καισαρ Νερον or Kaisar Neron, transliterated into Hebrew נרון קסר within the prevailing system of gematria (not to be confused with geometry whether sacred, legitimate or Masonic), i.e. Hebrew numerology, an occult pseudoscience common among “mystics”, revelators and authors of cryptic and heavily coded elitist and frequently racist messes like Daniel and its plagiarizing copycat Revelation within Judaism’s esoteric underbelly that certain heretics within Judaism have used to ignore the Torah, beyond merely interpreting it allegorically, and read their own godless and again racist agenda into the Law of Moses. In this sense, gematria is a step beyond the Talmud and a part of the Qabbalah. And it’s common among Talmudists and Qabbalists (such as Chabad Lubavitch) alike, loxistic as they are, to slur Rome with terms like Amaleq, Edom or Esau, as they slur Arabia with terms like Işmael. The struggle between the Judaizers (the Apostles Jacob [“James”] and John the Revelator, the Twelve even though many had Greek names, and Mark) and the Hellenizers (Paul, Peter and Luke) (i.e. rival cultural colonizers) was very real within the Jewish and later Christian communities. Given that John the Revelator was exiled by the divine order of Nero, it makes sense that he’d assign to Nero the role of monster or beast in his Lovecraftian and semi-plagiarized “unintelligibly prophetic” work that opens with screeds that effectively excommunicate nearly all the major urban churches of Greece before launching his incoherent Greek-language Hebraicisms.

Nero Caesar, John the Revelator’s nemesis, as the original 666 in standard gematria

As another example of Qabbalist numerological gymnastics, the also pretty sixy number 6,000,000 is found in the Zohar’s twisting of the Torah, in the ominous phrase “ye shall return minus six million” in an obvious justification of Rothschild-led ethnic cleansing and the creation of an entirely artificial, bank-oriented ethnostate.

Oh yes they did.

And as further confirmation of this “Nero theory of 666”, 616 would likewise be the total value of נרו קסר, a Hebraicization of the name Caesar Nero, the original Latin for the Greek-language title Caesar Neron common among those who didn’t really know Greek that well. Similar to how Wikipedia has the name Mormo as the Greek goddess of fear and fright when her real name in Greek was, you guessed it, Μορμον (“Mormon”). (Relatedly, Moroni is the capital of the Comoros Islands just between Madagascar and the African coast. Moroni is near the site where Captain James Kidd is said to have buried treasure [namely GOLD] for later recovery, the only privateer known to have done so. Note too that Mormonism has 13 tenets [perhaps explaining the prominence of “M” in such key terms as Mormon, Moroni, and I would submit Mammon or simply Money/Mortar/Mordor], which meshes well with their Freemasonic rituals from the Second-plus Anointing.)

The love of gold is the root of all Mormonism
Mormon: Greek goddess of fear and fright (in politically correct Wikipedia under Mormo)

And speaking of Hebrew, Monster energy drinks feature a trio of the sixth character of the Hebrew alphabet ווו (i.e. “vav-vav-vav” [or “wow-wow-wow”]) in Hebrew numerals, which appears to suggest the thirteenth letter M, so near and dear to Freemasonry (as in Friday the Thirteenth when Freemasonry’s Antichrist or false Messiah the arch-knight Jacques de Molay was martyred for threatening the pope-king diarchy). The link between monster and beast is too obvious to go into. (Note: Snopes shreds their credibility by denying this obvious fact. Also note that BIBLICALLY SPEAKING there is no prophecized historical personage called “The Antichrist”, but only a “spirit of Antichrist”, similar to how Paul’s Jesus Christ, whom he knew as light, is increasingly not merely personal but spiritual, archetypal and cosmic.)

Other variants of 666 (ווו aside) could include FFF or ꝻꝻꝻ (Latin letters, see also triskelion or three-way spiral), DCLXVI (Roman numerals), ΖΖΖ/ζζζ (sixth Greek letter) ٦٦٦ or 777 (Eastern Arabic/Hindi numerals and Thelema), ۶۶۶ (Urdu), ۶۶۶ (Persian), ووو (Abjad), 𐤅‎𐤅‎𐤅‎ (Phonecian). The shape of our Indo-Arabic numeral 6 resembles a spiral (sometimes regarded as one of the oldest symbols) or again a phallus (see also the numeral 9 or the letter Gg). This could indicate why Bible ravers default to calling 6 the number of man (literally) even though in terms of value 5 more accurately counts the number of fingers and limbs, unless you also count the torso or heart (or palm). 5 and 6 are very significant in Jewish occultism, Qabbalah, and witchcraft, often represented as encircled pentagrams (pentacles) and hexagrams or sexagrams. But granting that 6 = man, when you combine 6 (“man”) with the superlative triad 666, you’re basically saying “manliest” or “absolute humanism” (the symbol for trans humanism, interestingly, is H+), basically the Jesuitical extreme within Western civilization. In Latin it’s pronounced sex (sexus is the Latin for “sex” but mainly in the sense of “male or female”), and moreover, a late form of the Roman numeral six is ↅ. (See also Greek digamma/stigma for another link between the shape G (Ϛ) or F (Ϝ) and the sound “wow”.) G also stands for generation, or in English God. (For more on the Freemasonic use of the G, please see pamphlets by Paul Foster Case available on PDF online free of charge.) The Greek word for six is χξϛ. (That last letter is not a sigma but a stigma, which alternated with a digamma is the letter used to represent the value 6 in the Ancient Greek language, modernly with a ʹ added for clarity, but according to Strong’s there’s no apparent distinction in pronunciation between sigma and stigma, so?)

Aleister Crowley’s signature. Note the phallic and sixified A

And as ingeniously trans-Judaizing as John’s Apocalypse was, it would not be the last example of native Judaists using the number 666 to challenge the cultural foundations of Judaism. For in the Year of Our Galilean Lord 1666 an assuredly false messiah called Zevi told observant Jews to become antinomian (to include orgiastic) that they might be a nation-state once again. The end result of Zevi’s life was that he inaugurated crypto-Judaism within Islam just 126 years after the 1540 founding of the heavily crypto-Jewish “Jesus [as opposed to Christ] Society” or Jesuits.

Google, whose Masonic apron-styled letter M is prominent in the Gmail app, is also known for brandishing 666 in its Chrome app.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

The Washington Monument, the largest obelisk (i.e. structure with no purpose other than to glorify the male sex organ) on earth, is built to a 10:1 ratio (same as the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar AKA Lucifer) and measures 555ʹ × 55ʹ which in inches comes to 6660ʺ × 660ʺ.

America: the biggest dick on earth

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, one-time “assistant-priesident” and Qabbalist/Messianist Chabad Lubavitcher (together with Trump’s Director of National Intelligence appointee Avril Haines [still serving under Biden, let’s just hope not literally] and Ben Shapiro), was once heavily invested in 666 Fifth Avenue. Kushner is also invested in implantable RFID chips, and it was during Trump’s presidency that private companies finally had the chutzpah to start having their employees “take the chip jab”. And in one of the few things Trump actually made profitable during this twilight of American civilization, gambling, the roulette wheel has 0 through 36, the sum of which is 666. And 666 is considered lucky in, oh yes you guessed it, MADE IN CHINA, where the number six is pronounced the same as their word for “smooth”. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Evanjellyfish.

Two ghosts that still haunt America

Moreover, if you really think about it, 666 (♂♂♂) could be Trinitarian, since presumably all three persons of the Blessed Trinity are essentially male, active, initiating.

Neocons and the “Mad Jesuit”

Hate, and specifically antisemitism (a term I use here in the factual and not the fake media sense), is a way understated problem in the American population, and Roman Catholic neoconservatives seem to lead the charge.

This ignorance- and projection-based hatred toward the peoples indigenous to the Mid-East (whether Zoroastrians, Nestorians, Muslims or dark-skinned Mizrahi [i.e. truly full-blooded] Jews) has, in the 21st century, become radical in its tone and terroristic in its effects on Arabs and other relatively peaceable, non-Western groups. (Mizrahi Jews opposed, and even took up arms against, the early Ashkenazi militant atheist Zionist colonists for the sake of peace!)

And the real red flag for me that American neoconservative (read Bolshevik-minded) Catholics were the most profoundly antisemitic group in the USA was when the rogue “hyper-Jesuit” Joseph Fessio weaponized his publishing company Ignatius Press to gag Pope Saint John Paul the Great by sneakily refusing to publish the latter’s appeal for the cause of the Palestinian people who the best-loved pope of modern times said have a “natural right in justice to find once more a homeland”. To adapt a common saying to this occasion, demons be hissin’!

Now for those who weren’t aware, the Jesuits were founded by overwhelmingly Sephardic* Jewish converts to Spain’s at times violent and ultimately blasphemous version of Roman Catholicism (see the research of Dr. Henry Abramson and the late great Bishop then Friar Bartolomé de las Casas) and, even though the Church soon pressured the Jesuits not to admit any more Spaniards of “impure blood” in 1608 (race theory much?) then simply dissolved the Jesuits in 1773 (or rather vainly attempted to, merely paving the way for the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 at the erstwhile Jesuit University of Ingolstadt), the Jesuits (who this blogger speculates are in essence covert Nestorians) have served as a humanizing, de-radicalizing, de-mystifying force in the Church, an arguably apt response to the barbaric and otherwise abominable excesses of the Spanish Inquisition, not to mention the equally frenzied and hypocritical “witch trials” throughout Eruopa (then “Christendom”)!

And the Jesuits, having continued their operations in Eastern Orthodox and Protestant countries, overcame all obstacles, clawing their way back onto the Vatican’s “nice list” in 1814 and resuming admitting converts (Jewish among them) in 1946, just after an event that’s a whole other topic (and I’m not referring to the 1945 finding of the Gnostic Gospels either)! Ironically many of this new wave of “Catholic Jews” were Ashkenazic and even KGB (see also Lavender Mafia AKA St Gallen Mafia) which goes to explain a lot about the Second Vatican Council (especially based on the analysis of genius and 1960s “reform” critic Hutton Gibson), and yes when you look at this first-ever Jesuit liberation theologian relic from the 1970s who we’re being told is (kinda sorta) the current “pope” (?) you could be tempted to demand that the “Society of Jesus” be dissolved entirely.

The main thing here however is not to let the left hand take your eye off what the right hand is doing to your mind. Say no to (the real) antisemitism, even when it comes packaged as AshkeNazi Supremacist (over more credible Jews) nationalism. Catholic social teaching (see Rerum Novarum) holds the key to wise balance, and those who would gag the pope, as Joseph Fessio attempted to do, must be called out early and often as apostates, fraudsters and yes antisemites!

Thank you for reading; may God richly bless you with an ever-growing love for the truth but even more so for all your neighbors to the eradication of militarism and sham religionism as the New Law of Our Lord Jesus Christ simply yet powerfully commands!

* Sephardic (literally Spanish) Jews are still more ancestrally Jewish (~80%) than the Ashkenazim (~60%) though not so much as the Mizrahim (90+%).

An intentional community story 3: fall of the Patricksters

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

At around 3pm this past Thursday (3/18/2021) the Macon County, TN, sheriff told (one-third?) property owner Patrick Martion that roughly 30% of the people at THUGarden would needed to leave soonish since none of the structures (including a magnificent “New Community Cabin”) had building permits and that those over 10 feet in width or length (buses and other [working?] vehicles are exempt) would need to be gone lest the daily multi-hundred-dollar fines for buildings so thriftily built (through the reportedly thankless networking skills of locals like Jerry Pennington who was initially angered but then triumphant to hear the news) continue in perpetuity.

Nearly one-third of the total Gardeners will have to leave by the weekend, according to a relatively level-headed Gardener whom this blogger spoke with over the phone yesterday. The Gardener has also emphasized that Patrick will, as goes America today, be even more openly dictatorial in determining who gets to stay based on the brownness of noses (rather than say the same’s hardness [i.e. work ethic] as per usual).

Certain neighbors and nearby preppers (a good number of them mentally unstable heirs and widows to put it charitably) appear willing to harbor some of these characters, even as law enforcement grows visibly weary and wary of the allegedly FBI-designated domestic terrorist (timidly pro-BLM) organization, and while TikTok continues to tick off millennials who had been THUGarden’s targeted psychological abuse victims.

This new development promises to destabilize the cult’s inner circle (“clique” for short) and spells either reform or disaster for what many have long been calling a “failed commune”, saturated as it was with wooks and far worse elements, elements supposedly including QAnon, or at any rate that’s the buzz that the kind of users TikTok tolerates/promotes (perhaps because they NEVER mention THUGarden’s matriarchalist abuse, tolerance for Jewish chauvinism, anti-capitalism or again BLM sign which they display facing away from the road), are busily pipelining into our young breed’s heads.

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

An intentional community story 2: unintended sequel

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

Well 2½ months after leaving “The Garden”* and posting my reviews, this blogger randomly started receiving emails from Internet culture reporters and influencers for the first time in his life. That was when he started to learn about the horrible mistake the equally horrible The Garden in Lafayette, TN, had made.

So at long last Ariel “Rel” Gumson (who, and consider this a CONTENT ADVISORY, would seem most at home in a psychological thriller that ends at the Hague) was a major subject in an interview this blogger held today with Steven Asarch of Insider. This blogger has since learned that Asarch was recently beset by his own scandal that is alleged to have been related to his being dismissed from Newsweek in June of last year (6/2020). The interview dived DEEP into the now-trending dysfunction at “THUGarden” and apparently throughout Rainbow T̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ F̶a̶m̶i̶l̶y̶ Mafia culture, whose property-owning and in other important ways covertly capitalist leadership seem disturbingly consistent in their literally mindless profession of philosophical materialism, in sharp departure from the spiritually charged language of your typical hippie in general and Rainbow in particular, almost suggesting a network of élites who make true hippies their b*tches (figuratively?) by superimposing cult dynamics onto hippie culture, though of course that’s crazy talk, right?

So it looks like what happened in the days leading up to the Ides of March was, after this blogger posted the content in part 1 to every website that he knew had led people to “THUGarden”, the property owner Patrick Martion and his clique enlisted Jack (trailias Tree), a videographer and Euro-style creeper from Northern Ireland, to give “THUGarden” a positive image on TikTok so that Patrick’s equity might benefit from what the clique were no doubt confident would surely prove a younger, more gullible audience. They were wrong. Cat-astrophically wrong!

TikTok accounts run by “THUGarden” residents (which they legally are if they receive mail there, which is why neither Patrick nor Mai nor any of the clique can legally tell anybody to leave with no three days’ notice BS): Tree and Julia (SMS-IC), Rel (IC), Karl aka Eco (W), Amill + Britt, Patrick (SMS-IC). Anti-“THUGarden” users: dirtyhumantwunk, quent91, cultmaker, thomasedisonhatepage, okayhawkins. (SMS = social media shill; IC = inner circle; W = shrinking violet / weasel.)

What apparently happened instead, which triggered the whole “fertilizer-storm”, was that Rel was Rel, Rel had to be seen, and for this and for so many other reasons some major influencers finally had a clear window into the fact that, oh no, here was a cult that was committing some mortal sins against political correctness and the common good as the far-left perceives it, not to mention actual alleged crimes with actual alleged victims, all as radically contrasted with the general peacenik image as are such stimulants as coffee and tobacco that fuel the whole “fertilizer-show” that is The Garden.

Rel, Rel, Rel. And of course most Americans just sort of unconsciously wince (not to mention frown) at the premeditated murder, consumption and wearing of cats and dogs, whatever the whacked-out rationale. So whatever mind-control- or bribery-related means Rel was able to leverage to get people to either leave her alone or support her, the Internet seems not to be influenced quite as easily as some semi-abandoned, jobless town in central Tennessee or the poor decision makers, such as this blogger, who end up traveling there. And it just gets worse and worse.

Because “THUGarden” has now forced this blogger to make a second blog post (no use trying to deny it Bobby, because everything he feels and does is your fault–fair is fair), he’ll be starting a dossier titled Shut Up and Read It. Please send along your “THUGarden Story” so y’all can build an impossibly long testimonial file and finally put “THUGarden” on the map for the reason they oh-so-truly deserve.

(Yo Hollywood or Mel [either one] or Rob-Rod, this right here needs to be a movie!)

And as always,

S T A Y · S A F E · A N D · K E E P · I T · R E A L !

Shut Up and Read it: “THUGarden” testimonials!

* By way of illustrating the extent of their plagiarism and fakeness (so common with mind controllers – people with no imagination know only control), “The Garden” appears to be a knock-off of “The Farm” nearby. THUGarden was initially called “Shut Up and Grow It” (perhaps a reference to their pathological loathing for any member dissent), derived from “Shut Up and Eat It” and falsely associated with the “Two-Dollar Revolution”, the “People’s Project” and the poor-tasting slogan “Free Land for Free People” (appropriated while figuratively dumpster diving at “Black Bear Ranch” which had discarded the slogan because it’s horrifyingly insensitive. This blogger strains to understand how any of these stated philosophies in any way reflects the day-to-day reality of what he’s simply calling “THUGarden”.

Part 1
Part 2 (unintended sequel)
Part 3 (fall of the Patricksters)
Shut Up and Read It: “THUGarden” testimonials
Interview with Insider
Insider’s subsequent article on “THUGarden”

Einstein and Hitler: disconcertingly similar men

Both Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler:
– Autistic.
– Socialist.
– Ethnically Jewish.
– Recovering Zionist?
– Paid shill for the élite.
– Criticized Jewish culture, came to terms with antisemitism.
– Revered by goyim-golems who are helping to make the world ever worse.
– Plagiarized the writings of far more sound-minded goys who lacked the privilege and weren’t with the mind control program.

Interview with Insider