The history of 666

The lately trending and subsequently disgraced Garden and the City of Lafayette, TN, fall within the (615) 666 XXXX telephone prefix zone. So I thought I’d do a blog post about every Baptist’s favorite numerical trio 666.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

Well the official story is that 666 is a Christian innovation that has nothing whatsoever to Judaism, but as we’ll see it’s in the Old Testament and even its New Testament use is very Judaizing indeed. We first meet Mr. 666 in 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chronicles 9:13 where it’s the number of talents of GOLD Solomon collected each year. (More on gold later on with Agent Joseph Smith and his Captain Kidd obsession.) And in Ezra 2:13 it’s the number of Adonikam’s descendants who return to Jerusalem and Judah from the Babylonian exile.

Seal of Solomon: 5 and 6 (more 5-6 links below)

The number 666 represents the total value for the Greek name for Nero Caesar, Καισαρ Νερον or Kaisar Neron, transliterated into Hebrew נרון קסר within the prevailing system of gematria (not to be confused with geometry whether sacred, legitimate or Masonic), i.e. Hebrew numerology, an occult pseudoscience common among “mystics”, revelators and authors of cryptic and heavily coded elitist and frequently racist messes like Daniel and its plagiarizing copycat Revelation within Judaism’s esoteric underbelly that certain heretics within Judaism have used to ignore the Torah, beyond merely interpreting it allegorically, and read their own godless and again racist agenda into the Law of Moses. In this sense, gematria is a step beyond the Talmud and a part of the Qabbalah. And it’s common among Talmudists and Qabbalists (such as Chabad Lubavitch) alike, loxistic as they are, to slur Rome with terms like Amaleq, Edom or Esau, as they slur Arabia with terms like Işmael. The struggle between the Judaizers (the Apostles Jacob [“James”] and John the Revelator, the Twelve even though many had Greek names, and Mark) and the Hellenizers (Paul, Peter and Luke) (i.e. rival cultural colonizers) was very real within the Jewish and later Christian communities. Given that John the Revelator was exiled by the divine order of Nero, it makes sense that he’d assign to Nero the role of monster or beast in his Lovecraftian and semi-plagiarized “unintelligibly prophetic” work that opens with screeds that effectively excommunicate nearly all the major urban churches of Greece before launching his incoherent Greek-language Hebraicisms.

Nero Caesar, John the Revelator’s nemesis, as the original 666 in standard gematria

As another example of Qabbalist numerological gymnastics, the also pretty sixy number 6,000,000 is found in the Zohar’s twisting of the Torah, in the ominous phrase “ye shall return minus six million” in an obvious justification of Rothschild-led ethnic cleansing and the creation of an entirely artificial, bank-oriented ethnostate.

Oh yes they did.

And as further confirmation of this “Nero theory of 666”, 616 would likewise be the total value of נרו קסר, a Hebraicization of the name Caesar Nero, the original Latin for the Greek-language title Caesar Neron common among those who didn’t really know Greek that well. Similar to how Wikipedia has the name Mormo as the Greek goddess of fear and fright when her real name in Greek was, you guessed it, Μορμον (“Mormon”). (Relatedly, Moroni is the capital of the Comoros Islands just between Madagascar and the African coast. Moroni is near the site where Captain James Kidd is said to have buried treasure [namely GOLD] for later recovery, the only privateer known to have done so. Note too that Mormonism has 13 tenets [perhaps explaining the prominence of “M” in such key terms as Mormon, Moroni, and I would submit Mammon or simply Money/Mortar/Mordor], which meshes well with their Freemasonic rituals from the Second-plus Anointing.)

The love of gold is the root of all Mormonism
Mormon: Greek goddess of fear and fright (in politically correct Wikipedia under Mormo)

And speaking of Hebrew, Monster energy drinks feature a trio of the sixth character of the Hebrew alphabet ווו (i.e. “vav-vav-vav” [or “wow-wow-wow”]) in Hebrew numerals, which appears to suggest the thirteenth letter M, so near and dear to Freemasonry (as in Friday the Thirteenth when Freemasonry’s Antichrist or false Messiah the arch-knight Jacques de Molay was martyred for threatening the pope-king diarchy). The link between monster and beast is too obvious to go into. (Note: Snopes shreds their credibility by denying this obvious fact. Also note that BIBLICALLY SPEAKING there is no prophecized historical personage called “The Antichrist”, but only a “spirit of Antichrist”, similar to how Paul’s Jesus Christ, whom he knew as light, is increasingly not merely personal but spiritual, archetypal and cosmic.)

Other variants of 666 (ווו aside) could include FFF or ꝻꝻꝻ (Latin letters, see also triskelion or three-way spiral), DCLXVI (Roman numerals), ΖΖΖ/ζζζ (sixth Greek letter) ٦٦٦ or 777 (Eastern Arabic/Hindi numerals and Thelema), ۶۶۶ (Urdu), ۶۶۶ (Persian), ووو (Abjad), 𐤅‎𐤅‎𐤅‎ (Phonecian). The shape of our Indo-Arabic numeral 6 resembles a spiral (sometimes regarded as one of the oldest symbols) or again a phallus (see also the numeral 9 or the letter Gg). This could indicate why Bible ravers default to calling 6 the number of man (literally) even though in terms of value 5 more accurately counts the number of fingers and limbs, unless you also count the torso or heart (or palm). 5 and 6 are very significant in Jewish occultism, Qabbalah, and witchcraft, often represented as encircled pentagrams (pentacles) and hexagrams or sexagrams. But granting that 6 = man, when you combine 6 (“man”) with the superlative triad 666, you’re basically saying “manliest” or “absolute humanism” (the symbol for trans humanism, interestingly, is H+), basically the Jesuitical extreme within Western civilization. In Latin it’s pronounced sex (sexus is the Latin for “sex” but mainly in the sense of “male or female”), and moreover, a late form of the Roman numeral six is ↅ. (See also Greek digamma/stigma for another link between the shape G (Ϛ) or F (Ϝ) and the sound “wow”.) G also stands for generation, or in English God. (For more on the Freemasonic use of the G, please see pamphlets by Paul Foster Case available on PDF online free of charge.) The Greek word for six is χξϛ. (That last letter is not a sigma but a stigma, which alternated with a digamma is the letter used to represent the value 6 in the Ancient Greek language, modernly with a ʹ added for clarity, but according to Strong’s there’s no apparent distinction in pronunciation between sigma and stigma, so?)

Aleister Crowley’s signature. Note the phallic and sixified A

And as ingeniously trans-Judaizing as John’s Apocalypse was, it would not be the last example of native Judaists using the number 666 to challenge the cultural foundations of Judaism. For in the Year of Our Galilean Lord 1666 an assuredly false messiah called Zevi told observant Jews to become antinomian (to include orgiastic) that they might be a nation-state once again. The end result of Zevi’s life was that he inaugurated crypto-Judaism within Islam just 126 years after the 1540 founding of the heavily crypto-Jewish “Jesus [as opposed to Christ] Society” or Jesuits.

Google, whose Masonic apron-styled letter M is prominent in the Gmail app, is also known for brandishing 666 in its Chrome app.

The Freemasonic apron displaying the thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet and the 666

The Washington Monument, the largest obelisk (i.e. structure with no purpose other than to glorify the male sex organ) on earth, is built to a 10:1 ratio (same as the statue of King Nebuchadnezzar AKA Lucifer) and measures 555ʹ × 55ʹ which in inches comes to 6660ʺ × 660ʺ.

America: the biggest dick on earth

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, one-time “assistant-priesident” and Qabbalist/Messianist Chabad Lubavitcher (together with Trump’s Director of National Intelligence appointee Avril Haines [still serving under Biden, let’s just hope not literally] and Ben Shapiro), was once heavily invested in 666 Fifth Avenue. Kushner is also invested in implantable RFID chips, and it was during Trump’s presidency that private companies finally had the chutzpah to start having their employees “take the chip jab”. And in one of the few things Trump actually made profitable during this twilight of American civilization, gambling, the roulette wheel has 0 through 36, the sum of which is 666. And 666 is considered lucky in, oh yes you guessed it, MADE IN CHINA, where the number six is pronounced the same as their word for “smooth”. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Evanjellyfish.

Two ghosts that still haunt America

Moreover, if you really think about it, 666 (♂♂♂) could be Trinitarian, since presumably all three persons of the Blessed Trinity are essentially male, active, initiating.

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