How the media distracts us from actual racism

Nazism is alive and well in today’s world, but you’ll find precious little of it in the groups that the professional “activists” and oligarchy public relations “reporters” are incessantly screeching about.

Nazi Germany, not unlike Karl Marx long beforehand, has set the pace for industrialized (“modern”) civilization, both are reflected in all of today’s administrative organizations (“governments”), but some are more intentionally Nazi than the others, and it may surprise you which ones are and aren’t.

The media appears to run on a perpetual interference kick on behalf of the actual (critical) “race theorists” because those glorified prima donnas rather conspicuously labor to promote the interests of the very people who bankroll Nazism (i.e. national socialism) worldwide.

First off, anyone who’s been paying attention knows by now that all the highest-profile antisemites (not to mention their shadowy financiers) have been exposed as Jewish, usually in coordination with Political Zionism. (Just to name a few, you’ve got your Andrea Strassmeir [the Oklahoma City bombing], your Danny Balint [The Believer], your Frank Collin [the Skokie Affair], and your Adolf Hitler [German national socialism and neo-imperialism]).

And speaking of national socialism, it is this that is the true nature of what we sleepily call “communism” in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, even though none of these “celebrate diversity” but rather the “glory of their race” (every bit as much as the “Jewish State of Israel”).

But those countries don’t seem to mind the mislabeling (not that our media would tell us if they did) because they just want to be the RothSchilds’ instruments to impose their intentionally deconstructive paradigm of diversity on the US while apparently blind to the fact that the US already has the most diverse population in the world.

In the late 1970s a biological awareness movement known to unknown social commentators as “race realism” sought to fill a vacuum of blindly integrationalist ideology in the Allied powers (US and “communist”) (according to The Alternative Hypothesis on YouTube), and that’s the time period when flagrantly Nazi-spirited things like “We Are the Champions” (1977) and “Superman” (1978) became popular.

Literal Nazis had gotten into NASA through Operation Paperclip, and they and products of apartheid and genocide like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are ubiquitous in today’s big tech(nocracy).

Speaking of the Gates family, today, as Abby Johnson points out, “Planned Parenthood is the only systemically racist organization in [the US]”.

In short the Nazis, from the point of view of the megabankers’ dictatorial and depopulating goals, have not yet outlived their usefulness, and as a result there’s plenty of hyper-racism to go around, only it’s always not found where their “media mogul” minions are screaming at us to look for it with their thought-terminating “silence is violence” hysterics.

But that’s what happens when you have a nation of fluoridated posers who go with the crowd.


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