“None so blind as those who will Na-zi.”

The Nuremberg Trials* (in which there was zero mention of gas chambers) were a show of cowardice and hypocrisy of global proportions. The expendable underlings who had been “only following orders” were sanctimoniously lectured that this was no excuse. No one asked, Whose orders? Meanwhile, having got off scot-free, the élite monsters who had run experiments on thousands of human specimens smoothly transitioned into, get this, both NASA and the Soviet Space program. (This means of course that the “Cold War,” the “Arms Race” and the “Space Race,” are not probably but certainly centrally coordinated by the “Super Race” for the enrichment of the global banks whom all spies [yes, I mean the “Intelligence Community”] appear to serve.)

Due to the heaviness of the content, I’ve graduated my videos from light to heavy duty.

Top influences on Nazism (and the New Age) include (in chronological order):

  1. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891)’s channeled tome Secret Doctrine.
  2. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)’s Gaia Scientia.
  3. Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)’s Seven Sermons to the Dead.
  4. Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966)’s Woman and the New Race.

First a fun song! “Wernher von Braun”

Nazi-run NASA and Soviet space program

Nazism spreads New Age nonsense via (declassified) airborne disc technologyClick on YouTube icon in embedded video or here for ten-part playlist.

NaZionism exposedWe all know Adolf Hitler was part-Jewish, just like all the worst dictators of the Twentieth Century. Tip of the iceberg. (Please bear in mind that the Nazis actually wanted to be rid of Jews, not necessarily to kill them, but other countries didn’t want to take them. This was Zionism’s big step toward “Isreality.” By September 1939, approximately 282,000 Jews had left Germany and 117,000 from annexed Austria. Of these, some 95,000 emigrated to the United States, 60,000 to Palestine, 40,000 to Great Britain, and about 75,000 to Central and South America, with the largest numbers entering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. More than 18,000 Jews from the German Reich were also able to find refuge in Shanghai, in Japanese-occupied China.)

Still unsure?

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* HIP-OCRISY: Are we really being asked to believe the Nuremberg jurors were right in penalizing men who were only following orders in carrying out the Hitler administration’s coldly calculated atrocities on their own (German) soil, yet the popular protesters were somehow wrong in condemning men who were only following orders in carrying out the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations’ coldly calculated atrocities across the globe (in Vietnam)?
Seriously, who can answer this, or were they simply hoping we would never get this far?

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