The Khazarian Empire

A cogent timeline by Jack Otto*
↗ Hear the whole talk on a three-part playlist
↗ The American Center of Khazar Studies

* Video errata per Theodore Janiszewski:

1. “[T]he two southern tribes were called Benjamin and Judah – more properly pronounced Yudah, because we didn’t get the harder sound to the ‘J’ until about two hundred years ago.”
The Cambridge History of the English Language says “J” has been pronounced with the harder sound since AD 800.

He says that the Khazarian Kagan had twenty million subjects, but the Atlas of World Population History says that in the year 800, the entire landmass once covered by the USSR, as far east as the Pacific Ocean, was inhabited by only six million people.

Resolution: Speaker was clearly phonetically challenged.

2. “They drew upon the real Jews for some education and they used the Hebrew alphabet as phonics to codify their Khazar language, and so now we look upon that language as Yiddish, or Jiddish and find that it is not Hebrew, but only appears to be.”
Yiddish is a mixture of German and Hebrew – it isn’t even close to a Turkic language like Khazarian.

Resolution: Speaker was referring to Old Yiddish.

3. “And then in 1140, they were literally overrun by the Mongols – Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan – and they were driven down into Eastern Europe.”
But Genghis Khan didn’t even unite the tribes of Central Asia until 1206. And Kublai Khan wasn’t born until 1215.

Resolution: Speaker clearly meant 1240.

Last but not least, Mr. Otto clearly exaggerates in saying that Ashkenazi haven’t “a drop of Semitic blood.” As separate as the Kuzarism/Ashkenazim have been kept from true Hebrews (your Sephardim/Konanim) and Some are as much as one-quarter children of Abraham.


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