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Disclaimer: This is my website. It shows my independent fact-finding. And one thing I can say about facts: they don’t care about hurting your feelings or mine, but knowing facts can make us tougher, wiser and humbler. This website is where I deposit a lot of facts I’ve found useful in “unbrainwashing” and “undemoralizing” myself from the industrial education the establishment foists on much of today’s developed, bank-owned world. I invite all comments to help in my mission as well as questions and topic requests; all can be entered in the comment box at the bottom of each page. I do not hate any group of people. (I am certainly the product of many European/Semitic races and have great friendships whose ancestry spans the globe.) Similarly, I do not think any ideology is the last best answer to everything. I actually have held conversations with almost every different kind of person who was willing (and many are when you come in a spirit of honesty).


Inspiration for the information

Translation: “Freedom comes only by seizure”Valsesia (surrounded by Italy)


Dear élite wolves: Sheep have teeth, tooWhy should the élite have all the “bull” to themselves?“Always do the right thing”The great lie we tell ourselves

“If they tell you it is impossible, that’s because they prefer you as a servant rather than a free citizen” (from the video above).

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Conspiracy Theory and Practice – A Guide for Scholar and Presenter Alike –

Even if you and I pride ourselves on thinking independently, we may still hate “conspiracy theory” because it often presents as imbalanced, e.g. overly –    fringe, abnormal or unaccepted by anyone important; –    narrow or broad; –    exhibitionistic or voyeuristic; –    esoteric; –    plaintive; –    angry; –    speculative; –    insensitively presented. The temptation the media encourages us to give in to is that of labeling all people willing to openly discuss x as “conspiracy theorists” and all “conspiracy theorists” as “crazy.” What we mean by either term is not important, only that we cower before the opinions of our “betters,” i.e. actors in suits on high-definition, and well-groomed imbeciles generally. (One of the keys to becoming immune to their ilk is getting a handle on the rudiments of so-called neurolinguistic programming, mind-tilling hand-gestures and some symbolism and numerology. These things are some of the easiest to research, yet you will never look at a newscast the same way again.) I am not angry with the closed-minded. The truly awakened bear them only sympathy. But in the interest of balance I must disclose the following:

1. conspiracy denial is not a mark of sanity any more than conspiracy interest is a mark of pathology.

On the other hand, and also in the interest of balance,

2. the Scholar’s primordial task is to sift between true thinkers (i.e. theorists) from group vendettas.

More on the first comment: people who deny there is any global conspiracy or shadow government or false-flag warfare must be suspected by the cautious as being either –    full of manure, –    insecure, –    brainwashed or –    in on it. For by this we can know there is, and in fact always was, a globalist conspiracy afoot: almost every man alive will admit to wanting to –    take over the world; –    be part of something bigger than himself; –    be grotesquely rich, famous and powerful; and perhaps even –    experiment with the Occult. Any student of history knows that empires crop up and pester people, then destroy themselves. The Presenter does not try to solve the mystery, but works from what is known, refusing to lean on denial, clichés and easy answers. It is the Presenter’s duty to relentlessly confront you with –    the global networks; –    the reality of your life (“My enemy, my self”); –    what your life can be: empower you to see with new eyes and walk with new feet. The Presenter is a professional, and his payment is the freedom atmosphere his sacrifice fosters. The Presenter is like Teflon to ideologies, to -isms. If (s)he favors a position, (s)he leaves this out of his/her conspiratorial presentation. The Scholar is a detective without a precinct, a reporter without a publisher and a professor without tenure. This detective’s precinct is the halls of power; this reporter’s publisher is the hearts of men; this professor’s tenure is the spiritual endowment that is a savvy public discourse. (To the spiritual and unattached these are payment enough!) He makes no bones that governments can be criminal, and mass-movements can be researched objectively, and all can be conspiratorial.

In short, the Scholar gives the common man the benefit of the doubt and holds the élite in very healthy suspicion.

People who are permitted to be healthy and free tend to act regularly, thrive on challenges and take responsibility seriously. Our nature resists both controlling our fellow-humans and being controlled by them. That is why it better serves the common good that arms and data remain available to all, than that any selection process whatsoever be requisite for either. Security clearance is only code for mystical tyranny.

Clarifying some conspiracist/savvy jargon: Government agencies o    “NSA”: National Security Agency o    “CFR”: Council on Foreign Relations Private businesses o    “Fed”: Federal Reserve (which is as “federal” as Federal Express [“FedEx”]) Secret societies o    “Illuminati”: originally the Bavarian Illuminati o    “Freemasons” 9/11 Truth o    “Nano-thermite” Help keep the Internet’s liberating data hub free and open

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