Jesus the universal Galilean

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Most of US, viewing everything as we do through our campy “Americhristian goggles”, have this ingrained group-aggrandizing habit of thinking it so supremely “mysterious” or “paradoxical” that a seer-healer-teacher from one of the most insular societies in world history would ever gain global appeal. But once you UnTrain™ yourself—really sit Yogi-Berra-style and ponder the geographical and historical reality of Galilee, Samaria and Judea (henceforth simply “Palestine”)—it only stands to reason that “Jesus” would be both Galilean and universal [1]. After all, the Jesus figure seems to have been an Essene [2], an earnest mystic and apparently something a yogi with Zen leanings. Yet it makes perfect sense that such thought patterns would afford him an edge in interpreting the scriptures of the Hebrews. After all, Israelite life and lore from Solomon’s day onward reads like a dazzling hodgepodge of all the imposing civilized cultures of classical antiquity in whose crossroads—and crosshairs—Palestine is situated. See, we’re taught to think of the Hebrews as a people who got some message from the sky—and sure enough dreams, visions and a lot of drugs were likely involved, though with heavy commentary to qualify them—but much of the content of the Pentateuch can be rather easily traced to sources elsewhere on Planet Earth rather than in the aetherial realms where supposedly some Zeus-like “Big Man” (YHWH written vertically is humanoidal in form) is waiting to strike down anyone who challenges a set of laws he gave to a particularly murderous band of desert-fevered barbarians.

We have known since Herodotus in 500 BC [3] that it was from Egypt that the Israelites got phallic circumcision, the characteristic Jewish observance to this day. From India they got the story where Abraham is called upon to sacrifice Isaac (originally named Nachiketa) as well as cow worship which they’ve officially discarded but unofficially cling to. From Canaanite idolatry they got the creator-deity Elohim (whence also Allah). And we haven’t even touched on the Zoroastrian sect of Persia/Iran who bankrolled the Second Temple in Jerusalem and from where the Magi or Wise Men proceeded! In short, classical Judaism, with its Law and Temple, represents a mix of elements from the whole then known world.

And the “Jesus scriptures” (commonly gospels) [4] are a deceptively savvy feat of literature probably composed near the Royal Library of Alexandria (Egypt) by ambitious wordsmiths who probably read a lot of old books, smoked a lot of keneh bosm and managed to satisfy the mythical archetypes and moral sensibilities of Pharisees and Hellenists (i.e. Grecophiles) alike, both among the following of the rabbis and among the members of other cults, whose twilight became increasingly apparent as the ancient classical Roman way of life went to the dogs, taking with it ancient classical Judaism of which mostly only the more portable rabbinical versions [5] survived.

Of course, as the Eastern Empire fell to Islam, the Western Mediterranean, and particularly “Roma Invicta” [6], conspired to continue its role of not only bureaucratic but additionally cultural “nerve center”, with the “Pope” of Rome putting on the dress of a Pharaoh and the titles of a Caesar—even touting as his main claim to authority a forged “Donation of Constantine” for the almost seven centuries between ca. 750 and 1444!
[1] In the lyrics of Michael Card, “He was unlike any other man and yet so much like me”.
[2] Not a Nazarite nor white as popular depictions suggest.
[3] That’s only 100 years after the Davidic-Solomonic kingdom, coinciding with the first-ever recorded accounts of “Israelites” (as opposed to “Canaanites”) anywhere ever.
[4] Whether you choose to stress its quasi-historicity or its quasi-mythicality matters little at this point.
[5] Of the rabbinical Jews some groups of Christians can be considered a subset, particularly Arians (with an i, from Arius), direct ancestor of Muslims but also very much alive in US sects such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses (ironic since self-described “Aryans” [with a y] persecuted Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nazi Germany).
[6] Now reinvented with Egyptian title (“Pope”), headdress (“mitre” [UK] or “miter”) and pageantry.

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Let’s pwetend Trump isn’t Hitler!

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But seriously, a little background as to what in the goddamned fuck is being perpetrated on us through instruments of the elite like Trump et al.: So these self-styled “zealots” have their Bobble (Bible?) gurus who feed them this special seasoning with which they the Neo-Conservative Evangelicals—the same goddamned sect of Evangelicals (not Catholics this time) that aided Hitler’s campaign and earlier Cromwell’s attempted genocide on the Irish—labor day and night over a hot toilet to make the fecal matter that comes out of Trump’s mouth and Twitter account seem palatable—or rather “prophetic”—to a confused, scared, suggestible populace. It’s the same sick dynamic as with the hierarchy-obsessed “Scribes” (interchangeable with “Theologians”) whom Jesus unequivocally condemned, because in reality they are salaried by thug politico monsters like Herod to misrepresent the Scriptures in such a way as to string along the often toddler-minded workmen (who, then as now, were a useful combination of angry and uninformed and could be rallied to push for just about any bullshit agenda you can think of—and some you can’t), to break down any resistance to the flavor-of-the-month bankster-funded criminally insane regime, resistance that is often put up by the sensitive, intelligent, and by now concerned if not alarmed elders and other clear-headed-without-being-sociopaths types of the community.

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So in summary, yes your instincts were correct: of course Trump is every bit as Satan as he can possibly be, and he steamrolls over all the good sense that’s in our people, but the recipe pans out because he’s bought off the ignoble intellectual lightweights and transparently vain, materialistic spokespeople (in short, actors) like Alex Jones, John Hagee, Kasim Haafez, and an endless Dork Parade™ consisting of frankly most clergy and other “public religionists” at this stage of the game (both the famous and the “famous” in their own minds). They’re all sell-outs. If you want spirituality, you go into the woods, and if you don’t find a monk, you become one (eat or starve)!


Mindfucked reporter from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

(And note that these money- and power-crazed automatons always surround themselves, when possible, with an entourage of insecure groupies who defend them against the burning questions of actual thinkers, yet even with this safety measure in place, you can still tell these front men are scared to death of people like you and me who have an idea who’s paying them to troll. For example, they can’t stand anarchists, mystics, or even well-rounded scholars, so all they can do is blindly fling memorized labels at us, usually amounting to the charge that we who question their thug enabling are “apathetic” and/or “unmanly” because we are true prophets in an age of false prophets, standing up for the victim against the oppressor while they do the opposite, challenging the manifestly unjust violence they promote, and they’re basically rubbing themselves “down there” as they think of themselves as part of the rise of the world’s next mass-murderer. It’s a sex drive for these lowlife toadies, make no mistake about it. It’s a harem, and when they find themselves in the presence of a true saint—who is the real person whose role they’re merely playing—they literally shit themselves, and because that kills the mood they instinctively lash out.)

Kirchenwahl.- Propaganda der

The German Evangelical Church, or Reichskirche, was a unified state church of some German Protestant regional churches that espoused a single doctrine compatible with National Socialism.

And it’s no good telling these paid mouthpieces that Israel and Trump are out to destroy the innocent, because they’ll just cover their ears and troll all the louder: “Well, Gawd‘s instruments aren’t perfect, but Gawd‘ll use them as surely as Gawd used Pharaoh, Muhammad, Hitler and the 9/11 demolition team to do Gawd’s perfect will”, whereupon they’ll get away from you as soon as possible, leaving you with your mouth agape before you can make the most obvious point of all as you have your last soul-crushing epiphany:

My God, you guys are cut from exactly the same cloth as the fancy-dressed preachers to whom it was “revealed” that Hitler was chosen by Gawd to save the German people!

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How does being “White” make me a “racist”?


Key Disclaimer
In the course of explaining the phenomenon at hand, I do highlight certain factual data (with factual being the operative term here) that partisans of a Nationalist and Socialist variety have also highlighted. However, I also repudiate, denounce and ridicule both Nationalism and Socialism. So calling me anything but a Political Atheist after reading this is as absurd as saying that an alarm clock must be red after having already seen that it is blue, basing your claim on the fact that some older alarm clocks are red. My goal being to educate, such obstructionistic trolling simply will not be tolerated.


Okay, so here’s how the brainwashing–er, government advertising–works. Racist is a term Leon Trotsky (Jewish) coined in the hopes of demonizing people with Nationalist leanings. [1] Communists, as their name implies, believe that there is no Individual [2] but only a “System”, which contrary to Karl Marx (Jewish)’s theories yet in agreement with practical experience generally tends to equate to the “Party” and the “State” (in the sense of “Government”). Furthermore, whereas Marx’s focus had been on the “Means of Production”, there prevails today something I’ll just call Neo-Marxism [3] that obsesses instead on the “Means of Reproduction”, in other words your genetic material, as being their theoretical “Primary Tool of Inequality”, and that was the ideological kernel that has long since flowered into “White Privilege” rhetoric. Of course we can certainly appreciate Trotksy’s influence here in this “It isn’t Racism when we do it” cult-think. [4] Because the Communist fanatics blindly believe everything boils down to the System [5], therefore if there is a Racist System in place [6] then all the members of the race it favors are de facto Racists. No judge, no jury, and especially no critical thinking. That is why those who believe in Neo-Communism take all Whites to be Racists [7], and those who believe in Nationalism obviously take all people, especially themselves, to be Racists. So all of that to explain why most of your more polarized African-Americans seem so prone to call you and/or your White friends things like “Racists” and even “Devils”, because their sell-out and therefore well-funded misleaders have taught them to see the world as Color-Coordinated Groups rather than Individuals. Sad really, though obviously sometimes it actually works the way they think it does, especially among the higher-ups [8]. Of course the goal all along was to fund and script this seemingly well-intentioned “Civil Rights Movement” by means of the Highlander Institute in such a way that strategically sics all the radicalized minorities against what they call the Goyim of the aristocracy (or Ameristocracy), and this has been quite successful in cementing the Euro-Jews’ hegemonic monopoly today so that 9/10 of the so-called 1% are, as many are just now learning, Jewish.

And this brings us inexorably to Zionism–which is where all this rhetoric is hatched, calculated to divide and conquer the Goyim–because what’s truly dizzying (from a logician’s standpoint, I mean) is when the Zionists call you a Racist for not wanting to fund the State of Israel with 33% of your tax-funded foreign aid, even while the State of Israel defines itself as a Jewish Democracy (and they ain’t talking about the Jewish Religion, though even if they were it would still be brazenly unconstitutional and ludicrous to favor them)! In fact, the Zionists are even worse than the envy-obsessed Black race baiters not only for the reason stated. The smoking gun is that the Zionists won’t even say “Racist” but have to have their own separate first-class word, “Antisemite”, which yet again drives the point home that the Zionists are the real super-racists, like the mob boss who never gets caught but is the most guilty, and this apart from Jews making up an overwhelming majority of the 1%. The day we get wise to this is the day the Zionists’ evil empire of Kabbalistic mind control finally comes crashing down, so that means any minute now…

[1] Trotsky, by contrast with Stalin, believed in conquering the world for a Global Communist Empire.
[2] Also no Spirit, though later soul weight experiments were carried out predominately in Communist countries determining this to be false, though this has been withheld from the Western World since we’ve been scheduled for economic demolition–er, Communism–and that would just get in the way–er, confuse us.
[3] Basically, Jesuit-championed Liberation Theology and even the Alinskyite school of the Clintons and the Obamas.
[4] Nationalists or “Racists” (Black Nationalists include Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley) similarly believe that there is only the Race or “Nation”…still no Individual.
[5] Whether that System be one of Exploitation/Oppression or of Equality/Fairness.
[6] And good luck proving Systemic Racism’s existence or especially its non-existence–whence Communism’s signature fanaticism stemming from circular reasoning (Capitalism, Communism and Nationalism alike really stemming from divergent modern interpretations of the Babylonian Talmud which had been responsible for the centuries-long Ghetto System).
[7] And by the same token the theorists/theologians themselves will never be made to see themselves as Racists for running around judging others based on race, because to state the case plainly, they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.
[8] Your “ruling elite”, “political class” the “uber-rich”, mafiosi, and of course the “banksters”.

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