Inhumanitarian popes wanted at the Hague?

Charges and warrants on the basis of clerical sex abuse (and other unspeakable crimes against humanity, particularly against children) have plagued Western Christianity’s current Pope and Pope Emeritus alike (the only non-Muslim absolute monarchs [“kings”] in the world today) at the International Court of Justice of the egregiously impotent United Nations.


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Now, by way of background, it is useful to note that, for all the Nazi-affiliation innuendo surrounding the famously egg-headed ex-Pope Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, alias “Benedict XVI”, let’s all just take a minute to remember that the notoriously smooth-talking Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, alias “Francis”, the first Jesuit ever to climb the “Petrine” throne, hails from Argentina and is a devout Peronista.

You may recall that Pope Francis’ early role model Juan Perón (¿Perdón?)’s Argentina harbored* Nuremberg fugitive Adolf Eichmann, who as the German National Socialist Party’s liaison to the Zionist “Jewish Agency”** helped to ensure that only Labor Party Jews would be rescued in advance of Eastern Europe’s various nationalist genocides and that only these faithless Jews would be allowed to board the boxcars bound for Palestine, in order to build Der Judenstaat as a satellite of secularist-Enlightenment/Illuminatist Europe, free of all traces of traditional Jewish scruples, as per Zionist guru Theodor Herzl’s vision. (See Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank.)

Only after rogue Israeli citizen Martin Grünwald, a Hungarian immigrant, launched an intense pamphlet campaign did the Israeli Supreme Court finally buckle, extraditing Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, whereupon he was summarily tried, convicted and executed before he could speak publicly about the Transfer Agreement and the deep and vast Zion/Nazi common ideology, methodology and history of collaboration—which had been the hallmark of his own career as a Nazi officer and which would arguably reveal the truth that Holocaust survivor Hajo Mayer keeps telling everyone, that Nazis and Zionists are morally indistinguishable from one another. And indeed this 1960 case was the only one in history where a Nazi was convicted by an Israeli tribunal.

Now, when you stop and think about it, as monstrous as that makes Israel (Western Europe’s Mid-Eastern satellite) look, what does Israel’s extradition and silencing of Eichmann say about the sense of justice in Argentina (Western Europe’s South-American satellite), that like Israel seems to be quite the hornet’s nest of Nazis and Nazi-sympathizing scum and villainy?

(Note: Both the Argentine Republic and the State of Israel are essentially German colonies, whence their uncanny diplomatic compatibility.)

** Eichmann appears to have lived in Argentina throughout the 1950s until his extradition in 1960.
** Eichmann’s Zionist “Jewish Agency” contact was Rudolf Katzner.

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