Jews and Zionists have almost nothing in common


A. BARELY. Not all Jews (regardless of whether you mean religious adherents or ethnic members) are Zionists, least of all the TORAH-literate and strictly observant among them.

Rather, the European Enlightenment was what sparked (or spawned) the nationalist movement of which Zionism is an ethnically (and notoriously irreligiously) Jewish version, having already created many other nationalisms, beginning with Western European ones and spreading globally.

Has the modern nationalist ideology struck a chord with some component of Judaism?

Well certainly, but so did it obviously resonate with certain elements of all those other cultural or “national” groups worldwide among whom it has become popular (slash gotten shoved down people’s throats), and then they selectively extracted the parts of their heritage that they could get to appear to agree with their ideology and burned the rest, much the way communist whack-jobs have done when they’ve had their druthers.

But the bottom line fact to realize is that today’s Zionist Knesset (i.e. Israeli Supreme Court) is a rabidly secularist cabal that strictly censors Judaism along with all religion.

Zionism is far more Northern European than Jewish in any serious sense, as the paperwork richly shows (see Balfour Declaration, Transfer Agreement).

Now on the other hand, some have argued that such notoriously violent nationalisms as Zionism and Nazism are remarkably TALMUDIC (NOT TORAIC) in their conception, and of course yes that does undeniably play into this to a greater or lesser extent.

With that said, frankly nationalism could be seen as an attempt to get out of the stranglehold of world banking, created by the “Jewish” RothSchilds.

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