Međugorje: fool’s gold for desperate Catholics…or worse?

There are three things that only God knows:
how much money the Franciscans have,
how many women religious orders there are, and
what the Jesuits believe.

Mexican Proverb

Conspiracy. Deceit. Exploitation. The junkie prank that was taken over by scientific mind manipulation and eventually acquired a demonic or occult life of its own.—These are just a few of the terms utilized by E. Michael Jones in portraying the “real” Međugorje phenomenon. But this blogger will leave it to the reader to discern whether these expressions represent glib vitriol from an angry professor-turned-journalist (who after all loves money as much as any friar does, and don’t forget to buy his book linked below) or if they are in fact horribly apt.

Easy and breezy: that’s Međugorje to a tee

There is an old saying that all that glitters is not gold. (And as we’ll learn, not all who wear brown hoods are pure of intent!) And I remember hearing that in heaven there is only music and silence, no mundane chatter to fend of that dread “dead air”. The fact of the matter is that the mature soul stays her course through any and all dark and desolate nights, stoically or soberly, without deviating to favor false comforts, and that that mature soul is the soul that will one day be awakened (generally in what we vain fools call “death”) and forever after behold the radiant face of her God. Indeed the Doctor of the Church Saint John of the Cross counsels spiritually-minded Christians to try to resist “spiritual sweetness” and never on any account to seek it. But who among us01 can be reckoned mature? Who of us is actually disposing himself toward God’s heaven? Arguably, where does any of that fit in to today’s parish (or for that matter friary) life? These are tough questions, and it is accordingly understandable that many today apparently will put them off in exchange for the chatter of MyCatholicism™ or CatholicismLite™02. Carnally “understandable” that is, yet at the same time unspeakably unwise.

Much of the deeply Second Vatican Council–aligned “Reformed Catholic” culture, perhaps from a preexisting insecurity in its own optical redundancy, its clerical depravity—in short, its arguably demonically silly hideousness—and perhaps by being already predisposed toward the “Charismatic Renewal”03 and toward raging incoherently against their own bishops, and by just being what the clergy like to call your more “simple-faithed Catholics”, have acquired a rather jaded taste for the thrill of increasingly hardcore doom ideations04 with no apparent quality control over the authenticity much less wholesomeness of their at times (in layman’s terms) thoroughly sketchy and slimy message suppliers (“seers”). The standard definition of a cult and of radicalization. (It ain’t just those Muslims, folks, and some of the fruits of Međugorje that we shall be seeing will help you in seeing what I’m saying: “the enemy is us!”) And it could in part owe to the Vatican’s refusal since the 50s to teach on the Apocalypse of Saint John (i.e. the Book of Revelation) or the “end times”, creating this bureaucratically produced “prophecy vacuum”!

It was upon this spiritually bottomed-out scene that entered Our Lady of Međugorje, legit pronounced /meh·jew·GORY·eh/, arguably The Greatest Religious Show on Earth, all allegedly set up by the same CIA that directed the public lives of both reliably crowd-pleasing thespians Pope John Paul II stationed at Old Rome and President Ronald Reagan sent from California to Washington, D.C.05. This operation came out swinging as it entered the fray ready, willing, and able to appear as the “hero” and take all the credit for the suicide of Communism06 and to cater to precisely this sort of heroin den demographic, raising the (ostensible) piety-dollars that would finance the boomtown that is present-day Međugorje.

And no, this blogger is not being flippant in using substance abuse–suggestive wording here, as there is much to indicate that the alleged seers07 in Međugorje08, being chain-smokers (against their parents’ orders, a theme we will see repeated on a rather larger scale), took hallucinogenics09 just prior to their alleged messages10. And there is furthermore something of a very scientific and clinical mass–mind manipulation component, coupled with the stereotypically Charismatic element, comprising this operation11 which would obviously explain this CIA affinity for those familiar with spy world (and frankly with the Franciscan modus operandi).

These data, one would have thought, catch the eye of the soundly discerning Catholic as if each fact of the case were one big bright and shimmering red flag. Thing is though, again the whole mood over there seems to be one of desperation and clique culture to the utter exclusion of cool-headed introspection, never mind sound contemplation!

The spiritual and psychological predators behind this operation include the following OFM (“Order of Franciscans Minor” or simply “Franciscan”) priests, all notorious for jointly conducting disinhibiting “sensitivity sessions”, frequently with such drastic and alarming outcomes that similar sessions have now been criminalized in many countries:

  • Rev. Jozo Zovko, OFM /YOH·zoh ZOFF·coh/
    The original coach or “asvisor” to the children before being imprisoned by the Communists, Zovko has been accused of sexually molesting female pilgrims. Riding this wave of perversion and corruption, “Father Jozo” has become a top religious figure, rivaling any pope, and he has distanced himself from the others (below) whom he stepped on to get where he is today.
  • Ex-Rev. Tomislav Vlašić, former OFM /TOM·iss·lav VLAH·sitch/
    Vlašić appears to have taken Zovko’s place during the latter’s “reeducation” or whatnot. Then it was fake-prophesied (under Zovko’s direction mind you) that Vlašić would be “surrounded by a large crowd”. Prior to all of this, Vlašić already fathered a child named Tomo by a nun (out of wedlock obviously) whom he had then tried vainly to bribe into silence with a one-time payment (abortive intent implied?). Vlašić’s baby’s mama had then moved with her son to Germany and sent a note to his bishop in November 1984, whereupon Vlašić was confronted and made no denial of the claims. But then Zovko (and Vlašić?) seem to have manipulated the alleged seers into proclaiming Vlašić’s innocence12. One alleged seer then used her apparently magisterial authority as what must be termed the “Popess of Charismatic Catholics” to sanction a wantonly scandalous13 co-ed “religious community” in Parma, Italy. (Word to the wise: relations of a heterosexual nature are rather the exception within these “Vatican II” religious orders.) The “seer” later recanted and went on to denounce Vlašić’s manipulation of her. After finally leaving Međugorje and disappearing for a time (presumably to regroup and conspire with his CIA handlers), Vlašić was found to be a member of the Mormonesque Central Nucleus, the pope of his own Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe, and moreover living in sin and scandal with one Agnes Heupel. Now he was finally excommunicated. (Yup, that’s what it takes these days, at least when you’re a serial con artist on behalf of the oligarchy who can bring idiots into line and bring in the dough!)
  • Rev. Marijan Pehar, OFM /mar·ee·YAN PAY·har/
    Pehar would become an invaluable whistleblower of the whole operation furnishing the public with many of the facts contained herein.
  • Rev. Slavko Barbarić, OFM /SLAV·co BAR·bar·itch/
    Barbarić was also a spiritual director to the children and hence no “saint” (as much as such a notion would factor in well into the friars’ geopolitical calculus) and undoubtedly complicit in most or all of this mindless evil in the name of religious politics.
  • At least ten other friars were kicked out of the OFM by the local bishop during the Međugorje period, in connection to relatedly unsound and dangerous ministerial hacks and lifestyle choices.
Two examples of non-Catholic structures

No poverty, no chastity, and no obedience!
And the perennial fruit of it all?
Scandal, division and confusion!
(And not the Jesus kind either!)
End of sermon.

In E. Michael Jones’ critical analysis the Međugorje pilgrimeers (i.e. these rogue OFMs and their child-marionettes) are “using the spirituality of the Catholic Church [and of their ‘Father Francis’] to draw people [in] then…ignoring the authority of the [same] Catholic Church [and the poverty of Brother Francis]!“. This bait-and-switch formula appears to summarize the engine that finances the Međugorje operation; it runs what has been termed the “Međugorje industry”.

No bishop with apostolic authority over Međugorje since that first summer of 1981 has expressed anything other than not only a doubt of its supernatural claims but an active disbelief in said claims. Just allow yourself to think on that for a minute.

The reader will further note that Pope John Paul II ultimately refused to visit Međugorje after devotees (who seem to have just this amazing legacy of vandalism and violence to a genocidal extreme) beat and kidnapped for eight hours their own Bishop Ratko Perić /RAHT·co PEH·trich/, together with his secretary, whom that most popular of popes (notorious for ordaining active homosexuals sadly, great job CIA) had just appointed to succeed Bishop Žanić. (More about His Late Excellency in the following paragraph.) This may perhaps serve as the most vivid example to date of the limitless disobedience and violence that pervades in Međugorje culture.

Now as bishop (for those either poorly catechized or perchance well Charismaticized) Pavao Žanić /pah·VOW ZHAH·niche/ being Perić’s predecessor of course had likewise enjoyed both Rome’s approval and full apostolic authority over Međugorje from the inception of the alleged visions. It was he who commissioned an investigation that concluded that it was able to find a grand total of zero scraps of evidence of supernatural phenomena at its conclusion in the Year of Our Lord 1985. (The count remains nil as of the publishing of this blog post.)

This blogger can freely attest that the Međugorje devotees and (ironically called) “prayer warriors” in his own hometown love usurping authority through unnecessary spectacles in which they instigate public verbal altercations with their own priests when they’re not spitting the most toxic gossip imaginable about them behind their backs and disobeying them like it’s going out of style. And apart from Međugorje, this blogger witnessed an OFM-run “Charismatic retreat” in t.b.’s own (in many other ways wildly perverse and corrupt) home parish where t.b. saw first-hand the deceitful twisting of arcane words in tandem with bodily gestures (referred to in some circles as NLP or neurolinguistic programming) employed to produce predetermined mindsets in the unwitting (because artfully misdirected) faithful, all based on humanly induced impressions and also on nothing authentically divine.

So even outside of Međugorje the OFMs exhibit this pattern of occultism in the form of clerical esoteric dabblings and messing with their parishioners and other audiences. And it is therefore no surprise when, just after the bishop’s commission found no supernatural content within the Međugorje phenomena, the OFMs immediately had the children call on the cult members to turn positives into negatives14 (not negatives into positives as I wishfully heard it initially), something drawing perhaps from Croat folk magick. And many of their broadcast phrases will be difficult to trace simply because Međugorje, like the Vatican City-state itself, may be building its own library of obscure occult tomes as just another component of this rather transparent push for unrivaled religious prominence. And this is an important reason why unfortunately many popular but weak-minded, spiritually immature or obviously CIA-connected ecclesial celebrities like Pope John Paul II can’t possibly be taken seriously when showing unofficial support for Međugorje, the built-in conflict of interest with regard to international intelligence being painfully real. We must stoically or soberly content ourselves with understanding the late pope’s refusal to visit Međugorje as the clearest message he durst give us.

See, while on the surface Međugorje is laying all the groundwork to replace the Vatican, in terms of the deep state15 the Papacy is scripted by the same cynical internationalists/interreligionists that puppeteer Međugorje. This is also why the Holy See won’t vocally denounce or even disavow Constantinople (excommunication lifted in 1965), Moscow (or Kyev, never excommunicated just sort of Fatima’d), Canterbury (still excommunicated), Augsburg (still excommunicated) or the current West Jerusalem régime (officially Jewish [in the racist not religionist sense, crucially] and consistently [albeit sneakily] anti-Christian), all so sacred (rightly or insanely) to many who confess Jesus as the Christ. Heck, under Pope Francis16 the Vatican City-state even put Martin Luther on their postage, which may well be the political equivalent of elevating infernal “earth goddess” idols in Saint Peter’s Basilica. (Disclaimer: this blogger is not calling on anyone to do anything to the current pope of Rome other than pray, blog, and litigate of course!)

In short, members of the Order of Franciscans Minor (OFMs), as a general rule, are either out of their minds or sold out to the oligarchs and never to be trusted. What they do under the guise of CharismaticPrayer™ [02] is disturbing to the point of being criminally inhuman. They are essentially “good cops” busily slipping subliminals into our brains on behalf of the powered and moneyed (((élite))), and frankly this has unfortunately set the tone for how the Church treats the poor.

Come to think of it, that’s got to be why you keep seeing these new societies—the Vincentians, Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker—in the hopes that one of them will remain humble and sound and not flip Marxist or Keynesian (i.e. communist or capitalist in that soulless sense). If there was ever indeed a period in history when the OFMs were in any sense the “purely righteous conscience of the Church” this is not the case today and it probably hasn’t been since Francis of Assisi stepped down in protest of precisely this classically Franciscan sort of avarice creep!

Our Lady of Međugorje has been called “the biggest hoax in the history of the Roman Catholic Church” (see video below). Ten years into his assignment at Međugorje, one of your more fidelity-minded OFM priests summarized the whole thing as “the devil’s plan for the pious”. The veteran pastor went on to say that “the whole point [of the Međugorje operation] is to take a human oracle and promote it to the status of something divine, and then to excommunicate everyone who doesn’t believe it.” He declared that “This is another Jesus.” Which in Biblical terms, just so the reader knows the score, makes it Antichrist, not to mention a cult!

Six sketchy seers, in order: Ivan Dragićević, Marija Pavlović, Ivanka Ivanković, Mirjana Dragićević, Jakov Čolo, and Vicka Ivanković

Bishop Pavao Žanić of Mostar-Duvno17, the first bishop to have been landed with the unenviable task of shepherding this whole messy Međugorje business, wrote in a 1987 letter to Rev. Hugh Thwaites, SJ: “I AM SURE THAT OUR LADY DOES NOT APPEAR. No miracles. The ‘messages’ cannot be of our Virgin. They are the fruit of a FABRICATION, FRAUD AND DISOBEDIENCE to the Church. It is about big money and personal interest, too.” (Caps added.) The bishop went on to say that people who put words into the mouth of the Blessed Mother (or the Gospa as the children generally call her, which is Croatian for “Lady”) have earned for themselves not so much heaven as the lowermost bowels of hell. His Late Excellency finally denounced the OFMs18 for their disobedient haste in promoting the alleged revelations, in his words “hurrying forward before the Church’s judgment”.

What do the OFMs and their CIA handlers aspire to achieve? Can it be anything other than a false “Catholicism” rebuilt in the image and likeness of that increasingly discredited American cult that alternately insists on calling itself Mormons and Latter-day Saints? Similar to the Legion of Christ and Saint Irenæus Ministries.

“Just as one whiff of crack can give some people a cocaine addiction for life, so one touch of spiritual consolation of demonic origin can give some people an undying craving for more of the same” (Rev. Hugh Thwaites, SJ).

This makes this blogger think of certain Bible camp experiences.

Another interjection from this blogger: Those who are children of God should fear God and not the patently vague and unreliable words of some inveterate con artists.

But Pope Francis seems down with Međugorje, so?

“It is clear that both the Catholic Church and the present bishop of Mostar[-Duvno] do not accept the reports of appearances in Medjugorje as supernatural” (an interviewee).

Related reading that this blogger hasn’t had the time (or mailing address) to get into

Spiritual damage assessment and action proposals

  • It impresses this blogger that you have a cult following that will rough up and indefinitely detain a middle-aged bishop and his secretary yet will not defend their own daughters’ honor in the face of rapacious “friars”. Without even considering anything else, this by itself would constitute that whole place as being clearly demon-infested.
  • And speaking of demonic infestation, this blogger can only gape in wonder that the Vatican today has all these unprecedentedly exalted “exorcist priests”, literally now awarding “doctorates” in exorcism, running around profiting from oft-dubious “accounts” of their “heroic work” while safely behind Vatican walls, and yet not a one of them can be bothered to denounce much less deliver Međugorje19. It all just goes to show that the organized avarice of today’s mercenary priests is every bit as bad or worse than under the Renaissance “popes”, that for sheer in-your-face corruption the OFMs are as bad or worse than the OPs ever were, if such a thing were possible.
  • Or at the very least, where is the Swiss Guard when a bishop in a troubled diocese is being beaten and kidnapped? Send ’em in! (And God help Chinese Catholics!)
  • What if anything does the OFMs’ Minister General Massimo Fusarelli have to say about this whole scandalous mess?

Lastly, please buy E. Michael Jones’s book and subscribe to his BitChute channel. Same goes for Hutton Gibson, Peter Levenda, David Irving. If not for yourselves, just do it for me: I want to live in a society that’s intelligent (and not brainwashed by “intelligence”)!


  • 01 Especially if, for whatever flimsy excuse, we aren’t cloistered Teresian Carmelites (this blogger is not, but if you must be a loyal Catholic then you must at minimum be a Carmelite, just saying): “Carmel teaches the Church how to pray” (Pope Benedict XVI). “There is no member of the Church who does not owe something to Carmel” (Thomas Merton).
  • 02 Not real trademarks to this blogger’s knowledge.
  • 03 Sanctioned by Pope Paul VI in 1975 and sneakily disobedient, insular, paranoid, divisive and Antichrist (meaning that they subtly present the faithful with an alternative or parallel savior) ever since. Francis Michael Duff, L.O.M., founder of the Legion of Mary, wrote in a letter to Rev. Hugh Thwaites, SJ, that “The Charismatic Renewal movement is one of the most dangerous things in the Church today”. Like Pentecostals, their Protestant counterparts, Charismatics pretty much believe that if you don’t have the “baptism in the Holy Spirit” then you’re damned and if you don’t speak in “tongues” then you’re sort of an abortion of a Christian. In other words they appear to be Corinthian supremacists more than of Christ in any discernible way.
  • 04 Though apparently wholly forsaking the classical “three days of darkness” and other signatures of the end-times “certainties” of their Latin Mass–going counterparts.
  • 05 The same CIA that supplied Jerry Garcia and the “Deadheads” with copious amounts of LSD, some of whose addicts this blogger has seen in person, living out their existence mumbling platitudes and being exploited by the landowners who rule the roost in the so-called “Rainbow Family”. Another very American phenomenon, completely intel-controlled.
  • 06 Communism’s successor authoritarians had long since rather visibly if quietly made their peace with race realism and implemented ethnostatist fascism.
  • 07 This blogger will uniformly call them seers though they are sometimes referred to, especially within the cult (particularly by its CIA handlers perhaps), as visionaries or simply children; possibly revelators, messengers or prophets too!
  • 08 Međugorje, Cyrillically transliterated Међугорје, is under the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno. (This becomes hugely important later touching both on issues of obedience to the corresponding bishop and indeed fidelity to their pope) and is also located within the modern-day state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (henceforth B&H).
  • 09 Drugs that Mirjana possibly brought in from Sarajevo (the national capital of B&H).
  • 10 Note that of all six alleged seers not a one has managed a “religious vocation” to become a monk, nun, friar, sister or priest but they live today as “religious superstars” living all kinds of celebrity-type lifestyles, and at one point the naughty OFM pilgrimeers who owed their profits to the also naughty “children” (in-group code for the alleged seers) began to distance themselves from the alleged but so consistently inconsistent and dissatisfying alleged seers, even as these same friars had long before (in a fit of irony which E. Michael Jones calls out in a quote above) severed themselves from the Church’s rules and authority to whom they presumably owe their we must point out severely jeopardized hope for final and eternal redemption.
  • 11 Think Pharaoh’s priests duplicating the miracles YHWH worked through Moses.
  • 12 Which I guess also supposedly excused the OFM priests’ flagrant disobedience by MeđugorjeLogic™ [2]?
  • 13 Apparently Thelema-themed?
  • 14 This blogger is still searching for an exact quote (whether within the message or in a 1980s-or-sooner grimoire or occult manual) or a date for the red-flag message mentioned above (mentioned without sources by the scholarly but also tenacious E. Michael Jones) or the date of the conclusion of the local bishop’s commission. Any source or context for this will me of utmost benefit to the cause of upsetting what is clearly an elaborate system of falsehood and wrongness behind the Međugorje phenomena.
  • 15 Term deep state used advisedly and non-Trumpianly.
  • 16 The enlightened Solomon of Roman Catholicism?
  • 17 The kidnapping prompted a UN intervention. Wikipedia (which does have an approval process contrary to smug tenured tropes) refers to the incident as the final stage of the so-called Herzegovina Affair: “On 2 April 1995, Bishop Ratko, along with his secretary, was abducted and beaten by Croat militiamen at a local [OFM] chapel. They were held for eight hours until rescued by UN peacekeepers and the Mayor of Mostar. The abduction was retaliation for Perić’s intention to replace the [OFMs] with diocesan priests in several parishes as well because of his criticism of the unconfirmed apparitions of Mary, mother of Jesus in Medjugorje. He was released only after the intervention from the Mayor of Mostar and UNPROFOR [i.e. the UN Protection Force]”.
  • 18 The OFM certainly flexed its muscles in the Lourdes–Immaculate Conception push of the nineteenth century at which time it was a matter of controversy and certainly not one of sensus ecclesiæ (see Saint Thomas Aquinas, another Doctor of the Church).
  • 19 For that matter, these “no-nonsense exorcists” won’t bite the hand that feeds them by denouncing or delivering the manifestly idolatrous Vatican itself, for it’s difficult to say whether today’s Međugorje or today’s Rome is more of a slap in the face to the name of Francis, to say nothing of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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