Let’s pwetend Trump isn’t Hitler!

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But seriously, a little background as to what in the goddamned fuck is being perpetrated on us through instruments of the elite like Trump et al.: So these self-styled “zealots” have their Bobble (Bible?) gurus who feed them this special seasoning with which they the Neo-Conservative Evangelicals—the same goddamned sect of Evangelicals (not Catholics this time) that aided Hitler’s campaign and earlier Cromwell’s attempted genocide on the Irish—labor day and night over a hot toilet to make the fecal matter that comes out of Trump’s mouth and Twitter account seem palatable—or rather “prophetic”—to a confused, scared, suggestible populace. It’s the same sick dynamic as with the hierarchy-obsessed “Scribes” (interchangeable with “Theologians”) whom Jesus unequivocally condemned, because in reality they are salaried by thug politico monsters like Herod to misrepresent the Scriptures in such a way as to string along the often toddler-minded workmen (who, then as now, were a useful combination of angry and uninformed and could be rallied to push for just about any bullshit agenda you can think of—and some you can’t), to break down any resistance to the flavor-of-the-month bankster-funded criminally insane regime, resistance that is often put up by the sensitive, intelligent, and by now concerned if not alarmed elders and other clear-headed-without-being-sociopaths types of the community.

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So in summary, yes your instincts were correct: of course Trump is every bit as Satan as he can possibly be, and he steamrolls over all the good sense that’s in our people, but the recipe pans out because he’s bought off the ignoble intellectual lightweights and transparently vain, materialistic spokespeople (in short, actors) like Alex Jones, John Hagee, Kasim Haafez, and an endless Dork Parade™ consisting of frankly most clergy and other “public religionists” at this stage of the game (both the famous and the “famous” in their own minds). They’re all sell-outs. If you want spirituality, you go into the woods, and if you don’t find a monk, you become one (eat or starve)!


Mindfucked reporter from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

(And note that these money- and power-crazed automatons always surround themselves, when possible, with an entourage of insecure groupies who defend them against the burning questions of actual thinkers, yet even with this safety measure in place, you can still tell these front men are scared to death of people like you and me who have an idea who’s paying them to troll. For example, they can’t stand anarchists, mystics, or even well-rounded scholars, so all they can do is blindly fling memorized labels at us, usually amounting to the charge that we who question their thug enabling are “apathetic” and/or “unmanly” because we are true prophets in an age of false prophets, standing up for the victim against the oppressor while they do the opposite, challenging the manifestly unjust violence they promote, and they’re basically rubbing themselves “down there” as they think of themselves as part of the rise of the world’s next mass-murderer. It’s a sex drive for these lowlife toadies, make no mistake about it. It’s a harem, and when they find themselves in the presence of a true saint—who is the real person whose role they’re merely playing—they literally shit themselves, and because that kills the mood they instinctively lash out.)

Kirchenwahl.- Propaganda der

The German Evangelical Church, or Reichskirche, was a unified state church of some German Protestant regional churches that espoused a single doctrine compatible with National Socialism.

And it’s no good telling these paid mouthpieces that Israel and Trump are out to destroy the innocent, because they’ll just cover their ears and troll all the louder: “Well, Gawd‘s instruments aren’t perfect, but Gawd‘ll use them as surely as Gawd used Pharaoh, Muhammad, Hitler and the 9/11 demolition team to do Gawd’s perfect will”, whereupon they’ll get away from you as soon as possible, leaving you with your mouth agape before you can make the most obvious point of all as you have your last soul-crushing epiphany:

My God, you guys are cut from exactly the same cloth as the fancy-dressed preachers to whom it was “revealed” that Hitler was chosen by Gawd to save the German people!

How does being “White” make me a “racist”?


Key Disclaimer
In the course of explaining the phenomenon at hand, I do highlight certain factual data (with factual being the operative term here) that partisans of a Nationalist and Socialist variety have also highlighted. However, I also repudiate, denounce and ridicule both Nationalism and Socialism. So calling me anything but a Political Atheist after reading this is as absurd as saying that an alarm clock must be red after having already seen that it is blue, basing your claim on the fact that some older alarm clocks are red. My goal being to educate, such obstructionistic trolling simply will not be tolerated.


Okay, so here’s how the brainwashing–er, government advertising–works. Racist is a term Leon Trotsky (Jewish) coined in the hopes of demonizing people with Nationalist leanings. [1] Communists, as their name implies, believe that there is no Individual [2] but only a “System”, which contrary to Karl Marx (Jewish)’s theories yet in agreement with practical experience generally tends to equate to the “Party” and the “State” (in the sense of “Government”). Furthermore, whereas Marx’s focus had been on the “Means of Production”, there prevails today something I’ll just call Neo-Marxism [3] that obsesses instead on the “Means of Reproduction”, in other words your genetic material, as being their theoretical “Primary Tool of Inequality”, and that was the ideological kernel that has long since flowered into “White Privilege” rhetoric. Of course we can certainly appreciate Trotksy’s influence here in this “It isn’t Racism when we do it” cult-think. [4] Because the Communist fanatics blindly believe everything boils down to the System [5], therefore if there is a Racist System in place [6] then all the members of the race it favors are de facto Racists. No judge, no jury, and especially no critical thinking. That is why those who believe in Neo-Communism take all Whites to be Racists [7], and those who believe in Nationalism obviously take all people, especially themselves, to be Racists. So all of that to explain why most of your more polarized African-Americans seem so prone to call you and/or your White friends things like “Racists” and even “Devils”, because their sell-out and therefore well-funded misleaders have taught them to see the world as Color-Coordinated Groups rather than Individuals. Sad really, though obviously sometimes it actually works the way they think it does, especially among the higher-ups [8]. Of course the goal all along was to fund and script this seemingly well-intentioned “Civil Rights Movement” by means of the Highlander Institute in such a way that strategically sics all the radicalized minorities against what they call the Goyim of the aristocracy (or Ameristocracy), and this has been quite successful in cementing the Euro-Jews’ hegemonic monopoly today so that 9/10 of the so-called 1% are, as many are just now learning, Jewish.

And this brings us inexorably to Zionism–which is where all this rhetoric is hatched, calculated to divide and conquer the Goyim–because what’s truly dizzying (from a logician’s standpoint, I mean) is when the Zionists call you a Racist for not wanting to fund the State of Israel with 33% of your tax-funded foreign aid, even while the State of Israel defines itself as a Jewish Democracy (and they ain’t talking about the Jewish Religion, though even if they were it would still be brazenly unconstitutional and ludicrous to favor them)! In fact, the Zionists are even worse than the envy-obsessed Black race baiters not only for the reason stated. The smoking gun is that the Zionists won’t even say “Racist” but have to have their own separate first-class word, “Antisemite”, which yet again drives the point home that the Zionists are the real super-racists, like the mob boss who never gets caught but is the most guilty, and this apart from Jews making up an overwhelming majority of the 1%. The day we get wise to this is the day the Zionists’ evil empire of Kabbalistic mind control finally comes crashing down, so that means any minute now…

[1] Trotsky, by contrast with Stalin, believed in conquering the world for a Global Communist Empire.
[2] Also no Spirit, though later soul weight experiments were carried out predominately in Communist countries determining this to be false, though this has been withheld from the Western World since we’ve been scheduled for economic demolition–er, Communism–and that would just get in the way–er, confuse us.
[3] Basically, Jesuit-championed Liberation Theology and even the Alinskyite school of the Clintons and the Obamas.
[4] Nationalists or “Racists” (Black Nationalists include Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley) similarly believe that there is only the Race or “Nation”…still no Individual.
[5] Whether that System be one of Exploitation/Oppression or of Equality/Fairness.
[6] And good luck proving Systemic Racism’s existence or especially its non-existence–whence Communism’s signature fanaticism stemming from circular reasoning (Capitalism, Communism and Nationalism alike really stemming from divergent modern interpretations of the Babylonian Talmud which had been responsible for the centuries-long Ghetto System).
[7] And by the same token the theorists/theologians themselves will never be made to see themselves as Racists for running around judging others based on race, because to state the case plainly, they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.
[8] Your “ruling elite”, “political class” the “uber-rich”, mafiosi, and of course the “banksters”.

The lost Goddess of Christians?

pSophia meant “wisdom” long before there the term had a humanoid personification in the Mediterranean world–though there is the Owl of Athena (a.k.a. Minerva) and the Bee. In fact, the Goddess Sophia* is most clearly viewed as an early Christian concept, the result of a merger of Judaism with Hellenism. And it isn’t simply that Paul got the bright light to take the Gospel to the Goyim. Rather, the Gospel with its penchant for impractical paradox and its allergic reaction to spiritless authoritarianism really streams in from India. Recall that Jesus’s human sponsors were of Galilee, north of Samaria, spoke Aramaic (the closest thing to Arabic) which was the language of the Samaritans (whose descendants the Druze are a sect of Islam), and half of Jesus’s disciples’ names are Greek. Hence there was likely a lot of alchemy and Kabbalah, for starters. In Jesus’s own synagogue in Caphernahum (later Nahum then Hum, now in ruins) we find from around 300 AD one of the first-ever instances of a hexagram** in a Hebrew context.

It seems that it was Hebrews that first spoke of Wisdom (Chokmach) in the personified feminine (see the Book of Wisdom), since it’s nowhere found in the Classical Greek*** or Egyptian pantheon. (But see the male Ganesha [or female Uma] in India!)

So to make up for the Greeks’ lack of Wisdom Goddess, the Gnostics**** taught that Helen of Troy was an incarnation of Sophia, who is in fact the mother of Elohim (originally Canaanite!) the Hebrew Creator (or as they call him the Demiurge which roughly translates to “Construction Worker”). Elohim, in the Gnostic (and later Theosophistic) view, though believing himself the only god (due to his being the only child of an unwed and indeed virgin mother), would not be the same as the Father of Jesus, who is completely non-material, non-egotistical and in fact is in the center of all–the only real thing of which all visible things are just the remotest effects or distant shadows.

The purpose of Sophia’s incarnation as Eve (Mother of Adam?) and subsequent reincarnations is to restore a bungled creation through the heart of every being back to the One. This is the aim of enlightenment, which properly understood is Christianity’s real goal and not a petty flight from the much imagined flames of hell for goodness’ sake. In fact, the Golden Rule isn’t just a moral code but a mystical compass, since it teaches not only to treat your neighbor as you would have them treat you but that, if you can hear it, your neighbor is you and you are your neighbor.

True Christianity is really Hinduism, and true Hinduism is really Jainism. True religion is nonviolent, non-absolutist and non-possessive. It’s even non-theistic, inasmuch as the true God is not even a “god” but may be seen as the inherent singularity of all beings, which this author experiences as the ultimate joyful happiness and peaceful companionship. Hence, I think I can say this: Go and learn to seek, and ye shall find God.

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* As in Maria Sophia, Simon the Magician’s “lovely assistant” or the Pistis Sophia, an “accidentally” lost gospel.
** “Star of David”–huge scam we can go into later if you’re interested, suffice it to say it comes from India and is heavily used later by the Khazars
*** Socrates was interested in Sophia but not gods, and in the Athenian paradigm they seemed to be at cross purposes!
**** A quite Hebrew school/s in Alexandria that had been fired up a few years before Jesus, by people like Philo.

We need to talk about Mi-Y


So the problem isn’t that Milo (a) acts transparently gay; (b) hypocritically opposes LGBT+ rights and even tells them to “get back in the closet” while he himself is as far outside the closet as anyone perhaps in history (so apparently he’s exempting the élite and their lapdogs like himself!); (c) doubly hypocritically attacks his own Muslim counterparts (i.e. “weird cultural conservatives”) on the charge that they, like him, oppose LGBT+ self-expression! (while leftists interestingly practice an opposite hypocrisy, indicative of an opposing cultural imperialism); or (d) shows a soft spot for pedophiles. In all these respects, he’s just your garden-variety Anglo-conservative.

No, the specifically monstrous, inhuman thing about Milo is that Milo brags openly that he has defended and covered up for pedophiles of “very young boys”, most notably among the Hollywood élite not to mention his own (at the very least euphebophile) priest, a fact he carefully omits from his (already hopelessly qualified) “apology”, and that in so doing he formally continues to defend and cover for specific pedophiles whom he says he knows but then doggedly refuses to out!

But to see the bigger picture, one must simply admit that Milo cares far more about staying in-character for his assigned role as the “more-sophisticated-than-thou” destroyer of innocence and culture, than he cares about his own reputation. And the reason for this is that, like known pedophile and one-time crypto-Jewish “Neo-Nazi” Frank Collin, Milo Yiannopoulos stands for nothing, is on the payroll of the military-industrial élite, serves their ends, and at present that apparently means doing everything possible to fulfill the narrative of Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood about the decaying West. Milo is the agent-provocateur par excellence, the best friend the leftist crowd (who, in the words of the Joker, are merely “ahead of the curve”) ever had!

P.S.: Akin to the experience of trying to listen to listen to Mi-Y himself, it’s both funny and horrifying to watch the alt-right divide themselves between those who pretend Milo was never that big a deal and those who pretend he didn’t say what he said both defending and protecting the Hollywood élite who daily rape some children physically and nearly all first-world children mentally. This of course ensures that they will be the last generation on earth who even pretend to conservatism or character. Humanity is screwed, and it wouldn’t be possible without the controlled opposition neocon/ZioNazi “right” that at this point seems to derive a pleasure too twisted for even your average prostitute to imagine, from flaunting its hypocrisy with zero shame anymore.

Great job, Trumpsters: by dancing to every dissonant tune your masters put out there, you’re playing your part in our scripted downfall better than the élite could have ever dreamed!



The myth of “anti-Semitic Islam”


(You know, besides the glaring fact that Islam isn’t even close to ancient, or that all Arabs are Semites.)

So easy to debunk, I’m only giving it one paragraph. So look at it this way. The whole reason the Khazars and their aptly termed Slavic slaves “became Jewish”* in the first place was because until the Middle Ages neither Christians nor Muslims had any beef with Jews, who were tradesmen between both civilizations, and this has largely remained true of real (read Sephardic) Jews. Since the rise of the Khazarian “Jewish convert” chameleons, however, this new majority of “Jews”** have been kicked out of every Christian country at least once. And this brings us, at last, to the utter lunacy of political (Neo) Zionism, the most anti-Semitic ideology of them all, that inspired the Khazar-descended Ashkenasim to drive the real Semites out of Palestine!


* The Khazarian Jewish converts (sometimes “Kuzarim” or “Chazars”) never recognized by Middle Eastern Jews, but very powerful and today comprise a majority albeit rebranded “Ashkenazim”.
** Again, most of them actually of a Rus’ and even Hun/Turk stock.

Jesus deified those you love to hate


Jesus had them pegged right. Organized religion and systematic theology are essentially the product of aristocrats in church costume, status quo gatekeepers who are forever decontextualizing and thence creatively (or rather oppressively) reinterpreting the words of people they would have labeled as “crazy” or “heretical” and would have had restrained or murdered, had they only been contemporaries—exactly the way their counterparts of back then did, because of course what makes the aristocleric tick is their loathing of “drunken populism”, “dumb heroics” of the “mystical underdog”, the man who has passed through the truther’s long loneliness, through madness and into Stark. Divine. Rage.

Because all the aristoclerics have ever known is licking the boots of whoever is better at oppressing than they are. Also, the prophets’ words were meant primarily for their own contemporaries, and revelation should be a constant, continual flow and able to come from any source. “Despise not prophecies”, as Paul the Apostle says, ironically in a passage in a letter in a book that some Roman bureaucrat type decided contains “all the prophecies humanity needs or will get”. “Whitewashed tombstones!”

Organized religion is a form of mysticism, but in terms they veil and encode just so, that only the aristocracy/academia can comprehend. (Make no mistake about it: the clergy who condemn Gnosticism and mysticism generally [all of which is rooted in India] with the most vehemence are themselves the most flaming of Gnostics—and we’re talking about the bad kind that perfectly fit their own slanted description of the Gnostic Christian mystery schools of yore.)

In proceeding thus, only the materially “rich” may benefit spiritually from organized religion (with the miraculous exception of the uppity serf who has the time and intuitive gifts to get it), because the aristocracy (note the link to Aristotle) are the ones who tithe the most money, and it’s only fair. (I’m not kidding, it’s that fkd up!) I mean the poor are already blessed as Jesus says, right? so the Church is there to undermine its alleged founder with their distorted sense of fairness. (Like Judas but worse, really.)

And a word to the wise: the fact that the rich run the worldly Established Church is nowhere as evident as with pedophilia, and this narrative goes a long way to explain why pederasty is never far from the affairs of Church and other organized systems of artificial authority!


Where did Jefferson miss?

I think that (statists or anarchists) we are all attracted to, and many of us share, Thomas Jefferson’s spirit of free-thinking morality—and what a wordsmith, right? But let us take sober stock of “expectation vs reality”.

A later naïve international aristocrat, Karl Marx, would entertain the idea that societies would organically evolve toward Communism (ignoring, as do many of the élite today, many of the severe blind spots of Darwin himself, god of today’s disgraceful USAmerican education system).

Jefferson’s particular wish-fulfilling “species progress forecast” was that superstition and clericalism would dispel like dew beneath the rising sun of reason that the Illuminati (yes, like a starry-eyed colonist he totally bought their sales pitch) were supposed to usher in, as they became an open rather than secret society empowered by the new Confederation’s guaranteed freedom of religion (or philosophy should one prefer) and of assembly. But I think it turned out that, like all secret societies, the Illuminati were not all they said they were, just really good at fooling the benefactors, the wives, the occasional twisted mischief, and oh yes spooking the opposition with crushing litigation. In other words, while Illuminists kept up the act of pretending to champion equality, their whole organization remained obscurantistic hierarchical, not to mention hierarchical.

Meanwhile, in England, under the surviving theocratic monarchy (many of the religious zealots and other misfits having moved to the USA), you have a society that, far more than USAmerica, openly permits talks of atheism (as well as druidism, etc.), and even the clergy themselves are not only openly Gnostics but also agnostics and so-called modernists! Is it that the human species hasn’t yet shaken that instinct that needs to be a slave of something, whether imposed or self-inflicted? In any case, given that their words “sound” wonderful and “soundness” have next to none, perhaps the truly harrowing question—not wholly unrelated to the one I just asked—is: When do we stop minding aristocrats?