Jesus deified those you love to hate


Jesus had them pegged right. Organized religion and systematic theology are essentially the product of aristocrats in church costume, status quo gatekeepers who are forever decontextualizing and thence creatively (or rather oppressively) reinterpreting the words of people they would have labeled as “crazy” or “heretical” and would have had restrained or murdered, had they only been contemporaries—exactly the way their counterparts of back then did, because of course what makes the aristocleric tick is their loathing of “drunken populism”, “dumb heroics” of the “mystical underdog”, the man who has passed through the truther’s long loneliness, through madness and into Stark. Divine. Rage.

Because all the aristoclerics have ever known is licking the boots of whoever is better at oppressing than they are. Also, the prophets’ words were meant primarily for their own contemporaries, and revelation should be a constant, continual flow and able to come from any source. “Despise not prophecies”, as Paul the Apostle says, ironically in a passage in a letter in a book that some Roman bureaucrat type decided contains “all the prophecies humanity needs or will get”. “Whitewashed tombstones!”

Organized religion is a form of mysticism, but in terms they veil and encode just so, that only the aristocracy/academia can comprehend. (Make no mistake about it: the clergy who condemn Gnosticism and mysticism generally [all of which is rooted in India] with the most vehemence are themselves the most flaming of Gnostics—and we’re talking about the bad kind that perfectly fit their own slanted description of the Gnostic Christian mystery schools of yore.)

In proceeding thus, only the materially “rich” may benefit spiritually from organized religion (with the miraculous exception of the uppity serf who has the time and intuitive gifts to get it), because the aristocracy (note the link to Aristotle) are the ones who tithe the most money, and it’s only fair. (I’m not kidding, it’s that fkd up!) I mean the poor are already blessed as Jesus says, right? so the Church is there to undermine its alleged founder with their distorted sense of fairness. (Like Judas but worse, really.)

And a word to the wise: the fact that the rich run the worldly Established Church is nowhere as evident as with pedophilia, and this narrative goes a long way to explain why pederasty is never far from the affairs of Church and other organized systems of artificial authority!


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