Before Genesis: The Gnostic mythos

How the original Christian story got buried under a steaming pile of Augustine

“Know thyself” (Socrates).

Last night on Truth Emerges Radio, our two-hour BlogTalkRadio topic was “Evolution” (yes, as in Darwinism and its many not-so-different sub-theories). My honest take on the origins was what follows. In terms of observable science (which is severely curbed by the Observer Effect, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the quite credible Biocentric Universe Theory), as you’ve probably figured out by now, the truth is far stranger than the Dick-Jane-Spot-level brainwash or the occult probability mathematics most of last night’s show discussed. What we see when we look at reality isn’t so much “upward evolution” toward greater complexity or higher consciousness, but just the opposite. (“G-d is light.”) I would concur with the mythologies of Tolkien, Blavatsky and the Gnostics (elaborated below) as being more faithful in shedding light on the truth of reality (both material AND spiritual, whereas Genesis starts with the material) than anything else I’ve ever come across.


Ainulindalë is the creation account in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, published as the first part of the posthumously published The Simarillion

It all comes down to this. (Buckle in, Dorothy!) As you and I grow up and experience the world, we are tempted to become jaded because everything we thought was so “real” was in fact just someone fronting, usually trying to sell something, beginning with our fathers and continuing with clergy, politicians, used car salesmen and other particularly male figures (and we’ll see why that is, see Mark Passio) who are all just some kind of conman—they’re all a chicken-shit joke and we all know it but are conditioned to acquiesce (I guess out of fear of their thuggery and their bro code) making this world ever darker—with women usually doing less fronting and more nurturing, which is why Mother is instinctively thought of as the saving grace of human nature. (The Eastern Church praises its “unmercenary saints”, which is a term that refers to physicians who worked for free.)


Caring without enabling—“tough love”—is the key to cosmic redemption

With the above in mind, many Gnostics say (and they’ll be the first to tell you that this is myth and should be taken as a tool of enlightenment rather than linearly) that precisely this male domineering “putting up a front” ego act is how the material world came about and how we got into this mess of stifled consciousness in which we find ourselves mired, this dreaming state we’re in from which it’s our guardian angels (traditionally depicted as masculine)’s job to come and awaken us (and this is the main theme of the Gnostic Liturgy), the way Prince Charming awakens Sleeping Beauty with a “kiss”, which I would qualify as a sort of CPR for the soul (to whom mystics refer in the feminine) if you will.


Red is the color of divinity; blue is the color of humanity.

So here’s the Gnostic pre-creation myth. Sophia tried to do something to impress the All-Father (a.k.a. All-One or simply Monad) and was driven from the Presence or the Cloud of Witnesses. (Because once we start to act a part, we lose our peace which was tied to our connection with the One.) Sophia was so distraught that she actually conceived and bore a son, Eloha (sometimes called the Demiurge and his minions are called the Archons; Sophia’s assistants, meanwhile, are called the Aeons). Eloha never knew the All-Father (who many would say is the “Father” Jesus spoke of), had no guidance, and decided to create the universe, making him the god of the Hebrew Pentateuch, who says (and in fact believes) “there is no god besides me”. (But in fact the true Godhead or Divinity, is found not outside but within us—not out there but in here, in the center, core, cor, heart, καρδιος [which is what the encircled Gnostic cross formed by combining the phi Φ {of philosophy} and the theta Θ {of theology} {and to some extent the Druidic Celtic cross} symbolizes]!)


Druid cross pendant

So while the Demiurge was diverting himself with his new toys, Sophia was beside herself, fretting at how things had gone from bad to worse with the double-abomination of this physical matter. She knew what she had to do: she would conspire to save the world from its maker by incarnating as the most beautiful women in history. She came to humanity (in which she saw the likeness and image of her wayward son) as the Serpent of Genesis, Helen of Troy, Miriam, Mary (whose name means “Rebel”), Helen who was Simon the Magician’s Lovely Assistant named after the Paleo-Christian Goddess Sophia. Sophia, for scholars of Paleo-Christianity, is a sort of early Judeo-Chrisitan personification of the Greek concept of Wisdom, and this is the original mythology (with “mythology” being understood as meaning “parable for the transmission of mystical truths”), which was then distorted by the Roman Emperor and his boys to bring Christianity to heel and suck all the energy, all the magic, all the empowering elements out of it—a process that he began and that has continued to “evolve” under the emperors and later popes of Christendom. All of this created most of what you and I know today as “Christian theology”, though the Gnostic influence can still be found in such concepts as the Holy Trinity, the Bible, and Monasticism, which was what kept Christian culture alive (and in some ways more alive than it is today) when the chips were down.


Helen’s legendary beauty was responsible for the sinking of 1,000 ships that sailed from Sparta to rescue her from Prince Paris of Troy

Now anyone who studies magic (whether the Kabbalah or the Upanishads themselves) immediately realizes—well, realizes everything—but also realizes that the Roman social order (and its heirs the Bourgeoisie [meaning townsfolk] and middle class of today) has pitted itself, entrenched in some kind of psychic war in defense of the dysfunctional male hierarchy against nature and against magic, which is a word that means “humanity’s connectedness to nature and the freeing of its mind from social conditioning and all interpersonal influences, even in the end from the delusional paradigm of variety which he must exchange for an awareness of the oneness of all beings that he may pass from death to life”. Even if you look at our Western European code of chivalry and more recent bylaws of “etiquette”, you realize that it is all about squelching humanity’s magical abilities, namely its affinity for nature, which is where Sophia hides and waits for us to awaken, to come out of Babylon as it were. The truth is that everything is magic, and once you get into the driver’s seat by regaining control of your own mind (often through a desert or wilderness experience) and plug it in to the natural world you immediately come to taste the “forbidden fruit” that the patriarchal and anti-intuitive political class have done everything possible to withhold from you. Think about it: It is impossible to get two people to agree on WHY they need you to stay away from magic. Is it that it doesn’t exist, that it’s evil, that it’s deceptive? NO. What doesn’t exist and is evil and deceptive is the materialism they’ve got us all trapped inside, all of them party to Eloha’s unenlightened, élitist and machista cartel.


An illustration for Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer”

Now a quick disclaimer: If it sounds like I’m saying that the god of Judaism is evil, please note that the good/evil binary is itself at the root of the problem, that transcending it is the essence of enlightenment or awakening, and that Eloha really needn’t have planted that tree in the first place, but since he did making it the only escape from his Disney World theme park called Eden, maybe it’s just as well that they got out of that matrix any way they could, as the Serpent “coached” them to by simply telling it like it is.


I want to encourage you to investigate for yourselves Gnostic or at least esoteric Christianity, because your eyes will be opened to how the Gospel’s explosively enlightening potency has been defused, put back to sleep by Mithras-worshiping opportunists who hijacked the Christian movement, persecuted the Gnostics thereof, and over-organized the rest of us in their own (transparently Pagan and unphilosophically so) image and likeness, turning us onto weak and sick sheep who can’t threaten their unreasonable authority. They kept us bottle-fed, refused to wean us off of their “faith matrix”, lest we should gain the spiritual literacy of Gnosis, which is divine intimacy that we approach through self-knowledge. (Again, yes, I am indicting what you probably know as “Christian theology”, so go ahead and burn me at the stake!)


Marcion of Sinope

Run to the Mother of God, who is Maria and Sophia. Ask her to show you Jesus and his All-Father, the One. The truth was never “out there”; it was always “in here”!

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