The decisive war of this generation?

1/10/17 – What a day! but at least (a) I got my money back and (b) I’ll never laugh at people who get e-snookered again! Per the Google search result—which even worse gave me no warning—those goofballs in India at 888-275-2174 assured me they were indeed Facebook customer service; then after sounding all official and competent (at one point suggesting I get my computer sped up by a professional, and now I get why), they:

1. Started requesting strange information, including a photo of me holding my ID (which they assured me was meant to make my account more official, similar I thought to what Facebook does with business pages, but in fact it was to authorize withdrawals [the first of which was small and they told me about it in advance] from my PayPal [and therefore bank account, which I luckily keep at a fairly low balance anyway]).

2. Tried to persuade me to go away from my computer (“work”—as if!), and I could see them checking the webcam to see if I was still watching. (Before you ask it, yes I was watching, but I had taken the precaution of covering the lens.)

3. Without warning: (a) withdrew larger sums from my PayPal account, which I had re-linked to my financial institution, (b) deleted emails from my Gmail account that PayPal had sent and (c) made my computer screen go dark then deleted all browser history and saved information.

Fortunately, between PayPal and my financial institution (the keyword is “unauthorized”), I was able to lock down both accounts, flag the transactions and reverse all the charges (promised separately by a representative of each business. In fact, it seemed like each was trying to slander and outdo the other in helpfulness, but then again I have been with both PayPal and my financial institution for years now). I got a couple emails from the recipients (apparently in China and the Netherlands) threatening legal action, which I reported as phishing. I again called the scammers (888-275-2174), though the greeting was different—obviously they had flagged my number as “on to us”—and the person on the other end claimed to have no knowledge of the malfeasance or even that someone at that number had claimed to represent Facebook. Yeah, right. So how was your day?

And now for the “juicy” gossip. The reason I called what I thought was “customer service”* in the first place was because Facebook blocked me for the second time. And all at once I noticed that both times I had presumed to mention the Khazars and Israel in the same post: see the photo, caption and comments at the link below. The good news is that now the dots connect, a pattern emergeth, and I now know Facebook’s weakness. It voids it shiny, metal bowels when anyone links Israel to the Khazars. Yes, it seems that Facebook’s shareholders are mentally unstable


In closing, I implore you: It is down to us to make this “KD” label stick and knock the shiny, metal neocon regime down a peg by rubbing their nose in the legitimate science that is chomping at the bit to unravel this new Khazarian Empire. You were born to be free, so please help me make this go viral. This is the battle of our day—how about winning it!


Ashkenazi “Jews” are Khazars, were never forced out of Palestine and have no claim thereto but are just racist colonizers: –

The “gas chambers” were built after WWII by Allied soldiers to make their cause appear just while they let 1M Germans starve in camps:

* I now know no customer service exists, nor has Facebook any process for reversing their bull-headed decisions (can we say Hasbra?), nor do they explain it, but they only tell you to read their Terms and Conditions, completing the Orwellian picture.

❤ I love my awesome sponsors! ❤

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