Why no “Affirmative Action” where it would REALLY count?

It really is high time USAmericans looked seriously at the scandalous lack of “Affirmative Action”, impartiality or sense of the common good among our government bureaucrats (e.g.: Supreme Court justices, professors, etc.)—among the same exact people who one-sidedly demand and oversee “Affirmative Action” upon the rest of us: (e.g.: students, “private” business employees, etc.)! Situated so croneyistically in those cushy ivory towers of tenured and lifelong positions for which the taxpayer foots the bill are a disproportionate number of a certain ethnicity—not to mention of a certain political party. This constitutes a true travesty and a serious transparency issue regarding what is being done with our taxes. Never mind the fact that 1/3 of US foreign aid goes to the already extremely rich State of Israel, whose by contrast rightist regime doesn’t reflect any of the policies their contacts endorse so ham-handedly (“diversity”, “open borders”, “nuclear disarmament”, etc.) for the USA. Something is very, very wrong with the USA, the hypocrisy is inestimable, and the apathy is slowly killing our humanity. I love Jews—as I love all people—individually. But I am not comfortable with the percentage of my taxes that is clearly being used to fund their clubs and their families without any meaningful accountability, reciprocity or representation. Until bureaucrats represent a cross-section of Americans there will not be freedom. And this is without even mentioning the fact that the Federal Reserve hasn’t been audited by Congress in forever—and yes, alarmingly enough, all Federal Reserve chairmen of recent memory have been Jewish. Who, I must ask, elected King David to rule over an allegedly “Christian” nation! In the words of William Shakespeare, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (substitute “Denmark” with “America”).


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