Who killed Jesus?

Prime suspects¹ in the case:

  • “The Jews” (Judas Iscariot the Accountant, Caiaphas the High Priest, those present at the prosecuting Sanhedrin, those present in the Jerusalem praetorium that day, those leaders who incited them, and maybe Herod Antipas the Tetrarch?).
  • “The Romans” (Pontius Pilate the Governor and the centurians who followed his orders by physically killing Jesus [amid verbal abuse from the crowd]).
  • Jesus’s “Father” (“No man taketh [my life] from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again…” [John 10:18a]).
  • Jesus himself (“Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above…” [John 19:11a]).

So if contemporary Jewish voices are to be believed, Christians supposedly claim that “the Jews killed Jesus”—which, even if it were the case, wouldn’t exactly come as a shock to anyone, since kill is exactly what they did to innumerable prophets before him, whom unlike Jesus—whom many consider the last of the prophets—they actually later came to believe!

(To corroborate this commentary, here is the impression of a Talmudic Jewish professor with a PhD in Ukrainian-Jewish history:)


But if you were to say sit down and read the Christian Gospels for yourself (*gasp*), you would quickly learn that Jesus’ countrymen did not kill him in fact, but rather they had attempted to kill him on several separate occasions (per tradition it would seem), but in the end resorted to tapping into their world-renowned expertise at handling the goyim², permitting the goyim to do their dirty work, handling the goyim like so many golems or marionettes, and playing groups off each other for their own advancement (then as now).

With that said, by the superstitions of the time, the Jews may as well have crucified Jesus, since Pilate washed his hands, a symbolic gesture that was met with a resounding “May his blood be on us and on our children!”³

By many outward appearances, the Temple Establishment steered Caesar’s representative toward killing Jesus, yet Jesus had clearly told Pilate that only with the former’s Father’s permission could the latter have any power over him whatsoever. (!)

But let us rewind even further, because Herod I the Client-King (who had also styled himself as king of the Jews) attempted to kill Jesus at about 2 years old by ordering “age-icide” on all the two-year-olds in his region.

And then when Jesus was grown an angry mob in Capernaum, the town of his local synagogue⁴, tried to shove Jesus off a nearby cliff for interrupting their get-together by proclaiming a Jubilee of debt cancellation. And then closer to Jesus’s death—in his last winter on earth—the Jerusalem Mafia tried to stone him to death.

Conclusion. Assuming that, by some amazing coincidence, Christian tradition is history, it’s literally a miracle that the Jews didn’t kill Jesus, but academically speaking they didn’t, end of story.

Verdict: Not guilty. The real culprit? Simple. The “peace” the world gives always requires the deaths of the best of men!

¹ Suspects for murder, attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder.
² If you don’t know what goyim means, you are one.
³ Again, that’s only if you opt to believe the gospels that Emperor Constantine’s bishop friends liked and not the accounts taught by Muslims, Jews, or any non-Christian group based in the Holy Land (!).
⁴ Interestingly, the synagogue irevy Hellenic fishing village of Capernaum (later Nanhum then Hum) features the first-ever Jewish hexagram (or “Star of David”) built a couple hundred years A.D.

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