We Need to Talk About Law

Those who take all statutes to be just, are as mindless as those who say all laws are criminal.

Both the conformist and the contrarian are bad actors because they are tethered to a random or sordid list of commands which naturally mixes justice (for credibility) with meddling (for profit), like how today’s coins are plated with shiny metals but are trash on the inside.

(What is more, most regimes are selective about which laws/statutes they enforce or criminalize – and on which peons [such as ethnic minorities].)

This produces the illusion of marijuana (before 1933 it was alcohol) as a “gateway drug” to other (Pinkerton/OSS/CIA) “controlled substances”: once you violate an arbitrary or race-baiting prohibition, the first temptation to which the institutionalized/infantilized mind falls prey is to assume that all rules are “made to be broken”. This inhuman mass mind game assures greedy industrialists a steady supply of simple-minded inmates to work literally for peanuts.

This obviously delusional and destructive mindset, that is the criminal mindset, was the cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian sect the Sabbateans or Frankists, forerunners to Rasputin and Crowley, coordinated destroyers of the last autonomous nations of the Western world. Now many who would not serve the national monarch have ended by slaving for the central banks.

But some rules you cannot break – rather they break you – because they’re written in stone and in the heart. The key to success, ultimately, is having your own inner system with its own hierarchy, and the key to developing an inner life is SILENCE.

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