The ‘soft war’ none will name

“Academia’s” narrative is that White and masculine specimens (to include the fathers and male role models of all their students) are defective, deficient and inferior.

In terms of race, today’s avant-garde “scholars” emphasize “Whitey’s” lack of melanin, hoping enough of their systemist harem of pet-UFOs (unidentified flunking objects) will infer that any “lack” must be bad (though their thought process mysteriously never progresses beyond this point).

In terms of gender, these pseudo-Hippie bank reps pretend the male digestive system (“farts”) or his ability to hyperfocus say on technological advances somehow proves that he is “less” than women.

Unbeknownst perhaps even to these trolls, they are angling to replace White power with Ashke-Nazi hegemony and patriarchy with a more direct and comprehensive tyranny.

There is a real war and genocide against Whites (meaning real Europeans, Jews [the 1%] exempted) against Whites and against viable men in particular.

Being himself autistic and hyper-male in some respects (though certainly hypo-male in other respects), and as someone who furthermore once thought he was interested in theology, pedagogy, and other establishment “scholarship”, this blogger hasn’t gotten through one of his 36 years without once taking this crap full blast from Femme-Nazis and Kwanzaa-Nazis, who have invaded the rather blatantly ephemeral, unnecessary and frequently abused fields of “Education”, “Social Work” and “Religion”.

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