America’s “Evangelution” in brief

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
^ Matthew 7:18 ^

We are not called to be successful, but faithful.
^ Mother Theresa ^

Ever talk to one of those alabaster-hearted “Christian Nation”-alists who have never once even thought about praying for their enemies? Well, I have.

And when you do, no sooner do you bring up anecdotes that hint at Trump’s frankly undeniable narcissism, utter lack of honesty or ethics, and being nothing more than a hollow sock puppet in the rapacious hands of the Chabad Zio-globalist cult to manipulate the country—in short that this Holy Roman Führer isn’t wearing any clothes—than you hear parroted the canned phrase “No one is saying Donald Trump is perfect”.

If you’ll humor me for a minute of your day, let’s analyze this phrase. Saying Trump isn’t perfect is mere empty rhetoric, as empty and as filth-ridden as Trump’s own soul as he himself represents it, and as with all political rhetoric its goal is to override the common sense of the unwary who aren’t clad in literally the full armor of God, or who let down their guard around (ahem, ahem) “Christians”, thus allowing a pernicious lie to take root. The psychic or mental weapon being used by the (Qabbalistic) cabal on God’s starry-eyed children here is what is called doubespeak, and this is a tactic that serves to reinforce a covert social stratification by sifting people based on their awareness of current events. In other words, what they want you to think they mean and what they actually mean are two different things. That, brothers and sisters, is what people do who cannot live in the light of the truth because their father is the devil. And that statement captures the true spirit of all that is Rabbinical and Talmudic, and of all that is Hasidic and Qabbalistic, these being not just amoral but actively dark ways, indeed the quintessential “left-handed path” of Western civilization stretching over much of its history.

What they want you to think they mean is that you are holding Trump to an “impossible standard” by asking him to be accountable to the promises he made to us the people who then voted him in to use his power in a way that at least superficially represents our interests, starting with his own ad nauseam repeated campaign promises. (And what president ever was? Accountability isn’t exactly the point of being president or of holding power generally.)

(Another cheap stunt is digging up all the dirt they can on King David and then ignoring the fact that the True Prophet Nathan ever said anything rather than rationalize David’s sin by thinking what a good job he’s doing creating jobs, blah blah blah.)

But what they’re actually admitting, underneath this old ritual dark art which the people of today call doublespeak, is that Donald Trump has, again by his own admission, never once repented of his sins (and therefore would be incapable, at any rate, of entering into any sort of platonic “relationship with Jesus” inasmuch as the Lord Jesus Christ is quoted in the gospels reiterating and building off of John the Baptist’s commandments of, in the following order, [1] repentance from [i.e. heartfelt sorrow for] all sin and [2] a [for many of us] completely new life of total honesty, transparency and of course perfect nonviolence). These are the prerequisites to even being in the runnings to enroll in discipleship that would have been the “Leader of the Free World’s” very first step toward basic common discipleship, let alone this sort of public ministerial high-priesthood they’re forever doing mental gymnastics to pretend to elevate him to, over and above you and me “unelected nobodies”.

(A quick sidebar here: I'm sorry, but God elected me, made me his elect for just such a time as this, and God and I are a majority, for God is the truth, as Jesus Christ our Lord says in his Gospel "I am the way, the truth, and the life" [John 14:6b] and elsewhere "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid [or occult], that shall not be known and come abroad" [Luke 8:17]. Also I'm not sorry. Moving on.)

As an aside, this also leads one inexorably to the deduction that our humanly elected and rather transparently worldly-minded leader’s famously fornicating, apparently adulterous or at any rate wantonly publicly scandalous (with zero apologies but instead more disgusting victim signaling), baby-cursing “spiritual advisor” Paula Michelle (Furr-Knight-)White-Cain (henceforth appropriately “F-K-W-C”) is a fraud if she ever claimed to have converted Trump to Christianity (which Dr. James C. Dobson, another conspicuous fraud in this sense, claims that she did so proudly boast to him personally). I would however concede the point that “Paula F-K-W-C” did convert Trump to a sort of Christianity, one she fabricated in her own image and likeness, one that did not prompt Trump to repent of anything, because birds of a feather fly together, in this instance straight into the Lake of Fire.

So taking all of this in the light of orthodox Christian theology, any good Trump may do (for example saving unborn children from being murdered in the womb) is purely through what Catholicism terms actual grace and Protestantism/Reformationism/Etc. terms common grace, being that saving grace is completely lacking in, and inaccessible to, his soul so long as it continues in the direction it is known for globally.

Now in Donald “King Cyrus” Trump’s defense, this further implies that any deep state cronies he may keep around him (*coughs “Fauci”*), despite his refreshing-sounding rhetorical platitudes to the contrary, is totally to be expected of someone whose soul belongs to Satan and who is therefore simply incapable of supernatural effectiveness much less spiritual progress.

And since Trump is just doing what the heathen do, namely good and evil at random, or rather the bare minimum of good to keep his constituent “fan base” happy while rendering serious accounting only to the Chabad Zio-globalist cult, the real problem lies not with him.

No, the real problem, coming full circle to the title of this blog post (and thank you again for your attention and patience) is people who claim to be Christian but are really just neurotic and who are just fine with Trump’s spiritual perdition in service to their worldly political agenda.

These so-called disciples, who we must assume are as fake as the credence they give a known unrepentant, un-sorry, “positive thinking” (not particularly surprising once you consider that this is, after all, the son of a German [anti-Catholic] Klansman) and more recently “prosperity gospel” obsessed (if not possessed) sinner based solely on his raw worldly power (which we must further assume was given to him by Satan to whom he may or may not have sold his soul), are not spreading Christ’s spiritual and heavenly kingdom but instead the false messianic spirit of murder and world dominance via the Talmudic forgery known as “Noahide law”.

Instead, as Pharisaically as is humanly possible, they are using Trump, whose soul is lost at best, in large part thanks to their “well nobody’s perfect” smokescreens, exactly as these Zio-rapture Scofieldians have been using the Israelis, whom like Trump they want to force all Jews to join in a mega-ghetto (this, you understand, is all to satisfy numerologically divined “prophecies” in the Zohar which the RothSchild “Money Jews” embraced in a desperate bid for relevance among the low-brow “Book Jews” [see “6,000,000”] as well as false or cunningly misinterpreted prophecies within Christianity), whereupon they fully expect Jesus to annihilate two-thirds of them (you read that correctly: “Genocidal Jesus”) upon his return, a return which the Jews, prompted by “Evangelicals,” will in turn have prompted by exalting their now-false religion in the Holy of Holies to arouse Jesus’s wrath (i.e. the Abomination of Desolation). Obviously even the most Zionist Christians won’t acknowledge a(nother) Jewish messiah but rather will consider it the Antichrist. (Christ in Greek and Messiah in Hebrew both mean Anointed by the way.)

That is why I testify that most U.S. Christians are literally Satanists, since they use the Bible (and God himself if that were possible) to bring about all the evil their black little hearts can conceive.

This Halloween photo of “Paula F-K-W-C” with her very first (trailer shotgun) partner Dean Knight really draws the eye to the almost totally lacking whites in Paula’s eyes (not part of the costume, just to be clear).

I hope I’m getting all of this wrong, but if I am then where are the loud prophetic calls, or at any rate humble prayers, for Trump’s conversion to the genuine, sound, actually Gospel-based (never to be confused with “Evangelical”) Christian way of perceiving and living? Methinks there be just beneath the surface some secret fear that opening the floodgates to the grace of the true God may put a cramp in Donald’s confident stride, throw this exceptionally vain emperor off his groove so to speak.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
^ Hebrews 10:31 ^

But for those few, for that faithful remnant, who yet are possessed of true faith, of a Spirit-illumined conscience, they—we—can just wonder at how such a religious experience would free Trump from worldly thoughts borrowed from world-class deceivers, manipulators, élitists, and other reprobate sinners (“young souls” as they’re called in the culture today), and then be freed up to lead us in accordance with the actual divine plan not pulled apart by greedy materialists parading around as, and any government schoolchild can discern this one,


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