Atheists: godless or just spiritless?

All materialistic pursuits, worldly and carnal as they are, are quantitative (i.e. numerical) in nature, and therefore they are all finite, transient and temporary.

And much of “atheism” is just a “modernism”* that has come out of the Catholic (or Anglican) closet.

Because despite their austere label, “atheists” have gods; the only difference is that their gods are tangible and tend to include Earth (Gaia), other heavenly bodies, and perhaps even Government (Statism).

In short, most of the guys and gals running around calling themselves “atheists” are instead pre-Christian religionists.

In conclusion, a vast majority of atheists aren’t atheists but dogmatic materialists.

Atheism is a philosophy, and all attempts at turning it into a culture, just like all attempts at turning the Christian gospel into a church, have predictably fallen flat on their faces.


Modernism is the denial of the past and often of spirituality.

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