“Team J.C.”: Jews and Catholics today

Outgoing President Obama, who at any rate was always seen as “Goofy Barry” by everyone (probably all an act to mask his globalist corruption and treason), has lately seemed obsessed with Skokie, Illinois. No one knows why exactly, but my reason would have been the notorious Neo-Nazi uprising, whose ring-leader was forced to step down when he was exposed as…half-Jewish?
That’s right: The 1977 engineer of the legally permitted Nazi rally and march in Skokie was National Socialist White People’s Party coordinator Frank Collin—whose father Max freely identified as a Jewish survivor of the (Paleo) Nazi Holocaust, having changed his surname from Cohn (“Cohen”) upon immigration. Moreover, Agent Collin’s mother was reportedly a Catholic.
This really got me to thinking about the relationship between Catholic and Jewish élites that’s been developing on the public stage from the mid-60s to present. You know, thanks to our Common Law system (with the exception of famously Roman Catholic Louisiana), the courts, who are increasingly radical, increasingly rule over these United States on behalf of the District of Columbia, Inc. (Connecticut, the most Roman Catholic state in the Union, is also the wealthiest!) That is why it’s funny to consider that today Roman Catholics and Jews jointly control the Supreme Court (6 Catholics, 3 Jews, and nary a Protestant), much to the chagrin of the fabled Pilgrims, FDR, and their heirs the Reformed Christian majority. This is quite a revolutionary development, considering the only Catholic president the US ever had was assassinated at the same time as the Second Vatican Council (or as some have termed it “The Takeover”) was getting underway—and frankly JFK’s martyrdom was no isolated incident, since a slew of wealthy traditional and intelligent Catholics died mysteriously in the ensuing years, with the notable exception of Jeopardy Grand Champion Hutton Gibson, father of famous Mel and prolific critic of the “Neo-Catholicism” that was canonized in Vatican City over the 1960s.
And this reminds me of another extremely recent news piece: “Neo-Catholic” Pope Francis just implicitly endorsed the USA’s one Jewish presidential candidate by inviting him (and him only) to the Vatican.
In sum, the Vatican élite and financially gifted Jews seem to work well together lately (which is a pleasant way of saying “conspire”) toward socially engineering ends, and I have little doubt the banks are key players in these historically strange bedfellows. But this bedfellowship, strange or not, seems to have really paid off in a worldly way, and as I’ve said, Jews and Catholics have to be the two most un-oppressed minorities—far more like noble bloodlines in today’s geopolitical landscape. (Anyone who’s even remotely awake has heard of the Jesuits and the Rothschilds.) And, considering that the Caesar-imitating “Renaissance popes” (the worst of whom even took telling and violently unchristian names like Alexander and Julius) were likewise eerily friendly to Jewish power, said bedfellowship may not be quite the inspired gesture of tolerance that the politically correct simpleton or Catholic trendy may be hell-bent (!) on reading into it.

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