“The other Snowpocalypse”

Are the fair-skinned peoples of Earth really an endangered breed, or is this narrative that’s being beaten into the mainstream simply yet another example of loud wish-fulfillment by the media (which is owned by an ethnic minority, but decidedly not an oppressed one), with their infinite reserve of reverse racism (to say nothing of sexism), trolling on behalf of the elite who just want us to all shut the hell up about freedom and to slave for them from nine to five or else die? (In other words, Never live by your minds, only ours! Contrast: “Live free or die.”)
Apparently, the media—almost sounding like Emperor Palpatine—would like nothing better than for you to rest assured that persons of European heritage will “inevitably” become a minority in the nakedly arbitrary timeframe of 30 years. But with all due respect, how can they seriously know that? The common-sense answer is also the correct one: they can’t.
Rather, these loaded projections, transparently calculated to demoralize as much as to “forecast”, are based on a selective range of trends, published with a view to crush morale, and it begs the question of whether you’ll continue to be lame enough to continue let yourself be demoralized by Global Marxists (i.e. the UN and their lackeys) for another 30 years—which again is simply wishful thinking on their part, nothing more. Just you seize their light-years-ahead technology, and then let’s recalculate this thing.
Modern people spend more time indoors than any people ever before. Time spent indoors is historically the main cause of a lack of skin pigmentation (or as we’re brainwashed to refer to it “Whiteness”), together with local climates. Doing a quick reality check, all the world’s richest and most powerful people are White males (albeit Ashkenazic). So unless I’m missing something, melanin-free skin would be on the rise were it not for the systemic demoralization of the developed world (and our obsession with travel, promiscuity, and consequent birth control—great examples of how the aspects of the lives of the super-rich we choose to imitate are all the wrong ones, ensuring our imminent doom as a group).
This glib, Charles-Manson-esque prediction repeated ad nauseam by the media, representing the financial and political class (whom of course it exempts), clearly coincides with the gutting of the middle class. Whites aren’t disappearing, they are being targeted because with each inbred generation the super-rich become more paranoid. They are quite simply terrified (as only the emotionally stunted can be) by competition and have such advanced technology that they no longer need a work force (i.e. “middle class”). They’re ready to put their toys away—i.e. kill us off. Whites aren’t disappearing—they’re being phased out.

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