All Ten Commandments of the Mosaic Decalogue, which whether or not it’s still posted in your local courtroom nonetheless represents a skeleton of Western law (sorry anti-Semites), are there to proscribe those evil deeds that we the people refuse to do ourselves individually but in the United States of America insist on saying we “delegate” to government officials and hiring and funding them to do the same evil deeds in our name and on our behalf.

What this means in the blogger’s opinion is that we must not have a representative government at all, but rather a tyranny masquerading as a democracy. The ancient Israelites who followed Moses were slavish and tribal in mentality and therefore simply did not consider other people “people” but rather beasts who could be genocided to make a homeland for the chosen nation of YHWH or I AM—the first master race mindset, if you will.

As such, they could balance “Thou shall not kill” with a total war policy. This ancient theological nationalism is of course always barbaric and appalling to sane, globally-minded persons. Furthermore, as to laws themselves—or rather as to government’s right to enforce said laws—that is all refuted by THE GOLDEN RULE. If you would not be governed, you must not govern. Quit your thug mindset, and you’ll soon find that government is as repugnant to you as it is objectively immoral.

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