How to stop blaming Jews and start quoting Talmud

Intended audience: my half-informed, half-biased / half-activist, half-spiritual fellow-“conspiracy nuts”.
We Westerners have really got to stop congratulating ourselves and start owning up to one or two harsh truths. I mean lookit, Anglo-USAmerican WASP culture has indeed dramatically improved the standard of living for some of the inhabitants of some parts of Planet Earth (especially themselves and their own) in such a way that has turned the vast majority of the Planet into an exponentially increasingly uninhabitable dystopia. And that is the nature of industrialization: living well here and now by making life a hell for those who live there and then. (As has been justly said, the Christian missionaries came to Hawaiʻi to do good, and they did very well indeed.) As an esoteric and apolitical follower and promoter of the teachings of Jesus (understood in turn as being incomparably esoteric and apolitical teachings), I’m appalled by how free-spirited Christianity was shut down by an empire (not through Talmudic but Roman law) whose (undoubtedly extremely pale-faced) bureaucrats then turned around and used their theology, now tainted by their Cæsar-monarchist politics, to subject the world to their insufferable sanctimony and underhanded parasitism—in many ways quite independent of much Jewish influence (the “witches” they burned [or the few who really were witches and not simply political obstacles] were actually practitioners of the Hebrew Qabbalah, and their heirs are the Freemasons [who without question rule the roost when it comes to modern Western “Christianity”), being that the theology of their empire was far more Græco-Roman/Italian (specifically, Augustinian/Thomistic)! Though you certainly can make the case that Rothschild and other Ashkenazic predatory loan sharks enabled and profited from today’s all-polluting, all-humanitarian-crisis-manufacturing military-industrial complex—and the economic unsustainability/instability to mirror the ecological one—it has been largely WASPs that have manned the helm of the momentous and doomed Titanic that is Modernity. Ashkenazim have taken on an increasingly key role in USAmerican culture, have been in many respects “conquered” and diluted by it (as is the fate of all empires, even banking ones), and have in the words of Shakespeare’s Shylock “bettered the instruction” and proved “worse WASPs than even the WASPs themselves”. But in prosecuting the crime of “all-life-on-earth-icide”, to pretend that only the usurious bankrollers are to blame is an unsatisfactory answer whose theological (read unscholarly) foundation is only too transparent. In short, until I can say what role I am playing (and not merely “they did it”), I can be said not to really understand the problem in an objective/healthy/productive/solution-oriented way.
As for “the Jews hating Christianity” (which some seem to want to cite as their motive for whatever role they may have played in engineering the Apocalypse that now seems imminent), obviously the Talmudic Jew and any Jew who remains under the spell of the sorcerous and all-predatory/parasitic Rabbi does hate Christianity (primarily, I would say, because we have been remiss in finding a way to redirect this anger back to the lying Pharisee who again through their Qabbalah witchcraft mind control planted this excessively Christophobic “hatred” to begin with, which for the Rabbi was not so much born of “hatred” as it was of cold-blooded strategy, if you understand what Jesus is really saying about the “traditions of men” [i.e. the Talmud]), but in terms of practical politics the Jew (along with the Muslim and the “Heathen”) merely hates Christendom and “Churchianity”, spawn and pawn of worldly ways that he is, and can’t really be called competent to hate Jesus of Nazareth, leave alone the teachings thereof (whether public or esoteric) with which they are grossly unacquainted (and in some cases perhaps unprepared for, just as they might be said to be unprepared for other more refined/apolitical/spiritual teachings such as one finds say in the Hindu Upanishads [which some have argued exhibits the same content in a more transparent form—no fancy parables, just plain truths]). No, if a Jew hates Christians or Muslims, it is for falling under the spell of the very same Talmud (which in many cases the modern Jew is trying in his own way to get himself and the rest of humanity out from under, let’s not forget!), rather than for following the teachings say of the four canonical (and notably otherworldly) Gospels. So, I just want to underscore the need that our righteousness transcend the misleadership of our own rabbis (or “pastors”) and to expose certain patterns/behaviors/lifestyles, and the Babylonian Talmud—rather than any race of men—if we want to be (a) heard and (b) effective in rescuing and empowering the kidnapped, enchanted and compromised princess that is Planet Earth. In conclusion, if we want to represent a credible threat to Talmudism (rather than to humanity and humaneness which to some degree has been the modern WASP’s legacy, whether or not we like to admit it) then we should attack, discredit, and above all expose the Babylonian Talmud (and not this or that race of humans). And to that end, we should be spilling far more ink than we are in exposing the Judeo-Masonic establishment that the Anglo-American Establishment hosts and habors, which entails remembering that the Christian Temple is not the parish or the church, not the Apostolic cleric or the Scriptural passage, but properly speaking the Human Body made in God’s Image and Likeness, with the Heart/Core/Center as the Altar! The Jew or the Gentile is only contemptible if he sells his soul to the Talmud or some other form of élitism or excess, and the reason this is abominable is because it nullifies the Torah and militates against the Gospel, against monasticism, in short against spirit. But that is the way of all who obsess over “flesh and blood”, race, nation, all just glorified extensions of ego. The Jew who wears the Tolkienian Ring of Power by defending Rabbinicalism with the excuse that this is how he preserves his culture is no better, and no worse on some level, than any ethnic religionist who hypocritically touts clericalism with the same culture-preserving (really political and legacy-seeking) rhetoric and goals. In many cases, Rabbinical Jews and Masonic Gentiles have been the vessels or vehicles or smoky cargo ships on which the madness and abomination of the Talmud (and other Qabbalah-based radical forms of human programming such as the Islamist one) has worked its misanthropic, rigidly hierarchical and unconscionable black magick on Planet Earth and on its inhabitants. This is yet another example of “As above, so below” or “On earth as it is in heaven” or “As a man thinketh, so is he”, or manifestation of thought in the physical realm, if I may offer an esoteric spin on the Paternoster. As I was told when learning to ride a bicycle, we always end in steering whichever way we turn our gaze. That is why throughout history people start acquiring characteristics of the enemy they most hate. Because on some level hate is indistinguishable from love—both are obsessions—and that is why they say the opposite of love is not really hate so much as indifference. In their heyday, Europe’s witch executions took on all the pageantry of the alleged witch’s sabbath (of whose historicity the documentation is sparse at best—particularly the literal “flying on a broomstick” piece). So my best advice is that you know yourself and guard your heart if you want to persevere, let alone be granted victory. Let’s let anti-Biblical values—Southern and Northern alike—blow away with the wind.
As a follow-up, we need to ask ourselves soberly whether it is really American Jews or in fact WASPs (and yes, neoconservative, Jesuitical Catholics too) who are keeping the lies of Zionism (one of whose key tactics is the promotion of anti-Semitism, see once-closet-Ashkenazi Frank Collin) alive in the developed world!
Might I further recommend G.K. Chesterton’s fascinating work The New Jerusalem that speaks to all these matters in an even more disarmingly down-to-earth style than even I have proffered (LOL)?
(The above article was begun as a reply to a protest to the following Facebook post: “I think that in all the race rhetoric, people forget why white people are white. They are white because, in many cases to some extent, and with the conspicuous exception of cloudy lands like Ireland, white people are parasites and predators. They are white because they haven’t eaten food by the sweat of their brow but the sweat of the darker man’s brow. They are living not by the Torah or the Gospel but the contemptible Talmud. You don’t have to be a cultural Marxist, social Darwinist or fascistic racial theorist to see this simple fact of human natural law. Should the white man feel guilt or shame about this? Of course not, but he should endeavor to return to his best natural state which is honesty and harmony. White Europeans and white Jews need to stop regarding the rest of humanity as some sort of laboratory for them to tinker with humanity and nature. There will be horrors, tragedies and apocalypses, but woe to the pink-skinned moles who trigger the Charles Manson Helter-Skelter that seems to be the program of the ruling élite. I’m not a self-hating white person, but I also will not deprive myself of honesty, and I will not desist from striving for participating fully in humanity and adopting Mother Teresa’s and Vincent de Paul’s attitude toward the poor—that it is a privilege to serve them, and I should never mistake controlling for helping. I even identify with the cultural genius of Asia, Africa, Australia, America. Such are the contents of my heart. And if you claim to be Christian, Jesus made it inescapably clear where people of different economic stati and strati stand vis-á-vis the afterlife”.)

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