Stay safe, sane around “law enforcement”

“Am I being detained or am I free to go?”
“I will require an Attorney before I answer any questions.”
“Am I free to go?”
“Am I free to go?”
“Am I free to go?”
“Am I free to go?”

If you bear the unenviable burden of having been born into a brutally oppressive police state (such as the USA), you have probably learned about the need to be soft but firm with “police officers” (hereafter “cops”); specifically, you are advised always to be reasonably on your guard by always remembering and when necessary doing the following:

  1. All cops (not just the suburban/rural ones) represent the Anglo-Saxon Mafia and operate as guards for the rich, or more appropriately the ruling class whose top priority seems to be to make us all dependent (taxpaying, on the grid) so that it will be easier to impose Marxism on us. They are all good old frat boys, members of the FOP, certainly one of the most un-American nationwide organizations. This even includes their minority-ethnic mules, pretty much exactly like the illegal drug trade and often the same families!); videorecord everything you see them do and say.
  2. All cops habitually tread on the Constitution; neither render nor receive any paperwork or verbal agreements. (Don’t let them use their trademark scare tactics to make you think that freedom is the enemy of security or that it is un-American to know and advocate for your rights; this is no selfish act, rather you are making the world safer for others who may not be as equipped. The system shows the people no mercy, and as such it deserves none.)
  3. No cop, no matter how supposedly “good” or “clean” or “serve-and-protect-y”, can survive exposure; speak loudly so any bystanders can hear and know what is happening.
  4. All cops are dirty cops who at the very least participate in regular nighttime brawls and even more homo things—on top of filling their heads with those, to sane people, disturbingly morally ambiguous evening shows where cops test the limits of how inhumanely they can break the law so that “justice” may come of it—so always be ready to defend yourself and/or to make a citizen’s arrest. (In other words, be armed to the teeth, if you value your life more than unconstitutional statutes.)
  5. All cops are profiteering corporate employees; request his name, number, and supervisor’s direct line—they’ve never refused me, though I can’t speak for the deceased whom they possibly have refused (!).
  6. All cops train with the IDF (Israeli “Defense” Force, a laughable misnomer the Jewish State have given their army), a branch of the constitutionless and transparently racist (“Zionist” [“nationalist”]) Israeli military that protects illegally Palestinian-displacing settlers and carry out other strategies designed to preserve what Jimmy Cater has referred to as an apartheid system in the ever-expanding State of Israel, which Holocaust survivor Hajo Mayer has called systemically indistinguishable from Nazi Germany. They also test weapons on Palestinians, mainly children, that are illegal under the Geneva Convention and communicate the results back to the dictatorships who sponsor these again obviously Nazi-inspired experiments they coldbloodedly carry out under thin pretexts often frosted thick with words like terror.
  7. To add insult to injury, many precincts use the dark-age Khazar seal as their logo, which is like the “Star of David” (as it’s often unhistorically called, or simply the hexagram), only it has a circle instead of (hexagon-shaped) inner lines. (The relevance of this is that folklore scholars and emerging genome scientists alike have confirmed yet another fact that we were told for years was just “anti-Semitic rhetoric”, namely that the Ashkenazi “Jews” are really descended from the central-Eurasian mutts known as “Khazars” who built an empire on the backs of the Slavs in the western Steppes and espoused what at best can be called “a kind of Judaism” in the [AD] 700s.)
  8. All cops were bullies in school and get their jollies off of oppressing not only minorities (which is somewhat well-reported) but also “nerds”, especially youths and adults on the autistic spectrum. One cop in Nevada actually went undercover into a high school, befriended a lonely austic student, asked him to buy weed for him (whose use honestly would have protected the autistic student from such a stunt in the first place) and got him the maximum sentence, to the shock and horror of the autistic boy’s parents who could only watch helplessly. Furthering the idea that today’s cops were yesterday’s school bullies, it is known that at least some police academies have instituted IQ ceilings for prospective cadets, nor have the courts taken any action against this moronification of government’s most violent bureaucracy. Do not expect them to have any appreciable interest in your peace of mind or safety—if anything, it’s their goal to deprive you of these—especially if you are a minority, scholar, or anyone who wouldn’t be at the jock table (later dive bar).
  9. Many cops (ProTip: look for unusually deformed faces and hands) are veterans who were sent on rapid-fire repeat tours to the Middle East and surely suffer from PTS (formerly PTSD). Treat them as you would an armed and dangerous mental patient—i.e. the less the better.

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