God is spirit (not matter)!

or God is a mystical not a scientific term

Call me Irish-minded all you want. But in all practicality there are at least five terminal reasons why the existence of God will never be proved (or disproved!) following the rules* that are currently in force among the corporate state-sponsored ‘scientific community’**, ensuring that this formally unanswerable (and for at least this reason fundamentally pointless) riddle will be forever trolled about long after we’re all (mercifully) deceased:

  1. No one knows what would constitute proof of ‘God’, probably because
  2. ‘God’ cannot be defined (which alone is problem enough!),
  3. ‘God’ cannot be sensed (which alone is problem enough!), and
  4. ‘God’ cannot be conceptualized (which alone is problem enough!)—and
  5. Technically in most monotheistic theologies ‘God’ does not ex-sist (which means ‘to emerge’) but rather sub-sists (or simply put is in and of ‘Godself’ and independent of any relationship, though often described as present in all beings, comparable then to the Brahman or Spirit Supreme of the Vedas and the Upanishads).

So it seems to be God’s élitism—God’s ‘gnostic-ness’—more than God’s improbability that so offends the crypto-clerics of scientism, most of whom are still stuck on the very dead Newton, Darwin and Einstein who indulge their own sensibilities, or rather whom they interpret in such a way that does (much the way Christians interpret the Bible in a way that seems suspiciously well tailored to their own ego and the political ambitions thereof).

Nonetheless, there are plenty of mysteries that go unexplained (and often seem unexplainable, again always assuming we’re working within the rules* that are currently in force among the corporate state-sponsored ‘scientific community’**), and whether you want to term all those gaps God, magic, aliens or the Jack of Diamonds makes no difference whatsoever in the final outcome.

Where scientists screw themselves the worst is where they refuse to acknowledge findings that don’t fit their narrative and even seem to give the Bible a leg up, such as massive giant bones (whether in Ohio or Peru, take your pick)! In this sense, scientists must take the blame for the Christian fundamentalist fanaticism, because the governments who pay them to keep it zipped won’t be around tomorrow to pick up the pieces of a radicalized humanity.

Conclusion: Just tell the truth for a change, and end these insipid authority games.

Afterthought: It does no good positing God as that which created/emanated/sustains the visible (and invisible) world(s) without describing, at least to the satisfaction of one’s contemporaries, how God created/emanated/sustains ‘it all’…and no fair just dumping on our laps the need to experience this inwardly, since even though I know that to be the case, if you’re not going to endeavor to lead others thither, better by far to keep silence!

* Not to criticize said rules, but let’s just state the obvious that they are soundly outmoded and probably based on a bias toward democratic, horizontal and heaven knows Judeo-Masonic ideologies in the first place.
** At least the side of the ‘scientific community’ that you see in school and the media, that is.

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