Is it Muslims who have a different god?

Try wrapping your head around the fact (again, fact) that the ‘Jewish’ Babylonian Talmud, beyond providing for the sexual abuse of infant Jewish girls (and believe me, you don’t want to know what it has in store for non-Jews—and, oh my, especially Christians!), reads like a document of deeply twisted, vindictive and paranoid opposition not only to the Christian Gospel (1) but to the Mosaic Torah in its stride.

In thus tossing out the baby with the well water, the Talmud sells out the I AM (2), the God of Moses and Jesus (both of whom, you’ll recall, predate it), in exchange for the survival of its, please note, unthinkably underhanded Pharisaical-Rabbinical system, which was the basis for Bolshivik Communism known to be the top killer of humans, and none of which the Holy Torah anywhere ordains, nor is a word like ‘synagog’ for example anywhere to be found on any one of the Torah’s scrolls!

The Talmud acquiesces to notorious ‘urban’ and ‘ghetto’ (all profoundly Babylonian) values, giving the green light to the Jets/Sharks mindset, racial supremacy, nationalist ideology, male chauvinism (the real and profound kind), breeding in schizophrenia and a truly horrifying blood obsession already present within the northern Diaspora Judaism of late antiquity as it melds with Babylonian and Khazarian peoples, ways and…rituals. (3)

Hence, as much someone might hold say Islam in disdain, we can never say of Sharia Law what we can of the Babylonian ‘Jewish’ Talmud, as the Qur’an and Sharia (however byzantine and even backhanded) constitute a reaction against novelty and an (at any rate stoutly attempted) reversion to Torah. (4) Now on the one hand the ‘Muslim God’ may differ on certain points of theology from the ‘authentically Judeo-Christian God’, such as one might say being less polytheistic and less cannibalistic, but it is only the ‘Talmudic god’ that we can see being inherently inimical and openly hostile toward the Judeo-Christian God, that is, to the God of Moses and of Jesus, and in a general sense hostile toward innocence and purity.

It is therefore supremely ironic that the ‘Judeo-Christian’ West, which by now has gone full Babylon and all revolves around usury anyway, would obstinately deceive itself on this crucial topic of Who are the true People of God—and who are the diabolical antisemites who under a false identity manage the whole filthy, rotten system, this veritable ‘Iron Dome of Unthinkable Dishonesty and Incalculable Mass-Murder’?

Stay ‘up-to-data’ on this issue:

Incidentally, FFS, no Islam is not the Religion of Peace. That’d be Jainism.
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(1) The Babylonian Talmud claims that Jesus currently burns in ‘excrement’.
(2) YHWH name that, though ‘ethereal-sounding’, makes a humanoidal figure when written in Hebrew letters vertically.
(3) Note: The Talmud actually works quite similarly to the way the works of Plotinus overreacted to the southern Mediterranean Christian movement’s often Gnostic interpretation of Plato.
(4) It is after all Islam’s perceived ‘primevality’, never its novelty (whether it’s the whole story or not), that sets the tone for the Western media’s ‘Muslim-friendly’ narrative!


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