The Hebrew Catholic Church?

In the wake of the Protestant Reformation and ensuing (mainly Spanish) Counterreformation, it became clear that the Catholic Church had lost the printing press game overwhelmingly. No, she didn’t just lose her credibility. All that survived of Rome’s loyalists came under the “protection” of the smarter-than-thou ecclesial bullies the Jesuits. Suddenly you had a group that,

  • though its halachically Jewish founder Íñigo (inaccurately Ignatius) de Loyola had a criminal conviction from the civil authorities, was interrogated by the Dominican Spanish Inquisition for firing up the “Beta-Illuminati”, and was never called a doctor of the Church;
  • though he and his cofounders (most of whom had even clearer Jewish heritage) showed their true Nestorian (or Church of the East) colors ages before they started pushing Marxian radicalism like it was the Holy bloody Grail (a curious trend in the Society’s present-day rise in clout, given that the Jesuits resumed admitting Jewish converts in 1946);
  • though their present-day existence stands as a silent memorial of how they disobeyed the pope’s 1773 disband order (Jesuit-ese: suppression) and vacated all Catholic lands (the United States, an early Illuminati stronghold, gave the Jesuits free rein);

still the “Jesuits” (a name that seems indicative of their secret doctrines and is therefore helpful in distinguishing them from actual Christians) are not called cryptos, rogues, frauds, shams, cons, heretics, anathema, no sir; instead despite clear warnings from Pope Clement XIV who disbanded–I’ll say it again, DISBANDED–them in 1773, these demon-possessed golems and their sociopathic superiors are allowed

  • to masquerade as “fake Franciscans”: Catholic beggars, missionaries, educators, even “sages” worldwide;
  • to hear the pope’s confessions;
  • TO HEAR THE POPE’S CONFESSIONS (specifically, the Jesuit Superior General or “black pope” as he is called).

The Jesuits controlled the papacy long before Francis, so that (all “supernatural faith” aside of course) the whole “in-communion” Roman Catholic hierarchy is safely regarded as a puppet and wholly owned subsidiary of the Society or Company of Jesus (Jesus Inc.?), offhandedly referred to as the Jesuit Order.

Now realistically the US government could no more rein in the CIA than it could the World Bank. Similarly, the Vatican will never be rid of the Frankenstein’s monster it fathered in its hour of weakness. They two had a date with destiny, and today this first-ever openly Jesuit pope is a brazen polytheistic idolater, to say nothing of a manifest heretic who of course was never at home with the Catholic Church as we know it and hence was always very clearly focused on leveraging his keen mind to scale the walls of the Vatican and become the visible incarnation of all that the Jesuits have been doing in secret for centuries, needless to say a Marxist

A 500-year-old corpse finally begins to smell. (Not to mention that today in Rome there’s a Mormon temple [their version of a cathedral but way more secretive]). C’est la vie. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Gallicanism anyone?

Credit: (whose links you can’t post on Fakebook)’s book review on The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.

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