America: mortal after all?

It’s absurd to say that America is in its last days. America never existed, certainly not as the uninitiated civilian knows it to be. Independence from Europe’s ways was a scam. In the 1890s it was made law that states can enforce religion, and we still pay tribute to the absolute monarch (i.e. head of the church) in England via the IRS. And the Salem witch trials look more and more like a political prop to make Masonic witchcraft appear “unfairly persecuted” and somehow therefore socially acceptable. We traded an up-front peerage and heraldry for the criminally secretive ones of a Masonic brotherhood with which God crowned (CROWNED no less) America’s good, according to the jingoistic hymn “America”. No, your America and mine was all an experiment of the Masons, by the Masons, and for the Masons (i.e. We the People). The aim of the occult exercise (thank you for your participation, by the way, since you will not be compensated any more than you were informed beforehand–this is why you never leave freedom in the hands of Egyptology-obsessed slave owners [nor in anyone’s hands, that’s why it’s called freedom]) was to see if they could run their own nation-state, which of course helps explain the (even now hardly questioned) US-Israel bond, and the creeping talking points about Israel carrying on the US torch like a relay race. European Jewry had us by the balls almost from day one. You have:

  • your Jesuits (Carrolls of Baltimore, to financiers of the American Revolution just after the Jesuits were suppressed in 1773),
  • your Illuminati (founded 1776 and promoted by Thomas Jefferson),
  • your Parushim Society,
  • your AIPAC, the only foreign lobby in the US today that isn’t required to register as such.

Remember that America was once a penal colony too (textbook-ese term: indentured servitude), and our cultural elite’s bond with Europe’s most refined troublemakers has been a key factor in maintaining a superficial sovereignty and individualism–mother of capitalism–even while secretive occultist brotherhoods (Latin-ese term: fraternities) have assumed the role of lords (if not CROWNED kings), steering the long-term and big-picture outcomes (Mason-ese term: destiny) to their own benefit. There is therefore now no American culture or people or even land, if there ever was. There are spies, bureaucrats, partisans, addicts, sociopaths enough to sink us all into bottomless bullshit at Olive Garden™! And Puritanism (that brand of “Christianity” that always places Reform over Protest and Jew over Goy) is fractal and confederated not centralized. There are American cells everywhere, Israel being merely the highest-profile example. Did Egypt, Babylon, Rome, the Puritan “Pilgrim” theocracy with its secret ties to Oxford and the Royal Society, the Mormon “Deseret” Caliphate, or the National Socialist “Third Reich”–did any of these ever really leave the earth? No way, their rulers’ kids rule us, and you see symbols of their imperial tyranny everywhere in this supposed “freedomocracy”. No society ever disappears but only goes underground, esoteric, embittered, ossified, in short invisible. There never was anything like a really successful exodus, revolution or civil war. These are stories we tell ourselves to make us feel like we have the escape velocity to miraculously ascend from the quicksand of our status and our nature. Vanity of vanities! and Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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