Does your soul have mass?

9 dimesYes, experiments consistently demonstrate that the human body mysteriously loses weight when it dies.

On 10 April 1901, Dr. Duncan MacDougall in Dorchester, Mass., with four other doctors present, proved that the human soul (or ghost, spirit, dark matter or invisible matter) has measurable mass, namely an average of three-quarters of an ounce (0.75 oz, approximately the weight of nine US [non-silver] dimes) or twenty-one grams (21.3 g), which the body loses either immediately or presently upon “death.” He tested six (6) hospice patients by placing their beds on extremely delicate Fairbanks weight scales (crafted by MacDougall himself) when they were nearing the end and weighed each body before and after death. Of the six (6) patients, two (2) had tuberculosis; also five (5) were men and one (1) was a woman. Of the six (6) test subjects, only four (4) were counted “due to mechanical failures or the patient dying prior to the test equipment being in place” (and apparently “interference by people opposed to our work”! This information and all further experimentation are still being heavily suppressed or slow-walked today). And please note that everything was taken into account, from the air in the lungs to the blood in the veins, so that given the timeframe of the weight-loss, we can clearly see this is not the result of blood heating and subsequent evaporation, much less of air (which weighs zero [0]) leaving the lungs.

(Interestingly, with dogs and mice the change in weight was zero [0], but sheep seemed to gain [create?] some mass for a few minutes which later disappeared. This may lend some clues about the motives for other scientists suppressing Dr. MacDougall’s work.)

Dr. MacDougall was a respected physician of Haverhill, Mass., and the head of the Research Society that was conducting work in this field for six years prior to the experiment. His findings have been confirmed, never refuted, in all tests to this day, though details such as postmortem weight loss has varied widely. They also have been heavily ridiculed and suppressed by persons who have never done the experiment. But what’s new? Man builds no shrines to Truth.

The British Medical Journal, 1907, reads: “…[F]ive physicians of Boston…have succeeded in determining the weight of the human soul [by] weighing a number of persons immediately before and after death…[T]he experiment was first tried on dogs, which were found to weigh exactly the same when dead as when alive [but] the human subjects always weighed from half an ounce to an ounce less in death than they did in life [indicating] that the soul weighs from a thirty-second to a sixteenth of a pound.”

(Cf. Snopes, Dr. Duncan MacDougall on Wikipedia, A Soul’s WeightNew York Times archived article, March 11, 1907.)

If you’re like me, you’re asking, So science shows there’s more to us that is “spirited” away when our bodies cease functioning. Then why isn’t this being studied? The painful truth is that the Western scientific community has blacklisted scientists* who study this. Notice that they have decided it is unethical to weigh persons at the precise moment of death, even though the patients aren’t adversely affected and it’s fine to weigh them before or after death. These same data gatekeepers rubber-stamp embryonic stem cell research that snuffs out known human lives and many other declassified human experiments (such as with AIDS) run at the top levels to suit the special interests of scientific dictators (cf. The current medical establishment hates life, dignity and morale, and will stop at nothing to gerrymander the technocracy to prevent us from knowing our worthiness and our strength, because they know that this awareness would ensure our victory over their petty autocracy. Skewed scientific consensus is they key to modern “democratic” tyranny.

Why is the weight change inconsistent? I personally do not deem the “21.3g” figure to necessarily have any particular significance, nor does the variance in weight change pose a problem for “spirit science,” and here is why: while Dr. MacDougall, using 1900s and 1910s (black-and-white) photographic technology, succeeded in photographing no convincing visual of the soul ascending, science has since then managed to show auras around persons, auras that are of different colors correlating to different humors or moods. In my mind this easily helps account for the discrepancies in soul weight upon death and jointly the two technologies give quite the clues as to what the soul, astral body etc. is. Today there are iPhone apps to photograph auras, which surround living bodies.

Please note that none of the critiques have held water. For example, no one has ever been able to demonstrate the hypothetical temperature rise of the blood due to lack of lung cooling. And even if they could, this would not account for sudden weight loss since it would have to somehow leave the blood vessels, penetrate the skin and evaporate before mass–and also weight–would reduce.

* Brave “soul” weight researchers have included:
Sanctorius, Santorio – 1590s – Padua – 84g
MacDougall, Duncan – 1901 – Dorchester, Mass. – 21.3g
? – ? – East Germany – 0.01g
Eric Ravussin – ? – ? – 28g
Kleiber, Max – ? – ? –
Schmidt-Neilson, Knut – ? – ? –
Twining, Henry LaVerne – ? – ? –
Freidberg, John M. – ? – ? –
Carpenter, Donald Gilbert – ? – ? –
Nahum, Gerry – ? – ? –
Fisher, Len – ? – ? –
Fisher, Elke – ? – ? –
Mertens, Becker – ? – ? –
Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington – ? – ? – 64g (?)

Authors include:
Roach, Mary, A Soul’s Weight
Gilpin, Laura, The Weight of a Soul

Successful “soul” photographers include:
Korotkov, Konstantin

(Note: When it comes to the weight phenomena, some have interpreted this “soul” as “dark matter” [i.e. matter unseen by the naked eye, which has the reverse of gravity {whose departure you would think would subtract weight in that case!} and has growing prevalence in the universe] or again as an “astral body.” When it comes to the photographic phenomena, some have interpreted the “soul” as “electromagnetism” or an “aura.” In any case, all who have engaged the data are unanimous that we are talking here about the person’s life-force.)

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