Americanism is un-American, probably because it was un-Christian first
Conversations with history – Walter Russel Mead
What is Americanism?We’re not talking about U.S.-esque habits. We’re not even discussing a moderated loyalty/allegiance. We’re not even talking about Episcopalianism (being an American form of Anglicanism or English Catholic Christianity [itself defined in distinction from “Roman” Catholic Christianity]). This page is about a radical American fealty/fideism, a mental totalitarianism, the unilateral and circular idealization/ideology/cult that is Americanism (as opposed to an Americanism), which is religious radical fundamentalist socialist nationalism (see Nazism). But strict Puritans and good ol’ Yankees will protest: Surely there’s no way something with a name like Americanism could be unworthy, right? Well, the Americanism before us (in long form termed American Messianism and most readily seen in the modernly propagated superstition of the Manifest Destiny) is an unAmerican mythology, partly because it is an unChristian (read unBiblical) heresy (closely connected to Modernism/Positivism/Empiricism/Materialism/Scientism/Physicism as well as to dogmatically enforced Darwinist gradual macroevolutionist [biological] theories, old earth [geological] theories and of course many of the flaming [historical] myths engraved in our nation’s (not only minds but) Masonic shrines–er, “monuments”). This encyclopedia-full of false or needlessly dogmatic “rumors” (giving them a nice name for a change of pace) are carefully crafted by inner-circle Masons (think Rings of Mordor), believed by outer-circle Masons (Church-infiltrating sleeper-cells, including many of your clergy) then in the Commercial Age taught in schools (including universities) as well as telecasted (think Roald Dahl and Walter Disney, but this includes the “news”). What Masonry has always aspired to mystically they finally execute quite concretely! Now the Grand Masters are satanists (that is, earth worshipers) and know full well that the Bible is true (yes, literally though of course also deeply mystically and hence not “literalistically”), but being occultists and heirs to witchcraft, they have taken the side of the Scriptural serpent and the nephilim. From this we can surmise that, to the “Enlightened Brick Layers’” inner circle, evolution really is code or double-speak for revolution or rebellion against the Creator in favor of his former sidekick the Architect, a.k.a. lucifer, satan, demon, devil.

A good majority of what we are indoctrinated with in school forms some part of this esoteric Amercanist (to include Modernist) narrative rather than any universally accredited history or science curriculum, but they sprinkle on some true events and facts (sort of an “ideologue’s fire insurance policy”) but only as seen through their druggingly tinted lens of Americanist mythos.

AmericanismTo wit, this mythology, where possible, insinuates that George Washington is America’s “YHWH” (God the Father) and Abraham Lincoln is America’s “Jesus” (God the Son, even as Hitler was unquestioningly taught to be Germany’s “Messiah.”) Being Gnostics (which Masons are), I think Columbus would correspond to the mythological Demiurge and Lady Liberty (hermaphrodite though it be) to Sophia. This is why any sin or sickness in these men is virtually unknown to us before a certain age–and even later on it’s downplayed (even though in Masonic circles it’s “yesterday’s news,” so to speak)–so that we may on some level believe them divine and worship them with our cowering civilianry that is, I stress, in no way in line with the Sovereign Spirit of 1776, but much more of the mind-set of the Masonic globalists who with impunity infiltrate and even usurp our Blessed Land and its (erstwhile shoestring) governing bodies and trading entities as well as, again, its learning institutions and communication media!

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