A true poster child for autistic success“Asperger Syndrome,” a psychoanalytical theory even Wikipedia calls “controversial” (and which seems most strenuously pushed by New Agey types) was the idea of Hans Asperger (1906-1980), an Austrian (and please understand anti-Nazi) thinker. (Asperger maintained autistic persons’ importance to the Third Reich and staunchly refused to turn them [or anybody!] in for sterilization/extermination.)

Some of the labels “Aspergian” autists receive are straight-up inaccurate. For example, Aspergian (a.k.a. “Aspie,” [one] having Asperger Syndrome [AS] or simply Aspergers) has been misdiagnosed as:

  • attentionally deficient (probably due to our inability to suffer anything we regard as shallow or uninteresting drivel [note: AD{H}D is a matriarchy-based psychoheresy sham anyway]) and even
  • retarded (probably because our intelligence builds in different fields at different stages, which has nothing to do with any institution’s curricular calendar)!

But there are more accurate (if “weird” and/or “pejorative”) terms adjacent to (or perhaps equal to or better than) Aspie that include:

  • autistic (also introverted and synesthetic)
  • eccentric (in common parlance)
  • savant (career-wise)
  • indigo (or old soul, New Age lingo [which even Wikipedia calls “pseudoscience” and whose link to Nazi as well as Masonic pseudoscience and revisionist history {myth} we will be seeing]) and
  • malnourished genius (my personal favorite).

Even though the Nazis (who, being fervid occultists adhering dogmatically to the so-called “New Age,” persecuted Masons despite the latter’s having apparently coined the term “New Age” in the first place!) were down on autism (probably because it can tend to resonate with an “old-fashioned” ethic of simple honesty, disregarding its long-term benefits and animally fleeing all discomfort, as New Agers are wont to do), esotericists of the post-war era and Baby Boom Hippies and New Agers would take Aspergers’ (and, let’s face it, psychoanalysis’) controversiality and concoct a brew of babble that was full-blown unscientific: indigo (also crystal, star and rainbow) children. Nancy Ann Tappe claimed she saw auras on people, and indigo (or dark blue) was the color she saw on indigo children, whose characteristics are more scientifically termed autistic.
A jaded reporter tries the “aura camera”Clearly a lot of this nonsense has been subtly coordinated with the rise of autistic diagnoses and traits (whether caused by our increasingly malnourishing food, mercury-laced vaccines, sodium-fluoridated municipal water, “chem trails” (?), school agendas to diagnose, television, computers or the [dark] magic combining of these). There is much to suggest this phenomenon’s being globally coordinated with the rise of Chinese (syncretic?) Marxism, which was a testing ground for what the globalists aimed all along to roll out stateside. In order for this to be possible, the globalists (Bill Gates [autistic], the Trilateral Commission et al.) have leveraged the famous tendency of Westerners to be “masculine” (i.e. active and dual) with relation to the “feminine” (i.e. passive and nondual) Easterners. The globalistically expedient trend since the 80s is occasioning a crescendoing pandemic of autistic children (“Indigo Children” for Westerners and “Super-Psychics” for Easterners). The mystery-school globalists’ highly-paid propagandists have mastered the art making this (and Communism, homicidal as it is) sound like a good thing–if not good for us, then good for the earth, “Mother” Earth’s superior will for us to be in “better balance” with “her” etc. They try to brainwash us by convincing us this trend is unavoidable, inexorable, inevitable and maybe they are spiritually deluded enough to believe it is! The truth is, it is these earth-worshipers (which is probably why they’re ideological globalists and eugenicists, as well as Satanists) who have usurped the power from the people (and from their God) to implement programs to turn geniuses into autists probably with the same poisons and programs that make the unitelligent catatonic factory worker-bees, i.e. to cripple humanity so it can be an expendable means to their élitist, New Agey ending. Despite autism’s (and all malnutrition’s) drawbacks, Masons will swear up and down that it is the next stage of our “evolution” (devolution?). You draw your own conclusions. I don’t trust them any farther than I can throw them.

Pseudoscience powering globalist tyranny

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