Are Arab Mohammedans the AUTHENTIC Jews?

Most people—even a fistful of USAmericans—are at least reluctantly aware that Islam derives substantially—and quite self-consciously—from an early Judeo-Christian way of life, or rather from the same mystery schools that engineered it. (A few of your sharper crayons stateside even know that Semite is a term that takes in both the Arab and the Hebrew alike.) In fact, true to the hype, by all accounts the Hebrew Torah is incomparably better preserved in Sharia Law (the dress code is a DEAD GIVEAWAY, and so is the fact that, in general, the West complains that Muslims are “backwards”) than in the Jewish oral-tradition-based Talmud*. In fact, it’s kind of a dirty secret that Muslims were the first to associate the hexagram (✡︎) with the legendary King David. The six-pointed star only became an Ashkenazi “Jewish” symbol in the 19th century at the earliest!
This has meteoric implications for the facepalmingly stubbornly misreported Israel/Palestine question that everyone seems suspiciously uninterested in raising, namely that Arab Muslims have both more Hebrew blood and better Mosaic Law observance than the Ashkenazi “Jews” who claim the right to return to a land that even they are starting to admit was never promised to them, and this exposes the “Right of Return” as a total joke today, with a huge assist from contemporary DNA technology.
الله (Allah) is the Aramaic/Arabic (which is to say that Jesus used it) translation of the Hebrew אֱלֹהִים (Elohim), whom, like Christians, Muslims conflate with יהוה (YHWH), so that the mythical-archetypal Creator and the Lawgiver are purported to be one and the same.
In fact, Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses are two of the most vibrant heirs to Arian Christianity**, which was embraced by perhaps a few pre-Muslim Arabs but mostly Goths*** as well as two of Emperor Constantine’s sons, such that Christianity, in its Mediterranean infancy, very nearly went in a decidedly “Muslim” direction!
* And that’s without even mentioning your Maimonidean European “Jews”, or say Christian mores (or relative lack thereof).
** Not to be confused with the Aryan Race (itself not to be confused with Germans).
*** The Gothic members of the Arian sect included Visigoths (who got on well with the Roman Patriarch [later “Pope”, a title he actually stole from the Patriarch/Pope of Alexandria, which city was the real {unsung} birthplace of Christianity]) and Ostrogoths.


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